Sasuke passed through a thick forest. A isolated forest that was mostly untouched by civilization. It was one of many forest that was in Fiore that he would wander in. Its natural energy made him feeling revitalized every time he took a stroll.

It had been over a year since Naruto had defeated him and apologized for not being able to allow him to be free. His crimes would not be forgiven even by the Elemental Nations and would be likely imprisoned and executed if returned to Konoha.

Naruto still found a way to keep him free, by sending him to another world, even if it had been at first against his will.

"Take care Sasuke, let's meet in another life as brothers." That had been the last sentence he had heard from Naruto before waking up in a forest with a new reserve. The Ichibi inside him, Naruto had placed it in him to heal his injuries and keep him from dying.

"Tch," grunted Sasuke as he saw a giant gold lizard fly over him and disappear from the thick leaves of the trees. It was the first time he had seen something like that, aside from Kabuto.

"The nerd?" yelled Ichibi. An image of Kabuto flashing through Sasuke's mind.

Sasuke ignored the demon. He rarely talk with the Biju. It was too loud to have a conversation with.

"Fight it, it's strong!" yelled Ichibi.

No doubt was the thing strong. Waves of magical power was being emitted from the rapidly disappearing Dragon that he could feel.

Sasuke felt the urge to palm his face when sands rose from the ground around and shot through the leaves of the giant trees above him.

Seconds went by before a roar was heard. As if a Thunder had just struck the earth. Even though he couldn't see the sun because of the thick jungle, Sasuke noted that the forest was darkening quickly.

Sasuke back pedaled as the Dragon smashed onto the spot were he had stood only seconds ago and crushing the giant trees that had stood nearby. Its golden scales glistening from the sudden sunlight.

The Dragon eyed him before yellow lightening danced around its body and aimed its opened mouth directly at him.

Sasuke lifted his right hand toward the Dragon just as a bolt of powerful lightning burst from its maw.

The lightning stopped in his hand and gathered. He had been using lightning since his days as a Genin, it was second nature for him to control it. Natural chakra manipulation. Controlling lightning in its most basic form was child's play.

The lightning in his hand slowly changed color, from yellow to a dark blue.

The Dragon eyed him with surprise before its attack was rebounded back at it with twice the power. The Dragon didn't bother dodging and opened its mouth. It ate the attack and snapped its mouth close with a resounding snap.

"What a powerful attack," stated the Dragon and lowered itself to lay down on the ground making itself comfortable.

Sasuke took control of the sands that had been steadily rising to attack. He only stared at the Dragon that had talked. He was slightly surprised, but had quickly accepted the Dragon as a intelligent beast. If a Toad could talk, then why not a Dragon.

"I was not the one who attacked you," stated Sasuke slowly. The sands around him moved on their own again and stopped. "It was my inner demon."

The Dragon gave the sands a glance before nodding. It eyed him with interest before it started laughing. A deep rumbling that shook the ground echoed throughout the forest and the open treeless clearing that had been freshly made.

Sasuke waited for the Dragon to stop laughing. It did after a minute or so and looked at his questioning gaze.

"Your a very talented human to have been able to control my lightning," praised the Dragon. It's eyes sharpened and locked onto him. "You will become my student."

"I'll pass," replied Sasuke. He had enough of reptiles getting involved in his life.

"Either that or a fight to the death against me!" replied the Dragon and stood up. It's wings opening and the sky above darkening.

"Tch," replied Sasuke and drew Kusanagi out of its sheath. He disappeared from sight with a flicker and was on the Dragon's neck within the same split second. His blade came down gracefully aiming to slice the Dragon's neck open.

The Dragon was fast and disappeared with a crack of lightning leaving him in mid-air. It appeared above him with it's mouth already opening to destroy him.

Sasuke twirled himself in the air to face the Dragon that was right above.

Sasuke's regular charcoal eyes changed instantly into the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Reality was teared in front of him and swallowed up the dark yellow lightning that had blasted out of the Dragon's mouth.

The wind blew from the sky violently. The weather was quickly turning hostile too.

"Even more interesting!" yelled the Dragon and soared into the sky circling him. Lightning struck at Sasuke from the sky.

Sasuke used Kusanagi to repeatedly redirect the attack back to its owner. Sasuke focused onto the minerals in the forest and pulled it all toward himself.

Sands immediately started gathering around him as he defended himself from the lightnings. If one were to see him dancing across the earth, it would seem as if the heaven itself was striking at him.

The sands surrounding Sasuke shot out toward the circling Dragon, but completely missed as the Golden Dragon flashed from place to place moving at the speed of lightning itself.

Sasuke stopped his attacks and activated Susano to defend himself long enough to talk to the Dragon.

"I'll be your student," said Sasuke loud enough to be heard through the cracks of lightnings.

The attacks stopped instantly and the cracks of lightning were replaced by the deep rumbling laugh of the Dragon.

The darkened sky slowly started clearing.

"I knew you would accept, it took you longer then I expected though," replied the Dragon that was still circling him. Anything that had been near the short battle was destroyed.

Sasuke kept silent. He had realized half way through the battle that fighting each other could have very well led to the death of both of them. To have taken the battle a level higher would have meant killing techniques.

Amasterasu, a single touch of the flames would have burned the Dragon unless it was immune to even the darkest of flames.

Kamui, rip the Dragon apart by ripping reality itself.

Tsukuyomi, Illusionary torture that might work on the Dragon depending on how its mind worked.

Then there was Ichibi mode. Taking all of Ichibi's chakra and becoming one with its massive chakra.

The fight would not have been worth the result. Neither had scratched each other either, both had simply been testing each other.

Accepting the offer that the Dragon had made was the safest path. The techniques that the Dragon had used were also interesting. The Dragon had some worthwhile moves that he could learn.

••• Short time later

Sasuke sat on a wooden block that he had cut from a tree's trunk. Opposite of him was Thorn, the Lightning Dragon who was on the ground explaining some important things to him.

"Normally someone of your age wouldn't be able to learn my magic, but I can reverse you age," said Thorn and made small sparks of electricity with his claws.

Sasuke didn't like the idea of turning young again.

"It'll only be a few years. Your already in tuned with lightning," explained Thorn and examined him. "I'll turn you fourteen, young enough so that your body would accept the changes."

"What I'll be teaching you is Lost Magic, Dragon slayer magic," continued Thorn as if he hadn't just said something unbelievable.

Sasuke nodded. Why the Dragon was forcing him to be it's student was mostly beyond him, since Thorn kept avoiding to answer the question, but Sasuke had the feeling that the Dragon was competing with maybe another Dragon from how slightly jealous and competitive Thorn's tone became.

"With this Magic, your body will change to have all the abilities of a Dragon."

Say what?