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Truth Be Told

Chapter 1: Tuxedos and Suits.

"Remind me again, why we're doing this?" Dick asked as he tired on different tuxedos in the bat cave.

"We need to maintain our cover... however yours will be exposed that suite." Bruce smiled raising an eyebrow, leaning against the bat-computer dressed as Batman with his cowl down. Dick stepped out from behind the large changing screen, in a Robin theme tuxedo.

"I don't know why you're smiling," Dick smiled holding up a Batman themed tux, "This one's yours." Dick though the suite at Bruce who held it up against his body and made a face.

"Where did you find these?"

"I didn't." Dick said, turning around and hid behind the changing large screen, before changing into another tuxedo.

"They we're in with the rest when Alfred gave them to me. He must have picked them out."

"Clearly this was his idea of a laugh." Bruce said throwing the suit in his hand aside on to the nearby chair.

"I got a laugh alright. I hate wearing these penguin suits, heck it even makes me feel like a penguin. Maybe instead of wearing them to the dinner tonight, we could use them to trap Penguin himself." Dick said walking around then curtain wearing a black tail coat, top hat and using a walking stick, which are his twin Eskrima sticks joined together.

"Maybe," Bruce chuckled. Dick just frowned before suddenly quickly twirling the walking stick in his hands. He then crouched down like he was ready to fight; he jumped into the air and flipped. Making the top hat his head fall off, before quickly landing. As soon as he stood up quickly, he picked up the top hat and straightened up, putting his head and putting the stick on his shoulder and stepped behind the curtain like Charlie Chapman or someone from a Broadway show.

"Not tonight. We have to attend that dinner for the Wayne Foundation Fundraiser. We're funding a large part of it, remember."

"Correction, your funding it. I'm just the kid sponging off you." Dick said bitterly, but with a smile. Dick was thinking about the magazine article he head a few hours ago. The comment had hit a nerve but Dick was trying to laugh about it. Bruce however couldn't see or even hear the smile in Dick's voice.

"You cannot let what others say concern you. You need a clear head at all times otherwise-"

"-otherwise it will become a distraction and could end up getting you killed. I know, I know. I've been living and training with you for nearly five years now. I know all your rules, codes and lectures by heart, Bruce." Dick walking around the changing curtain in a plain and expensive looking tux.

"Yet you hardly listen." Bruce said before sighing to himself and continuing on.

"I know you've got a lot going on right now, with your determination on joining the Team, has added an extra work load to your schedule. However you've made your choice clear on that matter, and given tomorrows date, it's essential you maintain a clear-" Suddenly Bruce was cut off by the sound the of the Bat computer's alarm going off.

"We've got an incoming message from Mount Justice, better put your glasses on in case the Team is nearby." Bruce said pulling his cowl over his face.

"Already on it." Dick sighed, Bruce turned around facing Dick, to find him already wearing his black sunglasses, with his expensive stylish plain black tuxedo, looking very handsome.

"Nice suit." Dick just bowed his head sadly and Bruce looked away and at that the ground for a moment before looking back at the screen. "It's for your own safety, Dick."

"I trust them like you trust Superman." Dick protested.

"You've only known some of them for a few weeks and Superboy-"

"Connor." Dick corrected, folding his arm.

"We don't have time of this..." Bruce said, turning his full attention to the screen, before pressing a button that displayed the incoming video call.

"We never do." Dick mumbled, just before a voice on the other end spoke.

"Batman," Red Tornado spoke, his android voice rang. "I am aware you did not wish to be contacted this weekend, but a problem has a resin. Robin and yourself are required at Mount Justice, as soon as possible."

"What's the problem?" Batman asked. Superman and few others members of the League stepped into the screen's view.

"We have just received a disturbing threat message. It's been made against a young boy. We think it's best that we inform you of the rest when you arrive." Superman said, noticing Dick standing behind Batman, he then nodded saying hello, Dick did the same.

"The League can't handle this?" Batman asked.

"Afraid not." Aquaman said stepping into the frame. "I just received the same threat as well."
"You've all received the this message? Has anyone else?"

"Red Tornado, Black Canary and myself were the first, followed by Marshin Manhunter, Green Arrow and now Auqaman, all of which are now here." Superman added.

"We're on our way." Batman said and then ended the link, "Suit up, Dick." Batman turned around to find Dick had already had changed into Robin.

"I wish you would do that on the days we have public events." Batman smiled.

"Nah, that would be too easy. Plus not as fun." Robin smiled as he and Batman climbed in the Batwing. "Any ideas who the boy is or who made the threat?"

"A few, but we'll just have to wait and see when we arrive. Seat Belt." Batman said noticing the seat belt light was flashing. Batman started the Batwing and the hanger bay opened they took off out the batcave.

End of Chapter ONE: Tuxedos and Suits.

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