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The ambulance had already reached the hospital by the time Shawn had reached Juliet's. The crew had gotten her out of the back and were already wheeling her through the ER bay where a few doctors and nurses joined them.

"Female late 20's early 30's, victim of hit in run," one of the paramedics informed them as they hurried down the hall.


"No id," the other paramedic said. Doctors hated situation where they had to work in the dark on the medical history, it was a very scary and dangers place to be but it was often all too real.

Lights swam over Juliet as she started to come to, she was moving and she could hear people talk quickly around her, they were speaking to quickly for her to understand. A pained groan escaped her throat everything hurt, and trying to understand the people was making the pain in her head throb angrily.

She managed to open her eyes a little only to close them again the lights the moving ceiling making her feel sick. The voices were now coming into focus though, someone was asking her something.

"Miss? Can you tell us our name?" the male voice asked her.

Juliet hadn't grabbed her id before going on her run, this wasn't unusual actually. She only remembered to grab her iPod and water bottle if she didn't remember to put her id with them the night before she didn't take it with her. She found it amusing that it was Shawn who would often remind her that night to put her license or her badge with her thing for her ran. It was backwards that he would be the one to remind her that since she had to remind him of everything else.

Thought of Shawn came to her mind, where was he? If she didn't have an id how could he know where she was? She didn't want to worry him, she needed him with her. A tear escaped her left eye, which was swollen almost closed, she want Shawn. She wanted to see him, hear his voice, his laugh; she needed her Shawn, she needed him to tell her he loved her and that she would be alright because she wasn't sure she would be. The images of Shawn where the last things she took with her as she slipped back in the darkness.

"She's coding, get her stable and to an OR room stat," one doctor barked over the flat lining alarm from the portable heart monitor Juliet had been attached to.

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