A/N: I haven't written a Harvest Moon story in a while, I think I'm a little rusty writing them. I've been totally obsessed with Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar, by making a file playing at the boy farmer, as I started talking to Antoinette, I found her character fascinating.

Writing a love triangle is also new to me, so I hope I don't make it seem cheesy or dull to read.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harvest Moon.

The Boy With the Feather Cap

I get asked a lot; do I know Dirk. In all truth, I don't just know Dirk, he was there for me when I needed him most. One day I could never forget, was the day we first met...

On a particularly chilly autumn, I sat at my bedroom window, looking out at the quiet little hick town. Daddy loved this town, I felt like a bird in a cage. Alone, calling out for something that would never come.

"Antoinette, Dear Heart, I'm leaving for work," Daddy called, no doubt standing at the door.

I knew it was improper for a young lady to shout, Daddy would not approve. Daddy always told me, that I was a proper lady, and should compose myself as such. I stood up, leaving my room to go into the living room. Our home was so small, it didn't even have a kitchen. I longed for our large home back in the city.

"I await your return, Daddy," I said, standing in the hallway.

I did exactly that. My days were just counting the minutes, until dear Daddy returned. Daddy was the only person I could confide in.

While I dressed in my out door petticoat, wishing we still had a made to dress me like in the city. I could never understand why my clothes had so many buttons on them. All it did, was waste time trying to fasten them. Only then, did I remember I had plenty of time. I took off my petticoat, putting on a white pinafore instead.

Looking out of the window, I realised that it was raining. How I had not noticed the gentle sounds of the rain beating against the glass, I didn't know. There was something quite peaceful about listening to the rain drops.

I sat on the sofa, listening to the sound of the clock ticking over the fireplace. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Soon, the sound was drowned out, the rain was coming down pretty heavy. I couldn't help thinking about Daddy, wondering whether he had made it to work safely.

A sound of someone hammering on the door startled me, causing me to let out a squeal. "Who is it?" I said, as politely as I could.

They continued to knock heavily.

"I'm coming!" I said, raising my voice as I stood up.

I walked past the fireplace, to warm my hands. But, I heard them coming into the house. Letting out another yelp, I grabbed the fire-poker.

"Who are you?" I asked, trying to sound confident.

"I'm Dirk," the person replied, walking into the living room so I could see him.

There was a boyish look about him. He stood as tall as a man, but had the impish expression of a child. He was wearing a hat with a feather in his cap, despite it being wet, I could tell it was a feather. I couldn't help giving him a look of revulsion, as he stood there dripping on the mahogany wooden floor.

"What are you doing in my home?" I demanded, my grip tightening on the poker.

"You invited me in," Dirk said, with a smile.

"I did not! I told you that I was coming," I informed him.

"Oh, sorry..." Dirk said, awkwardly. He removed his soaked hat from his head. "I thought you told me to come in." I could hear the sounds of the water dripping from his hat, landing on the floor. "I was sat by the river and it started raining. I'd catch a cold, if I tried running to my house."

I gave him a suspicious glance, because I knew that he lived in the house behind this one. "I suppose I should get you some dry clothes, it would be terrible if you caught your death."

I walked into Daddy's room, knowing that he had some simple clothes. When he moved to this village, Daddy had grown obsessed with the country life, having mother design some more 'country' clothes for him. Fortunately, Daddy had quickly gotten over it. I removed a simple brown tunic from the drawer, and some breeches. Returning them to Dirk, I was surprised to see that he'd already made himself at home.

He had taken his shoes off, leaving his hat, shoes and stockings on the floor beside the fire. Even taking it upon himself to add more wood to the fire. I shoved the clothes at him, going to collect some cloths from the dresser, to dry up the puddles Dirk had created.

Cleaning was difficult work, I was on my hands and knees, trying to dry it all up. More than once, my hand slipped, making me smack my chin on the ground. I was in a very grouchy mood, when I returned to the living room. Dirk's wet clothes were on the floor, he was sat on the sofa with his feet up, a goofy smile on his face.

"I just realised, I don't know your name," Dirk said, appearing not to see all the damp dirt marks on my formerly spotless white pinafore. "You're Claude's daughter, Angelina, right?"

"My name is Antoinette," I snapped, shooting him a glare.

.: _ :.

That wasn't the only time I saw Dirk. Each morning, just after Daddy left for work, Dirk would stop by to ask me if I would to go for a walk. Each morning, I would turn him down. Daddy would tell me that he was improper, that it was not right for me to be around him. Daddy didn't have anything against any of the villagers in this town, he just didn't believe any of the young men deserved to have me as their wife.

All that changed, one spring morning just over one season since I had met Dirk. It was the day Dirk never came. Daddy was home, sat on the sofa reading a book. Today he had decided not to go to work today, he had noticed how lonely I had become. I let out a sigh, upon hearing someone knock on the door. Thinking it was most likely Dirk, I pretended not to hear to convince Daddy to open the door for me.

I heard Daddy talking to someone, he was actually laughing. "Antoinette, come here for a moment, I want you to meet someone," Daddy called, from the living room.

I left my room, wondering who it could be. It had been such a long time since there was someone new in this village. That person being me. No one was really excited about that. Sat beside Daddy, was a man who looked around my age. He wore a blue cap, with a feather in it. His eyes were a warm brown. Judging by the tidiness of the man's garb, and the way Daddy spoke to him as if he were an old friend, I knew what was going on. Daddy had finally found someone of whom he believed was worthy of taking me as a wife.

Both Daddy and the man stood, as I entered the room. Neither of them sat, until I had walked around the sofa, taking a seat myself.

"Antoinette, this is Hansel," Daddy introduced, "he will be running that farm up on top of the hill."

"Nice to meet you," Hansel said, with a smile.

I nodded my head, playing my part. Whether Hansel knew it or not, he would soon begin courtship of me, Daddy would make sure of it.