Royal Chug

Chapter 1

Not really sure how to explain this one.

It's basically one of those stories where you got a group of young friends who wanna have some fun while the big dogs(kings and queens) ain't around, plus I like the idea of a PG/Breakfast Prince/Flame Prince trio at work.

It was another typical day in the land of Aaa, Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee were lounging in the shade of the treehouse.

"Nice day." Fionna said.

"Quiet, peaceful." Marshall Lee added.

Just then, they saw Prince Gumball walking back to the Candy Kingdom with a wagon carrying two large bags.

"Hey look," Fionna pointed out "there's Gumball."

"Wonder what he's doing." Cake said.

"Probably more science crud." Marshall sighed.

"Let's go see." Fionna suggested.

"Ohhh...I knew that was coming." the vampire groaned.

They got up and approached the prince.

"Hi Gumball." Fionna said.

"Whatcha doin', Pinky?" Marshall asked flatly.

" know...royal stuff." PG replied awkwardly.

Marshall Lee started sniffing the air.

"What is that smell?" he wondered.

"Nothing," Gumball said quickly, trying to pull the wagon harder "I have to go, I have stuff I gotta do."

Marshall yanked the bag open, and found that it was full of old fruit.

"Ew," the vampire uttered, "why do you have a wagon full of rotten fruit?"

"It's...fermented." PG stated.

"Why do you have...fermented...fruit?" Fionna asked curiously.

"Well..." Gumball informed hesitantly, "me and the other princes are getting together at my castle tonight, and we decided that we'd do something we can't do around the other me...and a couple allies...are making...mature potables."

"...Ohh! I get it!" Marshall Lee responded, "You guys are gonna get wasted!"

"I didn't say that," Gumball retorted, "But yes, there will be drinking."

"Dude, I can see you being a big mouth drunk," Marshall Lee said, "you know, saying things that should not be said, telling every secret you know."

"I'm not gonna drink that much." Gumball replied.

"You say that now," Marshall laughed, "but you know, stuff happens."

"Whatever," PG responded, "I have to go."

He left with his supply of fermented fruit.

"We're goin' over there later, aren't we?" Fionna asked.

"Of course," Marshall Lee said, "I'd kinda like to see what the princes are like, wasted."

~PG's castle~

Gumball returned to the castle and found Flame Prince and Breakfast Prince waiting in his lab.

"Sorry I'm late." PG said.

"Took you long enough." Flame Prince stated.

"Did you get the stuff?" Breakfast Prince asked eagerly.

"Yes," Prince Gumball said, showing the contents of his bags "courtesy of Wildberry Prince."

"Great," Flame Prince replied, "let's get this done."

"FP," Gumball instructed, "start boiling, BP start cutting and peeling, I will do the rest."

"Won't this take a while?" Breakfast Prince asked, as he started tearing fruit apart.

"With the power of science," PG proclaimed, "it won't even take an hour."

After almost an hour of putting everything together, the princes had their new mix ready.

"We need to taste test it." Flame Prince said.

"Right..." PG replied, "so who's going first?"

No body spoke up.

"Fine." Gumball sighed.

He unscrewed one of the many bottles of their concoction.

"Come on," Flame Prince urged, "down it."

"Don't rush me." PG responded.

He took a drink and flinched.

"How is it?" Breakfast Prince asked.

"It's like acid going down your esophagus, but it's like ice when it hits the gut," Gumball responded, twitching "and it tastes...amazing!"

"Really? BP replied, "I want some!"

Breakfast Price took the bottle and took a drink.

He coughed as it went down.

"Wow," he gasped, "that's potent."

FP took the bottle and finished it off.

"That's gooood." he said.

"This night is going to be awesome!" Breakfast Prince yelled.

"And remember," Gumball informed "the elders can not know about this."

I can think of a whole bunch of things to do with this one.