Till The World Ends

Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Legion


Ever since I came back from the dead nearly 10 years ago everything about me seemed to have changed. Everything around me seemed to have been enhanced to the point where my body almost shuts down on me, lights seemed to have gotten brighter, sound seemed to have gotten louder where at one point my ears almost bleed, smells seemed to have got stronger to point that I can almost taste it on my tongue.

Even though almost 10 years have past and I separated myself from my friends and the only family member that betrayed me, the pain that followed me around for the last decade begins to plagued my own body where it now seems to have only just started to dim down a bit but not by a lot. The pain seems to be mostly centered around my back but at times I feel like scars are beginning to form around my body but when I touch the places that are plagued by this ached all I feel is smooth skin beneath my fingers. However when I go to bed at night I sleep restlessly in a ball from the intense pain that curls around my entire body making it impossible to get a good nights sleep from the burning sensation and the cold chills that seem to plaque my own body.

As the pain in my back start to settle, I get these dreams that almost appear to be distance memories of a peaceful place after I died. These dreams that I get are not always clear to me and in them are these two men – one with dark blonde hair, the other with black. Even though I can not seem them clearly I get this feeling that they both mean something precious to me, that even to this day I am still unclear as to what I am feeling when I dream about these two men.

As I travel around the country trying to fill this empty gap that resides inside me, I see that the world around me is changing as time passes by with each year and as another new year approaches the pain inside my body is acting up again as with each day getting closer to Christmas approaches and this feeling inside me telling every instinct that resides in me, in my mind and body, that something terrible is going to happen, something so terrible that the last apocalypse that I prevented will look like the damn Easter bunny.

Even now as I travel on the highway across the desert on my motorcycle, this feeling that I have been getting for the past few months seem to surround the air in thick tension that is just about to snap. Looking for a place to rest my body from the pain that suddenly falls upon me, the feeling of dread fills me as I spot a small dinner coming up on the side of the highway and as I begin to speed up to the rest stop, everything in my body tells me that the world is going to end.

...but even till the world ends, I will continue to protect the innocent from the evil that threatens to destroy this world.

- Buffy Summers