Orihara Izaya reborn!

Orihara Izaya
… "Good luck?"

Orihara Izaya
If I didn't know any better, I'd think you actually cared about me from that comment.

Tsukumoya Shinichi
Ahh, I guess I should have deleted that before you saw it then. Now that you know my secret you're going to be locked in a triangle and have to choose between myself and Heiwajima.

Orihara Izaya
Oh, but you know I'd have to go with Shizu-chan. How could I ever love someone who won't even show me his face?

Tsukumoya Shinichi
How do you know I even have a face?

Orihara Izaya
Well then that would mean you aren't human, and therefore, I can't love you. But I haven't seen any proof of that, now have I? You are quite the mystery.

Tsukumoya Shinichi
And I'm sure I'm one you'd love to solve, correct?

Orihara Izaya
Maybe someday if the need arises, but for now you do enough for me just from this chatroom.

Orihara Izaya
Speaking of which, that's why I'm here right now.

Orihara Izaya
I wanted to thank you for the help.

Orihara Izaya
Without that bit of information you gave me, I'd probably be dead by now.

Orihara Izaya
And the same goes for tipping off Akabayashi. That was a big help too.

Tsukumoya Shinichi
So you killed Saika then? It won't be bothering you anymore?

Orihara Izaya
I don't believe I ever told you it was bothering me, Tsukumoya.

Orihara Izaya
Are you stalking me?

Orihara Izaya
Ahh! Are you a creepy old man who is going to kidnap me and molest me~?!

Tsukumoya Shinichi
Let's just say your cameras aren't as secure as you think they are.

Orihara Izaya

Orihara Izaya

Orihara Izaya
You really were stalking me that whole time?

Tsukumoya Shinichi
No, not stalking. But I have overheard some rather interesting conversations you've had with "yourself".

Orihara Izaya
I don't need to hear that right now. Perhaps we'll discuss this later.

Tsukumoya Shinichi
Oh? Is your Shizu-chan nearby?

Orihara Izaya
Just walked in the door, actually.

Orihara Izaya
Later, you fucking creep!

Orihara Izaya confirmed dead!

"Hey, Shizu-chan!" Izaya smiled, leaning back in his desk chair and stretching his arms over his head.

It was strange how he couldn't stop that smile from appearing the instant he heard the door open. He'd never felt this happy to see someone in his life, and Shizuo had only been gone for about an hour to pick up Celty's head from Akabayashi—along with lunch it seemed.

"Here you go," Shizuo said, dropping a small bag on Izaya's desk, "Eat up. You're too damn skinny. I don't want to break you or something."

Izaya's smile turned into a dark grin as Shizuo turned away to gently set the bag containing the head on the couch. "Oh? Is Shizu-chan worried about me?" he teased, "Believe me, if you could break me that easily, you would have done so years ago."

He took the first bite of his hamburger (laughing inwardly at Shizuo's poor taste in a proper lunch), and was about to continue looking through his email when Shizuo's hands rested on his shoulders, blowing warm air with the slight scent of cigarettes over the nape of his neck. He shuddered at the sensation, feeling Shizuo grin as he pressed his mouth against Izaya's neck.

"That may be true, but I was never able to touch you for this long before now," he whispered, making Izaya have to twist his body away to avoid another embarrassing shiver.

Shizuo was still smiling by the time Izaya had turned around to face him with a stern look over his face.

"Don't do that," he stated, rubbing at the back of his neck.

"Do what…?" Shizuo asked, though the smile on his face said he already knew.

"Don't touch me like that."

"What, like this…?" Leaning in, Shizuo grabbed hold of Izaya's shoulders again and pressed his lips against the back of Izaya's neck, feeling Izaya's breath hitch.

"Shizu-chan…" he warned.

Moving his lips to the side of Izaya's neck, Shizuo began to leave light kisses up and down the length of Izaya's neck before pausing when he saw the slight bulge in Izaya's pants.

"Oh? So that turns you on then?" Shizuo teased, running his fingers up the other side of Izaya's neck while he continued to kiss the other side, "Your neck must be really sensitive."


Shizuo laughed as the smallest gasp caught in Izaya's throat as he rested his hand over Izaya's half-hard erection.

"I'll have to remember this. It's probably the only way I'll ever get you to shut up, huh?" he murmured, lightly rubbing Izaya to hardness.

Izaya leaned back against Shizuo, panting heavily at the blonde's ministrations. It was strange how quickly his body reacted to Shizuo, but he liked it. He'd never been able to get this hard so fast before.

"Where'd you put the lube?"

Wordlessly (and rather breathlessly as well), Izaya shifted so he could reach the bottom drawer of his desk.

And Shizuo could have sworn Izaya had maneuvered himself that way on purpose because how could be not be aware of the way his ass stuck up in the air, swaying side to side as he dug through the bottom drawer for an unnecessary amount of time?

That's why the instant Izaya stood holding the bottle in his hand, Shizuo immediately swept the smaller man off of his feet and carried him upstairs. Shizuo winced as Izaya's lower back brushed over his clothed erection as he carried him, driving him wild with every step.

Izaya could feel it too, and every time he felt that hardness underneath him he could feel his own cock twitch, and his ass clench in anticipation.

He winced slightly out of reflex when his wounds were aggravated as Shizuo set him down on the bed, but he was already too far gone to care about the pain, gesturing to Shizuo to get on with it when he saw that concerned look across the blonde's face.

In just a few seconds, their clothes were gone and there was only skin against skin and mouth against mouth as their bodies moved with one another.

Finally, Shizuo popped open the cap on the lube and slowly began circling his finger around Izaya's entrance before letting it slowly slip deep inside.

Izaya threw his head back and moaned loudly at the intrusion, hands gripping the sheets tightly and hips shifting, trying to get more.

Shizuo obliged, inserting another finger, and then three, slowly moving them around, and spreading them out, but still avoiding contact with his sweet spot.

Once he deemed Izaya stretched enough, he coated himself with the excess lube, and carefully pushed past the tight ring of muscle, feeling it quiver as he pushed farther and farther in. He watched Izaya's reaction, loving the way his mouth dropped open and a loud cry of ecstasy filled the room.

He couldn't have held back that pleasured cry no matter how much he tried. Shizuo was filling him deeply, making him feel much fuller than the first time, especially with the way this position allowed Shizuo's cock to rub powerfully over his prostate.

"Shit Izaya, you're sucking me right in…"

Normally Izaya would have laughed at the way Shizuo blushed as he said those words, but he didn't care about that right now. He wanted more. He wanted Shizuo to move already.

And he did. The first thrusts were very powerful while still very careful at the same time. He held Izaya's hips steady as to avoid moving his bruised ribs too much.

They were both very close very quickly, Shizuo beginning to thrust faster while still conscious of Izaya's injuries while Izaya was simply too far gone to even remember what the word "injury" was as his back arched and his fingers clawed at Shizuo's back.

In return for the welts Izaya was likely going to leave, Shizuo picked a spot on Izaya's neck, just above his pulse, and began sucking and biting until there was a decent size mark. One last bite on the spot, and Izaya couldn't hold back anymore. He came hard, muscles clenching down hard on the thick cock still buried deep inside, drawing out Shizuo's orgasm as well.

Carefully pulling out and rolling to the side, Shizuo smiled at Izaya's blissful expression as he began to calm down.

"What…?" Izaya asked, feeling Shizuo's eyes on him.

"Nothing, it's just… You're still you," he whispered with a smile, "And it's nice to see you enjoying yourself without the threat of getting possessed."

"I was last night too, wasn't I?"

"W-well, yeah…" Shizuo stuttered, "But we didn't… go all the way last night…"

Izaya's laughter filled the room for a moment until the pain in his ribs forced him to stop. "You're a strange one, Shizu-chan."

"Shut up." Shizuo said, holding back a laugh of his own as he began pulling scraps of his clothing together.

"No, no," Izaya held up his hand to stop him, "I can't get up at the moment, so you're going to carry me to the bath."

"Damn needy Flea…" Shizuo mumbled under his breath, although the words didn't hold any hatred when there was such a big smile stuck on his face.


Izaya let out a long sigh as he was lowered into the hot water. He could feel his muscles begin to loosen up from the warmth, and some of the pain from his bruised body begin to decrease.

"You shouldn't stay in there for too long with those injuries, Izaya." Shizuo suggested.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Izaya waved his hand as he spoke, "Now how about you join me, ne? There's plenty of room in here for two."

"Fine, but move your legs over. I don't want to hurt you."

"Would you stop worrying so much about hurting me?"

"Can't," Shizuo shrugged, getting into the tub as well, "I never realized how fragile you were before now, so I can't help it if I worry."

"Fragile? Excuse me?"

"Don't try to deny it, Izaya. I saw you at your lowest point, and it wasn't something I ever want to see again."

Izaya opened his mouth to retort, but he couldn't think of a single thing to say. Jaw tightening as he closed his mouth, Izaya shifted his gaze away from Shizuo for the moment.

"I mean it, Izaya. You may think you're hard to decipher, but it's much easier to see through you than you think."

"Funny, Simon said something similar a while back."

"Izaya, how do you feel right now?"

"Not this again…" he rolled his eyes.

"Yes, this again." Shizuo pressed.

"I'm not upset, so why does it matter?"

"Because I want to know how you're feeling no matter what."

Izaya tried to blame the hot water for the way his face began to burn slightly. Shizuo didn't seem to notice though. Or at least he didn't make a point of mentioning it.

"I'm happy," he said softly, "I'm just… happy."


The rest of the day was spent lazing around the apartment as Izaya sat next to Shizuo with his laptop after replacing Celty's head back in its place on the bookshelf. Izaya answered a few emails, and made a few phone calls (one of which was to Shiki to make an appointment to explain everything that had happened) while Shizuo waited patiently for him to finish, slipping in a quick kiss every time he got the chance.

Later that evening, Izaya prepared dinner for the two of them as thanks for Shizuo's help, and in celebration of Izaya's freedom from Saika, they opened a bottle of wine Izaya had been saving for a special occasion.

A few glasses of wine later, Izaya completely abandoned trying to get any work done in favor of allowing the warmth to spread through him as he nestled himself between Shizuo's legs on the couch.

"Maybe you should slow down a bit, Izaya," Shizuo said with a chuckle, "You're starting to get a bit flushed."

"So are you, but you're not stopping~!" Izaya sang, taking another sip from his glass, "I haven't felt this good in a while, so let me have my fun!"

When Izaya playfully stuck out his tongue, Shizuo responded by capturing it in his own mouth, taking the glass from Izaya's hand while he was distracted and finishing the small bit that was left for himself.

"Hey!" Izaya protested, smacking Shizuo on the side of the head, "I wasn't finished with that!"

"You are now," he said.

Pouting, Izaya pressed his face into Shizuo's chest, inhaling deeply and relaxing. They faded in and out of sleep lying against each other on the couch before finally deciding to go to bed.


..Six Months Later..


"Are you absolutely sure about this, Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked for the umpteenth time in the past week.

"With how many times you've asked me that, I have to wonder if you're the one who's unsure." Shizuo retorted.

"I'm the one who suggested it, remember? I've already given it a lot of thought for a month. You decided in two days."

"Yeah, well… I'm pretty damn sure I want this too." Shizuo stated as he packed the last of his clothes into a suitcase, "Besides, it's a little late to change my mind, isn't it?"

"Of course not. I could easily pull some strings if I had to."

"But you won't have to," Shizuo whispered into Izaya's ear as he passed by carrying another couple of boxes.

Yes, barely a week ago, Izaya had mentioned that Shizuo should move in with him, but he hadn't expected the blonde to be so willing. Not that he minded of course. In fact he was rather pleased with how quickly Shizuo had agreed. To him it meant that maybe Shizuo had been feeling the same way as he had.

They had been together for six months, and in that time they only grew closer to one another. They were seeing each other nearly every day, and their time apart was spent thinking about the next time they'd be together.

It was as cheesy as it could get, and Izaya would be the first to admit it; however, he wouldn't have it any other way.

Shizuo had helped him when he needed someone there—even if he didn't realize it back then.

As quickly as Saika left his life, Shizuo was there to replace it. Except instead of Saika's nagging chorus of "I love you", it was Shizuo's voice quietly whispering those words so gently that Izaya nearly forgot that he once feared hearing them.

Instead of seeing Saika looming behind him in the mirror, it was Shizuo's warm presence standing close.

And instead of the fear and pain of his old "companion", there was only happiness and comfort whenever Shizuo was around.

He had never known it was possible to feel this good. Especially when with another person.

Who would have guessed that the one person who could bring him the most out of life had been right under his nose for eight years? Someone he'd chosen to run from rather than run towards.

And now they were going to be living together. They could be near each other all the time now.

After all this time… he was finally happy.

And Saika never whispered to him again.


One year and four months ago, two college friends sat at the end of a driveway, talking about their Shizaya feels and discussing possible theories in the intricacies of the Durarara anime. They suddenly wondered what would happen if Saika was actually in Izaya, and suddenly parts of the anime seemed to fall far too well into that idea. So they decided that a fanfiction should be written. A few months later, one of the girls moved on to another fandom, not completely leaving the other behind, but not wishing to write their masterpiece either. And so in March of 2012, the other girl took it upon herself to write this fanfiction, and seven months later, it was completed.

Thank you all for reading "This is War" whether you were here from chapter one, or if you read it after it was completed. It's been great, but I must say I'm happy this is finally finished. I have other fics planned, and I will get started on those sometime soon.

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