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"Aw fuck" Santana moaned as she dropped her load inside the red head. After she was sure all her cum was emptied into the condom she pulled out. She quickly started to gather her things.

"Where are you going?" red head asked. Santana looked at the girl and sighed this was the part she hated the most about one night stands.

Pulling her boxers and pants up she turned towards the door. "Sorry but I don't do the whole morning after thing." With that she buckled her belt grabbed her shoes and headed straight for the door. Once she was out of the apartment she could breathe properly. She looked down at her outfit she had on black skinny jeans, a pair of Jordans, and her favorite tight red shirt.

Santana Lopez wasn't like any other girls she was born with a dick and a huge one at that. When she was born her parents thought she was a boy so she went by the name of Santino until she hit puberty and started getting breasts. Her parents had taken her to the doctor right away and they ran a couple tests on her, turns out she had been a girl the entire time but something they weren't sure of caused her to have a penis instead of a vagina.

She learned to embrace this about herself. After multiple tests the doctor told her that she would have to be careful because even if she was a girl she had a penis and was capable of impregnating women. With this knowledge in mind her father gave her the talk. She was about 13 when he talked to her about sex and shortly after she had lost her virginity in freshman year to the head cheerleader. Everyone knew about her condition and no one judged her for that she was eternally grateful.

As she hopped into her car she headed towards her favorite club. It was only 10 o'clock on a Friday in New York, so she would have plenty of time to party. While stopping at a red light her phone began to ring, she lifted her black iphone and saw that it was her lesbro Puck calling.

She had grown up with Puck. He was the closest thing she had to a brother. They met in 1st grade when Santana was still Santino. She and Puck had bonded immediately, he was the first person she told about her being a girl he just fist-bumped her and told her that if anyone ever messed with her he would be sure to kick there ass.

"S-Lo" she answered as the light turned green.

"Hey, Lesbro you coming to Addiction tonight"? Puck asked. Addiction was the new club that opened just down the block from her apartment. Santana will be starting work there next week she's a DJ and also a great bartender so she thought this job would be perfect for her. It was a pretty big place with hot women, so who was she to pass up a chance to get laid?

"I'm actually on my way there right now, I just left red heads house." She said with a smirk.

Puck sighed on the line. He had been telling Santana that what she was doing wasn't healthy he really loved her and he couldn't stand the fact that she was being so careless. "Santana, please stop doing this, it's not healthy."

"I used protection Puckerman." She snapped.

"Yes, but nothing is 100 percent."

"Whatever I'm outside come out" She hung up and climbed out of her car.

She walked towards the door and saw Puck leaning on the wall. "Dude, you totally look and smell like the definition of sex." Puck said with a frown on his face. Santana bumped shoulders with him and shrugged.

"Well, I did just do that so whatever." They walked into the club with their heads held high and smirks on their faces. As soon as they walked in Pucks girlfriend Quinn came running up to them she kissed Santana's cheek and gave her boyfriend a proper greeting.

"Hey S." Quinn said from her spot in Pucks arms.

"Hey Quinn" Santana replied looking around trying to find a hot chick she can fuck senseless tonight. "I'll catch up with you guys later, I'm gonna go dance." Santana made her way towards the dance floor completely aware of most of the eyes on her.

As she started to dance a brunette grabbed her hand, she looked the girl up and down satisfied the girl had green eyes, she was brunette and had a hot body. Santana started to grind into the girl and the girl turned in her arms pressing her ass into Santana's crotch. Suddenly the most beautiful blonde she had ever seen was dancing in front of her. This girl was gorgeous she had on small black shorts, with combat boots, and a snug light blue shirt. Santana felt her member twitch just by looking at the sexy blonde.

She looked at the girls legs that seemed to go on forever before trailing her eyes up the rest of the woman's body. She was too busy looking at the girl's abs to notice that she had been caught leering, Santana snapped out of it when she saw the blonde's finger move in a come hither motion. She pointed to herself to make sure the blonde was talking about her, when the blonde nodded she didn't need to be told twice. She dropped her hands from the brunettes waist backed up and walked toward the blonde. How can a woman be so beautiful? It's unnatural. Look at those long, toned legs. Long blonde hair. Beautiful smile. Wait. What is going on? I'm not supposed to have these feelings. Santana thought as she walked closer to the blonde.

When she was close enough the blonde wrapped her arms around Santana's neck. Santana wrapped her arms around the beautiful girl in front of her and started to grind into her. This girl had rhythm and Santana was surprised that she could keep up. She buried her nose into the girl's hair and inhaled. Not only was the girl beautiful but she was intoxicating, she smelled like vanilla and honey.

A new song started to play and judging by the way the girl started dancing it had to be one of her favorites.

Girl you workin with some ass yeah, you bad yeah

Make a nigga spend his cash yeah, his last yeah

Hoes frown when you pass yeah, they mad yeah

You gon' ride in the Jag yeah, with that head

The blonde turns around in her arms and grinds her ass into Santana's crotch; she drops to the floor swaying her hips seductively and comes back up in one quick motion.

You could smoke or buy a bag yeah, of grass yeah

Got money I can flash yeah, and trash yeah

I'ma Big Tymer nigga yeah, pull the trigger yeah

A playa hata flipper yeah, grave filla yeah

Once the blonde stands upright again Santana grabs her hips and thrust against her, to take the grinding even further. Blondie responds by grabbing a hold of Santana's neck.

I be slangin wood yeah, out the hood yeah

Let it be understood yeah, it's all good yeah

Got a nigga scheamin large yeah, on the hard yeah

A smooth little broad yeah from out the projects

She turns her around and looks into her eyes. Santana knows that her own eyes are filled with lust because of all the dirty dancing she's doing. The blonde winks at her and starts to grind into Santana's crotch, it's a good thing she has self-control because she's sure if she didn't there would be a huge bulge in her pants.

A nigga do a trick yeah, on the dick yeah

You claimin you want a picture, that ain't shit yeah

The nigga with the money yeah, don't act funny yeah

Got birds and I'm runnin yeah, bout a hundred yeah

As the song ends the girls start to dance to a different one. Santana gets thirsty so she asks the blonde if she wants a drink the other woman nods and they head to the bar.

"So what would you like to drink?" Santana asked.

"Tequila and orange juice please." The blonde said sweetly. Santana ordered both their drinks before turning to the blonde again.

"So does a beautiful woman like yourself have a name?" She asked laying on the charm.

"Yes, Brittany, Brittany Pierce." Ah we finally have a name for the beautiful blonde.

"Well, Brittany Pierce I'm Santana Lopez."

"Nice to meet you."

"Oh trust me the pleasure is all minds."

After they got their drinks they started to dance a little more.

Brittany pulled Santana onto the dance floor. They picked up right where they left off earlier. She was inches away from her, staring at her. Santana's hands moved to the small of her back. She pulled her in closer. Their breathe mixing. She licked her lips and she bit down on her bottom lip. That's when she spun around, leaning her back against Santana's front. Santana rested her forehead on her shoulder. She pulled Santana's hands from her hips to her stomach. She lifted her head up and fought with every ounce she had not to kiss her neck.

"Do you want to get out of here?" Santana asked.

Brittany turned so she was facing her and grabbed her hand taking her back to the bar.

"I'm not going to sleep with you." Brittany said with a blank face. "I've been told to stay away from the womanizer that is 'Santana Lopez'". She said using air quotes.

"Then why exactly are you talking to me right now?" Santana asked.

"Because I can't help the fact that I'm attracted to you." Brittany said and started to sip her drink.

Santana smiled a toothy grin. Brittany never thought that the sexy Latina in front of her could get even better looking but was proved wrong when Santana smiled at her.

"So do you come here often?" Santana asked blushing. She didn't know what was going on with her she never blushed especially not at clubs.

"ha, do you usually get girls with those corny lines?" Brittany teased.

"aw come on babe, you don't have to cramp my style." Brittany laughed at her.

They talked for a while about random stuff until a brunette shouted Brittany's name.

"Hey Britt, let's go."

"Okay just a sec." she replied turning back to Santana she smiled. "It was nice meeting you Santana." With that the blonde left. Leaving Santana to think about her as she walked away, if she had to she'd come back every night just to see the beautiful blonde again.

As Brittany continued to make her way to the exit she couldn't help it and turned around to give the brunette a shy wave which was sent right back to her. When she finally got outside she twirled in a circle enjoying the fresh breeze.

She walked towards her apartment with her friend in tow.

"Hey Britt, what has that back there?" Her friend asks before she continues. "You were talking to Santana Lopez and you know what kind of girl she is, all she's going to do is fuck you and leave like she did with everyone else."

Brittany wanted to believe her she really did but she just had this feeling deep in her gut that Santana liked her. She felt like maybe she could change her. People always say you shouldn't try to change people but there was something about Santana that made Brittany want to try.

"She's not going to do that to me, I'm not sleeping with her and I've already made that clear to her so let's go Rachel, I have to work in the morning."

Rachel had known Brittany since they were in 7th grade I guess you could say they were best friends. Rachel always looked out for Britt because of how innocent she was she can always see the good in people even when they just screw her over. She refuses to let anyone treat Brittany badly at least not while she's around. Catching up to Britt Rachel throws her arm around her shoulder.

"I'm sorry." She muttered quietly. "I just worry about you."

Brittany wrapped her arm around the smaller girl protectively and sighed. "I know Rachel, I know."

"I know that once you have your mind set up you never change it so I want you to be positive that you want to pursue this girl."

"I understand Rachel.''

Santana discards her clothes and goes to get in the shower. She stands under the water for a while before she grabs the bar of soap and cleans herself. When she emerges from the shower she lays in bed with one hand behind her head while staring at the ceiling. She couldn't help but think about Britt. She felt that there was something different about the blonde something that made her want to get to know her and that scared the shit out of her.

Santana never had feelings for anybody ever she either fucked them and left or fucked them and told them to leave. Brittany was different though, she didn't even want to come back home with Santana and that's never happened before. When Santana asks a girl to come home that girl usually runs towards the door dragging her with her in under a minute but Brittany just looked her in the eye and told her she wasn't going to sleep with her.

There was definitely something about this blonde that she just couldn't put her finger on. This makes Santana want to get to know her better and that's never happened before either, usually after getting shot down she just gets over it, but she thinks that she may actually like Brittany so she's going to try to get to know her.

She started to think about what Puck and been telling her forever that she needed to try and find someone so her dick won't fall off. With her mind made up finally coming to the conclusion that she's going to try to get with Brittany, she goes to sleep with a small smile on her face from thinking of the blonde.

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