Hello kittens- I know that I probably shouldn't start another story for TMNT but I wanted to give something a try. A little idea that's been bouncing around in my head for a day or so. This will be an Leo/OC story with interdimentional travel mentioned off and on.

So...let me get this chapter out and see how it goes.

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It all started a week before their twenty sixth birthday- well, twenty fifth birthday in Mikey's case. Their long time friends April and her husband Casey, had come down to the lair grinning like the cats that ate the canary. "Hey guys! Guess what?"

Looking up from what they were doing, which was mostly just trying to unwind after a long day of fighting with Hun and his purple dragons. "Wh-t?" Mikey asked excitedly from around a mouthfull of corn chips. His blue eyes sparkling.

"We have something huge planned out for your B-day's!" Casey said with a grin as he walked over to Raph and all but flopped down on top of him. Raph knowing what was going to come next, grinned and picked up his friend and accomplice on many things- And promptly tossed him onto Don who shrieked and tried to push the stunned human's dead weight off of him as Leo half turned in his seat to accept a hug from April.

"You don't have to do anything huge for our birthday, April-" Leo said softly as his adopted sister gave him a nice squeeze.

"Your wrong Leo. We do have to do something huge for this year. With the way you four are always fighting with the foot- it would be nice to do something huge for your birthday while all of you are in one piece." April said lightly, but Leo could tell that she was still dwelling on the latest incident with Karai and the Foot clan.

The one that had put Leo in a coma for almost a month and nearly killed Splinter whom was still healing from the fight. Leo sighed, knowing that April had every right to worry about them since they had known eachother for ten years. So if she wanted to do somethign huge for their birthday then he suppossed that he could just shut up and deal with it.

"Do you mind if I talk to you about what I have planned? Since I need to know what you think." April asked nervously. Leo frowned for a moment but nodded as she pulled back away from him and straightened her spine while he got up off of the couch and followed her into the kitchen where hopefully they would be able to talk in peace.

Once in the kitchen Leo made himself comfortable at the table and let April sit down before she began speaking. "Well, the reason I needed to talk to you about the plans Casey and I have for your birthday is because...well, it would involve going above and being in public-"

Leo stared at April as if she had gone crazy and hissed. "April, we're giant mutant turtles. We can't go out in public!"

"I-It's just until the party is over. And I have a friend that I've gotten to know these three months who doesn't ask any questions. Leo she's a bar owner and I've already rented the bar out and asked her to convert it to a japanese tea house just for you guys!"

"That's all well and good April but-"


"We can't go above grounds!" Leo said, his voice raising a little bit.

"Leo! The party would be at night. There's a manhole behind the bar so you could go in through the back and no one would see you but the owner of the bar!"

"I'm sorry April. It was a nice thought, really it was but-" Leo started to say when April slammed her hands down on the table, startling him into silence.

"Dammit Leo! I know that you have to protect your family but for just once I want all of you to have a nice normal night out without having to hide! Hinata has even gone the extra mile and has signed a contract stating that if she so much as breaths a word of what you are to anyone- then she'll take her own life. I have the contract right here-" April said as she reached around to her back pocket and pulled out a doubled over piece of paper as Leo heard the others in the living room making their way towards the kitchen to see what had he and April raising their voices at one another.

Leo took the paper from April and deftly unfolded it and scanned the contract, his eye's widening more and more at the words he read on the pages. The contract was impressively written, the wording covering every area about their identity and how it would be kept secret as well as the treatment that they could expect from the person who had signed the contract.

According to the words he saw, Hinata had signed away her life, her future, everything- if they were not satisfied by their party, the greeting they got, ect. What sort of person signs something like this? He wondered as he passed the paper on to Don who looked it over with expert eyes before letting out a low whistle.

"This is some contract..." Don said before handing it back to April as Leo made a soft sound and leaned back in his seat. "And this is for our birthday?" He asked in a puzzled tone, not really up to speed on the conversation between April and Leonardo.

"Yes." April said as she folded it and stuffed it back in her back jean pocket as Don and the others frowned.

"Who would sign something like that April? What sort of person are you entrusting our secret too?" Leo asked curiously as he crossed his arms over his plastron. April looked at him and smiled and then started telling him everything she knew about Hinata.

"She's in her twenties. She's...stunningly beautiful. She has some Japanese blood in her family that shows through in some areas. She was raised in a small town up south, close to five hundred and fifty miles from the city. She did have a job there, but she never said what it was. She came to New York a little over three months ago. She's very well off money wise so she was able to buy the bar she's working in now, but something tells me that she uses it as a cover for something."

"Maybe she's got an embarrassing hobby and just works at the bar to throw people off. She's very intelligent, independent, fiercely protective of her friends and anyone who steps foot in her place. I mean so much so that you would think that they were her family-"

"Anything else?" Leo asked as he tilted his head to the side a little bit.

"Yeah, I think if you gave her a chance, you'd really like her." April said as she stared at Leo, hard. Leo stared back for a moment realizing that his adopted sister wasn't going to budge on this issue and sighed.

"Alright April. We'll scope out the bar and see if we can learn anything about the woman then we'll give you an answer." Leo said reluctantly. April gave him a stunning smile and quickly dug out her cell phone and flipped it open and pulled up one of the pictures that she had taken of Hinata and then handed her phone to Leo.

Leo looked down at the little screen and blinked his eyes in stunned disbelief. Holy wow-

April hadn't been kidding when she had said that Hinata was stunningly beautiful. The young woman in the image could even be considered exotic with her wide unusual teal colored eyes, jet black hair and smooth ivory skin. Her build looked similar to April's. Lithe. Graceful.

Though her breasts were just a little bit bigger. And she was wearing black leather plants with calf boots and a long sleeved black shirt with a vest. A braided belt and fingerless gloves completed her look. Giving her an untouchable appearance that was so oddly out of place for someone who looked so soft and delicate.

Leo took a moment to memorize the woman's appearance then handed April's phone to Don who whistled again before passing it on to Mikey who snickered and started cooing to the image. "Well aren't you cute. Yes you are. Yes you are-"

Raph smacked Mikey in the back of the head causing him to yelp as he grabbed the phone from him and made a noncomminttal sound as he glanced at the image then extended his arm to hand April her phone back.