Doctor's Log # 138

Patient Log #1


Name: Mabbaline T. York

Type: Criminal

Gender: Female

Weight: 100 lbs

Height: 5'7"

Age: 32

Eyes: Green

Hair: A light Brown

Alias: Mad Mab

Previous life: Well known ballerina performed in Gotham ballet frequently as a lead soloist

Villain Class: *****

Kills : We have yet to find everybody, even so the estimates for how many there might be is to high to even fathom. She has unbiased and uncalled for, brute murders.

Family: Father and mother work for Wayne industries. Secretary and head of board.

Caught: With Joker, blames him for her capture.

I watched them come in. First The Joker who let them pull him along as if he was just heading home, then Harley who said hello to the doctors as she passed. Then she was there.

She stuck her feet out in front of her to make it harder for the guards to pull her in. She was yelling words of hate against the man being pulled in front of her. I watched as the two of them bickered over Harley. Joker was relaxed as always, but Mab was enraged, digging her nails into the sides of her wrists, yelling at the top of her lungs. It was his fault his fault! She would have not lost her game to batman if it wasn't for him. She repeated it over and over until she suddenly fell silent.

It was just a mere second of transition on her face, if I hadn't been staring at her recording her reactions, I would have missed it. Her frown lessened into a look of confusion or thought processing face, and then she stopped struggling and began to smile madly. I can still her that craze driven sadistic laugh bouncing around the halls as I sit in my office and write. This was going to be a hard case.

I was assigned to her this morning, why? Well, I handle Harvey, at least I did until he escaped again. According to a note, Batman dropped off there's a slight possibility she's like him, bipolar personas and/ or personality that is. From this point, I can't say I believe he's right.