Hey guys most of you mit know me as the author of Lies in Truth

from the Night World Series, but this time I'm trying something


And now presenting my next new story...

Back for you

Oh by the way I don't own ANY of the PPGD Charaters.

Sooo anyways injoy. :)


*No one's pov.*

Four Men headed for mardarks lab to find it destroyed. Then they heard a nosie abouve them. They looked up to see the Megas.

As they watched the Megas fly away from the destroyed lab, they heard a groun beneth them.

One of men pull out his cell and said "We have found him manam."

"Good, ever good. Now bring him here, and make shur he STAYS ALIVE."

"Yes manam." As he hagged up, behind him the other three pulled Mardark out the the ruble.

Dumdum dummm...

Mardark is still alive, who the the mystroies person how wants him? Stay tuned, and I'll try to post it as soon as I can. And also...

Please Commet!