If only he knew where the music box had come from… Surely someone had given it to him, but who? He couldn't think of anyone who was actually friend enough to give him anything, except for one person… but all memories of that girl were too blurred to remember. That had to have been at least ten years ago since he last saw her. The music box was made of a dark brown wood and had a little human figurine with long plastic teal hair that would spin when you turned the key. He held the music box in his hand, trying to remember where it had come from. Remembering where it had come from was the second reason the commander of the Martian military was holding the box. The first was to try to keep his mind off Queen Tyr'ahnee. Of course, he still loved Tyr'ahnee, Tyr'ahnee loved Dodgers, and Dodgers also loved Dodgers. And it's absolutely Dodgers' fault, too. If he hadn't come with him and his face, and his foiling of X-2's plans, everything would be rainbows and puppy shit, but NOOOO. He had to come around and have X-2's heart shot to hell. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself down, so as not to crush the music box in his rage. The whole topic on Dodgers, Tyr'ahnee, and the music box was beginning to frustrate him, so he switched to thinking about his current mission. A planet relatively close to Venus has just recently been discovered, and it has yet to be claimed. As the commander, it is my duty to claim this planet in the name of Mars. If another being attempts to claim the planet at the same time, destroy it and blah, blah, blah. The last few planets he tried to claim were claimed by Earth, but Earth shouldn't be a problem this time, since they signed the peace treaty last week. His mind strayed from topic to topic, as his ship flew past stars, soon arriving at the freshly discovered planet.

"Commander," a centurion said to X-2 when they finally reached the planet. "We have arrived."

"Oh goody," he said seriously as he stood up from his chair. The planet was a light lavender color, and looked much like a forest. He and a few Centurions stepped off the ship and walked a few yards into a dense purple forest before X-2 stopped.

"As the Commandeer of the Martian military, I hereby claim this planet in the name of Mars, etcetera, etcetera, so on and so forth, you get the idea." He firmly stuck a Martian flag into the purple soil.

"Well said, Commander." A Centurion said. As they turned to go toward the ship, something black and blurry zoomed right past them, gone in a flash. "What was that?" X-2 saw it zoom past from behind out of the corner of his eye.

"I have a feeling we're not alone on this plan- HOLY-!" A centurion said, but was cut off. X-2 turned to see the Centurion on the ground, an arrow sticking out of its head.

"Centurions, I want you to-" he was interrupted by loud thuds. He looked up and realized the other Centurions on the ground, arrows sticking out of their heads. "Oh dear…" He turned toward his ship and was surprised to see a figure not any taller than he standing a few feet away. It was wearing some kind of black hooded cloak; he couldn't see any part of its natural body at all. The figure slowly raised a bow and arrow, aimed at him.

"Oh, h-hello," X-2 said awkwardly. "Um, you don't suppose we could settle this like rational beings, do you?" The arrow was released. He ducked just in time. He looked up to see the arrow lodged in the brush of his helmet.

"I'll take that as a no." he said. The hooded being nocked another arrow. "This isn't going to end well for me, is it?"

The being shook its head. X-2 began to run away. The being was blocking the path toward his ship, and he didn't know what kind of weird whatever was on this planet, so he just kept running. An arrow came whizzing past his head, barely missing him. He turned around, and as he did so, he almost ran right into a thick purple oak tree. He ducked, missing another arrow. He pushed past purple bushes and thickets, getting scraped by thorns in the process. It would be foolish to try to run back toward the ship, if the hooded murderer was still back there. The trees were beginning to spread out, and more arrows were flying right past him. He made his way out of the forest, but skidded to a halt. He was standing on the edge of a big purple cliff. Hesitantly, he looked over the edge, and regretted doing so instantly. It had to be at least a fifty feet drop! He gulped, and took a step back. Suddenly, a black blur tackled him, and threw him onto the ground near the edge of the cliff. The hooded figure was sitting on top of him, and arrow aimed between his eyes.