facI am going to write a Tumbling fan fic because they do not have that many.

I have just recently watched it and I love Tumbling…

They are all my fav but this one is going to be a Kiyama Oc

Since hes my 2nd fav after Wataru..

This fan fic is gonna b from the middle of Tumbling. They have all joined the group so yeah And the Oc is Kiyama's ex in the same school.

Chap 1.

OC Info-

Chiyako: brown long wavy hair with bangs.

Age: 17

Height- Short

Dress- In Uniform

She is half Japanese and Chinese

Chiyako was walking to Karasumori High School and was not really excited about her last year. As she was walking to school she saw Wataru with his new group of friends including Kiyama and they were all laughing about something.

"I wonder what happened to make Kiyama smile like that in such a long time," thought Chiyako.

"Ryosuke," yelled Yuta.

"Lets try doing 4 cartwheels for the next tournament," replied Ryosuke.

"Oh yeah they joined the Boys Tumbling Group and left Akabane's gang, atleast they aren't Yanki's anymore," thought Chiyako.

Wataru noticed Chiyako but didn't say anything.

He decided to keep walking with his friends and Chiyako kept walking until Yuta and Nippori yelled "RACE to school"

"You guys are gonna lose," yelled Kiyama.

"Lets go then," yelled Hino.

"Wait," said Wataru knowing Chiyako was walking that way and how reckless they get when they are running. But before he said anything they were all running. While Mizusawa was running he bumped into Chiyako.

"owww," said Chiyako softly as they both were on the floor.

"Sorry," replied Mizusawa

"Its ok," replied Chiyako.

When they noticed Mizusawa fell everyone ran to him.

"Yo," said Nippori.

"Are you ok," asked Kiyama.

Chiyako did not want to show her face to Kiyama so she hid he face is her long bangs.

Wataru finally caught up to them and asked if they were ok

"Shes not talking," Kaneko.

"Did you hit her that hard," asked Hino.

"I just bumped into her," defended Mizusawa..

"I got it, you guys go," replied Wataru.

"Wataru," said Nippori?

"Go guys," said Wataru smiling.

"I am sorry," said Mizusawa.

As they were all leaving

"I think that is Chiyako," thought Kiyama.

With Wataru-

"Chiyakoooo," yelled Wataru.

"I am fine," replied Chiyako getting up and dusting her skirt.

"Are you really," he asked?

"Yeah, hows Kiyama," Chiyako asked.

"Why did I know you were gonna ask that, you've guys broke up 2 years ago hmm.. hes fine and better," replied Wataru.

"Thanks for today," Chiyako thanked him

"For," He asked?

"If you did not come I would have an awkward moment with Kiyama," she replied.

"Oh," said Wataru and was about to walk away but said "Come to the gym one day if you want to see Kiyama do tumbling" and than walked away.

"Hmmm," thought Chiyako

As she entered class she knew she was going to see Kiyama but she tried her best to avoid his in the past two years so he would not notice her again.

"Oiii, are you ok," Mizusawa asked coming toward her.

This time Kiyama did see her and his bag dropped and he ran out of the class.

"Kiyama," yelled Wataru.

"I am fine," replied Chiyako and left the class also and bumped into Akabane.

"Akkaabanne," she stuttered.

Akabane came closer to her and whispered "How are you and Kiyama doing,"

"Uhh" replied Chiyako and he just smirked and walked away.

Chiyako ran to the bathroom

"I cant believe he saw me," thought Chiyako and she washed her face with water.

After she dried it she decided to go back to class.

"Wataru, what is with Kiyama," asked Yuta.

"He acted weried when he saw her," said Satoshi.

"Her name is Chiyaki, didn't she go to junior high with you guys," asked Ryosuke?

"Uhh," Wataru said because he did not know how to answer and than Kiyama came in and sat next to his friend.

"What happned to you," asked Nippori?

"Nothing I just needed air.

"Um but you like dropped your bag when you say Chiyaki," said Hino.

"Chiyako,' said Kiyama.

"Huh," said Hino.

"Her name is Chiyako," replied Kiyama.

"Oh, you know her," asked Kaneko.

"No I do not know her," answered Kiyama.

Chiyako heard him but just sat in her seat like every year.

While they were talking their new math sensei came in and asked everyone to introduce themselves. When there were only two people left which were Chiyako and Kiyama

"My name is Kiyama, I am 18, I come from Ichikawa Gakuen junior high and I don't like cheaters and liars," he said and sat down.

"Whats with him," asked Ryosuke?

"I don't know," replied Yuta

"Your turn," said the sensei pointing at Chiyako.

"Um my name is Chiyako and I am 17. I come from Ichikawa Gakuen junior high and I don't like people who think you lie all the time," said Chiyako trying to reply to Kiyama.

"What was that," asked Nippori?

Wataru noticed but didn't say anything.

"If only you didn't do that Chiyako," thought Wataru.

Kiyama got up and left the class during there lunch break.

"I am telling you something is wrong with him," said Mizusawa.

"I noticed it to," replied Yuta.

"I don't think so," answered Wataru.

"You probably know," answered Hino.

"Uhh," said Wataru.

Chiyako got up and left the class also.

While she left the class she decided to go to the schools roof.

Chiyako was up there but did not realize that so was Kiyama.

"Kiyama," said Chiyako.

Kiyama turned around with a cigarette in his mouth.

"I thought u said you would stop smoking," said Chiyako.

"That was a long time ago, what do you want," asked Kiyama a bit rudely.

"Can you let me explain," said Chiyako.

"I already did," he replied about to walk away.

"Listen to me you stupied asshole,' yelled Chiyako.

Kiyama stopped and turned around

"What the hell," he yelled back angry that she called him an asshole.

"I just want to explain but you are always being a bitch about it," she yelled.

"I am being a bitch, I let you explain, JUST go away," yelled Kiyama even louder.

"Go screw yourself," replied Chiyako and ran out of the roof but before she left she saw the Tumbling Group.

"Uh hello," said Mizusawa.

"Ugh, move," she yelled and walked out.

"Well than," said Hino as he walked towards the roof.

"Kiyama," yelled Nippori.

"yes," Kiyama said a bit annoyed.

"Are you sure you don't know her,' Yuta interrupted.

"She is my ex," answered Kiyama and walked away leaving everyone shocked.

Soo how the first chap !

Hope you like it