Peter was patrolling as Spider-Man when he heard it. There had been a large CRASH! So, he went to investigate. What he saw was a guy with a floating misty head.

"Wow," Spider-Man said. "Any chance you just want to come up with a secret handshake and be friends?"
"Spider-Man!" yelled floating head man. "I thought you were a myth."

"Surprise, surprise," Spider-Man replied, sarcastically. "But who, exactly, are you supposed to be. What can you do? Fly? Run really fast? Oh, I know, phase your floating head! Yeah!"

"The name's Mysterio and I'm ready to make a name for myself!" he yelled.

"Uh huh," Spider-Man replied. "Just like that Shocker guy I laid out the other day? Ha! I crack myself up!"
"Maybe this will shut you up," Mysterio shouted and shot off a fire ball. Spider-Man managed to jump out of the way and it exploded into a store.

"Dude!" Spider-Man replied, sticking to a wall. "Not cool! Do you know what it must cost to repair a store that has had a fireball impact into it because some freaky mutant guy…"


The fireball had hit only a second after Spider-Man had jumped off the building and landed on a car. The car started to blare its alarm.

"Dang!" Spider-Man said. "I always fail to stick that landing."


Again, Spider-Man had managed to jump away from the car just in time. When Spider-Man landed on the road, in a stance where the right leg was bent slightly, the foot more towards the left and the left leg all the way out, as if in the splits.

Spider-Man surveyed the damage and came to the realization that if he didn't stop Mysterio, he would lay waste to the entire neighborhood. Worse, he could hurt somebody.

Stupid, Spider-Man thought. People.

"Not that this hasn't been fun," Spider-Man said and he launched himself into the air. Then, he used his web shooters and tugged Mysterio up to him. "But, I think it's time for a little time…"

Mysterio was ready though, because as Mysterio got within punching range, Spider-Man was hit by him. Mysterio landed on the street and Spider-Man went flying through the café. He landed in front of the cash register.

"Hey," he said. "Anyway I can get a cappucino?"

"Never mind," Spider-Man said, as he got up. "I don't have my wallet on me. How about I save your life instead?"

And with that, Spider-Man spun a web and swung out the window. He looked around but couldn't find Mysterio. Spider-Man was about to give up when he heard Mysterio's voice from the rooftops.

"I would love to stick around and play with you, but you're obviously a child. I—I'm going for the big boys."

And with that, Mysterio disappeared in a cloud of mist.

"The big boys?" Spider-Man asked to the crowd. "I'm hurt."

That's when the police pulled up. Noticing all the debris and flames all over, Spider-Man quickly took the hint and web-swung away from the area.

Man, that was a bust.

Wilson Fisk stood overlooking New York City from his tower. That's when he heard the commotion outside his door. He barely turned around before a misty headed guy walked through the door.

"Mysterio," Fisk said, in a deep and heavy voice.

"Ah, Fisk," Mysterio said. "I was looking for you. Unfortunately for your guards out there, it was hard to get in to see you."

"What do you want?" Fisk asked. "You here to kill me?"

"Yes," Mysterio said.

Fisk, with incredible grace for such a large man, jumped as a blast went through his window.

"What are you going to do to me?" Mysterio asked, spreading his arms out. "Sit on me, you fat pig?"

"No," Fisk said and grinned. Then he shouted, "Electro!"

Before Mysterio could utter another word, a man with a electricity symbol burst through the door floating on a platform of electricity. Mysterio made the mistake of turning to face Electro. Fisk tackled Mysterio to the ground. Mysterio didn't have time to react as he was crushed to the ground, under Fisk.

"This is never a place I wanted to be!" Mysterio howled and he blasted Fisk off of him. That shot Fisk out of the window, plummeting to the street below.

"Great," Electro said. "Now how am I going to get paid?"

As if in answer to his remark, Wilson Fisk was thrown back up to through the window. It was Mysterio that noticed the webbing on his back and knew what was coming. Spider-Man swung up to through the window.

"Hoof, hoof!" Spider-Man gasped. "Dude, cut down on the choclate cake. Hoowie."

"You again!" Mysterio yelled.

"I found a trail of mist here," Spider-Man said. "Haha and they say I'm not a detective!"

Electro wasn't sure who to blast so he looked directly at Fisk. Fisk moved his neck to either side to indicate, Take both!

That was when Mysterio was blasted into the wall with electricity. Electro didn't even have time to turn to Spider-Man before Mysterio, literally, blew up. Spider-Man put his hand over his eyes as shrapnel covered the room.

When the shrapnel had finished imbedding themselves in walls and desks, Spider-Man lowered his arms. All that was left was a twisted hunk of metal. Spider-Man walked over and looked at it.

"It's—a robot," Electro stated.

"Great deduction, Sherlock," Spider-Man replied.

That's when Spider-Man was shocked. The blast was so powerful that Spider-Man even went flying into the glass. The glass cracked but it was obviously made not to break easily.

"Uh, ow!" Spider-Man said.

"I'm sorry but my boss wants you dead," Electro said.

"Man, I've been roasted and toasted and it isn't even dinner yet," Spider-Man said as the electricity blasted into the glass after he had jumped away.

"Aw man, here goes the desk!" Spider-Man yelled. He snagged a web onto it and tried to heft it towards Electro but he was blasted off his feet by Electro again. Spider-Man was smoking when he hit the ground.

"Dude, if I wanted to be electrocuted, I would've just gone to a power station."

"You are very irritating!" Electro said.

"Ah, that hurts. Considering I really think I'm more charming than irritating."

Electro zapped Spider-Man again. Spider-Man was no longer on all fours and the arms flew to the side. His head was tilted, so he looked like he was looking at the door. Electro moved up close and picked him up by the neck.

"Unmask him," Fisk said.

"Sure thing boss," Electro said.

Electro took off the mask.

Spider-Man was just a kid, looking about fourteen, possibly fifteen if you pushed it, with brown hair that looked, quite obviously, like it had been cut recently. He was a white, brown haired fourteen or fifteen year old. Not a whole lot of those in New York.

That's when Spider-Man started to moan. He turned his head and opened his brown eyes and saw that he was being held up by the bald Electro. Thinking quickly, Spider-Man kicked Electro wildly. Electro flew into the wall and Spider-Man's mask went flying across the room.

"You took my mask?" Spider-Man asked. "Oh, soooo not cool."

Spider-Man hopped on the sideways desk and spun a web to the mask, pulling it toward him, quickly. He just managed to put it on when the police came bursting through the door.

"NYPD!" howled the police. "Hands in the air!"

Spider-Man turned around, with a hunched back. Oh my god, of course. This day just keeps getting better and better.

"Uh, look guys…"

"It's Spider-Man!" yelled one of them. "Call for back up."

The female one took out a walkie talkie with one hand and brought it up to her face. "Captain Stacy, yes, we've got Spider-Man."

"Guys!" Spider-Man yelled. "You've got an electric guy sitting right over there!" And Spider-Man pointed. But Electro wasn't there anymore.

"Oh, c'mon," Spider-Man said and dropped his arm.

"Hands in the air, now!" screamed the police.

"I'm the victim, Spider-Man was trying to assault me!" Fisk yelled at the police. "Shoot him."

"Well," Spider-Man said, "aren't you the grateful little weasel?"

"Wilson Fisk," the male police officer said, "we are handling this. Now, get down from the table and slowly put your hands over your head, Spider-Man!"



Well, I've only been Spider-Man for a month and I'm already going to get arrested and unmasked. Or…

"Oh, I just remembered," Spider-Man said and then he leaped backwards. Two gunshots rang out, but Spider-Man was one the crouching end of the next jump, so the bullets went right over his head. "I'm late for the thing of the thing."

And then he leaped backwards again, right out of the window.

Fan-friggin'-tastic. But who was that guy? Who was that electric guy? Who was that robot and who did it belong to? What's going on? I guess when you play crime fighter, you also have to be a Detective. So, let's go home and look up Wilson Fisk.

When Spider-Man swung into his basement, he threw his costume off. Then, he got dressed up in his pajamas. Peter, then, put his costume in the locked chest.

Peter, then, got on his computer. When it came on, Peter clicked the Internet button on his tool bar. When the Google Search engine came up, Peter typed in "Wilson Fisk". A whole bunch of search results came up, one including the article in the Daily Bugle. Peter clicked on the online newspaper's site.


Then, there was an image of Fisk below with…

No, it can't be…

Pictured with Fisk were four men. Three, Peter didn't know but the fourth—the fourth was a face Peter would never forget.

But, just to double-check…

Peter ran over to his old jeans chest and unlocked it. He threw his Spider-Man costume to the side and then grabbed the ID he'd stolen off the man. He checked it against the image on screen.

It is him…

Just six months ago, his uncle's murderer had been running around with the crime lord. The crime lord Peter had just saved.

As Peter shut his laptop, he thought, Damn it!