This will be an Leo/OC story with interdimentional travel mentioned off and on.

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They didn't bother with the manhole just outside of her bar- that would have simply given too much about them away to her. So they used the one in the next alley over from the bar and the second they were back underground Leo grabbed Mikey and slammed him into the stone and pipes that ran along the walls and snarled.

"What the hell is wrong with you? I say something about a rare skin condition and you decide, Oh hey, let me fuck with Leo and go ahead and shake the human's hand anyways!"

"Geez, Leo! Chill out! I was just trying to be nice." Mikey said, his eyes wide in the face of his eldest brother's fury.

"No you weren't. If you had done it just to be nice I wouldn't be so pissed. But you did it because you were flirting! You endangered us and our family to flirt with an unknown person!"

"Well it isn't like we've been close to humans much over the years. Besides she was nice!" Mikey said as if admitting that made everything right. Instead it just seemed to make Leo even more pissed if the loud animalistic growl he emitted was any indication before he slammed Mikey's shell against the wall again out of pure frustration then backed off and looked at Don and Raph, both of whom were strangely silent.

Both watching the argument with interest.

"Of course she was acting nice you moron. She was doing the same thing that we were doing! Gathering information."

"Dude- Calm down. What the hell could she learn from a frigging handshake? I have three fingers and my skin feels like leather. That's it for the info part so what's really freaking you out?" Mikey growled, shoving at Leo. Leo made an irritated sound and shoved back.

"I don't know!" Leo shouted, his voice echoing so loud that it was almost deafening. He blinked as if stunned by his admittance and took a shakey breath in an effort to regain some control of himself and said in a much lower tone. "All I can really say is that woman is different. Didn't you three sense anything odd about her? She had this strangely overwhelming presence."

"And that's all you noticed about her isin't it Leo? That she had an strong presence so that immediately makes her a danger to us." Mikey said in a tone that Leo had never heard before. His tone slightly mocking. Leo's dark blue eyes snapped up to his brother's face and he gave a furious growl and balled his hands into fists and reared one of his arms back as if he were going to punch Mikey. But Raph grabbed his wrist, stopping him cold.

"That's enough from you Leo. You too Mikey." Raph said in a warning tone. Leo turned and glared at him and Don as he jerked his hand free and growled at Raph and Donnie.

"Don't think that I didn't notice you two were flirting too. We're going to have a long heart to heart about this with Splinter present, once we get back to the lair."

"Yeah, yeah." Don said tiredly as he brushed by Leo.

"Whatever you say fearless." Raph said as he and Mikey brushed by their eldest brother. None of them caring whether he followed or not.


Hinata was taking a short lunch break in one of the apartments over her bar where many of her clients slept and even lived sometimes before moving one. Jackie was sound asleep on the bed across from the couch where she was curled up with a computer in her lap and a plate with a sandwhich and chips on a coffee table next to her, looking up unique deformities similar to the ones she had noticed in the guy that had shaken her hand earlier.

So far she hadn't found anything totally similar, which just served to make her even more curious about the four she'd met earlier. I should have asked their names. She thought grumpily as she reached over and grabbed a BBQ chip and popped it into her mouth and chewed.

She was typing 'genetic mutations' into the search engine on her computer when she heard Jackie stir and sighed softly as she set the laptop aside. The poor kid was about to bolt up off of the bed like he was on fire and scream his lungs out. Luckily she had had the foresight to grab a pair of ear plugs earlier and put them in.

She saw the covers on the bed get thrown back and crossed her arms and legs as Jackie bolted across the room just like she had known he would and chuckled. Silly boy.


Splinter was meditating when he heard the distinct sounds of his sons returning and decided to see how their little outing had gone. Carefully shifting his body, he picked up his walking stick and pushed himself up onto his feet. Pausing slightly when some of his joints popped. Oh dear... Splinter thought as he straightened his spine.

Good lord he was getting old.

He padded over to the door to his room as he heard his sons gathing there and quietly opened the door to find all four of his precious young sons, all bowing. "Master we have returned-" Leonardo said formally. Not even noticing that he was standing right there when Mikey and Raph both looked up and gave a little finger wave to him.

Splinter chuckled in amusement, drawing the gaze of his other two sons. "Yes. I can see that. Tell me how your outting to the surface went."