Hi readers, I was watching fox and the hound yeserday and got the idea to write this, please enjoy!

Tod gazed at his six pups play in the clearing outside his and Vixy's den. He watched as his son Hunter, a fire red male with white chest and tipped tail and amber eyes. The oldest and largest of the pups crouch as he stalked a bird. He and Vixy had named him well, he nearly never missed a kill.

He glanced over at his other two sons, Ash, who stangly was a dark grey fox, with a black muzzle, paws, and tipped tail. He had calm amber eyes, he was probaly the most tactful and smartest of the litter, though he could be a bit blunt and unsensative at there was Copper, who was named after Tod's best friend. Copper was a rusty red fox with the same white markings as Tod. He was the goofyest of the pups, clumsy and tender pawed. But he never failed to make us laugh.

Tod sighed as he heard an all too familier bickering and turned too see his twin daughters, Dusty and Petel. Who were both rose colored with soft blue eyes and had the markings of their mother. But even though there identical twins, they could not be more diffrent. Petel was a bit of a diva, and avoided mud, dirt, grime, and filth at all cost. She was slightly snobbish and not in the least bit sporty, but her sisted Dusty, you coudn't keep out of the mud, out of all the pups she was the most athletic, but she was stubbon and hard headed and often found her self in trouble. Tod was about to get uo to see what todays fight was about, but thankfully Vixy rose to her paws first.

And last but not least was Moss, a pale red fox with soft green eyes. She was kind, and alwaysed tried to solve problems were everyone wins. She is very quiet however and has trouble making friends and playing with her litter mates. She spent most of her time gazing at the sky, lost in her imanagings.

I know its not much, but I dont have time to really write a story focased around the pups, but I posted this in case anyone wanted to use them in their own Fox and the hound fanfiction. So if you want to use any or all the pups in your own story, please pm me, and remember to give me credit for thier creation.

Peace ;)