Apprentice Again 17


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Sasuke was tired of it all. He pulled chakra from deep within himself, and summoned the power of the Mangekyou Sharingan. Susano's form took shape, his chakra creating its form, skin, and substance. It was his shield, and protected him from the charging Mages. His ultimate defense. His dark purple chakra visibly shrouded him, his eyes glowed as Susano moved.

"Sasuke!" shouted Natsu, his fist pounding against Susano's stomach, it had no effect whatsoever, not even Dragon Slayer Magic could burn through. "Snap out of it."

Susano batted Natsu away with its left fist, he body buried beneath the pile of sand surrounding them. Susano drew its sword, and swiped against the rest. Sand splashed everywhere when the power from the swipe struck it causing everyone to be thrown back. Wendy in particular was thrown into the sky. Sasuke fired a arrow especially for her, but Ichiya appeared in mid-air, and took the arrow head on, the arrow didn't pierce him as expected, but instead exploded. Ichiya smashed into Wendy, and both were thrown far into the sky. There wasn't a scream from either, they were knocked out. Their body fell in the distance, it created a cloud of dust. The ship floating above started to move for them.

"Wendy, Ichiya!" shouted Erza, and rushed at Sasuke, she slammed her sword on Susano's head. She abandoned all fines for power. She was smashed into the sand with its giant shield. She laid beneath the sand catching her breath.

"What is that thing!" shouted Leon. He attacked. "Ice Make Swordfish."

A giant ice Swordfish was made out of thin air, and struck against Susano head first. The ice shattered upon impact. Susano's shield was simply to strong.

"Shield aren't usually offensive, and defensive, that thing is both!" shouted Jellal. His magic creating a shield as he was struck by a purple arrow. His body was propelled across the sandy ground, his shield shattering in the process. He hurled himself desperately away from where he landed with a second arrow nearly striking his head. "It's too fast!"

Erza dug herself out of the sand, and dashed across the battleground to reached Susano. She gripped her swords as best she could, and swung in mid-leap. Her swords slashed against Susano's stomach, and left thin cut marks, but that knitted back together almost instantly. Susano's left arm connected with her during her mid-leap, and sent her body bouncing like a thrown pebble on water. She was lucky that her river was a bed of soft sand, and not rocks.

Sasuke sent several arrows after her, but they all missed, Jura had used his earth magic to raise a wall preventing him from taking Erza out of the fight.

"I'm going to freeze it all!" screamed Gray. He ran up to Sasuke who did nothing to stop him. Gray placed his hands together, a bright light flashed, and Sasuke was frozen within a block of ice, along with Susano. "Leon!"

"I heard you!" replied Leon, and jumped on the block of ice. He slapped both of his hands on it, and reinforced its strength. He could feel the ice literally melting away from within. "This won't hold!"

Jura, and Hoteye ran up to Sasuke's prison. Jura started writing a complicated set of runes on it, and Hoteye reinforced Gray's magic with a spell of his own. One that simply added raw energy to a existing spell.

It wasn't enough to keep Sasuke down. Spikes of sand pierced through the moulded prison, and a burst of wind blew everything away. Chunks of ice, and rocks flew into the air. Sasuke stood chuckling in the center of it all. Susano was no longer protecting him, and his eyes had returned to their normal state.

"That was wind lineage magic!" shouted Jura, and retreated with Hoteye.

"I don't need it," said Sasuke out loud. He saw his opponents confusion. He smirked at them, "I don't need my Sharingan to defeat you weaklings."

"Sharingan?" asked Hoteye. He looked into Sasuke's eyes as he put what Sasuke meant together with the change of eyes. "Sharingan Magic."

"That's the most rediculous thing I've ever heard," said Sasuke with a chuckle. "And I have heard many stupid things before."

"His eyes, it has special abilities," said Jura. He had noticed the changed in Sasuke's eyes. He had been wondering what power were granted by the eyes, and what was Sasuke's normal power. The fierce deity had been part of the Sharingan, when it was first used the eyes spun like pinwheels.

Sasuke jumped forward at Jura, and Hoteye with his right hand to his lips, "Fireball Jutsu!"

"Fire!" shouted Natsu as he reappeared from the sand beneath Jura, and Hoteye. His body lunged forward, and smashed into the fireball. Natsu ate the flame. He laughed as he felt the power boost, but his recovery was short lived when he heard Sasuke's voice again.

"Water Style: Twin Dragon!"

Two giant Dragon made out of water struck Natsu on his sides. He was smashed first before the water gathered, and he was drowned within the giant mass of water temporarily, before he was saved by Erza who had cut through the water like a bullet, and pulled him out.

The water disappeared quickly due to the sand covered battlefield, and leaving a soft ground that made it hard to move.

"Water, wind, fire, lightning, and sand magic!" recounted Jellal with sweats pouring on his forehead. He looked toward Erza, and Natsu, then to the others. "I set up a rune spell, while he was fighting you all. It will take effect soon, and stop his abilities."

"Like Fried's magic," said Gray. "That could be helpful."

"Any type of help is welcomed at this point," said Leon. Jura, and Hoteye agreed with him.

"What did you inscribe?" questioned Erza hesitantly, and kept an eye on Sasuke, while holding Natsu from charging in again. She still didn't quite trust Gerard fully.

"I only knew one spell," replied Jellal with a grimace. His body glowed as his spell took effect. "No magic for all present."

Sasuke laughed at Jellal's declaration. His hands glowed pale blue as he created a lightning spear.

Jellal's expression morphed into one of shock. "That can't be right, I did it right. I know I did."

"You memory isn't exactly accurate," said Gray, and started to mold more ice. He was hurt by an invisible energy, and crumbled on the floor unconscious.

Leon quickly picked up his unconscious friend. His face grim. "Wake up Gray! Now is not the time to be asleep."

"Undo it!" screamed Erza as she realized Jellal's plan had backfired.

"I can't undo it!" screamed Jellal as he realized that his spell was working, but Sasuke had somehow worked around. "It was preset, twenty minutes so that he wouldn't be able to undo it."

Sasuke's body generated an abundance of blue lightning. He chuckled as they stared at him helplessly. He started to walk forward, but stopped when the snake wrapped around his waist hissed, and forced his body to fall back. A long spear made entirely out of ice had nearly pierced through his side.

Sasuke chuckled when he looked at the new attacker. Ur stood several yards away, her legs buried a foot deep in the muddy sand. He was surprised that she had managed to sneak up on him, especially since she was walking on his sand. He opened his hands out, and frowned at her, "There is just no end to you people."

"Well I'm sorry for that," replied Ur, and prepared to fight him. She smiled at him. "I did want to see the true extent of your power, and now seems to be a good time."

"Really?" asked Sasuke with a cocky expression. "I have no extent, I am Uchiha."

Erza moved to help, but one look from Ur made her stop.

"Leave this to me," said Ur to the weakened Mages. "You guys will just hold me back."

"But he's dangerous!" yelled out Gray quickly. He was ready to argue, but Leon pulled him back.

"We will only get in her way right now," said Leon.

Erza pulled Natsu with her who was clawing to try, and get back in the fight. She looked toward the ship, and saw that it had already picked Wendy, and Ichiya up.

Jura, and Hoteye retreated with the rest, and Gerard followed.

"Aren't you being to overconfident?" questioned Sasuke as he witness the young mages leave Ur alone to face him.

"I think it's you who is being overconfident, to the point of arrogance even." replied Ur. She laughed, and looked at his drawn sword. "So why haven't you killed them, you could have easily."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "What are you saying."

Ur created a sword of her own, and shrugged. "It's just that I know you are more than strong enough to have killed them all by now, so why haven't you?"

Sasuke's charcoal black eyes stared at her in silence before he shrugged back. "I was entertaining myself."

Ur nodded. "What changed you so quickly."

Sasuke laughed at that question, and leaned forward as he answered, "You presume that I was always who you met, the question should be what made me remember who I was."

"And just who were you?" asked Ur mockingly.

Dark purple energy enshrouded Sasuke, and his eyes changed into the Mangekyou Sharingan. His arrogant expression became blank, and black flames appeared out of thin air. The flames circled him, before Susano reappeared within the flames, and became his shield, and sword. Susano burned, and Sasuke stood inside its stomach safe from any harm that might come.

Sasuke's eyes spun softly, and he answered her questioned. "I am Sasuke Uchiha, SS- rank member of Akatsuki, and an avenger!"

"Double SS?" asked Ur surprised. It was the first time she had heard of such a class. The idea of a Mage claiming to be SS class would instantly have the world watch the person's movement. The idea that such a Mage could exist, S-class could easily defeat dozens of A-class mages, and that would equal SS-class to S-class in the same way.

Susano pointed its right hand at her, and fired three sharp arrows at her. A shield made of ice rose to halt the arrows, but shattered into smaller pieces from the impact, and Ur wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Sasuke looked up.

Ur appeared up in the air, and her hands together. A needle the size of a two hundred foot long tree was created. It was thrown at Sasuke who watched it fall directly for him.

Sasuke eyes spun, and the needle was warped away. Ur was left speechless in mid-air, the idea of something of that size simply disappearing impossible in her mind. Her eyes widen when the air around her started to distort as she fell. She gave herself dynamic ice wings, and narrowly dodged the attack. She eyed Sasuke warily, and tried to think of a plan to stop him. He was faster than she was, and his shield seemed pretty sturdy,and its hands could fire arrows, the black flames looked like trouble, and he had a crazy long range attack that could erase a giant tree in an instant. The battle field was covered in sand also, and she could only assume that he also had sand under his control. She also knew he had lightning under his belt, and his mastery over swords. The fight wasn't looking to be in her favor at all. The snake wrapped around him could also attack at anytime, and could end the fight if she was bitten.

She was starting to plot a suicidal plan when something unexpected happened.

Two hands appeared beside Sasuke, and grabbed him, he looked shocked. His shield fell, as the arms expanded from within, and destroyed it. The black flames lingered, and started to attack the sands that was holding Sasuke securely.

"Ichibi!" screamed Sasuke as he struggled to free himself. "What's the meaning of this!"

Ur dropped as she witness what must have been an inner battle. The others watched the strange scene in awe. Natsu in particular escaped Erza, and watched closer than the others. No matter how strong Sasuke was, he couldn't exactly fight himself.

A head formed from the sands. A raccoon like head. When it spoke its voice was raspy, and tired. "You, and I need to talk."

"Why isn't it working!" growled out Sasuke as he stared at the head. He quickly answered his own question as he realized why Ichibi was restraining him, "Naruto, he must have done something. He made you immune?"

"Close," replied Ichibi, "He tied your powers with me, so it doesn't affect me, now come."

Sasuke tried one last time to free himself, before his head became limp, and he fell unconscious. Ichibi's head disappeared, but the hands holding Sasuke remained.

"What happened?" screamed Natsu, and tried to charge as Sasuke, but sands rose up automatically to protect him. "Even asleep we can't touch this bastard!"

"Jellal?" asked Erza. She needed magic to possible seal Sasuke before he woke.

Jellal shook his head. "Ten minutes more."

"I got it," said Ur, and started moulding ice. "Absolute Zero!"

A giant cube formed around Sasuke, and the arm holding him. The cube glowed, before it returned into a normal looking cube of ice.

"Will that be enough?" asked Jura.

"Are you doubting Ur?" yelled Gray, he was clearly offended that someone doubted his teacher.

"Maybe you would like to find out yourself?" asked Leon who was also quick to defend his teacher's magic.

Jura was quick to apologize.

"Relax boys," reprimanded Ur, she looked at the cube, and the unconscious Sasuke. "It won't hold long, but hopefully the inner battle he's having will bring back the Sasuke you knew."

"Light will always prevail in the end!" said Hoteye.

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