Rose Hathaway lifted the heavy arm off her bare waist and managed to carefully wriggle out from underneath it. She'd barely caught her breath from their bout of passion, and he was already fast asleep. She couldn't help the smile that graced her lips; his slumber made it that much easier to escape.

The limb belonged to the stranger she'd met in a bar just hours earlier; he'd introduced himself as simply Dimitri. She'd been hooked from the moment she'd heard his smooth Russian accent. Of course, his athletic build, dark eyes, and dark hair hadn't hurt his cause any. It had been too easy to talk her way into his bed…or maybe he'd talked his way into hers…everything was still a little blurry from the tequila. Either way, it had been worth it.

She stood up and almost let out a giggle. They'd been in such a rush for each other that her bra had never actually made its way past her wrists. She pulled it up over her arms and closed the front clasp, scurrying around in an effort to find the rest of her clothes. She reached for the white shirt on the carpet and pulled it on only to find the sleeves hung down past her fingertips. Clearly it belonged to the man who'd had her screaming just a little while ago. She reached for the shirt and pulled it to her nose inhaling deeply. God, he smelled good! With a wistful sigh, she slid the shirt back down over her shoulders and looked around until she found her own white button up. She pulled it on over her light pink tank top and started for the door.

And then, before she could think twice, she turned around and snagged Dimitri's white shirt up off the floor.

After all, it wasn't like she was ever going to see him again.

a/n: This was just the prologue. Actual chapters will be longer. I hope you liked it!