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E/O Challenge: Spring. Three 100-word drabbles about varyingly stressful situations #1: Sam Winchester: Handle with care. #2: It's the end of the world as we know it, but Dean feels fine. #3: Sam's cracked the case, but Dean's become it.


Hooke's Law

'Strain is proportional to stress'


A/N: Sam Winchester: Handle with Care. Dedicated to the awesomeness that is SupernaturalWiki . com . Set Season 7.

Cognitus Interruptus

Sam had stormed off exhausted and shaking with anger from arguing with his brother.

He'd bumped into Becky, who'd listened to his woes and the resulting pity party had been in full swing when the bar closed.

Lonely and in need of comfort, he'd suggested they continue the drinking and talking back in his room. Inevitably, one thing led to another.

So, just as things were hotting up, he'd been surprised to see Becky spring away from him with a gasp and a wide-eyed look.

"How could I forget?" she groaned.

"What, about Garth?"

"No, silly. The peen of death!"


A/N: It's the end of the world as we know it, but Dean feels fine.

Spring Ain't Sprung

It was supposed to be spring, but it was like the planet was in on the worst kept secret of all time that the End was coming.

What's the point if it's all going to Hell anyway?

Dean flicked off the radio midway through the account of more bad news.

Less a report, more a catalog.

Stepping from the car, he turned his collar up against the ceaseless, driving rain and glared at the distant, dark clouds drawing ever near.

He turned, caught Sam's eye and smiled.

While they had each other nothing would stop them.

We're all we need.


A/N: Sam's cracked the case, but Dean's become it.


Despite a few aches, Dean still managed to walk back to the motel room with a spring in his step and whistling a jaunty tune. He smiled at the thought of the kinky red-head he'd spent the night with.

Sam, looking like he'd pulled an all-nighter, grunted and barely looked up from his hunched position at the laptop.

"You wanna sit up, slumping stunts your growth," Dean joked.

"I think I've cracked it."

"I'll go get the Krazy Glue!"

Sam eye-rolled. "It's a Kunopegos – they mate in water and lay their eggs in a male host."

Dean suddenly felt seasick.


A/N: PersephoneQ has written her own interpretation of this, check it out at: s/8101682/1/A_Monster_Problem