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Katara watched from the large porch as Sokka pulled Toph and Kai on a sled, the Fire Prince sitting snuggly in the earthbender's lap, laughing excitedly each time his uncle pulled them faster. The waterbender was sure this was the first time her son ever enjoyed the snow.

"Okay Kai," Sokka said as he neared a hill. "Are you and Auntie Toph ready to go down a hill?"

"Sokka, are you sure this is safe with Kai on here?" Toph asked as Sokka climbed onto the large sled and sat behind Toph.

"Don't worry, Toph," Sokka said. "My dad use to do this with me and Katara all the time. Ready? Here we go!"

The trio went sledding down the small hill and Katara couldn't help but smile as Kai laughed hysterically.

"Good to know that after being here for almost three weeks Kai finally enjoys the snow," she heard Zuko say from behind her as he placed his hands on her hips.

"For now," Katara said as she watched Sokka brush some snow off of Kai as the baby looked at his uncle and aunt. "It's only a matter of time before he becomes too cold for his liking and throws a fit."

Just as the word's left her mouth, Kai began to cry. Zuko began to walk towards his squalling son, but Katara stopped him and nudged her chin towards Toph.

Zuko saw Toph stand and lift the little boy out of the snow. "Come on, Kai," Toph said as soothingly as she could. "Don't cry we were having so much fun."

Kai's cry's softened as he snuggled into the earthbender's warmth.

Sokka stood next to them and wrapped his arm around Toph. "See," Zuko and Katara heard Sokka say to Toph. "Babies aren't so bad."

They saw Toph look down at the little prince and shrugged.

"Sokka wants to start a family," Katara said as she saw Zuko's questioning look. "But Toph says she doesn't want kids."

"Isn't it kind of necessary for them to have a baby? You know, to carry on the family title? "

"If Sokka doesn't have a child to carry on the title, it's not the end of the world. Not like it would be in the Fire Nation," Katara said. "The Southern Water Tribe is actually a settlement of the Northern Water Tribe and that the Chief title my dad holds is more of an informal title of respect given to him by the elder council which is made entirely up of Northern Tribesman. He's like the stand in for the Northern chief seeing as he can't be here and in the North. So my dad makes the decisions for him with the council's approval."

Zuko looked at her in surprise. "I…didn't know that."

"Not many people do," Katara said with a shrug.

"So if Sokka didn't have children would the title go to you or our children after he passes or will the elder council pick someone else?"

"It depends," Katara said. "Even though they try to keep the respective chief title in one family, I highly doubt that they would give it to me or our kids."

Zuko's face scrunched. "Why?"

"Although the tribe's relationship with the Fire Nation is friendly, they wouldn't be too keen on the fact that their Chieftess' husband and her children's father is the Fire Lord. The old coots would be paranoid that you would manipulate me or the kids to allow a silent take over."

Zuko guffawed. "Me manipulate you? Ha! That's a joke if I ever heard. Obviously they don't know you too well."

"Remember, most of them are from the North, they still see women as inferior."

Zuko and Katara looked back to Sokka and Toph. The water tribesman spoke low to Toph, who was shaking her head. "Do you think they'll have children?"

Katara gave a dejected sigh. "I think deep down Toph wants children, she's just scared and insecure about it. Her mother dehumanized her, her entire life, always telling Toph that she would never be a good mother because she's blind."

Zuko suddenly felt a deeper hate for the snobby woman that Toph unfortunately called mother. Not once since the Fire Lord met the blind earthbender did he doubt she wouldn't be good at anything she put her mind to.

"Did you try talking to her about it?" The Fire Lord asked as Toph handed Kai to Sokka before one of her aids helped her back towards the smaller palace next to the chiefs where visiting diplomats stay.

"I've tried," Katara said. "But she won't listen to me."

The Fire Lord watched as Sokka's shoulders sagged slightly as he walked towards them, a sullen look on his face.

"She'll come around, Sokka," Katara said softly when her brother reached them.

Sokka just gave them a weak smile as he handed Kai off to Katara before walking into the palace.


Zuko walked his fingers slowly down Katara's swollen stomach as she slept. He couldn't get the sullen look on Sokka's face as Toph walked away from him out of his head.

His heart went out to the water tribesman. He couldn't imagine the love of his life not wanting to start a family with him.

The Fire Lord remembered how hurt he felt when Katara told him she didn't want to have kids with him. Granted, he realized she only said that because they weren't on the best of terms, but the feeling of his heart dropping into his stomach as pure hurt seeped into the place his heart used to reside would never leave him.

Here he was though, two years later with a son sleeping in the crib across the room and another baby on the way. Leaning down, Zuko placed a kiss on Katara's stomach. He smiled when he thought felt a very, very faint kick.

Katara inhaled deeply as she turned onto her side, her back facing Zuko. "Go to sleep," she mumbled and the Fire Lord wasn't sure if she was talking to him or the baby that he was sure was moving around.

His wife sighed in agitation as he saw her rub her stomach. "Sleep," she drawled in a sleepy whisper. "Isn't it enough that you give me acid reflux?"

"Doesn't that mean the baby has hair?" He whispered to her and he saw her jump a little.

"You're up?" she questioned as she turned and looked at him.

"No, I'm sleep talking," he replied and his saw his wife's unamused look. "Sorry."

Katara rolled her eyes and sat up, her face going into a wince as she rubbed her stomach.

"The baby's kicks are bothering you already?"

His wife nodded. "They're not even hard kicks yet, but it's still really annoying."

"Maybe heat will make the baby still?"

He watched as Katara's face scrunched. "I don't want to try that yet," she said. "It's still a little too early in the pregnancy." She sighed as she kicked off the blankets and stood.

Katara put her hands on her lower back and stretched, trying to ease her already aching muscles. "Zuko, do me a favor," she said.

Zuko looked at her curiously as she tied her robe around her. "Hm?"

"Don't ever get me pregnant again," she said before storming out of the room.

'It's going to be one of those moody days,' he thought as he flopped back onto his pillow and closed his eyes.


"Don't go in there," Toph warned before Zuko could step foot in the kitchen. "Katara's in a mood and she's mad at Sokka."

"What else is new?" He said before he heard Katara yelling at Sokka and something breaking.

"Then again, maybe you should go in there and make sure she doesn't kill him," Toph said as something else broke.

Zuko nodded as he hastily made his way into the kitchen. Katara was standing by the sink as she angrily watched Sokka sweep. Hakoda was sitting at the table reading the daily journal and Kanna was cooking by the stove, both not paying any attention to the fight between the siblings.

"If you weren't so clumsy maybe you wouldn't break things!" Katara snipped at Sokka as he swept up what looked like broken dishes.

"Clumsy? I am far from clumsy," Sokka said as he stood up. "If you weren't so fat then I wouldn't have bumped into you and the plates wouldn't have fallen."

The look on Katara's face was pure hatred as she raised her hand and the water from the sink rose with it. "Hey, hey, hey," Hakoda said as Zuko grabbed Katara's wrist, halting her from her assault on her brother. "Let's try to not kill him."

"Why?" Katara said as she yanked her hand away and glared at her silent husband. "I think I would enjoy being an only child."

"Because it's not worth going to prison for," Hakoda said before he saw the offended look on Sokka's face. The chief rolled his eyes, which reminded Zuko of Katara, "and for unknown reasons Toph loves him and it wouldn't be fair to her if you kill her fiancé two days before the wedding." He finished.

"And you," Kanna pointed to Sokka with the wooden spoon she was using to cook. "Leave your sister alone. She's not fat and if I hear you say that again I'm going to smack you."

"I'm a grown man," Sokka said. "You can't hit me."

Kanna lifted the spoon higher and was getting ready to hit him before Sokka put his hands up. "Okay, okay! I'll leave the grouchy whale-seal alone," he said as he grinned at Katara.

Katara tried to lunge at Sokka but Zuko put his arm around her preventing her from going anywhere as both Kanna and Hakoda smacked Sokka.

"Kit Kat, calm down," he said calmly and she pelted him with a glare.

"No!" She hissed. "It pisses me off how he doesn't understand how I feel right now," she turned her steely glare to Sokka. "You think it's so funny to make fun of me because I gained weight because I'm pregnant. Well let me tell you, you wouldn't be able to handle giving birth. You can't even handle a finger prick without over re-acting. So next time you make fun of me, I'm going to make sure you know how it feels to give birth and no one will stop me."

Everyone in the room looked at Katara with wide eyes, none knowing what to say. She gave Sokka one more intense glare and stormed out of the kitchen.

"Zuko," Hakoda said after a few more seconds of silence. "How did you survive her first pregnancy?"

Zuko shook his head, "I have no idea," he said before excusing himself to follow Katara.

He walked into their bedroom to find Katara pacing, a hand on her forehead as tears fell down her face.

"Kit Kat what's wrong?" He asked as he brought her into his arms. 'On to her next mood,' he thought.

"I hate being pregnant," she sobbed. "I get hot flashes and heartburn, I'm being kicked from the inside, my back aches, my ankles are swollen, I'm gaining weight and I'm so uncomfortable. So, so uncomfortable." She began to cry harder as she pushed him away. "And I can't even hug you without feeling like I'm on fire." She said hysterically.

"Katara," Zuko said as he rubbed her arms. "It's going to be alright."

"No it's not," she continued to sob. "It's only going to get worse."

"Come on," he said. "Kai is with Uncle and Pakku and Aang isn't due for another few hours. Take a bath and relax."

Katara sniffled as she looked up at him. "Will you take it with me?"

Nodding his head, he gently pulled Katara into the bathroom and began to run the bath. He helped her take off her clothes and unpin her hair so it tumbled down her back.

After undressing himself, he sat in the large tub and held out his hand for Katara. His wife climbed in and situated herself so she could rest against his chest.

After they were comfortable, a silence fell over them as Katara leaned her head back, Zuko massaging her shoulders.

"I'm so tired, Zuko," she said softly as she sighed. "I don't remember feeling like this when I was pregnant with Kai."

"It's because Kai is a lazy baby, he never kicked. This one is active and it keeps you up."

Katara chuckled as she sighed again. "I feel so rundown."

"You need to relax," Zuko said as he began her neck. "You're stressing yourself out."

"I can't help it," she said. "I have a lot on my mind."

"Me and you both," Zuko said as he thought back to his war meeting with Hakoda, Bato, and Sokka last night. "What's going on?"

Katara sighed as she leaned her forehead against his chin. "I'm worried," she said quietly. "Scared."

Zuko looked at her with confusion and Katara sat up and turned around. She looked him over, gently grabbing a piece of his hair and tucking it behind his. She was silent for a few moments as she studied his face; the sharpness of his nose, his one straight dark eyebrow that always seemed to be furrowed, the other damaged from the burn scar she no longer noticed, his ocher colored eyes that held so many emotions in them, his thin lips that were in a grim line. Leaning forward, she kissed him. His lips were always warm and most of the time soft. But now, they were chapped from him gnawing on them like he tended to do when he was stressed. Pulling away she smoothed some move hair behind his ear before looking into his eyes again. "I overheard Bato and dad talking this morning, before breakfast" she said quietly. "Despite the fact that Chae's army isn't as huge as she proclaimed, it's still large. They were saying how our numbers still don't match there's."

"Katara," he started as he grabbed her face but she shook her head.

"No," she said. "I'm scared, Zuko. What if you don't come back? Or dad? Or Sokka? My whole family can be torn away from me. Our child might never meet you."

"Katara," Zuko said gently as he pushed hair away from her forehead, his eyebrows knitting with worry as Katara's eyes filled with tears.

"I don't know what I'd do without you," she said and Zuko pulled her towards him in a hug.

"Don't think like that," he said against her temple. "Everything will be fine. We'll be fine."

The Fire Lord had been repeating that to himself since he first found out that their numbers still didn't match Chea's and the North was threatening to withdraw their agreement to go to war, which would drastically cut the number of soldiers even more. "We're going to be fighting a losing battle." Bato had said as they studied the statistics.

No one in the meeting knew what to say, because the councilman was right; they were going to be fighting a losing battle if they didn't come up with another plan of action and no one had another plan. But Zuko didn't dare admit that to his wife. He didn't even want to admit it to himself.

So he just hugged her tighter and repeated the same line. "Everything will be fine."


Zuko stared at the moon as he listened to Sokka's drunken rant about it being his last night as a single man. The men surrounding him made dirty slurs, making the smallish room fill with drunken laughter.

The Fire Lord laughed at one of the dirty jokes before he spotted a figure outlined by the moon. From the outline he could tell it was Toph.

Seeing the chance to talk to the earthbender alone, he nodded to the perfectly sober Avatar and silently left the room, making his way towards the frozen courtyard.

He shivered in the cold and hugged his parka tighter to him as he approached her. "Hey," he said gently trying not to startle her. "What are you doing out here?"

She looked towards him; he could see the fear in her eyes before she quickly masked it. "I'm enjoying the snow?" She offered.

Zuko refrained from snorting as he sat next to her. "You and I both know there is nothing to enjoy about snow."

"Not according to Katara and Sokka."

"I've decided that they are crazy and everything they say about snow and cold weather should be ignored. I don't know how you're going to live here. I would never survive."

Toph gave him a small smile before looking back down again. She became silent again as she picked her nails.

"Hey," he said again, bumping her shoulder with his. "What's wrong?"

"I can't do it," she whispered as tears suddenly fell down her cheeks. "I can't get married tomorrow."

"What?" Zuko said in shock as he sat next to her. "Why?"

"I'm not meant for this kind of life, Zuko," she said. "I'm not meant to be a wife, a chieftess and defiantly not a mother!"

"That's your mother talking."

"No its not!" Toph hissed. "I'm not meant for this life. I'm not Katara. I'm not compassionate or maternal. I'm not even affectionate. The people here must secretly hate me."

"Just because you aren't like Katara doesn't mean you won't make a great wife, mother, and leader," Zuko said gently taking her hand. "Listen to me. Whatever your parents said to you to make you feel this way, forget it. You will be the greatest wife, mother, and consort to Sokka. And the people of the Southern Water Tribe love you. If they didn't, the council would have never given Sokka the okay to marry you."

Toph sighed and Zuko sensed her apprehension, so he squeezed her hand a little tighter. "Toph, you are the strongest person I know, and I know that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Look at all that you've accomplished. You are the best earthbender in the world. You taught the Avatar earthbending at the age of twelve and you invented metalbending, something that was thought to be impossible. And you learned how to swim. Oh and you beat The Boulder quite a few times. Toph, you're freaking awesome! Getting married and having children will be a walk in the park compared to what you've already done."

"You think so?" Toph asked.

"Of course! I know that you will be great and Sokka knows it too, you should never doubt yourself."

He suddenly felt Toph hug him as she sniffled. "Thank you," she whispered and he hugged her tighter.

"You're welcome."

Toph pulled away and laughed. "Seven years later and I finally got my life changing field trip with you."

Zuko felt himself blush as he laughed. "Glad I can help," he said as he put his arm around her shoulders and gave her another tight squeeze.


Zuko rolled his eyes as Sokka moaned for the fifth time in two minutes how much he felt like puking. "We told you not to drink that much the night before your wedding," Aiko said as he adjusted the ceremonial beads around his neck. They could hear the music from the ceremony chamber below.

Sokka just moaned as he leaned his head against the cool surface of his mirror.

Aang and Zuko rolled their eyes at each other again, before Aang waterbent the snow from the balcony. "I'm only doing this as a favor to Toph. If I were her, I know I wouldn't want my husband to be hung over when we say our vows," he said as he began to heal Sokka's headache.

"And drink this," Zuko said as he handed him some fizzing water. "It has seltzer in it; it'll help with the stomach ache."

Sokka greedily took the drink. "Thank you," he said.

"Sokka, it's time," the wedding planner said.

The groom nodded as he looked over himself one more time in the mirror before the men followed her out of the door.

The paused outside the ceremony chamber and Sokka peeked through the curtains, seeing all of the people in their seats. He felt a hand clap him on the shoulder and turned to see Zuko looking at him.

"Ready?" He asked with a smile and Sokka nodded.

"As I'll ever be. Any tips?"

Zuko looked contemplative for a moment before smiling. "Don't trip on your way down, don't stumble through your vows, don't step on her dress and definitely tell her how beautiful she looks."

Sokka nodded again, "I'll try to remember," he said just as the music changed.

"Alright groom, groomsmen, time to make your appearance."

Sokka took a deep breath before he walked through the curtains, Zuko, Aang, and Aiko following behind him.

They smiled as they made their way down the aisle. The hall was decorated beautifully with white candles and white lilies that looked like they were painted blue.

When they made it to the end, they smiled at the leader of the southern elder council who Zuko learned the night before would be the officiant.

The music changed again signaling that Toph was making her entrance. Aang had to elbow Sokka as he began to turn his head to peek at his bride.

When the music ended, Sokka turned to Toph and a bright smile grace his face as tears sprung to his eyes. "You look amazing, breath-taking," he said, wiping at his eyes.

Toph smiled as her father placed her hand in Sokka's.

The earthbender did look beautiful. Her hair was half up with snowdrop flowers in the small bun. The underdress of her hanfu was cerulean blue made of the finest silk, with draping sleeved that were hemmed with gold. Her outer dress was light green and made of chiffon, the hem of the skirt lined with gold while the hem of the shorter hanging sleeves and the collar were outlined with a dark green silk with a brocade design. The sash around her waist was the same dark green silk material as the hem.

She was wearing light makeup and her finger and nails actually looked clean as they clutched her bouquet that was made up of a mixture of snowdrops and white lilies.

She handed her bouquet to Katara who was wearing a similar dress to Toph's except in all blue before she and Sokka faced the officiant.

The officiant went through the opening. He told them to join hands and said a blessing over them, wishing them a happy marriage before he stated that it was time to say their vows.

"Toph," Sokka said. "Since the moment I met you, I knew you were amazing. And still to this day you never cease to amaze me. You taught me so many things about myself and after all of my flaws you continue to love me. Today, I make a promise to you, to love and protect you and do everything in my power to make you feel comfortable and happy here in the South as we start a new life together."

Toph wiped away a tear as the officaint told Sokka to repeat after him.

"I Sokka,"

"I Sokka,"

"Take thee Toph,"

"Take thee Toph,"

"To be my lawfully wedded wife."

"To be my lawfully wedded wife."

"I promise to love, honor, and respect you,"

"I promise to love, honor, and respect you,"

"From this day forward until we depart from the spirit world."

"From this day forward until we depart from the spirit world."

Sokka slid a silver band around Toph's finger before wiping a tear that rolled down her cheek.

They laughed before Toph looked Sokka in the eye. Toph's perception always amazed Zuko. She always knew where Sokka's eyes were. He could be clear across the room and she would turn to him when he was looking at her.

"Sokka," she started as she started to tear up again. "The moment I met you I loved you. As I'm sure we're all aware. Well maybe not you." Everyone laughed as Sokka's cheeks flared with embarrassment at his lack of ability to notice things. "And even though it took you six years to realize it, words cannot describe how glad I am that we made it to this day. You were the first person to look beyond my disability and saw who I really was. You make me feel loved and safe and I can't wait to start this new adventure with you. So today, I make a promise to you, to love and honor you and do all that I can for you, our people, and any children we have."

She wiped the tear that slipped out of Sokka's eye with a smile before she took the larger silver ring from the officiant's hand as he told her to repeat after him.

"I Toph,"

"I Toph,"

"Take thee Sokka."

"Take thee Sokka,"

"To be my lawfully wedded husband."

"To be my lawfully wedded husband."

"I promise to love, honor, and respect you,"

"I promise to love, honor, and respect you,"

"From this day forward until we depart from the spirit world."

"From this day forward until we depart from the spirit world."

Toph pushed the ring onto Sokka's finger and smiled as the offciant announced them husband and wife.

Unlike the Fire Nation they were allowed to kiss on the holy ground. The audience cheered as Sokka pulled Toph towards him and gave her a passionate kiss.

When the pulled away, they laughed at each other before Toph took her bouquet from Katara before walking down the aisle with Sokka as husband and wife.


Zuko walked through the reception hall nodding and smiling at the people who caught his eye as they waited for Sokka and Toph to make their entrance. He finally found his wife who was leaning against the table with a glass of water in her hand, talking to Aang and Haru. His eyes narrowed when Haru grabbed her hand when Aang turned to speak to someone else. He knew Haru had always held a not so secret flame for his waterbending wife, even now when she was married with a son and another baby on the way.

He couldn't help the smile on his face when his flustered wife gently pulled her hand back before saying something to Haru and excusing herself. He didn't miss Aang giving Haru a look making the Fire Lord smile. 'Thank you, Aang,' he thought as he followed his wife out onto the big balcony.

"Hey there gorgeous," he said as he came up behind her. She was wearing a hanfu similar to Toph's except it was all blue as well as her hair being half up with little snowdrops in the bun.

"Hey there, good lookin'," she said as she laced her fingers through his that were around her stomach. "What brings you out to this cold balcony?"

"I saw Haru try to make a pass and thought I'd come and stake my claim."

Katara guffawed as she turned in his arms. "So jealous," she said as she kissed him.

"Hey, I don't like people touching things that are mine." He saw his wife roll her eyes making him laugh. "The wedding was very beautiful."

Katara sighed as she leaned her forehead against his chin. "Yeah it was."

"Why do you sound so sad?"

"I'm not sad," she said as she looked at him. "I'm jealous."

Zuko's eyebrow rose as he looked at her. "Jealous? Why?"

"While our wedding was nice, I couldn't help but feel it was too stuffy and formal. Sokka's and Toph's was more intimate and romantic, something I always dreamed my wedding was going to be. Then again, I didn't really like you so I guess it doesn't matter."

The Fire Lord smiled at her. "Oh so you like me now?"

Katara shrugged. "You're tolerable."

Zuko scoffed and his wife laughed as she hugged him. "I love you," she said. "There's no doubt about that."

The Fire Lord smiled as he looked down at her. "I love you too," he said. "I love you so much that I want to have a second wedding, one where it's more to your liking and where we actually like each other."

"Like renew our vows?" Katara asked with eyes lit up with excitement.

"Yeah!" He said. "You'll have the baby by then and the island that Uncle's summer home is on will be nice and desolate," he said as he whispered into Katara's ear. "We can go on a second honeymoon."

Katara gave him a sultry look as the occupants in the reception hall began to clap, alerting the couple that the newlyweds were coming in.

"Come on," Katara said as she dragged Zuko towards the hall, "let's go congratulate them."

"Wait," he said as he tugged her back and Katara turned back around with a wide smile on her face. There was something about that moment that made Zuko want to remember it forever. He pulled her close and kissed her. Pouring everything he felt for her into it.

"Wow," she said breathlessly when he pulled away. "What was that for?"

"Just staking my claim," he joked before he pulled her into the reception hall, grinning at the annoyed look on her face.


Fresh snow had fallen the night before and it was common in the Southern Water Tribe to find a majority of the younger tribe members out and about, playing in it. Their childish giggles filling the cold air as they built snowman and gently threw snow balls at each other.

And then there was Sokka, the future chief reverting back to a little boy as he played in the snow like it was his life source. Throwing snow in the air, stomping on already built snowman and hurling snow balls at unsuspecting friends.

Katara heard her brother's idiotic laughter before a large snow ball hit Aang in the back of the head, startling the poor monk and making him spill his tea all over himself.

"SOKKA!" Katara screamed and turned to glare at him from her spot on the covered patio. The future chief just shrugged his shoulders at his sister before flopping back into the snow to make a snow angle.

Aang just airbent himself dry before waterbending an avalanche of snow on Sokka.

Sokka's scream of fright made Katara laugh as she turned her attention to Zuko, who walked over to the fallen warrior, looked at him curiously before dumping the large snow ball he had planned on throwing at him on Sokka's face.

Katara smiled as she watched Zuko laughed at his friend's disgruntled cry. She was almost taken aback by her husband's loud laughter. He laughed so rarely now that it almost sounded foreign coming from him.

"Come on An," she heard Aang say, breaking her from her stare. "You can do it. Show Auntie Katara how well you can walk."

The little girl smiled at her father as she held herself upright with the help of the small tea table before she stumbled her way towards Katara's outstretched hands.

"Yay!" Katara cooed when An tumbled into her arms, the little girls laughing making her smile. "An you can walk!"

Kai gave a cry of indignation from his spot on the carpeted play area as he watched his mother smother An in affection.

Katara laughed as she saw Kai pelt angry golden eyes at her. "Don't be so jealous, Kai," she said as she gently handed An over to Aang before standing and walking over to her son. She laughed again when Kai dropped his body weight, making it a little more difficult for her to pick him up. "Not only do you have all of your daddy's looks, you have his personality traits too, don't you?"

Kai looked at her with anger still evident in his eyes and Katara playfully tsked. "What are you going to do when your sibling arrives? You're going to have to share mommy and daddy."

Her son turned his head away from her as if he were ignoring her and Katara rolled her eyes. "You're so dramatic, just like your father."

"He's definitely going to have a hard time sharing you," Aang said as Katara sat back down and placed Kai in her lap, hugging the little boy to her.

He gave a noise of disapproval as he shifted away from her and looked over her shoulder. "Da! Da!" he said excitedly trying out the new word he learned to pronounce as he saw his father sitting in the snow next to Sokka who still hadn't moved.

"I'm no longer his favorite person," Katara said as they watched her son desperately trying to get his father's attention, she couldn't help but let the jealousy slip out. "He's going to have a harder time sharing Zuko than me."

She saw Aang shake from laughter in her peripheral and turned a glare at him. "What?"

"Katara," he said as he helped An back onto the floor. "Are you jealous?"

The waterbender's eyes got wide, "What? No!" She said but Aang gave her a look of disbelief. "Alright, kinda. It hurts to know that I was his favorite person since he was born and now he suddenly favors Zuko."

"I wouldn't worry about it," Aang said. "I remember reading that some children tend to develop a sort of… penchant for their fathers when their mothers are pregnant. He knows you still love him, he just senses that you're less available and so naturally he attached himself to his parent that is a little more available."

The hurt still didn't subside as she looked at Kai, the anger in his eyes returned as he still didn't grab his father's attention.

"Really Katara," Aang said as An babbled 'da' to herself as she grabbed onto the prayer beads around her father's neck before patting her tiny hand on his cheek, making him look at her with a smile. "Don't worry about it. He'll grow out of the favoritism thing and both you and Zuko will equally be his favorite."

Katara still didn't let the bothered look ease as she smoothed back some of the hair that fell out of Kai's warrior topknot.

"DA!" He screamed loudly with anger, finally catching Zuko's attention.

The Fire Lord smiled at his son before saying something to Sokka and standing. Walking over to his fuming boy, Zuko couldn't help but laugh at the look on his face. "What's wrong Kai?"

The anger melted from Kai's face as he smiled at the sound of his name and held out his arms as his father approached.

"He's been screaming for you for the past five minutes," Katara said as she felt Kai being taken out of her arms. "You know how angry he gets when his demands aren't met."

"Reminds me of someone else I know," Aang said before he stood. "I'm going to feed An and put her down for a nap before our meeting."

Zuko nodded as he looked at Kai. "Meeting? What meeting?" Katara asked as she looked at Zuko.

"Your father requested a meeting with me, Sokka, Bato, and Aang."

"Why wasn't I informed?"

"Because we're making battle plans for the war, you don't need to be there for that seeing as you aren't going to war." It came out harsher than he meant it, but he knew from the look in her eyes, Katara saw it as an instigator. And even though he knew he should've apologized, for some reason he was itching for a fight.

Katara scoffed in offense. "Well sorry that I can't be planning a war with you. But your children need to be taken care of. Someone's got to take care of them," she said as she looked him with an angry glare.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Zuko said in a huff.

"Oh I don't know," Katara replied sarcastically. "Seeing as you're too busy with a war and meetings and such, your family is getting pushed to the side, like always."

Zuko couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Please," he moaned in annoyance. "Not this again. Listen, what do you want me to do Katara? I'm the Fire Lord. The Fire Lord. I rule a country, a country that just so happens to have a war on its door step. You should know by now that my country comes first. So I'm sorry that I can't always be around and that you can't be in the planning to go fight in a war because you have to sit around all day and babysit Kai and make sure that our other one is growing fine. But it was your choice to have them. So don't look so offended that you aren't summoned to a war meeting because you have to take care of the children that you wanted."

The Fire Lord immediately regretted ever saying those words. The look on his wife's face was a look he would never be able to forget. It was a mixture between extreme hurt and extreme anger. She opened and closed her mouth a few times before it was set in a grim line. Her eyes were on fire as she looked at him. He hadn't seen that look since his betrayal in the catacombs of Ba Sing Se all those years ago. And from that one look, he knew she felt the same way now as she did back then. Betrayed. Betrayed and hurt.

"You know what?" Katara said with venom as she took Kai from him, the fire prince immediately crying. "Fuck you! Enjoy running your country and planning your wars, Zuko, because that's all you're ever going to have."

She turned on her heel and stormed her way towards the door, the guards bowing to her as she passed.

"Katara!" He called out but she ignored him. He tried to follow her, but he found he couldn't move. Looking down, he realized that she had frozen his feet to the ground. "Katara!" He called desperately again, as he felt anxiety creep into his heart. "Katara!"

Katara paid him no mind as she walked into her father's house and slammed the door.

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