The teen stood alone at the graves of his parents, with his fish bowl in his hands, clinging to what he basically thought he had left. On the graves were the names, 'TIMMY'S MOM TIMMY'S DAD'. He smiled at the graves sadly, but couldn't muster anymore tears. The fish looked at him and smiled sympathetically... "Hey sport, how you feel about living in a mansion?"

"Eh... it's just a mansion... I have seen Remy ... I know that it doesn't make things better." He stated looking off in the distance now, staring off into space. Cosmo then chime ever cheery to brighten to mood, "AW! Think about it TIMMY! Maids, Fancy food, video games, space to yourself, it's like every married man's favorite dream!- OW!"

Wanda smacked Cosmo in the back of the head making Timmy chuckle a little, as did it make Poof chuckle too. Timmy glanced down at the bowl and smiled for a moment, then it faded as a sad thought came to mind. "...How much longer... Do-do you think I have you guys?" He choked as he spoke in a whisper. The thought making his breathing shaky.

Wanda looked up at Timmy, "..I don't know Sport, but I doubt we will taking a way anytime soon." She told the teen, highly believing that Timmy's case would be looked over and Timmy be awarded his godparents for a longer period of time. It is the least fairyworld could do for their constant hero.

Timmy let out a sigh of relief. That made him feel a little better, still... He looked at the graves and clung to his fishbowl tightly. He hurt inside, and was afraid to loose them. His other family. Timmy closed his eyes and hung his head.

It was a few hours after he was called to get inside his grandparents gold SUV, that resembled a yak, while the sky decided to pour on them. Timmy kept the fishbowl close to him as he slid down the wet grass on the hill. He reached the side walk, and turned quickly towards the SUV where his Mother's parents stood. They embraced Timmy tightly. They were there earlier for the ceremony, but left to give Timmy some time alone as they cried in silence.

"Let's go home, Timmy. Once there, you can have all the yak burgers you like!" Grandpa Vlad ruffled the 15 year old's hair, trying to cheer Timmy up, though his face tried to hide the sadness he felt over the loss of his daughter. Grandma Glady's lead Timmy into the SUV. His grandparents wore their culturally custom funeral attire that they would wear for several days during morning process. Timmy felt comforted by their tradition, even if he ended up not liking it. His grandparents ways gave him a sense of normalcy.

He sat in the back, his stuff sitting with him in the car. His godparents and brother were in the fishbowl in his lap. He watched the water splash and move as the SUV rolled out onto the rode and to his grandparents' home. Everything was silent, and still. In the pit of his stomach, he felt like something bad was going to come.

A dark red chair that was made for luxury, stood with its back turn to a bright warm flame that burned in the dark blue fireplace. The room was large with dark purple stone that made up the walls. In the chair sat Anti-Cosmo who was sipping tea, glancing at the screen in the air that played a sad Timmy Turner, sitting on the bed of his new room that seemed to big for the 15 year old's comfort. His fairy godparents hugging the teenager while Poof lay in his arms napping. Anti-Cosmo waved his wand, poofing it away. He leaned back in his chair, laying his cup down.

The Anti-fairy sighed as a happy hum fell about him. A proud aura floated about him, as he picked up his wand and turned it into a cell phone. "How is the trial going for Timmy Turner case?"

A monotone boring voice responded, "It's on hold, but the date has been moved two months from now." Anti-Cosmo smiled, "Excellent! Gives Timothy just enough time to adjust-" "And enough time to be devastated once more." HP's voice finished the sentence before going into maniacal laughter with Anti-Cosmo.