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Screwing The Milkman Part 2

"Oh...oh...OH- SANTANA" Brittany moaned loudly as the brunette's tongue did wonders. Santana hummed appreciatively into Brittany causing hot arousal to jolt through her.

"San...I'm...so FUCKING close," Brittany panted as she grinded into her face. Santana didn't know if she had ever seen a hotter sight in her life.

Probably not.

She moved her mouth to suck on Brittany's sensitive little bud before thrusting two fingers into her harshly causing Brittany to yelp out.

Santana loved the way the blonde clenched around her fingers, loved the way she had to hold down her hips to keep from bucking up and she especially loved the way Brittany was moaning continuously, her name and some explicitives mixed with them.

One more broken cry and Brittany was coming, thrusting into Santana as she rode out her orgasm. After the blonde calmed down a little the brunette slithered up and cuddled into the panting blonde, both thoroughly enjoying the moment.

Their tryst had been going on for months now, alternating whose house they were at. Sometimes they'd just talk and sometimes they'd end up having hot steamy sex on the kitchen counter, or they would cuddle like they were doing right now.

Santana was sure Wilbur didn't suspect a thing, he was always gone on his own accord and Santana only left while he was home when she just couldn't stand to not see Brittany (which was actually much more then she let on).

"You're amazing San..." Brittany murmured in her lovers hair.

"You're even more amazing Britt..." she sighed. These moments...well, any moment that included Brittany, they made up for all the crap Santana has gone through. Her parents separating, her tough life as a child, being Latina in a white dominated society. Putting up with ridicule, mysogonism and harsh stereotypes. Then her time with Wilbur, who treated her like a possession and whom she would never love and barely tolerated.

Brittany made her forget all of it. Suddenly a whole wall of emotion, adoration, and..love tackled her full force. Santana had been thinking about the notion for awhile- that she was in love with the amazing girl next to her. She wanted to let Brittany know how she was feeling- how SHE was making her feel. She just didn't know how to say it...she was scared and second guessing herself.

"Britt I-" Santana started, before getting nervous and stopping. Don't judge her okay? She's never said 'I love you' before- at least, not the real kind.

"Hmm?" Britt asked.

"I just...nothing," she mumbled, yelling at herself mentally, the word 'coward' running through her mind," It's just...I'm really happy when...when I'm with you." not good enough Santana. Just fucking tell her.

"San...I have something to tell you." Brittany confessed. Santana looked up at her. She looked nervous.

"Santana. I care about you a lot. And, you make me happy too, like really happy and...I know you're married but I can't help my feelings..." Santana panicked. Did she want to stop their...whatever it was? As much as she wanted her to be happy, Santana didn't know if she could handle not being with the blonde. Not seeing her, kissing her, touching her. She needed her.

"I love you."

Santana froze.


"I love you, Santana Lopez," Brittany repeated more confidentially. Santana stared into her clear blue eyes, trying to grasp the meaning of her words.

Brittany...Brittany loved HER? Santana's heart swelled with joy. She loved her! Brittany S. Pierce the most beautiful amazing girl in the world loved HER.

Brittany's nervous face suddenly contorted into worry.

"S-santana? Oh my god...I'm- I mean if you..." Santana's eyes widened as she realized that Brittany took her silence negatively," If you don't feel the same- I'm sorry!" she squeaked.

"No! No no no!" Santana said cupping the blondes face and kissing her tenderly.

"Of course I love you!" she insisted, peppering her face with kisses," I do. I love you SO much it hurts because I want to be with you all the time..."

Brittany smiled at her words, taking them to heart. They pressed into each other again, loving the feeling of being in each others arms.

"I just wish I had you all to myself..." Brittany sighed.

"You do. My heart is yours. It was never Wilbur's."

"But you still live here. You still live with HIM. You're still married to HIM."

"I know Britt. I never wanted to be, either. I'm yours."

"You're not though!" Brittany yelled, suddenly sitting up, Santana had never her seen her so distraught. Brittany breathed a heavy sigh, trying to calm her explosive emotions," I'm sorry I just...I can't stand it San..." she said quieter.

"What? Tell me baby..." Santana shifted so she was sitting too. She held the blonde and stroked her hair as Brittany got more insecure.

"I just...I can't sleep at night because I'm thinking about you and him, sleeping together- in bed together."

"But we don't-"

"I don't care if you're having sex or if you're just sleeping. He's with you and I'm not," her voice faltered as the first tear fell.

"No Britt, please don't cry," Santana caressed her and wiped her tears, her heart clenching and breaking at the sight," I love you. Please, please..."

"I can't...I don't know what to do San..." she said finally letting go and just sobbing.

"I'll do anything Britt, anything. I'll leave him, get a divorce- run away! Whatever it takes for us to be together. Just us," she promised.

"You promise?" Santana nodded and kissed her temple.

"We'll figure this out Britt. I love you."

A few days later was Brittany's milk(wo)man shift, Santana had a couple of hours to kill and Quinn had phoned and they decided to hang out, she would be over any second now.

Santana had barely opened the door when Quinn came barreling in. Santana had already been worried about her best friend because she sounded so nervous on the phone and now especially, looking at her jitteriness.

"Q? What's going on?" Quinn continued to pace, Santana thought she looked a cross between extremely worried, utterly nervous and...excited? The Latina grabbed her friends shoulders to keep her still.

"Quinn tell me what's going on!" Santana screamed. Quinn was flustered and her face looked flushed.

"I-I'm pregnant!" she stuttered. Santana's eyes widened. She had not been expecting this. She had not been expecting this at all. Wait...

"W-who's the father?" Quinn paused for a moment before answering, and the silence killed Santana.

"It's Puck."

Suddenly the blondes face had a huge grin on it.

"It's Puck San!" she exclaimed hugging her tightly. It took Santana by surprise but her words finally registered in her mind and she hugged back, giddy with excitement for the girl.

"Congratulations Q! Oh my god, I'm so happy for you!" Santana said genuinely. She knew that Quinn always longed to be a mother but she didn't want to have kids with Sam because she didn't love him. She refused to bring a child into the world if they weren't surrounded by love.

"You're going to be a great mom," Santana said honestly, wrapping her arms even tighter around the girl.

"Thanks San...and you're going to be a great aunt and god mother." Santana pulled back and looked at Quinn.

"Really Q?" she asked, trying not to seem so excited over the notion.

"Of course San! And I'm sure Brittany will make a wonderful god father," Quinn said winking. Quinn had met Brittany and had fallen in love with her- well, not like Santana had. More like the friendly kind of love. Quinn thought the couple was absolutely adorable and that they were perfect for each other.

Santana looked at her friend and another wall of emotion hit her abruptly.

Ugh all these feelings.

"San? Are you crying?" Quinn asked brushing a tear away.

"N-no!" Santana said quickly looking away and rubbing at her eyes.

"Aww you are crying! You really do care!"

"Shut up..." she said sniffing," Okay none of this crying shit! This is a happy day!" Santana stated. Quinn smiled at her friends antics before turning solemn.

"Actually San...there's something else."

Santana saw the look of seriousness in her eyes- the fear.


"Puck and I have decided to run away together."



"We're...we're leaving San." Santana didn't know what to say. They had entertained the idea of running away together with their respective lovers but...she never thought it might happened. It was just so overwhelming.


"Well...I know we've been talking...and I convinced Puck to try New York!"

"WHAT? You...you're moving to New York?"

"Well yeah! There's plenty of job opportunities and I know your honey wants to move out there too."

Santana sunk back into the couch.

"...S? What do you think?"

"I...it's a lot to take in..."

"But you're happy for me right? You'll support me?" Quinn asked slightly panicked.

"Of course I do! It's just that...wow. This is- wow."

"Stop stuttering! I thought you and Brittany were..."

"We are," Santana cut her off quickly," I love her and I want to be with her but...well, we're both broke. We've decided to start saving up on money before we do anything rash."

"That's smart, I trained you well!" Santana scoffed.

"Anyway...I'm not sure how long I can wait. I want to leave before I start showing- Sam is a good man and I don't want to hurt him but...I have to."

"I know, Q. I understand."

Both women sat in silence as they thought. Santana was overwhelmed- her best friend pregnant and running away with her lover? It was exciting and daring- but it was risky. Still, she was happy for her and Puck and their decision only fueled her own with Brittany.

"Well Santana, I'd love to stay but I have to go..."

"What? But you just got here! And Britt's coming soon."

"Well! All the more reason we should part ways!" Quinn laughed, Santana tried to glare but couldn't help but chuckle," And anyway, Puck and I have a date. Tell Brittany I'll see her soon alright?" The blonde said going to the door.

"Alright Quinn, I'll tell her! And I'll let her know of your plan- I'm sure she'll be excited for you!"

"Thanks!" she called as she walked down the street.

Santana didn't have to wait long for Brittany, she arrived half an hour later, flinging herself into the brunette's arms when she answered the door. She kissed her swiftly before party.

"I missed you," Brittany said, resting their foreheads together as they looked into each others eyes with adoration.

"I missed you too," she replied kissing her deeply once again," And I have some news for you..." Santana quickly retold what Quinn had shared with her- excitement evident.

"Oh my god!" Brittany squealed," They will have the most gorgeous babies! And this is perfect! Now Quinn can come with us to New York!"

"I know, she was the only thing that was holding me back..." Santana revealed.

"I know."

Then it dawned on her.

There were two things that she only, truly cared about in this miserable stinking world. Her two blondes, both of whom she loved (differently but loved, none the less). With them at her side she was willing to go any where and do anything.

"Let's go Britt," Santana said suddenly. Brittany eyed her, confused.

"Go where? Are you hungry because I-"

"No, I mean to New York! Let's just pack up our things and leave!" she said gripping her lovers hands. Brittany gave her this blank look before smiling slightly.

"Santana, you know I'd love too...but remember, we have no money- maybe $230 dollars and that won't get us very far..." she said sadly.

"I don't care. I just want to get out of here and spend my life with you- openly. I want it to be just US with no husband to be weary of. I don't care if we're dirt poor and we have to wear rags. I don't care if I have to work three jobs. I don't care if-hmph!" Santana's speech was cut off by Brittany's lips as they pressed together.

"I love you," she breathed as she pulled away, eyes closed and smiling. Santana studied her beautiful features before her clear eyes revealed themselves,

"Let's do it." The Latina's smile matched her girlfriends as she realized what she said.


"Yes! let's leave! Together." Santana cupped her cheeks before kissing her again.


When Brittany had gone and Wilbur came home Santana was impatient. Now that they had agreed to leave she detested being away from Brittany even more. It was agonizing, having to kiss Wilbur, his stubbly chin scratching at her- nothing like Brittany's smooth face. Not to mention how big and rough his hands were, the blondes were so gentle and soft.

Everything about him made Santana miss her.

"How was your day sweetie?" Wilbur asked as he cracked open a beer and sat on the couch with her. Santana was pretending to listen to the radio in front of them.

"Oh it was fine...Quinn came over today and I just read. Didn't really go out," she said shortly. Even trying to make simple conversation with him was painful.

"Oh really? Well...I don't really mind not going out," he said slowly, eyeing her up. He had to admit, Santana was strikingly beautiful. Of course, it was the only reason why he married her. She was a great trophy wife. He was the envy of all his friends and colleagues because of her. Just looking at her gorgeous caramel skin and raven locks and imagining what wonderful things her pretty little mouth could do got him hard. If only she would really satisfy him.

He decided to try his luck tonight. Scooting closer to her so that their shoulders were touching he leaned down to her ear,

"Y'know Santana..." he whispered out though she continued to ignore him," you are the most GORGEOUS women I have ever laid my eyes on..." he slowly kissed her neck, trailing them up to her jawline before she flinched away, panicked. She didn't want anyone but Brittany to be kissing her.

"Wilbur I-" He ignored her and put his hand across her waist so she couldn't move.

"C'mon San...you're my wife and it's been awhile since-"

"It's not that I don't want to!" she quickly lied," It's just that...well, it's that time of the month dear..." he could tell she was lying. If not for the fact that everything about her facial expression screamed she was lying then for the fact that he saw her sanitary napkins in the waste bin not but one week prior. He narrowed his eyes but decided not to push her. Instead he let out a gruff," Fine." They hadn't done much since they got married and it was starting to aggravate Wilbur a little. That hot piece of ass all yours and you couldn't enjoy it?


"Could you at least fetch me some milk?"

Instantly Santana went rigid, before she forced herself to relax seconds later.

"I-I'm sorry Wilbur. We're all out of Milk," she stuttered. Damn it! She forgot to get the milk from Brittany again! God, once she saw the girl milk was the LAST thing on her mind.

Wilbur looked at her suspiciously.

"Wasn't the milkman supposed to drop it off today?"

"Today? Hmm, I'm not sure. I don't really keep track of those things..." Again, Santana was a terrible liar.

"Well, I suppose that's alright then- not your fault. Maybe I should complain to the town board and arrange for a more efficient milkman."

"No don't!" his wife said fast before she could stop herself," I-I mean. I'm sure it wasn't HIS fault. Maybe the route was moved for some reason. I'm sure it will be along any day now."

Wilbur tried to read his wife. She was frantic, her eyes darting somewhere before landing back on his. Then how she was lying...he knew she thought him to be stupid and ignorant, but this was not the case. He had his suspicions since that one day when he saw the milkman's truck parked outside his house before it disappeared when he came back out. And the way they seemed to be 'out of milk' on the same day that it was supposed to be delivered not once but twice. Added together with his wife's unwillingness to come to bed with him...

"Fine then. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I think that I shall retire to bed soon though. Will you be along soon?" he asked.

"Yes, of course- after this program is over," she lied again, just not wanting to be close to Wilbur.

"What program? They're just advertisements now," he pointed out, realizing her error.

"O-oh, it must have just finished. Okay, off to bed then!" she said quickly departing to the bathroom. Wilbur watched her scamper away. There was something going on with his wife.

Wilbur was absolutely certain of it.

Of course Santana and Brittany couldn't exactly skip town the next day...some preparations had to be made. So Santana got whatever money she had saved for herself over the years (not much) while Brittany gathered her money from the milk route and other off jobs.

They also made sure to plan what was to happen. Santana had talked to Quinn and Puck and they decided that they should all leave together. Santana was not a good enough actress to pretend that Quinn had just up and left without informing her best friend and if Santana left first then Sam would never take Quinn out of his sight.

The Latina knew she would have to put on some sort of act once Quinn left.

They had it all planned out. They would be taking the 8:00 PM train in two weeks, three towns over to avoid being recognized. They would ride to Indianapolis and transfer over to a New York one from there.

Brittany and Puck got along great, much to the relief of both their women. Currently the four were planning and eating whatever dinner Puck had in his small apartment. Other then Brittany's small apartment it was the only place where they could meet without rousing suspicion.

"Well, when we finally get there where will we go?" Brittany asked.

"Yeah there isn't exactly a big old flat waiting for us in Manhattan now is there?" Santana said.

"Oh hush up San! Puck's got it covered!" Quinn defended, planting a kiss on Puck's cheek.

"That's right! I've got a plan! See, I've a cousin over there and she knows the town through and through. We'll have us a place in no time for real cheap and if it takes us a little while to find jobs and such she and her husband are willing to take us in for awhile!"

"You sure that's safe Puck? I'm not sure I trust anyone related to you..." Santana quipped.

"Course! Rachel and Finn are real nice. A little over-bearing but quality people."

"So it's all settled then? We leave in two weeks?" Brittany asked, half with excitement and half with fear of the unknown. But it was a good fear.

The three others nodded, feeling the weight of their decision hit them. None of them regretted anything.

12 days later...

"I can't believe it's almost time to leave this miserable life!" Santana said excitedly as her and Brittany sat on the blonde's couch.

Brittany trailed her right hand up the girls bare thigh and leaned in,

"Your life is miserable?" she whispered causing Santana to gasp. She didn't understand how Brittany could sound so innocent and be so sexy at the same time.

"N-not all miserable..."she stuttered. Santana pouted in disappointment when the hand left her inner thigh.

"That's what I thought," she winked," and I'm excited too." The peck on the nose she got wasn't even close to satisfying the brunette's want. She tried to shake it off.

"So you know Wilbur leaves later today and will be gone until after we leave right?"

"Uh-huh. It's the reason we planned it this weekend."

"Well I was thinking, tomorrow...once we're both all packed...that we could have dinner a celebratory dinner at my place?" Santana asked hopefully," Just the two of us?"

"Of course I'd love too! Especially since our last two dinners didn't go exactly as planned..." Santana smirked at the memories. Eating dinner together was a little bit risky with Santana being married, so they only ventured to try it a few times. Those two times they didn't quite make it to the dinner table- not when the couch (and each other) were so close. Neither of the really minded though.

"Yeah," she said dreamily," We'll make it through this time. I know it!" Brittany grinned and the smaller girl gave her a chaste kiss.

"Well in that case..." Brittany moved suddenly, pinning Santana down in between her legs," I'd better get this out of my system..."

Neither of them thought there'd be enough time EVER to get each other out of their systems.

The next day Santana was practically dancing around the empty house. Brittany had just left with her clothes and money to pack in the one bag they were to share- they wanted to leave as much behind as possible. Now though, the Latina was preparing their dinner.

The table was set, their best fine china, red wine, romantic candles and rose petals to top it off. She even got their fancy napkins out.

She even prepared a feast. She didn't like cooking much but she would do ANYTHING to please her girlfriend, which is why she had bought a loaf of butter, tossed a delicious summer salad, made homemade mashed potatoes and cooked and marinated a delicious looking chicken.

At this time, Brittany was driving over in her milkman truck, her and Santana's bag in the passenger seat. The plan was to leave it at Pucks and then take his old car to the station. Then when the company found they'll think she just took off with him.

She parked in front of the house she had grown so familiar with and exited the vehicle.

"San?" she called, entering through the back door like always and dropping the bag there.

"Kitchen!" the brunette called back. Practically skipping, Brittany went to Santana and immediately pulled her into a tight hug to give her kisses.

"God I love you..." Santana breathed.

"Me too...and wow, everything looks so nice and yummy!"

"Yes it does, now go and wash your hands!"

"Alright bossy pants," the blonde said with one last kiss. Then she skipped to the bathroom. Chuckling to herself, Santana turned to the large, cooked bird on the counter.

Giddy and full of love, she took out the knife and began carving it for dinner.

Wilbur pulled up to his house after coming home two days early. He figured if his wife was up to something he'd catch her now- when she thought he was miles away.

Then he saw it.

The Milkman's truck, outside his house. At seven o'clock at night.

"I knew it!" Wilbur exclaimed to himself. Not even bothering to park his car he jumped out and stormed to the door, anger clouding his judgement.

"Wilbur! I thought you were out on a business trip!" Santana said panicking, the knife nearly dropping from her hand.

The angry man looked at the spread and the romantic table and his temper escalated exponentially.

"Who's this dinner for huh? Huh? TELL ME!" He had never been so mad before, his wife was cheating on him?

No one made him look like a fool!

"You've been screwing the milkman haven't you?! You've been screwing the milkman!

Suddenly the bathroom door slammed open.

"Santana!" Brittany called. She had heard him come in and immediately feared for her girls safety when she heard Wilbur screaming.

The man's eyes widened at the blondes sudden appearance.

"Yo-you're a girl!" he said in shock. Then he looked between the two WOMEN.

Turns out he could get angrier.

"You're a fucking GIRL!" he yelled at Brittany before turning to Santana," You're cheating on me with a god damn DYKE?!" he got up to Santana, waggling his finger in her face as she pressed herself up against the counter.

"Wilbur, calm down..." she all but whispered. She was afraid of what he would do, scared of what he was capable of in this heightened state.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN?! Fuck no I won't calm the fuck down! Do you know what will happen to my reputation if people found out I'm married to a DYKE?!" he grabbed her shoulders as she struggled to get out of his grip," They'll think I'm gay and I'll be a laughing stock! I. will. Be. RUINED!" he shook her with every word and Brittany desperately tried to pry him away.

"Get off!" the blonde yelled, taking extreme measures such as kicking and punching but to no avail.

"Wilbur!" Santana gasped. His big hands were starting to hurt her, she would have bruises on her shoulders she was sure of it.

"STOP IT!" Brittany screamed again. Wilbur struggled under both their protests and removed his hand from Santana to throw it back into Brittany, catching her stomach with his elbow. He pivoted, turning away from his wife and came on to the blonde women. She was terrified but all she wanted was to protect Santana from this horrible man.

"You think you can just steal MY wife and get away with it?! Huh! Fucking Lesbian. It's not right, you know that? You're not right!" he raised his right hand ready to strike her in a hit that would surely damage her greatly," I'll teach you a lesson you trashy little-"

His words stopped along with his hand.

His eyes widened and he gasped before dropping to his knees.

Brittany looked wildly to Santana who had tears streaming down her face and a bloody carving knife in her hand.

"Y-you-" Wilbur stuttered, staring up at his wife with fear and lingering anger, his breathing was labored and he was shaking in pain," Y-you're a...worthless whore...and...you'll both rot in hell..."

She stabbed him again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

It was 9 more times until Brittany finally told her to stop.

Santana's sobs echoed through the room as the knife clattered to the floor. Brittany took her in her arms.

"That's enough San..." she whispered, trying to be strong.

"I- I didn't mean too...he was going to h-hurt you!" she weeped.

"Sh Sh Sh...I know..." Brittany cooed. She understood, Wilbur was a burly man and she was afraid of what would have happened if Santana hadn't done what she had did. And she knew she would do the same if the roles were reversed.

She would do anything for Santana.

And she loved that Santana would do anything for her.

It pained her that someone had to lose a life, she resented pain and death and dying...but at the same time she understood. Was that wrong of her?

They held each other, Brittany stroking the crying girls hair and face in a comforting manner.

Then they heard the sirens.

"A-are they coming here?" Santana said. Her crying had becoming less violent but the tears were still flowing.

They came closer.

"I-I think so. Perhaps one of the neighbors called about the screaming."

"They'll call me a murderer, you know," she whispered. Brittany's eyes widened.

"What, no! They won't! If...if we just tell them the truth! That he tried to hurt you- to hurt us!"

"Brittany. They won't believe to girls in love. They'll think that we...purposefully killed him."

"But it was self defense!"

"It doesn't matter," she said shaking her head.

Brittany knew where this was going.

"Let's go Santana, now! We need to leave- c'mon get up!" she said desperately, trying to pull the girl to her feet.

"No Britt, they'll catch us...and we'll BOTH go to jail...we'll both be hanged."

"I don't care! Let's just run away! Please Santana!" she cried.

"I love you Brittany, but YOU have to go. Alone."

The sirens were even louder now.

"No! I'm not going anywhere without you!"

"Please Brittany, please! I won't be able to live with myself if you get arrested with me. If I stay and plead my case...then maybe I can get off easy. But I have to do this alone. PLEASE." Brittany wanted to say no. She HAD to.

But she couldn't.

She could never say no to Santana.


"I'll be alright. Just go tell Quinn and Puck...please just go before they get here!" Santana begged. Brittany was searching her brain for any better alternative...but she knew she was right. The Latina pressed a sweet kiss to her lips.

"I'll be alright"...she repeated. Brittany kissed her this time, cupping her cheeks and looking deep into her eyes.

"I'll wait for you, forever. I'll get you out of this. I'll FIND A WAY. No matter what."

"I know you will, and I'll wait for you too."

"I love you Santana."

"I love you too Brittany." With one last kiss the blonde got up quickly, moving around Wilbur to the back door and picking her bag up.

"I love you," the blonde repeated giving one last glance to her best friend and lover before ducking out the door.

"I love you too..." Santana whispered. When she was gone she looked down at her deceased husband. He couldn't believe what she had done- there was blood I her hands.

But she saved Brittany. She didn't get hurt. That's what mattered.

Five minutes later there was a knock of the door.

"Chicago Police Department, open up!" a gruff voice yelled. Santana couldn't will her legs to stand up. There was more banging.

"If you don't open this door we're breaking it down!" he yelled again. This time Santana yelled, more like squeaked," In here."

Seconds later the door broke open and a plethora of officers came upon Santana weeping by her dead husband.

"Holy sweet hell..."

Breaking News: Housewife Santana Lopez was charged with first degree murder. She stabbed her husband, Wilbur, 10 times in what she says is self-defense but the police think otherwise due to the fact that he was stabbed in the back. If it was in self-defense you'd think he would be stabbed in the front. Thus, why the jury has sentenced Ms. Lopez to a life time in prison. It looks like Ms. Lopez won't be the first women hanged, but she will rot in prison for the rest of her life.'

Santana sighed as she read the paper that was provided to her in her tiny cell.

She was a murderer.

She was in jail.

For life.

She might never see her friends again.

She might not ever be able to touch her lover again.

But none of that mattered, as long as Brittany was okay.


A/N: Alright, that was my serious ending that seemed to fit BUT I really don't like sad endings, I like happy ones! So here's the happy ending...:)

Oh and sorry for the nasty words and violence- didn't mean to offend anyone.

Prison life wasn't actually THAT bad. She had been in for about a month and she had met some interesting people. For example her Matron was a big ol ball of CRAZY, but she wasn't that bad. And she met this girl named Roxie or something. Santana even participated in this group bonding activity where they had to sing about there murders.

In skin tight leather.

...yeah that was a little weird.

But she missed clean sheets and not freezing to death. She missed fresh air, which she wouldn't get till her trial date

And she missed Quinn, a lot. But most of all, she missed Brittany. She missed her sooo bad. Not her or Quinn or even Puck had visited her and she wondered why. Why would they abandon her? She tried calling but they never picked up.

Santana was heart broken.

Did Brittany not love her anymore because she was a murderer?

No, no that couldn't be it- she wouldn't believe it.

These were the things she pondered in the wee hours of the night, like tonight. She wasn't sure what time it was but it had been a long long LONG time since lights out.

But she couldn't sleep. All she could think about was a certain blonde. She was reminded of her wherever she looked, she thought she heard her voice. Saying her name so softly.


GOD she missed that voice. Santana sighed heavily. Why did her life have to be like this? What did she do wrong?!


There it was again. Even her own brain was torturing her with the voice of her only love.

"SANTANA!" the voice whisper-shouted again.

Wait, that wasn't in her head. The sound of keys clanking and the cell door moving slowly open made the prisoner snap to her feet.

"Brittany..." she breathed.

There she was, her beautiful blonde right in front of her. It was like a dream, she was shocked speechless.

"Santana," her name escaped like a whimper and then they were pressed up against each other in a reunion kiss. Instantly Santana knew this wasn't a dream because she could never dream this this life like no matter how hard she tried.

Brittany broke their kiss in favor of placing dozens of tiny ones all over Santana's face.

"As much as I love you and want to tell you how miserable I was without you, we have to go NOW."

"Britt! We're going to get caught and you'll be in here too!"

"Noooo silly, we won't be caught- mama promised she'd have this floor cleared for our escape!" she said simply.

"Wait- you know mama?"

"Well yeah, how do you think I got the keys?" Santana looked at her love with shock, confusion and admiration.

"She owned me a BIG one," the blonde winked before taking her hand.

"Now come on! Before the guards come back!" Without hesitation Santana followed her, astounded to see that the halls were empty. They ran quietly so none of the other girls awoke.

Then, just like that, they were out the back door and into fresh air.

"C'mon, c'mon hurry!" Santana instantly smiled.

There were Quinn and Puck in his truck, the engine running.

"Lopez let's go!" Puck calls.

Brittany and Santana rush into the back seat slamming the door shut as he drives off.

"H-how did you guys-?" Santana trails, still not thinking the past 10 minutes to be true.

"Don't think about how we bailed you out, just think about how we DID," the boy quips.

"Thank you...so much. I thought- I thought you might've forgotten about me..." Santana admitted, Brittany squeezed her hand.

"We'd never forget about you stupid!" Quinn said, even though she was smiling with joy that her best friend was free.

"Yeah, we love you," Brittany kissed her again. She couldn't get enough.

"Yeah yeah yeah, enough with the sap- we're gonna miss our train!" Quinn hit Puck upside the head.

"Thank you Britt, I love you."

"I love you too San. I'm so glad we got you out."

As they kissed in the back seat Santana thought that maybe her life wasn't so bad. In fact, she loved her life and friends. But most of all, she loved Brittany so much- she was one hell of a milkman.

A/N3: And they lived happily after yadda yadda. So there's my cheesy, crack!fic, of a happy ending! Sorry it took so long! I hoped you all enjoyed and thanks for reading:) I haven't decided but I might do a couple little one shots in this verse when I'm stuck with another fic or something, who knows?

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