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Soundwave woke out of a sound recharge. The feeling had come out of apparently nowhere, and it came hard. What it even was was still undetermined. She wasn't entirely sure why she was even awake, either, only that a deep set feeling of dread whirled in her Spark and would not leave. What bothered her most was that she could not remember what she had been dreaming about to give her guidance except something about 'blue power' – whatever that meant. The dreadful feeling was what actually had scared her which was what caught her attention. These feelings did not happen unless something real bad was going to happen. Her sudden rousing also seemed to wake Rumble as well, making her chase away any wonderings when he scurried from where he had been recharging next to Ravage. She quickly picked him up and held him close.

She wondered if perhaps Rumble had had another bad dream and that was what the dreadful feeling was about. It wasn't uncommon since Frenzy's sudden death. No one but Soundwave and his brothers knew of his suffering and she preferred to keep it that way. Because of their lives from birth, he had all the condolence he needed from them. Sometimes he'd wake one of them by clinging to them. Ravage was usually the one to wake with Rumble squeezing so hard it would become painful.

Deciding that it must have been Rumble's night terror that she had picked up on, Soundwave began drifting back to recharge once he'd calmed. Rumble curled up in a hold, the sound of Soundwave's Spark and rhythmic purr gently lulling him back to recharge as well. The rest of the night went without another episode.

Slowly things began to calm down as much as they could at the Decepticon base as time went on. Only about two weeks had gone by since the Medic meeting at Starscream's base and Hook continued to monitor Barricade and her Sparklings, no matter how much of a fit she threw about it. At times, he got things thrown at him, other times he was shot by her, though there was never anything too serious. She still wasn't half as bad as when she had been sparked, which was a relief to the Constructicon. Time and again, he wondered what Starscream saw in her.

So far, each check he'd done showed that they all kept the same levels of Allspark radiation and they all remained healthy. Typhoon's markings appeared to be just that… markings. No one could explain them beyond speculating their being a result from contact with the Allspark shard energy and that seemed to be the extent of their appearance. Hook reported his results to Ratchet after each one, keeping him updated and at the same time getting any new information on Jazz or concerns he should be aware of. After a final heated argument with Barricade, he finally decided to take a step back, changing his monitoring requirements to once a month, to which Barricade reluctantly agreed.

About a week later, a satellite orbiting Earth seemed to take on a life of its own. The computers that controlled it seemed to freeze yet at the same time showed what was happening to it. It quickly got the attention of the humans who were tasked to watch it.

"Whoa, what the hell…?" The man stilled and his arms went to his sides as the one he'd been monitoring began turning and redirecting its aim without his control. Keying in a few commands, he became more worried when the satellite still refused to obey. Its trajectory and speed changed in ways that showed it was being controlled by an external source.

After confirming what his screen was showing him, he decided he needed help. "Uh, sir?" he called to a higher up, "Something's happening with satellite 2. I can't make it out." With that, he leaned back so the man in charge could get a better look.

After a few seconds of watching the satellite's computer the other stated, shock in his voice, "That's impossible. Something's gotta be wrong with it. Try to access the internal operating system and get that thing back! I'm going to make a call."

The man at the keyboard began typing, each time getting screens of letters and numbers before the words 'Access Refused' appeared in bold, red letters. The other workers were baffled by this, as it was a protocol that wasn't even supposed to be in the orbiter. He tried again, getting words even more unusual: 'Not Happening'. This only confused the other workers who had gathered around even more, all of them fearing they'd been hacked by terrorists. The owners of the satellite that apparently went rogue tried to gain control of it for about 15 minutes, but found that there was a disturbance in the lines and the satellite was blacked out from them, giving the same 'Denied' with an impossible firewall.

Unbeknownst to the humans who thought their security was top notch, Soundwave had gotten confirmation that the others behind the just arrived Seekers were getting closer, their time having been pushed back because of a storm further out in space that was wreaking havoc on her ability. No other useful satellite but theirs was within 'grabbing' distance at the time, and seizing the opportunity, Soundwave took it, leaving the humans who normally controlled it completely baffled by its sudden bizarre behavior.

After a few phone calls, and a few more failed attempts to gain control of their satellite, which had become stationary and was aiming elsewhere into the cosmos, NASA had been called to see if anyone there knew what was going on. NASA had no answer as to why the satellite had gone rogue and suggested shutting it down remotely until the problem was fixed. They also got their people on the ISS to check out what they could from their perspective, seeing as the Space Station was coming close to it very soon. The owners took the advice, but again, the satellite did not respond – or it did with rude denials. In the matter of a half an hour, NASA had called the NSA to alert them, and then the DoD had been called. Surprisingly not knowing giant robots were on the planet, they feared it was terrorists.

Back in Nevada, Optimus and Ironhide were in the Autobot leader's office discussing various things with Lennox and Epps concerning the military. Optimus halted the discussion when he got an unexpected incoming call. Taking the call on the speaker, he was greeted by a voice he hadn't heard in some time. "Hello, Optimus?"

"Yes, Mr. Secretary," the Autobot leader answered with some concern, "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Uh, actually yes – at least I hope. I called because the NSA and NASA both reported to me that a satellite has gone under what they're calling a 'controlled AWOL'. I figure its being remotely controlled. I am curious since you have such advanced technology, if one of your men may have done this?"

A surprised look crossed Optimus' features while Ironhide frowned upon hearing it. Will only raised both of his brows in a show of surprise and bewilderment. Epps had started shaking his head and chuckling to himself, already figuring it was the Decepticons.

Optimus watched the two men a moment before responding. "I certainly would know about something like that, and you would have been alerted to such a maneuver prior to it happening." The leader stated, already suspecting who might be doing it, "My Communications Officer can manipulate orbiting satellites to a point, but I believe you should be asking the Decepticons about this one. Soundwave's abilities far surpass Blaster's."

The Aerialbots were not far away at all now. In fact, they were close enough that Blaster didn't need a satellite to contact them anymore. However, the incoming group had made mention of a set of four highly suspicious, unidentified Cybertronians they had spotted that were now ahead of them and would be arriving shortly. Optimus wondered if they had something to do with it.

"Thank you, Optimus." And like that, the line went dead. Optimus only shook his head as he glanced at the others who'd heard the conversation.

"What are they up to now?" Ironhide asked with annoyed suspicion. "Just when you think they might behave themselves they go and pull a stunt like that…"

"Don't they know they shouldn't manipulate the humans' satellites?" Will frowned light-heartedly, looking between both of the Autobots. "At least without permission,"

"I don't think it's that they don't know, it's they just don't care." the Weapon Specialist groaned. "Typical Decepticons. I wonder what they're planning…"

Optimus of course, was concerned as to why Soundwave stole a satellite – since Blaster wouldn't need one, why would she? He called in Jazz and Prowl. If the Decepticons were up to no good, they wouldn't tell anyone why they were hijacking satellites. Hell, they probably wouldn't tell anyway, just to be difficult! Then again, they could be completely innocent and it could have been a strictly human quarrel, or there might be an emergency. He looked over and nodded at Blaster who was waiting for the go-ahead.

"Blaster is already attempting to hack the signal to identify it," Prowl reported. "If it is Soundwave, he's the only one that can hack her signal and at least partially crack it and find something useful."

At the Decepticon base, Starscream, who'd been resting in Barricade's quarters, suddenly looked up when he heard a crash. Shortly after, there was a cheer. He really didn't want to get up. He was comfortable. However, when he heard the crash again, he figured it would probably be a good idea to find out what all the noise was about. Therefore, he could beat the slag out of whoever was doing it if he deemed it necessary.

When he stepped outside, he saw all of the Seekers hovering over something while other mechs were on the ground were around the same area. There was random talk and then laughter. What exactly were they up to?

Curious, he walked out and pushed his way in, looked down and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight. He really didn't know what to make of it – or how it was going to be explained. There were six or seven what appeared to be half-cars sitting on the ground next to each other. Puzzled, he asked, "What…? Just what in the pit is going on out here?"

"I call it kick-the-car." Skywarp said as he grabbed a red one and held it in one hand. "Watch this!" He lifted it higher and then held it out in front of him. Starscream watched him drop the car and his leg flew out, catching the car with his foot and sent it sailing across the desert.

Starscream only watched, confused, "'Kick-the-car'?" the leader asked, "What the…? Where did you get them?" Before Starscream could ask anything more on the matter, he got an incoming call from John Keller, interrupting his inquiries. Before he answered, he said harshly, "Keller is calling… knock it off, all of you!"

He turned getting away from the group, addressing the Secretary quietly, "Can I help you, Secretary?" The young leader hadn't expected it, especially while he was in the middle of the mess he walked into. Was he calling about the missing cars? 'Oh, scrap.'

Starscream watched a little green car get punted by Cyclonus and eyed him while keeping his attention on Keller when he started speaking, "One of your Decepticons wouldn't happen to have access to the satellites orbiting Earth, would they?" John asked, curious what Starscream's response would be.

Starscream watched another ball of metal go flying at the horizon via Dirge while he tried to understand what the Secretary was asking. "Come again?" he glared at the blue-reflective Seeker for continuing their game. "Satellites?"

"One of our satellites has been hijacked. I called Optimus Prime, but he told me his Communications Officer can't do as well as yours and suggested I speak with you."

"Are you serious?" Starscream asked the man with confusion, at the same time he grabbed Skywarp and pulled him back as he went to kick, causing a loud crash. And why hadn't he known about this if that be the case? His thoughts trailed directly to none other than Soundwave.

"What was that?" The secretary quickly asked.

"That was one of the Seekers falling on their aft. And to answer your question, yes, if Soundwave wishes to, she has the ability use your satellites however she deems necessary."

While speaking, Starscream had been watching the small cars fly as they were kicked by the larger mechs. He went back and forth in his mind if he should go speak to the only 'Con on Earth with the ability to take satellites or deal with the thieves. Stomping the ground to get everyone's attention he growled at them for continuing their stupid game while he was talking to the Secretary. "I will deal with this shortly. You're all in a heap of trouble!" The leader told the others before unwillingly deciding the Secretary's problem needed to be dealt with immediately.

He headed for Soundwave, who was engaged on the computer in front of her and on her arm. Soundwave only glanced at the leader before going back to getting the information she needed, "I will get back to you, Keller." the Seeker told the man.

John was quiet a long moment after the Decepticon had hung up. Had Starscream referred to Soundwave as a female? Why would the Decepticons want a satellite anyway?

Starscream walked closer to the telepath, eyeing her suspiciously. She guessed he'd already figured it was her, judging by the tone of his voice. "That was the Secretary of Defense, as you are probably already aware. Seems one of their many satellites have gone a little awry. Wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"

"Affirmative," the femme replied evenly, not even looking towards him. Her concentration was on firewalls, set up initially to keep the humans from breaching her as well as Blaster, who had obviously gotten wind of what she was doing.

"Why did you steal one of the humans' satellites?" he asked. "I thought you were a Communications Officer for a reason…" Turning to look when he heard a loud crash and then more cheering, he dreaded what the others were doing with the cars they had stolen. He looked back at her when Soundwave finally looked at him, showing she was ready to hear him out.

She then went back to the computer in front of her and went back to typing something else. When she was done, she turned to him and stated, "I required additional support to find the others coming in and this one was closest. This star system has more storms than usual right now and it's interrupting my ability to communicate correctly, so I am using it to fine-tune the signal. The Aerialbots are about eight Earth days behind them."

Starscream knew that there was no sense stopping Soundwave, since she'd already captured and was using the satellite and responded resignedly, "Make sure you return it when you're done."

"That was the plan," she stated.

"When will the others arrive?"

"They should arrive in three days or less, I will confirm with them when they are a day or so away." The femme's fingers flew across the touch-screen, "Completed," Soundwave then stated, finishing up what she was doing, "and recalibrating for original orbit." She paused, waiting for the satellite to respond. The satellite having gone back to where it should be, she noted aloud, "Original orbit obtained, setting original velocity and pitch."

Ignoring Soundwave's prattle, Starscream asked, "Who are they, anyway?"

Soundwave stated, not looking from the screen, "That information is classified at this time."

Starscream only gave the femme a blank stare, wondering why it was classified from him. He was the leader right? Isn't this stuff he was supposed to know about? "Why?" he asked.

After waiting about a minute for an answer, and realizing the femme was not telling, his blank gaze turned into an offended glare, "You…! If I could take one thing to a deserted planet, it would be you! And I would leave you there!"

Soundwave smirked devilishly at him and how flustered he would get. It always amused her, even back on Cybertron. He never knew because he saw nothing but the same still gaze she always gave and that's what made it funny.

"Keller, your satellite has been returned to you. I apologize for my subordinates not requesting permission first," Starscream told the man, all the while he was still staring at Soundwave in irritation.

After dealing with Soundwave, Starscream tromped back outside with annoyance, picked up one of the little cars and eyed it. Deciding to take his frustrations out on the vehicle, he kicked it as hard as he could, sending it through the desert. His mood quickly lifted as he imagined that car being Soundwave's head. "That had to be the funniest looking thing. What are they called?"

"They're called Toyota iQs." Skywarp replied.

"Looks more like just a toy. There's no 'ota' to it." Starscream said thoughtfully. "It doesn't seem like it took many IQs to design them either."

"Why do you think we're playing with them?" Astrotrain asked.

"Don't you think the dealership is gonna notice them missing?" the leader asked. "How am I gonna explain that?"

"Don't say a word; they'll claim it was a terrorist. The people are gullible enough they will fall for it." Astrotrain shrugged. "As you've proven before…"

Starscream stared at Astrotrain for a long moment, then said, "Explain to me how a bunch of tiny cars has anything to do with 'terrorists'."

This time Cyclonus spoke up, declaring, "That's the beauty of it, 'Screamer. It doesn't have to be, they'll make something up and people will still believe it, you watch."

"They'll claim they were loading them in catapults and shooting each other, having run out of bullets," Thrust grinned, "Just like in medieval times, right?"

Dirge poked Thrust, saying snidely, "Aren't you just on top it all knowing about the Humans' cultural history…"

Thrust flicked Dirge upside the head, sneering, "At least I do my homework and know something about this planet, unlike you."

"You wish," Dirge replied.

Starscream only watched in fascination at their antics. How did he come to be the leader of these 'Cons? Really? The leader let a large rush of air from his vents and headed away, not wanting to know more about their games or what else they were going to confiscate to make into toys.

Back at the satellite owners' headquarters, the man set to watch suddenly pointed to the screen, getting his boss' attention, "It's doing something now…" A group had gathered, watching with surprise when their satellite suddenly started moving back into its normal orbit, slowing to appear as if it had never been bothered. The incident was soon swept under the rug and it was attributed to faulty software, as no one really knew what happened.

About two days later, in the middle of Tranquility, beings not of this planet were all huddled into one small garage. Barricade had brought Mikaela home to get some things when she ran into Prowl and none other than Jazz, who proceeded to follow them the rest of the way. Bumblebee and Sam had chickened out in going with Jazz.

While watching her Sparklings and trying to rush the two Autobots back out before she stomped them, she got a blip on her private link, "Soundwave has just informed me that someone you know has made landfall." Starscream told his mate with a curious tone.

"Who?" Barricade asked. She knew a lot of different mechs.

"She said it is 'classified'. Gave me coordinates to their landing site and where they were told to remain. She asked that you go specifically. One has to wonder why…"

Why indeed. Again he had that curious tone, which in turn was making Barricade just as curious. The femme growled something and then grumbled, "Don't wander too long. You might get lost."

"Shut up and go to them."

"Fine. Where?"

As Starscream gave her the coordinates, Barricade looked down at Mikaela then to Prowl who was holding Sonar. "Alright, hurry it up, I am needed elsewhere."

"Something wrong?" Prowl asked with concern.

"No, it seems that I have to go meet someone." Barricade replied, shifting her weight as she prepared to transform.

"Meet who?"

"I have absolutely no idea, but apparently I know them."

"And you didn't get a designation beforehand?"

"It's classified."

"Classified?" Prowl asked with a little confusion. "Why classified if you're the one who has to go get them?"

"Ask Soundwave, not me."

"Ha! Gettin' information from her is like pullin' that rod outta Prowler's aft! Not gonna happen," Jazz piped up with a chuckle. Upon hearing the news of new Decepticons and curiosity getting the best of her, Jazz, who Prowl swore was attached to him as an excuse to see the Sparklings, then stated. "We are goin' wit' ya."

"You are not." Barricade grunted at the saboteur. "They're Decepticons."

"So," the silver femme shrugged, "what's that have ta do with anythin'?"

Mikaela was standing to the side, watching the other two Sparklings who were rummaging through tools. After hearing the sliver femme, she turned to Jazz, saying with a smirk, "Just what do you think they will think if 'Cade strolls up to them with Optimus Prime's First and Second officers?"

"That they've been majorly busted?" Jazz guessed with a half-assed shrug. "Come on, it'll be worth it ta see the look on their faces!"

Mikaela only shook her head with a laugh, "You are too much, Jazz." She then smiled at Radar, who was playing with a screwdriver on the floor. A thought then hit her. It was a dreadful thought. "Wait… wait a minute," the girl suddenly stated, remembering what happened when Barricade left Blacklight with her for the first time. "You ain't leaving these three critters here with me, no way."

Barricade considered the girl for a moment then answered, "No, I am reserving that for another time. This time, I will pawn them off on 'Screamer. You, on the other hand, are coming with me to meet those new arrivals." Barricade said, reaching for Radar and picking him up. She grabbed for the other two and prepared to leave, she saw both Autobots also transform, secretly hoping they'd return to their own base. Her hopes were quickly shattered when she left the garage and they followed. "Do you Autobots not understand English? Perhaps I should use our own language instead. I meant what I said. You're not coming." She said as she sped up.

Speeding up to catch his sibling, Prowl stated flatly, "And you're not going alone; I don't care what you say. I'm older."

"You know, I think I liked it better when you thought I was dead." Barricade growled, her speed increasing yet again.

"Sorry to disappoint you, then," another blasé response, "and since it seems that Jazz has attached herself to me, I guess she goes too." Jazz only gave a quiet cheer as she zoomed to keep up with them.

There was a loud, exaggerated sigh from the black and white femme when she concluded they were not going to go away. "I liked them better when we were still enemies."

After dropping the Sparklings off with Starscream, Barricade, Prowl and Jazz all headed out to the given coordinates. She was unsure of whom exactly to expect, being it could have been anyone. However, the way Starscream spoke, she supposedly knew these new arrivals personally, which was even more bizarre. Why would anyone want to meet her first? Most that knew her personally did not like her.

Seeing a rather large, unknown mech that had a visor and faceplate similar to Soundwave, Barricade asked, "Just who in the Pit is that?"

"Silly femme. Like I would know," Mikaela said, squinting to see herself. "Though, it looks kinda like a green version of Soundwave."

Slowly the femme rolled to a stop, confused as to who she was supposed to meet. She did not know this mech. What caught her attention was the fact that the new mech was standing over three other smaller mechs who looked over to where cars were coming their way.

The taller mech glanced over at the new cars as well then looked to the other three that had come with him, nodded and he transformed into some form of jet, flying off. His job was done; getting the three to the planet. He already knew where he was headed, as there was someone he wanted to see.

Barricade approached slowly, watching the three new mechs in slight apprehension, still wondering why she had been sent to retrieve them. She half-expected idiots she had worked with on Cybertron. Never did she give even the slight consideration as to who it really could have been. As they got closer, the three new Decepticons watched the other three that were slowing down, staring at the black and white obvious human police car. Their optics then diverted to a second different kind of police truck and a small sports car. And the other one who'd come in with them already left.

"Slag… I thought he said no one would see us here?" The dark red one spoke with annoyance.

The smaller of the two, who was black, shrugged, "Maybe he was mistaken?"

"That's a pretty big mistake if you ask me." the third and final white one, who was white, stated, "Those are human cars of authority, right?"

"Yeah… they're called police, I think." The dark red one deadpanned, "Soundwave transmitted the packet for this planet. Didn't you get it? I know you have issues and all…"

The black one watched as the Mustang stopped at a short distance from them. They saw the human female inside the car's cab then watched as the two other vehicles came to a rest behind the Mustang. "I say we are in really deep trouble."

When the newcomer arrived at the base, Starscream, who'd been walking around outside with his Sparklings stopped in his tracks, having never seen the mech before. He wasn't one to allow just anyone to roam onto his base. Stepping in his way, he asked, "Just who do you think you are?"

"I know who I am. Do you know who you are?"

"Of course I know who I am," Starscream growled lowly, "And you would be…?"

"Sixshot," The mech replied, looking past the tattooed Seeker as if he were looking for someone.

Starscream eyed the mech suspiciously for a long moment, having heard rumors of someone called Sixshot but they were just that, rumors. Couldn't be… None of said stories were good. From what he heard, the mech was once considered Megatron's personal assassin among other things, but he'd never seen him. Part of him didn't even think the mech even existed. Sixshot's name was associated with covert operations. Rumors of him appearing one place or even two places at once or never being there at all were common. He was also rumored to have been engineered instead of born, seeing as some said he was a six-changer. Some said his entire existence was nothing but a scare tactic on Megatron's part, while others knew he did in fact, exist. Also, from what Starscream knew, he did not listen to authority. He could sum this mech up in two words: Very creepy. Sadly enough, he'd probably fit right in. He also wondered if this mech really was who he said he was, if he was going to cause problems.

"And where did you come from?" the leader asked.

"Cybertron," Sixshot responded simply, looking past the leader to another Decepticon that made their presence known, he walked past Starscream to the one who was now staring at them.

Starscream huffed, watching the newcomer with an offended glare as he seemed to completely disregard him. He figured it was one of the new ones Soundwave had mentioned, but still. "What? Why are you here?" When Sixshot didn't respond, he began to follow him, as he looked to be headed right for Ravage.

Ravage had seen from a distance, but wouldn't let his optics deceive him. At first he hissed and then as the mech got closer, he realized who exactly it was. The cat-like 'Con sprung up from his post and ran at him full tilt, leapt at him and landed in his hands. He nuzzled up to him. "I never thought I would see you again!"

Sixshot held him close, replying, "It's good to see you again, too, little one." He handled Ravage gently, making Starscream quirk an optic ridge in slight curiosity.

Sixshot ignored the leader who was watching him, softly trailing his fingers over the cat-like 'Con, "Where's Sounders' at?"

Ravage jumped down, "Come on! This way!" he said with excitement, leading the mech to Soundwave's quarters. Sixshot eagerly followed him.

Back at the coordinates given to Barricade, she was even more curious of the new 'Cons. "Identify yourselves!" her voice boomed over the desert.

"Huh?" The black mech shifted in surprise and looked up, staring at the Mustang, "That voice… Why do I know that voice?"

"Does seem oddly familiar, doesn't it?" the red one asked.

Barricade had heard the mech when he asked, wondering to herself the same about his. She knew him from somewhere, but could not place where. Her mind was on trying to figure out who they were and not on Mikaela. The girl in her driver seat opened the door and stepped out from it. At this, the black mech pointed, bouncing back behind the white one, crying, "Human!"

Prowl had frozen, hearing his voice clearer. He recognized it, yet for the life of him, he could not place it, either. Then again, he hadn't expected to actually recognize the voices of who was coming, but not know who they were. He even swore he recognized the look of the mech, but he still could not place him.

"Now is not the time, 'Motor." The green one chided. Thus began a small argument between the three about human police and stupid directions.

She clearly heard the mech call the other 'Motor, but that wasn't Motormaster. There was one other she knew with that designation, but it just couldn't be. Impossible, no way in the Pit was this possible – and that was saying something being on Earth. "Tell me who you are or I shoot you where you stand!" she demanded more harshly, unwilling to play any games they might be coming up with. The femme, Jazz and Prowl immediately began transforming, her optics never leaving the new ones as they began pushing and shoving each other. They kind of reminded her of Runabout and Runamuck.

The three turned from arguing among themselves to look directly at the hunter that they hadn't seen transform, being they were too busy talking amongst themselves. The dark red mech stared at Barricade, now seeing her face. He knew that face well… He could never forget it – no matter how long it had been. "What? Impossible!"

Prowl transformed following Barricade, watching the three in the distance very carefully. He was almost sure he knew all three of them somehow, but still could not place them. "Autobot!" the black one called. Jazz soon followed suit. Again, the black one bounced behind the dark red one, seeing the second Autobot transform. "Another Autobot!" He paused and deflated, "We are so doomed…"

"Do you mind? Shut up before they hear you!" the dark red one growled at Motorhead, not in the least bit thrilled that he was being used as a giant shield. He sidestepped the mech.

Prowl looked to the three. "I know you." He stated and stepped forward, his optic mostly on the one that was randomly calling out words.

Ignoring the two, the white one watched Prowl, listening to his voice, and being the more sensible of the three, he made the connection quickly. He knew it couldn't be coincidence, "It can't be…" the white mech stated in disbelief, "Prowl…?" Of course he knew Prowl. He was friends with Prowl even after he became an Autobot. He knew Prowl was Runner's brother. His gaze quickly shifted to Barricade. He would recognize those optics anywhere. It was her. "I… I don't believe it…" the other two quickly looked at Barricade.

'No way…' Roller Force thought to himself as he realized it really was their long lost leader. "Runner! It's really you!"

Barricade stilled when the white one had asked that, "It can't be…" she said, hesitant if she should believe what her optics and audios were telling her. She hadn't seen any of them since the day she was taken and now… now they stood before her. It was all so much like a dream. Not having time to answer or react, Barricade simply fainted, nearly landing on Mikaela who was silently watching the whole ordeal.

Jazz watched Barricade fall and said, "Ha, whatta ya know, she gots it!" Her gaze shifted back to the newcomers, asking as she did so, "Who are those guys, anyway, Prowl?"

Prowl, who was looking down at his sister, met Jazz's questioning look and responded, "Funny you should ask, since you've probably raced them as well on Cybertron." The tactician nodded in the direction of the white one stating, "That white one is Groundhog, and I am willing to bet that the other two are Roller Force and Motorhead, Runner's long-disbanded team."

"Ha! Seriously? Isn't that funny. Watch out NASCAR, Race Track's on the planet." Jazz stated with a chuckle.

When Barricade came back to her senses, she made her way to her feet, watching the three Decepticons as they approached to get a better look. They eyed her as if trying to be certain it really was her. Groundhog stared at his former Commander, surprise and awe evident in his gaze. "It is you!"

How she longed to hear their voices. She had missed them so much. "Yes, it's me. Stop staring." The femme grunted. They sure looked a bit different from when she last remembered them. She thought they were dead. It had been so long. "How-how is this possible? Where have you all been?"

"Yup, that's definitely him… or is that her…?" Motorhead grinned with a hiked optic ridge at Barricade, "Wow! Our amazing-unbeatable-cantankerous-crazy-femme leader lives!"

Groundhog pushed Motorhead to the side and walked closer to Barricade, looked slightly down at her, given he was taller, "Commander," he nodded, "it's so good to see you again. We all thought you were killed."

"Yeah, well… same here," the femme retorted slowly, still unsure of what to say. "What happened to you three?"

"Well, shortly after you disappeared, a mech by the name of Sixshot – the one who just left actually – recruited us to work under him, and since it was 'secret stuff', we were basically invisible to everyone." Groundhog replied. "How you've changed. What has happened to you since we last saw you?"

"A long and trying story," Barricade replied, not wanting to get into that right now.

Prowl was still quiet, observing the reunion. He wanted answers as well, but chose to remain silent, letting them get reacquainted with each other after so long. It was amazing to find that even after all of this time, they still respected her.

"Hey, hey, hey… You said Sixshot, right?" Jazz called, "The Sixshot?" Internally she cringed; she knew that name.

Groundhog nodded to the Autobot, "Yeah. You know him?"

"Well, no, but I have heard some really messed up stories that go wit' that designation. I think ole 'Screamer's life just became a lot more complicated if what ya sayin' is true…" the silver femme answered. She could just imagine her fellow Autobots' reactions when they learned of the arrival.

Motorhead seemed to take it all in stride, while everyone else still remained shocked, "Yeah well, now we are here – Wherever here is…"

"-It's called Earth," Barricade interrupted.

"And…" Motorhead looked away, not really hearing her, continuing, "I wonder if there is racing on this planet…"

Oh, how Prowl had dreaded the thought of hearing that. They just couldn't wait, could they? "I see trouble," Prowl admitted quietly to Jazz, "Sunstreaker and Sideswipe and Runner's team did not get along. They're in such close proximity…" Oh, how he could see it now.

Jazz smirked, "Hey, at least they'd liven it up around the base a little… Drive ole 'Hide a little nuts while they're at it. Maybe break Red Alert, too."

"Why do I see you egging them on…?" Prowl shook his head.

After confirming Barricade would be fine with her team, Prowl and Jazz prepared to leave so the four could get caught up and whatever else they were going to do. Barricade watched them go, and then looked to her long lost team saying, "You need to find alt modes. We will discuss matters further when we return to base."

"Wow, she sure hasn't changed," Roller Force stated.

"You won't believe who's here…" Barricade sent on a private line to Starscream.

He'd believe anything that femme said after Mr.-guns-on-legs himself walked into his base. "I'm sure I would…"

"Race Track, my old team from Vos," she responded.

Ah, so that's why Soundwave said she'd know them personally. "And Sixshot," he answered.


The doors closed behind him and he stood there, staring at her. It had been so long. "How have you been?" the mech asked.

The telepath didn't even look up from working with Rumble, saying as she did so, "You were to remain on Cybertron. Why are you here?"

"I already told you on the way. Something came up. Wasn't about to talk about it through communication lines." Sixshot looked around, acquainting himself. He saw the Sparklings, but only counted four. That wasn't right. "Where's Frenzy?"

At that, Soundwave stopped and gave a good hard look at the teal and white mech. "Gone," she replied simply.

"Gone?" the mech asked, his voice taking on deep concern, "What do you mean 'gone'?"

"Frenzy was killed." Soundwave replied, looking back to her tinkering.

"No…" he frowned with astonishment, "How, Sounders?"

"Circumstances beyond my control," was the droned reply.

Sixshot mumbled something to himself, unsure of what to say on the matter at this time. "So, you want to know why I am here…" He sat upon the berth behind the femme; all the while watching her while her back was to him. The femme set down the small item in her hand having completed most of it and turned slightly to look at him expectantly. Sixshot explained his reason for leaving Cybertron.

After hearing what Sixshot had to say, Soundwave was still and silent for a long moment, as if absorbing the information. However, it wasn't that she was absorbing the information; it was more of a strange but familiar feeling went through her Spark that she quickly chased away. Sixshot hadn't expected much of a response from her to begin with, as he considered the news unexpected at worse.

"How did it happen?" she finally asked.

"Well, I guess after Starscream left to search for Megatron, he took command of the Decepticon and neutral territories. They stormed the rest of the Autobots' cities, ransacked what they could and then destroyed what was left of them. He came across it in one of the temples. The Autobots were pretty reckless leaving it out like that if you ask me. I have no idea where he or it is, now. I do know, however, that he is no longer on the planet."

Soundwave went silent again. She wondered if this was why she felt the dread from that night. She quickly realized that thought it did not seem to be this directly, it seemed to tie into it somehow. But the item Shockwave had couldn't be allowed to remain in his hands either. Debating on the consequences of what had been acquired, she responded a few moments later, "He hasn't made contact here."

Sixshot shrugged, "I would have gotten it, but he and that new bunch together is slagging suicide," Sixshot admitted, "even for me, and you know that's saying something. He will probably come here looking for the Allspark and Megatron now that he has it. That's my bet."

"The Allspark was almost completely destroyed when it was used to kill Megatron."

"About slagging time, although it was a perfect waste of ancient relics," Sixshot responded, figuring the threat was nullified with that information. "So, 'almost completely', huh? What's that supposed to mean?"

"The cube was destroyed."

"There should be no problems if and when he comes here, then." Sixshot nodded in agreement, "At least he'll be hard put to find the Allspark since the cube was destroyed, won't he?"

Soundwave didn't respond. It would be very hard to hide that fact if he did show up. Shockwave wasn't stupid by any means and he would make the connection with the Allspark and the recent contact with its missing shard.

Sixshot knew the look she was giving even though he could not outright see it. She knew something. "…won't he?" he asked again. Soundwave still did not respond, her hands still tinkering with whatever it was she was working on when he first showed up, as if she'd never heard his question. "Oooh… Ominous silence. I like the sounds of that."

Now, you may or may not have noticed that I have added something new into this mix. It had to do with the blue power. Guess you'll have to see later what I newness am scheming in :P