A/N: *INKSPELL SPOILERS!* So, this takes place just after Dustfinger dies in Inkspell but before Inkdeath. I was so sad, that I wrote this, kind of expressing my own feelings. It's kind of similar to the beginning of my Just a Breeze story. But it's still its own. Hope you like it!

She stepped outside, and the sky seemed pale and gray as the scars that ran down his face. He was not dead. He couldn't be dead. If he were dead, her heart would know it. No, Dustfinger wasn't gone. He-he couldn't just be gone. She'd just gotten him back into her life, into her love. She'd accepted far too long ago that he was gone, and he'd proved her wrong then. He could do it now.

She continued to walk through the pale and colorless night, glancing up at the stars from time to time, admiring their soft, firelight glow. Suddenly, a small furry figure appeared in her peripheral vision, beside her leg.

"Hello, Gwin," she said, bending down so the marten could climb onto her shoulder. The small creature did so and curled into a ball, its soft pink nose gently breathing beside her ear.

Roxane looked up at the stars again, a small tear trickling down her cheek. She had to move on. She had to tell herself how he wasn't going to come back, how her Dustfinger was now there, among the stars, roaming forever free, away from her. She couldn't live her entire life waiting for the love that's been lost to her again. True, she'd lost him once and he'd come back, back from the beyond. But this was a different type of beyond, and now, there was no hope of the Fire Dancer's return. She heard a subtle sobbing sound in her ear, and noticed that Gwin seemed to be…crying.

"I know, I miss him too," she said, her voice cracking. She reached up and weakly scratched the marten's head between his horns in an attempt to calm him.

Roxane began to walk again, trying to keep her mind off her tragedy. But after only a few yards, her boot kicked something. She looked down and saw a mess of softly glowing embers, arranged in a pattern resembling words. After a moment, she was able to decipher the jumble:

I miss you too

There was another word below it, the one her boot had kicked. It was more muddled than the rest, but she could still make it out: Love

Roxane broke into tears. She crumbled to the floor and began to sob crazily. Gwin perked up and nuzzled her ear, licking it, trying to comfort her. Her tears fell to the ground, as the embers died and blew away as ashes on the breeze. Roxane grabbed the dirt where the embers had been and let them sift through her fingers. She brought her dirtied hands to her face and felt herself cry.

After a moment, she pulled herself together and turned to walk back to the camp. Her bloodshot eyes and tearstained face glanced up at the night sky again, just as a flaming red comet shot by. Roxane smiled, and was reassured by telling herself that no, Dustfinger wasn't gone. Only separated from her. He had given her a message, telling her that he loved her. There was still some hope…wasn't there?

The flames still danced and sang his name for Farid, just like they did on the night of his death. No, Dustfinger wasn't gone. He was still out there somewhere, waiting for her, waiting for Roxane to find him and leap into his flaming arms once again.

But until that time, she would weep. Weep to the stars that now held her love away from her. Until his flame would light her heart once again.

Dustfinger: her heart's true fire.

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