I took a deep breath. C'mon, Kai, you can do this. You've got this handled. Its just a bunch of prison inmates.

I was shoved further along by one of the two guards behind me. Captain Asshat in front of me strutted along, preening like a peacock at the newest addition to the prison that he had caught in the act of theft. Which is actually a debatable charge.

I hadn't actually been the one to steal anything. I was just the one who got caught standing nearby. My luck was just shitty enough that out of all of our friends that had been standing around, I had been the one that got targeted for the robber to slip his ill-gotten goods into my bag when no one was watching.

So here I was in Allenville penitentiary.

I ignored the stares of the other inmates (all males). I was the only woman here, due to some kind of a mix-up with my charge papers that I had a feeling had something to do with the little joke I told the judge about his mom half way through my trial.

I tried to keep my gaze ahead, but just before we reached the doors of the main building of the pen, I looked off to the right. There was a large group of negro men watching me. There were maybe 15 of them, all stopping their weight-lifting to watch me pass by. A couple of them stuck out for some reason or another.

One was a rather large, bulkily built man with his shirt off and sweat beading down his dark, toned skin in his left hand he was holding what looked like a cheeseburger from McDonalds. My stomach grumbled at the thought and I internally pouted. But that was ridiculous. How on earth would he have gotten that in here?

Another was an even large man who looked just like a giant kid, excited glee in his eyes upon seeing the new inmate.

But the last one intrigued me the most. Maybe it was the way he watched me, the way that was so different than the rest, or maybe the ease with which he held himself, or just maybe his eyes that were possibly the deepest shade of brown I thought I had ever seen.

He had on a white tank top and a pair of jeans as well as a bandana tied tightly around his head, much like the one around mine, except mine had skulls residing beside the spaded pattern of the black cloth. His muscles were obvious even through his tank and his mouth was slightly open, his tongue rolling around near his teeth, adjusting the toothpick sticking out of it.

But he wasn't watching me like I was the first woman he had seen in a long time and he couldn't wait to make a pass at me like the rest of them (excluding the big kid). He was watching me like a normal person, like a nice person. His face was mostly blank, but his eyes revealed everything.

It felt like time stopped when I looked in his eyes, I seemed to stand there inspecting him for an hour or more.

He blinked twice and lifted a hand to give a small wave of acknowledgement.

I tilted my head forward a bit, the tiniest beginnings of a smile on the corner of my lips. I didn't wave back because the guards behind me would find some way for that to be me trying to escape.

We stepped into the cool building and out of the hot Texas sun. We traveled down a few tiled halls before coming to an office whose door was closed.

Captain Knauer knocked on the door and sent the other two guards away. "Now, if Warden Hazen asks you a question, you respond with-?" he asked, not turning around to face me.

I squinted at a corner of the door. "I'm assuming it's a yes-no question?"

He gave a sad sigh and spun around, snapping a quick punch to my gut.

I let out a gust of air and spat onto the ground, gasping for air as I rolled onto my side, my hands still cuffed behind my back. "Fuckin' asshole," I sputtered, still trying to regain my breath.

He grabbed my shit sleeve and hauled me up. Before I could stand all the way up, he kicked my left leg out from under me and I fell backward, hitting the back of my head on the tile.

"You're lucky my hands are cuffed you son of a bitch!" I yelled, not sure if my words came out coherent or not.

"Knauer, get that inmate in here and stop toying with her," came the voice of another man.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see what must have been Warden Hazen standing in the doorway to his office. From beside him, another inmate walked out, led by a guard. But wait… I've seen this guy before. Oh my shit! That is Paul Crewe! Maybe I had hit my head harder than I thought.

My eyes widened and Paul looked down at me. "I see you already got a little taste of Knauer Knuckle?"

I nodded, dazed.

"Move along," the guard behind Crewe commanded firmly.

Crewe cast an annoyed glance back at the guard before saying to me, "Good luck."

I nodded and then was pulled to my feet by Knauer as Paul Crewe was led down the hall to the cells.

I tried to pay attention to what the warden was telling me, but after the beating I took outside, most of it was a macaronic jumble. I figured I would be fine without the basic guidelines being droned at me; it was probably all common sense stuff anyway.

After my meeting with the warden, I was escorted by a different guard (one more passive and less violent than Knauer) to my cell. Second floor, number 257.

"We've renovated the room so that you can use the facilities without the prying eyes of your peers." Well that's a nice way of saying I can pee without creepers watching.

I nodded and allowed him to uncuff me before he locked me into my cell.

I gazed around. Well, for now, this was home.

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