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Screwing The Milkman

Santana Lopez sat in her home in the Windy City minding her own business. Her husband, Wilbur, was off at work, like always. Honestly the only reason she married him was because he had money and she had needs. How else was she supposed to have all that she had? Clothes, house, reputation- it's what she was entitled to. She didn't really care that she didn't love Wilber, It's not like she was going to fall in love anyway.

Although today on a warm summer afternoon she was particularly bored. She didn't sew and she very seldom cooked so what could she do? Usually she would call her friend Ms. Quinn Fabray-Evans but she was out of town and all her other 'friends' pissed her off. Oh being a successful socialite got boring sometimes. Settling on going for a stroll she grabbed her coat and walked out the door...

Running straight into someone. There was a large crash as bottles clattered to the floor, creamy white liquid tarnishing her designer shoes.

"Watch where you're going milkman!" she said wiping the milk off her legs. She couldn't stand the lower class.

"I'm so so sorry!" a soft feminine voice said. Santana's head snapped up and she stopped breathing because the beautiful girl in front of her had stolen her breath.

She was gorgeous- long blonde hair tied in a messy bun, sparking blue eyes that matched the clear sky overhead everything about her was perfect. The shape of her eyes the tiny little freckle above her thin lips. She was so entranced by the milk...woman that she didn't realize she was talking.

"Ma'am? Ma'am?" she said concerned.


"I asked if you were alright?" Watching her mouth in motion put her in some sort of haze.

"Oh my gosh you have brain damage! I'm so stupid. I'll carry you to my truck and drive you to the hospital." The blonde woman proceeded to put her arms around Santana.

"No no that's quite alright!" she protested.

"So you're okay?"

"Yes. Fine." Santana assured her. Brittany beamed at her and Santana thought she would pass out. What was going on? She didn't usually like people much less girls that spilt a cold beverage all over her but this girl...she did things to her that made her nervous.

"Well, then I'll be getting a new case of milk for you then," she said turning away.

"Wait!" Santana screamed grabbing her wrist. Her eye's widening as she realized what she did before quickly pulling her hand back. Why did she do that? Maybe she just gave into her urge to touch her. It was so worth it.

"Umm, how would you like to come inside and clean up? That is if you don't have to go back to your delivery route." Santana opened the door inviting her in.

"Well lucky for you you're my last stop," she said winking. Is it bad that Santana felt a rush of arousal when she saw that?

"Make yourself at home..." the Latina mumbled. She went to go get a towel in an attempt to calm herself down. Years of a shitty sex life was making her libido go crazy for this stranger- this GIRL. Sure she thought girls were attractive (You should see her best friend Quinn) but she has never felt so much lust towards another female, hell towards any human being. Taking a deep breath Santana stepped back into the living room where the Blonde was standing and handed her a towel.

"Again, so sorry for invading your home and getting you wet," she said apologetically.

Oh she got her wet alright.

"No it was my fault I ran into you, besides, you got it way worse then me."

It was true, the milk had splashed onto her pants and on most of her shirt which looked like a males uniform for it was baggy in several places.

"I'll manage." Suddenly she realized that she didn't even know this beauties name and decided an introduction was overdue.

"I'm Santana," the housewife said.

"Wow that's such a pretty name. It totally suits you." The other woman couldn't stop her blush from spreading over her carmel skin.

"I'm Brittany." Brittany. She let her mind mull it over for awhile.

It was perfect, like her.

"Well I should probably get going, thank you for the towel. Are you sure you don't want any milk?"

"I'm fine, besides, you'll be back next week right?" she asked hopefully. Brittany gave her once last smile.


Then she was out the door.

It had been a week since Santana saw Brittany and she knew for sure she was crazy.

The tall blonde was all Santana could think about since they met. Her eyes, her wink, her laugh, her goddamn smile. So when the day came for the milk to be delivered Santana was sitting on the front porch ready with two glasses of lemonade. She was almost giddy with excitement, she couldn't stop fidgeting.

One would say she was overexcited, she had been out there for hours 'reading a book'. More like she stared at the words on the page and thought about Brittany. Like she was doing now.

a whispered,"Hi," almost gave Santana a heart attack. When she looked up she saw the object of her desire staring down at her with a bright smile," I was hoping i'd see you again."

Santana was speechless again. But this time it was because of her uniform...if you could call it that.

Instead of the baggy long khaki's and full sleeve, white button up shirt that was about 6 sizes to big on her she had on a short tight skirt and a white fitted polo that said 'Milkman' on it.

Santana's jaw dropped as she took in long lean legs, muscular but feminine arms, prominent breasts and...shit were those abs she could see through her shirt?

"Santana?" said girl was snapped from her blatant leering, which she just realized she wasn't even trying to hide.

"Er-uh. Umm, you changed your uniform?"

"Oh yeah! Last week was my first week so we didn't have any uniforms in my size so my boss arranged for me to have this one."

"It's umm...it's nice," Santana mumbled. It's nice? It's NICE?

No game.

"Haha yeah my boss is a little perverted," she chuckled. Suddenly Santana remembered her lemonade, in fact it was so sudden she ended up screaming," LEMONADE!" Brittany's eyebrows scrunched together in the cutesy way before she asked," What?"

"I made you some lemonade! Do you want some? Here!" Santana pushed the glass towards the blonde who smiled and sat down. The woman sighed in relief, she spent all morning squeezing lemons and trying to perfect the lemonade. Just for Brittany.

God what the hell was wrong with her? She just had this uncanny need to impress the girl.

Santana watched tentatively as Brittany took a sip before groaning out in pleasure,

"Ohmygod this is soooo good," the blonde moaned, her eyes fluttering shut and her tongue peaking out to lick over her lips. In that moment Santana realized how aroused she really was. Never before had she been so very WET but when Brittany did things like that. Well, let's see how well you fair.

"I figured you be tired after delivering all that milk to everyone all morning, especially in this heat," she said smiling.

Brittany downed the rest of the glass in one gulp.

"It's just what I needed, thank you so much Santana." She stood up and the other woman reactively stood up as well.

"You're leaving?" Santana asked.

"Actually I just wanted to ask if I could use your restroom?"

"O-oh, right of course. Come in," after leading her to the bathroom Santana sat down on the couch. Awaiting her return. It felt like hours before she finally reemerged, she was so deep in thought she didn't even hear the toilet flush.

"You have a really nice home," Brittany said, sitting close to Santana. Their knees were almost touching.

"Thank you." she said politely, she almost made a remark about her maid but she decided against it. She didn't want Brittany to know about her bitchy self.

"So..." Santana started not knowing what to say.

"Santana are we friends?" The Latina was so taken back by the question she didn't have time to process what she said before blurting out," I would like to be." Brittany grinned before taking Santana's hands in her own.

"Good because I really want to get to know you." Santana tried not focus on the soft touch of Brittany and other places she wanted to be touched.

"Me too...So why are you a milkwoman?"

"Well it's really just so I can raise money. I want to go East, to New York City," the dreamy look in her blue eyes made Santana want to make every single one of her dreams come true.

"That's amazing. I wish I had a dream like yours..." Santana sighed. Brittany squeezed her hands, Santana had almost forgotten they were holding hands, now she was self-conscious again.

"Why don't you? I'm sure you could do anything you wanted."

"It's...my husband. And my parents." Before she knew it Santana was pouring out her whole life story to the girl she just met. How her father, and idol, died and how her mother drilled into her brain that she should marry young and marry money so that Santana would never have the troubles in life that she went through. Then she told Brittany about Wilbur and how she was so unhappy with him. Santana hadn't even realized the magnitude of her sadness until she started talking to Brittany. She was just so easy to trust and open up to.

Next thing she knew the housewife was crying into the milkwoman while she held her, the two of them huddled on the couch pressed against each other. Santana had calmed down after a couple of minutes of ragged unsteady breathing. Brittany stroked her hair and whispered sweet nothings in her ear to help the process.

"I-I'm s-so sorry. I s-swear I'm n-not usually like this. I-"

"Santana," Brittany cut off, "It's okay."

"N-no it's not! This wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I w-wanted to be a s-singer but...I-I'm just not good enou-"

"Santana," she said again," Look at me." When she didn't do as she said Brittany cupped her cheeks and forced them to make eye contact.

"Stop it, okay?" she whispered sympathetically," You can be what ever you want to be. It's never to late to do what you please. You just have to believe."

"...h-how do you know?"

"Because I believe in you Santana," Brittany said confidently. Her words silenced Santana and she took the time and the close proximity to really look at Santana. She already knew she was beautiful, she thought she must've bumped her head when they first met because she never saw someone more beautiful. Especially now, with her eyes red from crying and her lip trembling, the woman looked even more desirable in her vulnerable state.

If that was possible.

Santana felt an overwhelming feeling of...comfort? Security?...love? When she looked at Brittany. Both girls were already so close so when they leaned forward it didn't take long for their lips to connect.

Santana sighed into the kiss that she didn't know she wanted so much. Brittany moved her hands from Santana's cheek to around her neck as she pulled her closer. Santana wrapped her arms around her waist to deepen the delicious kiss.

Brittany's kisses made her feel dizzy, the way her lips moved against hers was the best feeling in the world. When Santana's tongue gently ran across the blondes bottom lip the girl immediately granted access to the pink intrusion with parted lips and a moan.

Next thing Santana knew those lips were pulled from hers and she was flat on her back with Brittany straddling her upper thighs.

"You're really hot, did you know that?" the blonde whispered in her ear before lightly tugging at it and kissing down to her pulse point. Santana whimpered, actually whimpered in response. She didn't trust what would come out of her mouth because it would probably be an embarrassingly loud moan.

Brittany's hands slipped inside of Santana's shirt as she kissed her neck. When she brushed the underside of her boobs Santana's hips throated into Brittany's instinctively.

"I've been wanting to feel you like this ever since I saw you..." Brittany said, fully cupping her breasts and rolling an erect nipple between her fingers. Santana couldn't hold back the moan if he tried, which she didn't. She wanted Brittany to know how good she felt.

"F-fuck Brittany...that's so-"

Then she heard the sound of an automobile honk.

Santana shot up as if she had been burned almost making Brittany topple off the couch.

"Wilbur!" Santana hissed. Brittany's eyes only had a second to widen before the married woman pulled her to her feet.

"I'm sorry Brittany. You need to go! Now!" she said tugging her along," C'mon, you'll have to go out the back door."

"Santana. I'm so sorry. I understand if you regret this, I'll cone completely clean to your husband and assure him it was my faul-" Brittany was cut off as Santana whirled her around and grabbed her by the shoulders just before the door. Santana took one look at sad blue eyes and kissed her hard and passionately.

"Don't you ever think I regret what just happened." With that she pushed Brittany out the door, slamming it shut behind her. Not knowing what to do she ran into her bedroom and threw the covers back jumping in and pretending to be asleep. Skerries to regulate her breathing before Wilbur came in and inevitably woke her. She listened as the front door opened and closed and then the bedroom door.

"Santana?" he called into the room. He was silent after that so she guessed he saw she was 'asleep' then she felt the mattress dip and a hand on her shoulder.

"Santana...tana wake up," he said lightly shaking her. The woman made a good show of 'waking up' looking up through half lidded eyebrows and speaking in a raspy voice.

"Mhmm?" he kissed her on the forehead and she tried the hardest not to scowl. His rough lips were nothing compares to Brittany soft ones...

"I'm sorry to wake you. I just wanted to let you know I would be going out with the boys tonight and we might be out very late."

"Okay Wilbur...that's fine. Will you be home in time for dinner?"

"I'm afraid not..."

"Okay, gave fun..," Santana said a she dropped her head on the pillow as if she simply could not hold it up anymore.

"I love you," Wilbur said.

He got no answer.

On the way out the door he realized two empty glasses and on the way to his car he saw that the milkman's truck that he had seen upon entering his home was now gone.

Wilbur had been gone for an hour and Santana was getting a little desperate. She tried not to think of Brittany. She really did- she swore she was not a lesbian and she wasn't into that- but she just could not get the blonde out of her mind. Blue eyes haunted her no matter what she tried to do. Well, one thing led to another and somehow she ended up on the bed with her fingers buried deep inside herself. She was just so damn wet thinking about Brittany and her long legs and bright smile. She didn't even try to think about her husband. He wasn't sexy AT ALL.

Now Brittany on the other hand...Santana gave in and allowed herself to indulge in her imagination, pretending it was Brittany touching her clit, pretending it was Brittany's tongue thrusting inside her, pretending it was Brittany's hands playing with her pert nipples.

So when she came hard clenching around her fingers it was inevitable that she screamed Brittany's name.


Her last thought before she fell asleep?

She was so fucked.

After a few days Santana realized there was no way she could not see Brittany for a whole week. She cursed herself for falling for someone so fast when she didn't even know the persons last name (although, she convinced herself she didn't have feelings for Brittany, just lust). She knew she was lying to herself though. Lust definitely isn't thinking about how angelic someone's voice sounds or how adorable someone's freckles were which was exactly what Santana was doing now.

"Santana? Santana hello...?" Ms. Lucy 'Quinn' Fabray said, waving a gloved hand in front of her friends face.

"Yes, WHAT Quinn?" Santana snapped, irritated at her friend for interrupting her thoughts. They were currently sitting at the local fine dining restaurant, nothing but tea in front of them.

"What is wrong with you, you've been distant all morning."

"Nothing just...thinking."

"With that goofy smile on your face? What were you thinking about?" Santana sighed, she hated when got all 'interrogative' on her.

"Oh nothing..."

"C'mon Santana, honestly, people are starting to stare."

"Quinn! It's nothing, just...Wilbur." Quinn snorted and let loose a humorless laugh," Oh San, sometimes I think you forget that I really know you."

The Latina looked at the blonde with knowing eyes, she was telling the truth. If anyone knew Santana it was Quinn. For some reason the two trusted each other, it's how they stayed sane.

Santana promptly got up.

"Where are you going?" Quinn protested, set on getting a clear answer from her. Santana rolled her eyes and held her hand out for Quinn to take.

"We can't discuss this here."

"So...you cheated on Wilbur..."

"Why do you say it like you don't cheat on Sam with that Noah?"

"I'm just trying to figure things out Santana!" Quinn snapped, Santana shut up then, leaving Quinn to think in silence. Truth be told, she was afraid that Quinn would reject her or tell everyone about her secret. She wouldn't know what she would do if that happened. She was her best friend.

"So you're sleeping with the new Milkwoman? The blonde?" The two lived on the same street so she was bound to have the same milkman, although Santana was surprised that Quinn has seen her.

"Brittany, and no we didn't have sex." Santana mentally let out a relieved sigh when she saw Quinn crack a smug smile,

"Well, she is pretty isn't she? Why didn't you have sex with her?"

"Wilbur came home."

"Oh my gosh! Did he catch you?"

"No! Of course not! You think I would be here if he did?"

"Good point."

The two stayed silent for awhile, watching the water of the river flow as they sat on a bench.

"So what are you going to do?" the blonde asked.

"I'm...not sure. I just know that I haven't seen her in three days and I already miss her terribly. Quinn, I feel empty when I'm not with her."

"Gee thanks!" Santana shoved her friend.

"You know what I mean Q! Like...Romantically."

"Well I'm a blonde girl and I'm just as pretty as she is, how about you take me for a spin?" Quinn teased.

"Ugh you're insufferable! I'm serious though! I don't know what to do. I'm so scared that Wilbur will find out or that she doesn't feel the same way about me..." Quinn studied Santana's features and realized that she really was scared.

"San...look...I just want you to be happy."

"I know," she sighed.

"Maybe you could run away with her? She wants to go to New York right? Maybe you could steal some money from Wilbur and go with her."

"Maybe but...I don't know. I just need to know how she feels about me before I do anything rash. Besides, I could never leave you!"

"Maybe Noah and I could join you?" While Quinn was married to Sam Evans she was in love with Noah. She had a much similar situation to Santana's- she loved luxury but loved someone of the lower class.

"Maybe Quinn...maybe."

Brittany knocked on Santana's door two days later. She simply couldn't wait for the next milk delivery before she saw Santana.

The door swung open and Santana's eyes widened before she pulled Brittany across the threshold and shut the door.

Santana couldn't contain herself and took the blondes face in her hands before crashing their lips together.

Once Santana started to touch herself to the image of the blonde in her arms she couldn't stop, when Wilbur was away she couldn't resist the urge. And now that Brittany was here...well, she just couldn't control herself.

Not that Brittany wasn't complaining. The blondes hands immediately went to Santana's ass and then her back hit the door as Santana slammed her against it. She didn't mean to be so rough but she couldn't get enough of Brittany, no matter how much their bodies were touching.

When Santana needed to breath she detached her lips from the blondes and took the girls dress off in one swift motion before trailing wet kisses down to Brittany's pink nipples.

"Is this okay?" Santana whispered. Brittany shuddered when she felt Santana's hot breath on her hard nipples. Santana's took that as a yes and took the pebble in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and taking the other breast in her hand, panning it roughy. Santana drug her teeth lightly across it which illicit a moan from Brittany and a breathy," Santana..." The woman smiled at the noise, before slowly continuing down, licking over her abs which were as tight as she originally thought. Santana slowly pulled down her slip and panties down together, waiting for Brittany to step out of them before kissing up her toned legs, getting closer to her desired destination. Brittany kept her hair well trimmed, and Santana never thought anyone's private parts could look so good.

Santana's eyes rolled to the back of her head as the smell of Brittany's arousal hit her. Santana rested her forehead against the small blonde triangle just breathing.

Brittany was sweating in anticipation now, her breath ragged and broken.

"Santana...just fuck me already..." she whined. She was so horny she had to squeeze the doorknob in an attempt to keep herself from holding Santana's head where it was and humping it relentlessly.

Santana smirked before timidly taking a single long broad stroke of her tongue through Brittany's nether lips. Brittany 's hands flew down to tangle into Santana locks and pressed down.

Santana didn't protest, once she got a taste of the blonde she had no intention of stopping. Santana had never been with a girl but she knew what she liked. She dipped her tongue into the source of Brittany's juices before dragging it up the length of her sex into Lahr reached her clit. Santana sucked and licked furiously at the small nub, bringing Brittany closer to release.

Brittany was gonna lose it. She was so fucking turned on but she didn't want it to end too quickly.

"I...need you inside me..." she panted. Santana complied, thrusting deep inside her causing Brittany to cry out. Santana absolutely loved the noises coming out of her lover and knew her panties were permanently soiled. She also loved the way Brittany's vagina clenched around her tongue. Brittany bucked her hips into Santana's face trying to meet each thrust, forcing Santana to hold her hips still.

With her tongue slipping in and out of her at a fast pace and her nose bumping into her clit on each thrust Brittany's was seconds away from what she could feel was the best orgasm of her life. One particularly deep thrust and Brittany froze as she toppled over the edge screaming Santana's name.

Santana licked up the girls cum as it came, helping Brittany ride out her orgasm.

As soon as Brittany regained her simple motor functions she pushed Santana back against the floor, climbing on top of her. The brunette wasn't expecting it and let out a little yelp.

"That was incredibly hot," Brittany whispered, still out of breath. She made quick work of the housewives undergarments, not even bothering to remove her dress. She knew Santana was close but she had no idea she would be this wet. Collecting some moisture on her fingers Brittany thrusted deep inside her swiftly. Santana screamed out at the intrusion which Brittany muffled with her mouth.

"Are you close baby?" Brittany moaned.

Temporarily forgetting how to speak Santana nodded furiously. Brittany removed her fingers eliciting an almost animalistic growl from the other girl.

"What the hell?" Santana protested. She was so fucking close and Brittany just pulled out?

"Just trust me," Brittany assured her. Santana watched in curiosity and awe as Brittany took her dress off before positioned herself in between her legs so that their limbs were tangled.

Santana's eyes squeezed tightly shut and they both groaned loudly as their pussy's collided together. They quickly established a rhythm and met each other thrust for thrust.

"Shit Brittany..." Santana gasped," I'm going to come so hard..."

"W-wait..." Brittany panted," I'm so close, come with me." The blonde had never in any of her sexual experiences came twice in such a short time period but with Santana beneath her she was already so close to release.

Santana didn't know how much longer she could hold on. She was already so worked up, she was aroused the second she saw Brittany and almost came when she was going down on her. Now, after Brittany had been inside of her and that their clits were rubbing against each other she couldn't stop the coil inside her from tightening and then releasing. Her orgasm was violent, moaning as her hips thrusted into Brittany by themselves and stars popping behind her eyes she couldn't tell if they were opened were closed. Brittany, watched wasn't as close as Santana was but as she watched their sex's mashing together and their juices mixing along with Santana's incredibly hot orgasm happening well, ON her, her release came unexpectedly and she groaned and slowly thrusted as it began to subside.

As both of them laid there, sweaty and physically and emotionally spent, on top of each other and two feet from the front door they had one thing on their mind: They had no idea what just happened or how but they knew they definitely wanted it to happen again.

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