So far the meds have only made Mad Sleepy. The guards have been complaining that she is starting to just pick at her food, which of course means she's already found out where the med's are being slipped into her.

I've put an order for a new medication; well make that twelve new medications. We need to be able to see what will work and what won't work. Until I see more signs of progress or Mab I won't try talking about Mab or bringing her out. I'm afraid of what Mad's reaction would be.

She tells me she likes our talks and seeing my reactions, she also told me she likes the fact that I don't jump when she screams randomly or jumps up from her seat. Today I also managed to bring up an interesting topic.

"Why do you blame the Joker and not Batman for your arrival here, he is the one who caught you" At just the mention of his name she smiled.

"He's the only one who can, catch me." I gave her a look and she laughed a bit. It had the light tones of Mab but her face was still in Mad Mode. "I know he's the only on to catch super villains but… I was just a normal killer, I didn't dress up in a costume-" I raised a finger to interject but she answered my question before I could even ask it-"Before I worked for joker that is I just killed and hid the evidence like every other killer, but the police couldn't trace me. Batman though." She sighed. "He found out not only where I was but who I was, and I only got away because he handed me over to the police."

"So he's your rival."

"We're more like good friends." She let out a laugh that could stand against the Joker's.

"If you were doing good how you were, why did you seek out the Joker?"

"I was bored-" I could have predicted that "- and he knew how to have fun with style so I decked that black and white clown styled dress and became…"

"Black Diamond?"

She nodded. "It was fun for a while but eventually I wound up in this place."

"Back before people knew it was you killing, What did you do in the day?"

"I was pretending to be Mab."


"Well if she ever did get back complete control, I needed enough of a reason for her to give it back to me."

I hesitated before asking, "How?"

"I screwed up any good connection she had. Tried to screw around with Bruce, was a bitch to anyone of her friends and ballet buddies, and dressed completely and insanely out of fashion."

Mab was on Gotham's style watch column frequently. That I was sure Mab could recover from, but then again I was never that into fashion. Mad though had proven herself sadistic and power driven. It was becoming clearer and clearer we only had two options.

We could cure Mab or send her to the electric chair.