Alicia left the house she used to call home, despite her son's pleading. As she stood on the door step, she happened to glance down, and there it was. Their welcome mat. Their stupid welcome mat. Couldn't they have just changed that. As soon as she noticed it, she regretted it. All the memories came flooding back. All the good she used to know in her life flashing before her, then suddenly all the good was replaced with all the bad memories from that house. She looked to her car for safe haven from the memories, from the past she didn't want to relive. But just as she goes to leave, she takes one last glance back.

In the house, she sees her family being carefree and happy. In her mind, she instantly juxtaposes herself in there with them. It's just like old times, the good old times: before the hookers, before Lockhart-Gardner, before the creepy voice on the phone. And before she even realises it her hand is on the knob. Heading back inside.

A/N: The season finale was so excellent. Everything was perfect. Why do we have to wait so long? I'm dying. Help. TGW hit us with the series of the most uncomfortable moments in television, ie elevator scene. Quite wonderful writing & performances. I love when they have Alicia interact with her kids, so perfect. Just FEELINGS.