Royal Chug

Chapter 16

Still going.

Princess Bubblegum tied Water Princess down to a chair, binding her arm, so she could get the nail out of her hand.

Water Princess was whimpering in pain.

PB held up a pair of pliers.

"Now what did we learn?" Bubblegum asked, like a parent lecturing a child.

"Keep your hand out of the way of a nail gun." Water Princess whined.

"That's right," Bubblegum said, "because I did tell you to watch your hands."

"I know," Water Princess groaned, "I'm sorry."

"Just hold still," PB instructed, "and I'll get that nail out."

Water Princess tensed as Princess Bubblegum grabbed the stuck nail with her pliers.

"Here we go." PB said.

Water Princess screamed piercingly as Bubblegum began pulling and twisted the nail in her light-blue hand, trying to get it out.


"I got it." Bubblegum stated, holding up the extracted nail.

"Oh," Water Princess replied coolly as PB untied her, "that wasn't so bad."

It was then Gumball, Breakfast Prince, and the recently released Flame Prince showed up, along with the other princes.

"What is going on here?" Prince Gumball asked, "it sounds like a murder in progress."

"No, Water Princess was freaking out because I was removing a nail from her hand." Bubblegum explained.

"Why was there a nail in her hand?" PG asked.

"She carelessly handled a nail gun..." Bubblegum admitted, "while we were...demolishing stuff."

"Ah, so that's why you were taking my stuff." Gumball replied.

"Yeah," PB said, "so what were you all doing?"

"We were...getting stupid drunk," Gumball admitted, "me, Breakfast Prince, and Flame Prince made this new drink..."

"Wait," Bubblegum responded, "you guys were getting drunk and you didn't invite us?"

"We thought you would tell on us." PG said.

"Tell on you?" PB affirmed, "We'd join you."

"Well why didn't you tell us you were destroying us?" Gumball questioned, "Same reason?"

Princess Bubblegum nodded.

"So now what?" PG wondered.

~5 hours later~

Both the Princes and the Princesses got together in casual wear, indulged in Royal Chug, and proceeded tearing old stuff apart with tools.

Marshall Lee was recording the whole thing, while Marceline, Finn, Fionna, Jake, and Cake watched on.

"Crazy, crazy royals," Marshall said, as he recorded the whole thing.

"I am never drinking ever." Fionna said.

Prince Gumball, though pretty drunk, in his black hoodie with blue fire on it, picked up a chainsaw.

"Okay," Princess Bubblegum, drunk, in her pink hoodie, also holding a chainsaw instructed, "pull the thing."

PG pulled the chord on the chainsaw, starting it, then PB started hers.

"Watch your fingers now!" PB yelled, putting her goggles on, then pulling his goggles down over his eyes.

Then they started catting into an old car from Lumpy Space.

The princesses and princes watched on excitedly.

Flame Prince slid over next to Water Princess.

"Flame Prince, Prince of the Fire Kingdom," he said casually, "hi, how ya doin?"

Water Princess laughed coyly.

"This is great!" Gumball said, talking over the sound of the chainsaw, "But I feel like we forgot about something."

~Candy Castle Basement~

The Ice Queen was still trapped in the basement struggling to free herself from the stuff the princes used to bind her, but it was hard because she did not have her tiara, and was therefore powerless.


"Oh well," PB said, "you'll probably remember later."

"Yeah." PG replied.

Then they continued sawing up the car.

"Now that's love right there." Marshall Lee said.

Nothing says love like getting drunk and tearing a car apart together.

Sorry it's over now, but I have so much to do right now. Maybe I'll do a follow up to this story sometime.