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Chapter Twelve: Faith In Friends. I DO NOT OWN Young Justice or anything.

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Chapter Twelve:
Faith in Friends

Darkness was all Dick could see when he woke up that evening. Slowly he turned his head to look at the clock on his wall and a sigh escaped from his lips as he read the time. Dick knew there was something familiar about the time, like he already knew it was early evening before even looking at the clock. Dick closed his eyes and pushed the thought out of his mind.

Dick couldn't explain what it was but there was some small part of his mind and in his heart, that was encouraging him to get out of his bed and to find his Uncle, all before Bruce and the Justice League could. And to do so he needed the help of his friends, even if it meant putting them in danger. This was something he couldn't do alone.

With night having set in some time ago, Dick realized someone had came and opened his bedroom curtains. Dick frowned as he laid there, normally they were opened during the day and closed at night. Seeing as he had been in bed all day he didn't think they would have been opened in the first place. It felt like they were opened for a reason, but whatever the reason, Dick didn't dwell on it. He just stared out the window; he could see the Gotham City's skyline from his bed and the clouds and smog that covered the night sky. Then a light flashed and he focused on the shadowy image that had materialized on the clouds.

It was a shadow of a bat. Gotham needed Batman.

Dick smirked to himself as he slowly and carefully sat up, but was instantly confused when he realized he couldn't feel any pain. He could feel his body was healing but he also could feel how feeble he was. His chest seemed fine as he tested his breathing with a few deep breaths. He knew his right lung had collapsed, but he was breathing normally. He noticed his ribs were still sore, but he could feel they were not broken or fractured, and he had a tender stop on the back of his head, when he reached a hand back and touched it knowing there was a wound there, and apart from a slight headache, he was fine.

Still puzzled, Dick slowly moved his legs so they were hanging over the edge of is bed, before he leaned over and turning off the all the machines that surround his bed out of his bed and started to pull off the wires that were attached to him. He didn't want Alfred or Bruce (if he was still in the manor) to know that he was awake, plus leaving them on and having them flat line, didn't seem to be a wise idea, as it was an unsettling sound.

Dick nearly lost his balance as he slid off his bed too quickly. His legs were shaking and the room suddenly started to spin.

"You would think I'd have learnt from that by now." Dick groaned at his stupidity as he placed a hand to his forehead in hope it would stop the room from spinning.

After a few more moments standing still and once the room stopped spinning, Dick slowly and carefully walked over to the mirror and looked at his face, instantly noticing how pale and frail he looked.

Dick leaned in closer to the mirror and saw the injuries he had gained from the explosion. There was a bandage over his right eyebrow, Dick pulled it off in order to look and see how bad the cut was, only to find a small cut that didn't need a bandage that size over it, but the worrying thing Dick found was the blood on the bandage, for a cut that size, he knew there shouldn't have that much blood. Dick frowned and tried to find an explanation to the suddenly recovery to his injuries.

There were a few possibilities that came to his mind. A couple of heroes that Dick knew of there were capable of healing on this level, but Dick couldn't see Bruce calling for help from one of them. Not only would it put both of their secret identities at risk, but he knew it go against Bruce's morals of using superhero powers for selfish needs when he could heal on his own, it might take a while but he would be fine in the end.

Dick knew there could be possibility that he had been dreaming about Bruce explaining his injuries to him this morning, was a long shot, then again so was the possibility that Bruce had called in help other then Leslie. Dick took a deep breath in and tried to focus on what he was about do. Concerning himself about his lack injuries and physical pain would only distract him and he couldn't afford that since he had other things on his mind, he was breaking one of Batman's major rules, about letting his emotions interfere. But could seem to shake it from his mind.

"Unless…" Dick thought, looking down at the ground and his eyebrows knitted together.

Suddenly his eyebrows shot higher and looked back into the mirror at his horror struck face. "I couldn't have been that close to di-" Dick breathed in disbelief, no wanting to finish.

Dick turned from the mirror and ran a hand thought his hair when eyes started to sting. Bruce calling for help from another other hero was the only real answer he could come up with, what really struck Dick harder was the person that put him in his situation in the first place.

Once again the clock on Dick's wall caught his eye and he turned to see it better and that's was when he noticed the Bat-signal had just vanished from the sky, confirming that Bruce wasn't still in the Manor.

This was his chance. Dick knew if he was going to go after his uncle and bring him home safely to protect the others he cared about, now was the time to act.

Dick quickly pulled on a hoodie and sweat pants and hurried out of his room to Bruce's office. He needed to change into Robin and get to Mount Justice. Heading into Gotham on his motorbike to the nearest zeta-tube was most likely going to alert Batman, it was risky, Batman could come after him, but activating the emergency Zeta-Tube in the Batcave was out of the question.

Dick knew the alerts from all the zeta-tubes in Gotham are sent to Batman to notify him when other Justice League memebers were in Gotham when they shouldn't be. So Dick came up with the plan to hack into Watchtower's systems undetected, easy since it wasn't the first time he's done that. Then over ride the larger Zeta-tube in Gotham without Batman's knowledge and ride his bike from Happy Harbor to Mount Justice. All in all it didn't seem that hard to the Boy Wonder.

On his way down stairs, Dick stopped at the top of the staircase and looked down and sighed. His strength might have been slowly returning to him, but there was no way to make it down stairs on his own with his legs were still too weak. Not wanting to call for Alfred for help or even let him know that he was awake, because he would call Bruce, Dick scrambled up onto the banister and carefully slid the whole way down.

At the bottom Dick gripped the banister with his hands to help him stop and to prevent him flying off end. As soon as he slipped off and his he feet touched the ground, his stomach growled, very loudly. Dick wouldn't have been surprised if Alfred were to come from where ever he was in the Manor.

He hadn't really eaten in two days, the IV was providing him with everything he needed but now he needed energy if was going to find his uncle. He sighed at the thought of his uncle, before forcing the thought out his mind and headed towards to the kitchen.

"Now I know how Wally feels." He murmured to himself, just before he walked around the corner and into the kitchen.

Quickly heading to the fridge, Dick grabbed a banana from the fruit blow and took the chicken salad sandwich that was sitting on its plate and the glass of orange juice that was sitting on the fridge next to it, knowing Alfred had made it for Bruce hours ago, who obviously refused to eat it. Within seconds Dick had drank the whole glass and put the empty glass back in the fridge. It would take Alfred longer to fine the empty glass in there then it would by leaving it in the sink, before heading out of the kitchen.

By the time Dick had made it to the Batcave the sandwich was gone and he had started on the banana. Dick paused at the bottom of the stairs and mid bite when he noticed Alfred heading his way, quickly ducking out of the way he hid in the changing room, while Alfred made his way to the stairs.

Alfred paused just before he reached the stairs and turned his head in Dick's direction. Dick froze. Alfred, Bruce and Dick had been living together for years and Alfred, like Dick and Bruce, was hard to startle. Dick learned this when he was nine and after months of trying to steal cookies before dinner and trying to scare Alfred. So Dick wasn't surprised now that Alfred's sixth sense had picked up on Dick's presence in the Batcave.

Alfred turned around and took a few steps forward and studied the changing room doorway. Suddenly out of now where three bats screeched and few out for the changing room. Alfred sighed and turned back to the stairs.

"Blasted bats." Alfred said shaking his head and made his way up the stairs to the Manor. Dick smiled at Alfred's comment, and when he was sure Alfred was gone he quickly changed into his suit.

Just as he was about to put the final piece of his uniform on, his mask, his head was starting to throb increasing his headache. Dick picked up his mask and walked over to the first aid kit cabinet in the changing room and opened it. He pulled a small white bottle and read the label. It was one of Bruce's many super strong pain relief medications that Leslie had given Bruce over the years. Dick read the back of the bottle and thought about what medication she would of had him on over the last few hours. Sighing Dick opened the bottle and poured three little white pills out of the bottle and quickly popped them into his mouth and hastily put the bottle back in the cupboard and put his mask on, before hurrying out from the room.

Now fully dressed, Robin hurried to the Bat-computer and started to hack into the Watchtower's computer. It took longer than he thought it would take to get in and block the Zeta-tube signal from being sent to Batman, but considering the shape he in was in a few hours ago, Robin was quite please that he had been able to focus on the task at all.

Once he climbed on his bike and when he had his helmet on Robin started the bike, it roared to life and he zoomed out of the Batcave. He increased his speed as he drove through Gotham City, trying to avoid possible places Batman would most likely be, until he reached the abandon garage that was linked up to the zeta tubes Happy Harbor. The door opened up and Robin drove right in at full speed.

Recognized: Robin B-Zero One

Robin zoomed out the Zeta-Tube and picked up speed as he raced through the back streets of Happy Harbor heading for Mount Justice.

Soon the sound of Robin's bike roared through secret ground entrance, the sound echoed around the hanger bay as he came to a stop. Robin's eyes focus on the empty hanger bay, he frowned and removed his helmet setting it on his bike before climbing off his as Sphere rolled in.

"I was sure couple of days ago Black Canary said she scheduled training for tonight." Robin said as activated the holographic computer in his glove.

Before Robin was able to check the cave's computer to see if the Team was there, Sphere made a noise causing Robin glanced at her and said "I don't have time to-" Robin cut himself as Sphere rolled away from him and over to the door before rolling around and making more noises on the spot, trying to get Robin to follow her.

"Is Connor here?" Robin asked, deactivating the holographic screen. Sphere made some more noises and rolled out of the room then rolled down the hall. Robin quickly followed as she headed for the kitchen. When they neared the kitchen, Sphere stopped and made a small noise. Robin smiled and thanked her before she happily rolled away towards the hanger bay.

Slowly Robin walked towards the doorway where he could hear Wally and Artemis arguing about a cake while M'gann was trying to talk to them in order to calm the pair down. Robin smiled to himself as he stopped in the doorway and looked around the room, nobody noticed him as he leaned against the door frame watching them.

Connor was watching the snowy TV screen with the words "No Signal" displayed with Wolf asleep at this feet, Black Canary was reading a book on the lounge opposite Connor, it was clear to Robin that at one point they had been talking. Kaldur was talking to Red Tornado in the far corner, and they seemed to be in a deep discussion, but Robin could see that the fighting between Artemis and Kid Flash was starting to get on Aqualad's nerves.

"What makes you think he likes chocolate?" Artemis asked, turning the pages of a cookbook.

"Who doesn't?" Wally added.

"Quite a few people. Vanilla is better, it's neutral. Everybody likes vanilla!"

"Everyone likes chocolate! And I know Rob better than you think. He's totally a chocolate fan." Wally argued.

"Oh come off it, Baywatch. Just admit it; you want the chocolate cake all to yourself, because really you want to give him the vanilla one."

"What?!" Wally exclaimed in horror at Artemis, who had a smirk on her face and M'gann pick her blow of icing and took a few steps back knowing the argument was going to last a while. "Oh, come off it, Artemis. Robin and I are best mates, just face it you're jealous." Robin's eyes widen as he tried not to laugh out loud.

"JEALOUS!?" Artemis cried out in rage.

"Enough!" Aqualad yelled firmly, as he turned from Red Tornado to Wally and Artemis. "Your arguing has grown beyond annoying. Quiet down or training this evening will be un-cancelled just for the both of you." Robin tried to hide his amusement, as he laughed under his breath.

Connor stood when the Boy Wonder laughing in the doorway. Robin smiled and nodded at him, as he continued to lean back against the side of the door and with the cheeky smirk in his face.

"Robin." Connor said with a smile, glad to see the Boy Wonder. Suddenly everyone in the room looked from Connor and then faced the kitchen door to see why Connor had said Robin's name.

"Robin!" M'gann cried with delight, the second she noticed Robin was there and placed her blow of icing down and flew over to the door.

"Hey Rob!" Kid Flash cheered in surprise, as he zoomed to his best friend's side beating M'gann there.

"I'm out of action for 24 hours and you two are fighting over what flavor cake I like?" Robin raised an eyebrow as he spoke and straightened up from the door frame. Artemis and Wally both turne red and looked away, a little embarrassed to look at the boy wonder. Robin just laughed.

"I am glad to see you're okay, Robin." M'gann said as she leaned in hugged him tightly. "I was so worried."

"Yeah, no one knew how you doing. You didn't look too good yesterday after the explosion." Wally said to Robin.

Suddenly a small groan escaped Robin's lips and M'gann, who let go of him and quickly stepped away, looked concerned. Robin held an arm against his chest, as everybody in the room watched him carefully.

"I am so sorry, Robin. Are you okay?" M'gann asked feeling really bad for hurting him.

"Yeah, it's nothing." Robin reassured as he removed his arm from his chest.

"I am glad to see you, my friend but you should be with Batman and resting." Aqualad said as he made his way over Robin.

"Thanks, Kaldur, but I'm fine, beside Batman's busy and resting is the last thing I need to be doing." Robin said as he straightened up, and pushed the pain from his chest out of his mind. Black Canary who was already on her feet standing next to Red Tornado watching Robin carefully.

"Does Batman know you're here?" Black Canary asked, curiously. Robin just ignored her and suddenly the caves alarms went off, making Robin tense. Black Canary and Red Tornado, press the comms in their ears and listened to the message they were receiving.

"Roger that Zatara." Black Canary, and turned to the Team. "Stay here and you are not to leave the cave." She ordered, before turning to leave the room with Red Tornado.

"What's happened?" Artemis asked.

Black Canary sighed and quickly glanced at Robin addressing the Team. "Red Arrow has just received information that the League of Shadows has paid off small gangs from New York, Metropolis, Patterson and Washington, to place bombs in the most populated areas of each city."

"Why?" Connor asked.

"That information we do not have. Information we do have is that The Team has been instructed by Batman to remain in cave." Red Tornado said.

"We can help." Kaldur pointed out, as he turned to Black Canary. "We are ready."

"I know, Kaldur, but some of you still need a little more training at following ordered." Black Canary said as she glanced at Robin who looked away, not happy about singled out.

"Beside this isn't a simple recon mission. Your chance will come, sooner than you might think. Right now, show that you can follow Batman's orders."

Red Tornado and Black Canary headed for the door again, Black Canary turned. "Robin, may I have a quick word." Robin and nodded and follow Canary out of the room, and headed for the hanger bay to collect her motorbike.

"I talked to Flash this morning and from what he was telling I'm not sure if you should be here." Black Canary said softly.

"I'm okay, Dinah. Really." Robin lied, trying to fake a smile, but he knew Black Canary wasn't buying it.

Black Canary softly sighed to herself. "I guess Barry was over exaggerating your injuries this morning."

"Most likely." Robin sighed wistfully.

Canary reached out and placed a hand on Robin's shoulder and they both stop walking. She turned Robin to face her as she got down on one knee so she was just below eye level with him and placed both her hands on his arms, and Robin looked to the ground.

"Dick," Black Canary whispered ever so quietly that there would have been no way Connor could hear it. "I know this cannot be easy for you. I know he's your uncle-"

"Dinah, please…" Robin voice cracked as he spoke and his eyes started to sting from behind his mask. He placed his hands on her gloves and slowly pushed her hands away. Robin swallowed hard and continued to look at the ground. "I-I can't talk about this now… maybe once he's safe and off the streets, I'll come to you, but not now."

"You're going to look for him." She stated.

"I can't let Batman or the League find him. I have to talk to him. Right now while the Justice League is busy with those bombs, this is my best chance." Robin pointed out.

"I understand. But how are you planning to find him? I have no doubt Batman's been looking for him all day, I know he would wish to be in Gotham right now and not in New York with Zatara, if he had a lead on your uncle's whereabouts."

"We all know my uncle is looking for me and he won't try anything with the Manor's security being tighten."

"You think he'll be at Gotham Cemetery." Black Canary added.

Robin nodded in agreement. "That's where I want to be tonight; both Bruce and Uncle Rick know this. That's were Batman would have been tonight."

"And I guess you would like me not to mention anything of this to Batman?"

Robin looked up at Canary, "Please, you can't. He's needed in New York. I can handle my own uncle."

"If last night is anything to go on, I won't lie when I say I have my doubts." Robin looked away from Black Canary but she just smiled softly and turned his head back to her. "I won't say anything, unless you promise me you'll take the Team with you."

"That's kind of why I'm here." Robin smiled, glad that Black Canary was going to keep this appearance at the Mountain quite from Batman.

"Good." Canary looked at Robin and sighed; inside she couldn't help but worry about him and wonder if she was making the right choice about hiding this from Batman. However apart of her knew this was something Robin needed to do. "I need to go." She said before she could change her mind. "So please be careful."

"Always am." He smiled. Black Canary rose to her feet and arch an eyebrow at him and Robin folded his arms across his chest. "I will." He promised.

With a small nod Canary turned and headed into the hanger bay, Robin stood in the doorway watching as she mounted her motorbike and zoomed out before Robin turned and headed back to the kitchen.

"I need your help." Robin said the second he walked into the kitchen, knowing he didn't have time to waste. The Team looked at Robin in wonder as they stood in small circle by the door way.

"With what exactly?" Artemis asked, her hands were on her hips.

"Finding Rick Grayson." He said without a second thought.

"Batman said he was handling that." Wally said, studying Robin in confusion.

"I thought Rick Grayson was the League's problem?" Connor asked.

"Batman and the rest of Justice League are busy." Robin pointed out.

"So there is no one looking for him?" Kaldur asked.

Robin nodded. "I don't know about you guys, but I want to see the moron who threw that granite at me last night behind bars. And I also want Rick Grayson off the streets of Gotham. I have an idea where he'll be tonight, so this is our only shot, before he goes off the radar."

"How do you know where he's going to be?" M'gann asked, looking at Robin.

"The Flying Grayson's were murdered this very night five years ago. There's no way either Dick or his uncle would not show up at Gotham Cemetery tonight." Robin pointed out.

Wally took a step forward, "Dude, we can't attack him in a cemetery."

"Wally is right. We could destroy the graves and headstones. It would be disrespectful." Kaldur added.

"I think that the least of our worries." Artemis said, looking at little concerned.

"What is then?" Wally asked, as he turned to Artemis.

"How are going to keep Dick Grayson away from the cemetery?" Artemis asked.

"We're not." Robin stated.

"He's already in danger." Artemis exclaimed in shock at the thought. "And you want to use the kid as bait?"

"It's the only way to lure his uncle out." Robin explain calmly, noticing the Team weren't too pleased about the idea. "He needs to see Dick there or he could end up leaving, and we miss our chance."

"No!" M'gann shouted. "We can't. What if we- what if I mess up again. Dick could be killed." Robin understood why M'gann was worried.

"That's a lot of what if's. Look, I've talked to Dick, M'gann, he's aware of all the risks." Robin said in a soft voice.

Kid Flash took a few steps closer to the Team, before specking in a soft tone. "I can't imagine what kind of pain he would be in to seeing his Uncle like this, but I understand why Dick wants to do this. He doesn't want his Uncle, the only family he has left, to get hurt or let him hurt anyone else. It's what I would do if I was in his situation."

Robin watched Kid Flash as he spoke; he heard the hidden message in Kid's speech and also knew that he was sticking up from Dick and secretly for Robin too.

"What would you do if your own uncle went rouge and lost all sense of reason? Dick just wants this to end, but safely, the man is still his uncle after all. This is the only way... even if it means putting himself in the line of fire." Robin lowered his head slightly before turning back the holographic screen in front of him.

"I am not so sure of this. I understand the boy's reasons but we cannot put his life in danger... even if he requests it." Kaldur added. He folded his arms across his chest, then raised his left hand to his chin and started thinking hard about the situation.

Robin turned around and faced the Team "I'm not big on the idea either, but I cannot see any other way." Robin added.

Kaldur sighed quietly, knowing that if he was given more time he could come up with a better plan, but time wasn't on their side and he couldn't see any other way. Kaldur nodded at Robin finally agreeing with him.

M'gann, Connor and Artemis had been watching Kaldur as he decided, M'gann and Artemis looked at one another with concern.

"We contact him and tell him not to go." M'gann said. "One of us could dress up as Dick. Robin you're about Dick's height."

"I don't think that would work. His uncle would know it wasn't him. Besides..." Artemis pointed out before turning her gaze to Robin. "...Robin is too bulky to pass off as Dick."

Robin's eyes widen behind his mask before narrowing dangerously at her with a playful smirk in his lips. "Are you calling me fat?" Robin asked. Wally clapped his hands over his mouth trying not to laugh.

Artemis smirked back. "If the shoes fits." Her face turned serious again and continued to talk. "Anyway Dick didn't listen to anyone last night, I doubt he'll be willing to have a night in with Bruce Wayne, especially tonight."

"I believe Artemis is right on both accounts. Dick should go about his night as he wishes; informing him of our exact plans will do no good." Kaldur said. "However we need to protect him."

"We tried that last night, and we lost him." Connor said.

"Yes but the boy knew we were watching him and there was a crowd in the way. Tonight he'll be working with us, hopefully he'll understand and follow our orders." Kaldur reminded him.

"He's willing to listen to us if it means bringing his uncle in off the streets. I wish there was another way." Robin apologized quietly. "We can keep him safe."

"There's gotta be another way around this?" Artemis asked looking at Robin.

"We can keep him safe, Artemis." Robin said. "Wally will get him out of the cemetery before we make our move." Robin said, looking at Wally who nodded, letting Robin know he was okay with the idea.

"I want to help you Robin," M'gann said. "but I did a very poor job last night."

"I'm with M'gann. We all did a pretty crappy job," Artemis pointed out. "We lost a defenseless 13 year old. What makes you think we won't stuff up that badly again."

"It was clear we under estimated Rick Grayson, and I'm 13... It could have happen to anyone." Robin said.

"You've been trained, your not that defenseless." Artemis added.

"Yeah, Dick Grayson is a handful. Trying to keep up with him is a mission on its own... so I hear." Wally smiled. Robin slightly narrowed his eyes at him and before looking away. Nobody seemed to notice the two but Kaldur caught a bit of Robins glare at Wally.

"But it was our mission. We failed. I failed." M'gann said folding her arms and looking down at the floor. Connor walked up next to her.

"You didn't fail. None of you guys did." Robin really wasn't sure what to say, because she kind of did fail. M'gann did lose sight of Dick Grayson, but nobody thought or knew that he would run, or was skilled at disappearing.

"Batman said that the Gotham City PD found Dick after he ran back inside." Robin said "I promise you M'gann, Dick Grayson made it home safe."

M'gann looked up from the floor and smiled at Robin, thanking him. "If he still needs our help, I'll be glad to try and make it up to him... and Mr. Wayne for my failure."

"I think we all would." Kaldur said turning to Robin who was smiling and nodded the Atlanteian.

"I'm in." Wally said at once and stepped forward. "Nobody tries to blow up my best pal and gets away with it. Plus you're not going after Rick Grayson alone." Wally said, letting Robin know he wasn't alone in his mission to bring his Uncle Rick home. Robin nodded at Wally, thanking him and letting him know he was grateful for the support.

"Okay," Robin said, as he tried to hide his nerves, anxiousness and fear that were building up inside him as the reality of going after his uncle like a criminal sunk in. Robin knew this wasn't going to be an easy task for him, but he was glad he wasn't alone tonight and that someone who knew how personal all this was to him, was there. Robin looked to Wally for support and found Wally watching him, he nodded once, letting Robin and Dick know he would be there with him thought it all. "So let's review this."

With the information they had, Robin, with the Team's help, made a plan. They would head to Gotham via the Bio-Ship. Robin and Kid Flash would watch and protect Dick Grayson, while Kaldur, Connor, M'gann and Artemis would try and take down Rick Grayson's men. Coming to the conclusion that Rick wouldn't being expecting the Justice League tonight because the four cities with bombs hidden within them had been leaked to the press by some smartass at the NYPD. With conformation by Artemis and Robin that Dick was capable from escaping Wayne Manor without Bruce Wayne and GCPD knowing was extremely possible and Robin's plan was to call off the GCPD for a short time from the cemetery so Rick Grayson would come out into the open, then when Dick was safely away from danger Robin and Wally would returned to help with Rick Grayson's men and bring the focus to the man himself.

Kaldur was the next too speak, with a plan set and ready to put into action, he instructed the Team to get changed and prepare for the mission. Kid Flash had change and returned before Aqualad had finished giving orders. While everyone else went to change and get ready, Wally saw the perfect opportunity to talk with Robin, as they headed to the hanger bay.

"Are you sure about this, Rob?" Kid asked. "The Man we're going after is your own uncle."

"I know, Wally, but what would you do if you were in my position? Stand back and watch as your uncle threatened everyone you care about, or try and stop him?" Robin said.

"He wants you dead. What are you going to do when he's got a gun drawn at you?"

"It won't come to that. I don't think he really wants to kill me, I'm all he has left."

"After last night I would say he wants you dead."

"No, he doesn't!" Robin snapped, "He wants me alive! He wants me to help finish off Zucco."

"Robin, I know this isn't easy to hear but, he is going to kill Zucco then he's going after you, then himself. He's on a murder suicide mission." Kid said, trying to shake some sense into Robin.

Robin came to a stop and just stared ahead as Kid Flash lowered his voice. "He's not the man you knew, Dick. What happen to your family changed people; you know this better than anyone in the Justice League. You can deny the effect it's had on your Uncle all you want, but it won't change the fact that it has."Wally paused for a moment, before continuing. "I know I can't even start to imagine what's going through your mind right now or how you're feeling, but you're not alone tonight. The whole Team is you with. They want to protect Dick Grayson; meaning they want to help you. I know Bruce won't happy when this is over but he'll be there, so will Black Canary."

"She... She knows what we're planning tonight." Robin said quietly, still not meeting Kid Flash's eyes, who's widen in shock.

"What? How?"

"She guessed… so to speak." Robin confessed.

Kid understood, with Black Canary being the Justice League's psychotherapist she could understand what was going with a person with only a few words. Others were harder, but Black Canary had known Robin for years and had a few sessions with him other that time. As Kid Flash thought about it, he knew he really shouldn't have been so surprised.

Robin looked to the ground and sighed, drawing Kid's attention back to him. "I still can't tell the others who I really am, especially now. They would stop me from going after him."

"And I wouldn't blame them. But I know you, dude, and I know that once you've something said or tried to do something, there would be no way of stopping you. That's why I'm not even going to try." Kid said.

"Thanks, KF." Robin smiled and the pair continued to walk towards the hanger bay. "But weren't just trying to talk me out of this?"

"More like trying to knock some sense into that bird brain of yours. I just want you to be sure you do know what you're doing, and I'll at your side no matter what… So Batman really has no idea you've left?" Kid asked, with a smirk on his face.

"Nope and he won't have a clue until Alfred finds me missing."

"Nice to know Batman can be fooled… And your Uncle is sure you'll turn up tonight?"

"Positive. I know he's aware I'm hurt but he also knows it'll take a little more than a few cuts and bruises to keep me away from my parent's grave tonight. The grenade was a distraction for the League to make them think I would be too hurt to go and see them, and I won't mind betting the bombs planted in New York, Patterson, Washington and Metropolis are a diversion for the League, are not the Shadow's work."

"Roy was the one who received the Intel, I think you have gotten it wrong." Kid pointed out. "And that seems like a lot of effort to capture you. No offence, dude."

"None taken. Roy's source could have gotten the Intel wrong. Right about the bombs, wrong about who's responsible."

"It's possible." Kid said thinking, as they came to a stop in the doorway to the hanger bay.

"Besides these men my uncle hired, they would have to be the brains behind all of this. My uncle is a smart man, but there was no way he could put a whole plan like this together by himself."

"I hate to say this, dude, but I think we shouldn't be ruling anything out." Kid said, not wanting say those words about Robin's uncle wanting to kill him out loud again.

when to the rest of the Team was heading towards the hanger bay and the two of them made their way to bio ship together in silence.

End of Chapter Twelve: Faith in Friends.

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