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Truth Be Told.

Chapter 15:
Blood Brothers.

It was the sound of muffled voices that woke Wally up, but the hissing sound of someone's voice was what he focused on to help draw him back to the conscious world.

Slowly the speedster opened his eyes. His vision was blurred and all he could see were three figures moving in front of him. Two large men, judging by fuzzy dark shapes and the sound of their voices. The last appeared to be sitting down in a chair, but it was moving. This man was in a wheelchair.
Wally knew that was meant to mean something. Or maybe someone? But he couldn't think. He closed his eyes again and listened to the hissing voice that woke him up in the first place.

The voice was still yelling from somewhere next to him, and it grew louder for a moment as the three male voices faded, that's when the voice became softer and he could now make out that the voice remaining was female. Slowly Wally opened his eyes again, and he no could see any figures in front of him.

"I… contact him." Second female said, her was softer and filled with worry.

"No… right… do damage." Wally focused on the stronger voice to pull him back further.

"Can… do?"

"Our main concern… Grayson. We need… way to free him." The voice paused for a moment. "...word… Robin?


Robin. Wally thought. Something about Robin echoed through his mind.

"Miss Martian… try waking Aqualad?"

"I'm trying… I can't seem… him and Superboy. Nothing. I keep... this soft buzzing when I try. I think being hit... have... knock out my telekinesis. I think don't think I... move that juggling pin."

"Great." The first voice groaned.

Juggling Pin. That word meant something to Wally. The tried harder and harder to focus on the words he was hearing. Robin and Juggling Pin. The only thing Wally could think of what they have in common was the circus. Why would we be at a circus? That's one of the last places Robin would-

Most of Wally's memories of the last couple of days suddenly came flooding back. Rick Grayson had ambushed them in the cemetery... It had been a setup... O'Neil and his men had been there for hours lying in wait. Why hadn't we seen that?

"Kid Flash? Can you hear me?" M'gann's rang in his head and a moment later there was muttering between M'gann and the first voice echoing in his left ear.

Wally pushed her call out of his mind. Robin… Dick? What happen to him after…? Wait… Oh my god a shot fired. Dick!

"Baywatch, you need to calm down." A voice whispered to him from his right. "Wally please, you need to open eyes." The first voice said... Artemis.

This time Wally did as he was told and slowly opened his eyes.

"How ya feelin'?" Artemis asked softly.

Wally turned his head to his left and there stood Artemis. Her bow and quiver gone, her hands tied behind her back around a large wooden pole, just passed her he could see M'gann who had received the same treatment. Looking to his left Wally could see Kaldur and was too tired to a pole with rope next to him, but it was wrapped around his body and the pole. Superboy however who was on the other side of Kaldur had a large chain wrapped around him and the pole. His hands wrapped in chains above his head and his feet we just off the ground.

"Miss Martian can't wake them." Artemis said. Knowing what Wally was looking at just passed her.

"Their not-?"

"No, no, just knocked out. I'm thinking sedative. I was the first to wake up then Miss Martian, who seems to have apparently lost her telekinesis. To be honest we thought you would be the last to wake up."

"Gez, thanks." Wally muttered annoyed. Really? She wants to do this now? He complained to himself. Wally then paused for a moment and looked back at Artemis, something was off. Something in her eyes said there was more. "Why's that?"

Artemis eyes widen in shock and she and M'gann shared a look. "Adrenaline?" M'gann suggested with a whisper.

Artemis then looked back to Wally. "You're kidding right? You can't seriously tell me you don't feel it?"

"I can feel that I'm tried to a pole if that's what this is all about."

"His mind could must be protecting him from the pain?" M'gann suggested.

"Will someone please tell me what's going on?!" Wally shouted in frustration.

"You were shot, Kid Idiot!" Artemis responded.

Wally frozen and looked at Artemis seeing the concern briefly flood her eyes.

"Don't you remember?" M'gann asked.

Wally closed his eyes and bowed his head down and tried to think back. "I remember a gun firing and all I could think about was getting Dick out of the way. Everyone else had been knock out. I was on my own." Fear flooded his mind at he thought back how scared he was for his best friend.

"Where was Robin?" M'gann asked sounding worried.

"Huh?" Wally asked opening his eyes and looking too M'gann, confused as he been pulled back from his thoughts.

"Wally," Artemis whispered sadly. Wally looked to Artemis. "Robin's not here."

"What?" Wally's eyes widen and leaned forward as much as he could to try and see past Artemis and then M'gann.

"No. They can't have him. Please tell me they haven't got him?" Wally could feel the panic raising up within him, because his best friend's life was now in more danger then they had planned.

"Planned." The words escaped Wally's lips in a soft whisper. The panic he was feeling slightly dead within as something suddenly made sense. He turned his head to Artemis.

"Where's Grayson?"

Artemis was taken back with Wally's sudden control and the change of subject. One minute he was worried about his best friend the next moment he's asking where Dick Grayson was. Artemis didn't say anything she just looked at Wally for a moment and then her eyes moved to a spot high up on the far side of the tent.

Wally's eyes widen when he saw what Artemis's eyes were looking at. On a circular platform high above the ground, tried to the pole in sitting on his legs and hunched forward with his hair covering his face and blood on his clothes was... Dick Grayson.

NO! Dick. The sight was nearly too much for the speedster, he was about to turn his away but he stopped himself. He knew if he was in Dick's situation Dick would not look away. He would be already planning a way to free him and get him down safely. He was Robin after all… but something was wrong. Dicked pale… That's when Wally realized without even needing to look into the eyes of his best friend… The Boy Wonder was currently gone.

Now looking around the tent, Wally couldn't see away to free him. Dick's life was on the line and Wally would be damn if he'd fail his best friend. Even after the countless times Dick had saved his life. It was time to repay the debt.

Nothing. Wally groaned looking down at the ground, trying hard to think of a plan, but there was nothing nearby he could use to help save Dick.

"We won't leave him up there." Artemis's voice pull Wally out of his thoughts. Wally turned to look at Artemis, his head still hanging low. "We'll find a way."

"I hope it's soon." He whispered softly.

Dick wasn't sure how long he had been a wake but he was sure it was over twenty minutes but he had refused to open his eyes. It wasn't the dizziness in his head that was making him feel sick that was stopping him from doing so, nor was it the look he would see on his Team mate's faces when they realized Robin wasn't with them knowing he would come to their rescue when he couldn't. It was the fear of finding out where he and his Team were being held that was keeping him from opening his eyes, only by opening his eyes would it become truly real.

Somehow Dick, manage to not move and control his breathing as his Uncle Rick, O'Neil and one of his men a walked into the tent. He ignored the yelling from O'Neil and somehow he manage not to react to his Uncle's voice as his spoke to him from below. Artemis was yelling at the three shouting out and trying to scare the men by being up Batman, M'gann was trying calm Artemis down. O'Neil just laughed and his Uncle Rick just chuckled and told Artemis Batman wasn't a concern. The three left after that.
Dick was grateful the tears that were threating to escape his closed eyes, fill after the three had left.

It was the groan that escaped Wally's lips as the speedster woke up, that forced Dick to shift his attention his Team below nope. That was when Dick remember everything that had happen in the cemetery.

The gun shot. The blood… Wally!

Dick's snapped opened his eyes, regretting instantly how quickly they did. He closed his eyes again as his head spun faster.

Why did I just do that? Dick groaned. Stupid! I-I-I can't even think straight this is all my fault. Wally was shot trying to protect ME. I shouldn't have brought ANY of them into this!

His ears perked up when he heard Artemis and M'gann talking and Dick was now sure that Wally was awake but it didn't matter. He had failed his best friend. He knew Bruce wasn't going to be pleased about sneaking out of the manor, nor about dragging the Team along into the mess he had made. So to make things worse Dick had Dinah lying for him... Then there was everything with his Uncle Rick.

"My. Fault." Dick breathed as his limbs become heavy and head dropped forward as far as it would go.

Robin was gone and Dick Grayson... He had given up.

The blood on the ground near the Grayson family graves only made the anger within Roy Harper grow.

As he knelt down in front of the blood, Roy hoped that it belong someone else. Anyone else then the Boy Wonder, who over the years had become something of a little brother to him and Wally. Knowing he could be hurt only made Roy Harper's temper and his concern grow. This only made his need to find Dick, Wally and the Team only greater. If that was any possible

Looking up from the ground the archer looked towards the main gate, wondering where the Team and Dick were. Hoping Wally was doing whatever he could to look after him. Looking around the graves Roy stood and started looking around for clues or everything that would help him.

After twenty minutes of searching the graveyard, Roy had pieced together what had happened at the cemetery and to the Team. His fists were clenched tightly at his side as he climbed up the steps from inside of an old Gotham family mausoleum. Roy closed the heavy mausoleum door and he reached to his ear activating his comm-link.

"Red Arrow to Batman." Roy said, as he turned and looked down at the ground and foots prints that were fresh and didn't belong to him.

"Tell me you have him."

"I was beaten too it. Batman, Dick and the Team are gone." Roy winced as he heard the sound of crashing mental which was quickly followed by Zatara complaining in a mixture of English and Italian, clearly unhappy with whatever Batman had just done, from the other end of the comm. Roy didn't have to be there to know Batman had just punch something or someone.

"Tell me you found something?!" Batman growled.

"I did, but you're not going to like it."

"I already don't."

"There are clear signs the Team put up a fight, but they were ambushed and kidnapped. It looks like Kid Flash was the closest to Dick and tried to get him out of there, I found clear signs of his tracks by the graves, but it's clear they didn't make it… I also found blood... I can't tell who it belongs too." Roy said. The night air had picked up, blowing the leaves on the ground around the Grayson family graves. Roy watched the leaves as he walked back over to the graves. "Where would Dick's oncle tache thème?"

"There's an old over grown park about twenty minutes north from your location. That's where he'll be."

"An old park? Of the all the abandon sites and buildings in Gotham City, he picks an old park?"

"It's the site Haly's Circus was setup on five years ago."

"Of course it is." Roy sighed, now seeing the oblivious reason.

"Get Dick out of there and then contact Robin. He'll talk you through defusing the bomb."

"Bomb? Gotham wasn't on the-"

"It was a setup to get me out of Gotham and the Justice League busy. There will be a bomb in Gotham that was planned in order to keep me busy, if I didn't answer the League's call."

"You're telling me that Dick's uncle planned all of this?"

"No. He had help, which is why I know there is bomb in Gotham, which will be detonated. I'm the middle of deactivating the one in New York and the sings construction tell me who know created them, so there will be one in Gotham that will go off with or without me."

"So I recuse Dick, return to the circus, free the Team-"

"No." Batman sighed heavenly. "If you return to free the Team you'll be too late."

"I might like not trust most of them, but I won't leave them in the hands of a mad man."

"You don't have a choice. The man Rick Grayson has hired is extremely dangerous, he won't let them go without a fight."

"He could kill Kid Flash, Aqualad and the rest of the Team and you want me to forget them to save a city of criminals."

"Now is not the time for this. There are innocent lives on the line, not everyone in Gotham in a criminal."

"Do you really think Dick-"

"I don't have time for this! Do whatever it ever it takes to get Dick to safety and then deal with the bomb."

Batman then cut the link.

Roy groaned in frustration as started running as fast as he could towards the gate, then a smirked appeared on his lips. He had a plan that Batman was not going to like because it meant twisting his words but not his orders. However for the plan to work, he first had to make a quick stop to a nearby safe house.

"Or we could-"

"No. None of this is going to work." Wally groaned, cutting off M'gann and looking back up to Dick tried up above them.

"Wally, you didn't even hear Miss Martian out." Artemis stated angrily.

"It won't matter." Wally said, not taking his eyes of Dick. "Robin won't get here in time." Wally whispered.

"How do you know?" Artemis hissed quietly, trying her best not to let Dick hear them. The last thing she wanted was to frighten the boy and send him into a panic

Of course Wally knew better, he was more worried about Dick's uncle returning or even worse the Irish guy.

"I just do." Wally stated. "Please can we drop it? I don't think we can rely on the Robin right now."

"Wally-"M'gann softly, this time she cut herself off, she wasn't sure what to say to say to him.

"Fine," Artemis groaned. She was getting more frustrated by the minute and Wally was almost sick of it. He needed to think, but he was finding it hard to do so. "If Robin's out of the question, what do you suggest then?"

Wally couldn't tear his eyes away from Dick. He knew from looking at his best friend's head that it couldn't get any lower, his eyes were still closed even though Wally could see the uneven raise of Dick's chest. He knew he was wake and there was a chance he could hear them… Maybe…

That's when the idea hit him.

"We wait for this bullet wound in my side to kill me!" Wally said his eyes still not leaving Dick's form.

"What?!" Artemis hissed. Her eyes went straight to Wally's face to the bullet wound on Wally's left side. It there was more blood on the white bandage then there the last time she looked. Yes it was still bleeding and it was clear that Kid Flash had been carelessly treated, but it didn't look any worse.

"Wally, don't say that." M'gann said, shocked and sadden at his outburst.

"Why not?" Wally snapped, "Superboy and Aqualad have been knock out cold, who knows when they're going to wake up, and with this patch up I was given, I'm going to die of an infection." Wally voice was slightly growing and the look on Artemis's and M'gann's face at his loud outburst had a chance of waking Dick or catching the ears of the men outside. Artemis's eyes darted from Wally to the other side of the circus hoping his voice would draw unwanted attention. M'gann's eyes went straight up to Dick, worried that the boy would hear Wally's words and scare him. Artemis's eyes then did the same thing the. Artemis knew their best chance was relying on Robin. Hoping the Boy Wonder was calling in the big guns or on his way to them with a plan, because talking it over with Wally and M'gann it was logical place he would be… unless he was hurt.

"Now is not the time to lose your cool, Kid." Artemis snapped back, trying her best to control the level of her voice.

"When is the time, Artemis?! I've been shot. Aqualad is currently unable to lead us out of this and our next best thing is MIA, so between the three of us I have next amount of experience. I can't lead us out of this. I'm not Robin: The Boy Wonder." Wally lowered his head from Dick's direction, leaning his head back against the pole and closing his eyes. "I haven't been to hell and back being trained by the Dark Knight. I don't have his years of experience under my belt, heck I don't have that kind of belt. I'm not as smart as him, I am not as brave as Robin; who flies from building to building on a scarily thin piece of rope. It's not a thing easy to do, I've tried… I wish I was him. I would know how to get us out of here… but-but I don't. Every plan I have requires Robin helping us… We need Robin, Artemis."

"Wally, you're not Robin, no, but I know you, and I've come with some pretty good plans in the past and where a Team. We'll get out of this together. Everything will be fine. " Artemis smiled softly. "And As for Robin, where ever he is I'm sure his he's okay. I know you're worried about him but like you just said he's brave, fearless and amazing hacking. I'm sure he's on some kind of FIB or CIA watch list." Artemis smiled. M'gann smiled too at Artemis's words, and Artemis delight Wally left out a small chuckle. "I know he's okay. He's the Boy Wonder and I have no doubt even without the mask he still is the Boy Wonder… I bet that little troll gives his family as much trouble as he does us."

"And Batman too." M'gann added with a reassuring smile. "There's no way even Batman could escape him when he's bored and up to no good."

"Oh that would be something I would to see. Robin and Batman at it like that." Artemis chuckled quietly.

"It's a sight only a few get to see." Wally smiled, opening his eyes and looking up at the roof of the tent.

"Your one of them aren't you?" M'gann asked with a smiled on her face. "You've seen them like that." There was no question in that.

"Yeah, I have." Wally said lost in a memory back when Batman and Flash had a joint League mission and both deicide it was a safe enough to bring both Robin and Kid Flash. "Despite the iron fast mask Batman wears, he really loves having Robin around… You know… Flash once told me if Batman hadn't brought Robin in to this business when he did, Flash and other members of the Justice League believe Batman would have killed someone long before now… Batman is a better hero because of Robin. That I'm positive of." Wally looked up at Dick and could swear, even in the dim light above, he could see a slight glimmer under Dick's eyes.

"Remind me to thank him when I see him next. I don't think we need a more frightening hero then Batman is now." Artemis stated, with true gratitude in her voice. There was a short pause where the three of them didn't said a word.

"While Robin might be all that, Kid," Artemis said breaking the silence. "You do have your own good points, despite the obvious annoying ones."

Wally turned and look at Artemis and waited for her to continue, but he didn't. Artemis just looked away and looked back up to Dick. "How are we going to get him down?" Wally looked back to Dick at Artemis words. "Dick trusted us to have his back. We promised we would get home safe. Now he's tied up to a platform, and who knows how many feet above the ground. Dick's more than likely going to panic when he comes too and finds himself back up there, and alone.

"Maybe…" Wally said. "But I have a good feeling Dick's going to come out of this better we think."

"And what makes you say that?" Artemis asked.

"He was taken in by a good man and seems to have come along way. He no doubly has a good support system at home and friends to turn out the way he has from what I've read... If anyone can still come out good after living in Gotham for that long has to have something asterous about them."

"You're starting to sound like Black Canary, Kid." Artemis point out looking over at Wally. "Dick's just like Robin."

Wally smiled at Artemis. "Yeah… just like Robin."

"Yeah… just like Robin."

Dick didn't move, even though he wanted nothing more than to tell Wally to shut up. He didn't want to hear things Wally and Artemis were saying. He knew what he was. Useless.

It should have been me. Dick groaned to himself. I should have been shot. If Wally hadn't pushed me out of the way… more tears started to silently trickle down from Dick's closed eyelids lids. He knew he didn't deserve those words said about him. About him, about Bruce and Alfred. He knew what he was a burden. He didn't deserve friends like Wally and Artemis and the rest of the Team.

"What did you mean what you said before? That you could die from an infection?" Artemis asked.

"Is that possible with your metabolism?" Dick heard M'gann asked.

There was a sigh that Dick knew come from Wally, before the speedster spoke. "To be honest this bad patch up job and combined with this dirty tent does have me a little worried." He sounded nervous.

"We shouldn't take any chances." M'gann said.

"M'gann is right." Artemis said her voice suddenly sounding strong. "We need to get out of here. We shouldn't be waiting on help. You and Dick both need a doctor. It's time to leave."

"That's brings us back to where we started." Dick heard Wally groan.

"We." Artemis grunted. "Just have. To. Keep. Trying!"

"Artemis, stop." M'gann begged. "You'll hurt yourself."

"I don't care. We need to get out of here."

Dick took in a deep breath. He was starting to hate himself. Artemis was going to hurt herself if she kept struggling against her ropes, all because she wanted to get Wally and him to safety.

"Artemis, seriously. Cut it out!" Wally started. Dick could hear the concern growing in Wally's voice.

"Only if you tell me you have a plan that doesn't include our missing mini ninja."

"Oh you're so going to regret that." Wally muttered, Dick could hear the smirk widening on Wally's face.

"The Boy Wonder's not here, remember." Artemis pointed out.

"No, but he is the Batman's protégé." Wally quick added. "He'll find out, and it wouldn't be from me."

"With your big mouth? I think he will."

"I'm not the only one listening."

"Okay, listen here, Kid Mouth." Artemis said as she started pushing Kid Flash. "I know Miss Martian won't say anything. Aqualad and Superboy are still unconscious, as well as Grayson. So unless you're secretly recording this then I don't see how Mini Ninja will find out." Artemis started pulling at her ropes again.

"Artemis," M'gann said. "You've already tried the ropes, please don't stop."

"I'm fine." Artemis hissed through here teeth.

"Miss M is right. Think about it. I've been shot! Aqualad and Superboy are out cold. It's just us, Artemis. We don't know what state those two," Kid Flash nodded towards Connor and Kaldur. "Are going to be in when they wake up, and that's if they wake up before we are able get out of here. Injuring yourself will only slow us down."

Artemis groaned in frustration and stopped fighting against her ropes.

"We're going to have wait for Superboy and Aqualad to wake up first, then make a plan from there. Hopeful Robin would have found us by then and get kick some butt and go home. Until then we'll just have to wait it wait." Wally sighed.

"No." Dick called. "I think I can get out of my ropes." His voice is weak and crackly.

Three sets of eyes snapped up to Dick.

"Dick!?" Wally called, relived yet concerned. He was glad to finally hear his best friend's voice.

"Are you alright?" M'gann called.

"Yeah, yeah just a headache and a bit dizzy too." Dick moaned from above.

"Oh thank god." Dick heard Artemis sigh in relief to M'gann and Wally. "Okay, Dick just sit tight we're going to get you out of here." She called.

"I just want to go home." Dick said. Which was true, he did want to go home more than anything. He wanted his bed and to go to sleep, to then wake up and find all of this was just a bad dream. Sadly Dick knew better.

"We understand." M'gann called, "You'll be home before you know it, Dick."

Normally it wouldn't take much effort for Robin to wiggle his hands out the ropes that were tried around his wrist and behind his back. Unfortunately he currently wasn't Robin and to top it off even if he was, he didn't have the strength nor the concentration that he would normally need to get out of his binds so quickly and easily.

However for the standards that were set for a civilian in the field and under pressure and stress, he knew the time it took him to free himself was still pretty good. Even to the point where Artemis had commented to Wally and M'gann at he was pretty good at it.

Dick wobbled on his feet as he finished climbing the ladder and his feet touched the ground, he hurried over to Wally, Artemis and M'gann and started forward to Kid Flash as he look at Wally's bullet wound. He was trying his best to push his feelings out of his head and focus.

"It's going to be okay, Dick." Wally's voice was clam and held a promise.

"How can you be so sure?" Dick asked softly, his eyes moving to the ground.

"Because you remind me of my best friend. He hasn't had an easy childhood either but he's strong. Like you, he has friends who care about him and a guardian, despite what others think, will go the ends of the earth for him. We'll get you through this."

Dick looked into Wally's eyes. Kid Flash's eyes were asking him to trust him. To trust them right now. Robin might not be a player in the game right at that moment but they were. With a soft sigh Dick gave Wally a nod. Wally tried his best to hide the smile on his face. He was so happy and relive Dick was letting them help him.

Noticing Dick's eyes were now on his bullet wound Wally spoke. "I'll be fine, I promise."

"You were shot trying to protect, me this is all my-"

"No!" Miss Martian cut in. "Dick, you are not the blame of any of this."

"Miss Martian is right. There's nothing you could have done to prevent this from happening. So don't go beating yourself up, okay?" Artemis added.

"Maybe." Dick sighed. "I'm I didn't catch your name. You must be knew to the superhero thing, because I've never seen you before."

"Oh, um… it's Artemis." Artemis said sounding slightly nervous.

"Artemis, huh? Funny there's a girl who goes to my school named Artemis. Not common name too…" Dick thought about it for a minute before looking smiling and he shrugged. "But I don't her running Gotham dressed in up like Green Arrow."

"Yeah, Gotham's not my scene for running around in nor for education." Artemis said.

"Dick, you really should go. It's not safe here." Miss Martian pointed out. "Find Bruce Wayne and have him call for help."

"What if I can't get ahold of Bruce?" Dick asked. "I don't know where-"

Kid Flash cut Dick off knowing his best friend was slowly going backwards. "Dick listen to me. You're smart, I know you are. You'll find a way to get help." Wally's voice was softy and reassuring. "You're going to be fine. So are we, just make sure you're safe first. Don't do anything stupid, like coming back, okay? Don't worry about us we can handle this. We've been though worse."

Dick saw the knowing look in Wally's eyes, then he realized he needed to hear those words. Wally was right. In the short time the Team had been together they really had been through worse. In reality he and Wally been through worse together. Dick looked at Wally he felt bad about the leaving him and the Team behind, but the Team's ropes were too much for Dick Grayson to undo at the moment. And they really did need help.

"You need to leave before your uncle returns." Artemis said, as her eyes flicked towards the tents main opening.

"You don't have time to waste. Please Dick, go." M'gann said. "And be safe."

Dick nodded and looked at Wally. "I'll be back."

Wally nodded. "We'll be fine. Just go, dude."

Dick turned and quickly headed towards the back of the tent to the small opening. As he reached the opening Dick looked back at Wally, nodding a promise to return. He then popped his head out the opening and looked about checking to see if it was all clear and he ducked out the tent and disappeared into the night.

"I hope he'll be okay." M'gann said softly.

"He will." Artemis said. Kid Flash looked at Artemis with a questioning look on his face. "What makes you think that?"

"I've got a feel that the kid's had some practice sneaking around."

"Again, what makes you think that?" Wally asked, sounding slightly annoyed.

"He lives with Bruce Wayne. I have no doubt that the former circus boy uses his skills to sneak out of Wayne manor once and while."

"Yeah," Wally chuckled softly, "I no doubt that at all." Then Wally turned and looked up and the trapeze above him. 'His going to come back... Why can't he just listen to me for once?!' Wally let out a small sight that neither Artemis not M'gann heard. 'Oh that right he's Robin… and he won't leave us to deal with his uncle.' Wally closed his eyes and lost himself in deep thought, unaware that Kaldur was waking up.

Getting from the tent to the out skirts with O'Neill's men patrolling the grounds, that was the hard part.

Dick found he wasn't as fast as he normally was nor was he that flexible either, he soon that found out as his hid under one of the three old black SUV's that were parked between the tent and the safely of the trees and bushes on the edge of the grounds. As Dick lay flat on his stomach under the SUV he tried to focus on his breathing and the boots that were walking passed the SVU, which would been a lot easier when he was healthier.

Relief filled Dick when it was clear and he was able to crawl out from under the SUV, before running as fast as he could to the safety of the surrounding bushes and trees. He didn't stop running either. He didn't care about the muscles in his legs that were protesting in pain nor the headache he had and the pain in his chest. He just continued to run. He just wanted to get to far away from his Uncle and closet place when he knew his spare suit would be waiting. Dick hated feeling so useless and vulnerable, he needed a suit, and he needed to help his Team.

Dick came to a sudden stop when he the man before him. The last thing he wasn't expecting was to clear the set of trees to find Roy standing in front of him with an arrow at the ready and aiming straight at him.

He heard the noise of and without thinking, Red Arrow ready himself. He dropped the duffle bag he had been carrying and kicked it out of sight. He knew he was getting close to the old circus grounds and wasn't surprised that some was watching the perimeter. So without a second thought, Roy half hid himself behind a large bush waiting and listening to foots steps growing louder. Pulling back on his bow he steadied himself. That's when somebody around a set of trees.

"Dick!" Roy breathed as his eyes widen and he swore to himself as quickly lowered his bow and arrow, and stepped out from behind the bush.

Dick stopped in his tracks panting heavily with fear and shock in his eyes as he took in the sight of Red Arrow before him.

Roy was suddenly angry with himself for nearly letting go of the arrow and hitting the boy, but that passed when it sank in that Dick was standing before him. Roy quickly stepped forward retuning the arrow back to his quiver and slowly he heeled in front of him, placing his bow on the ground. That was when Roy noticed Dick was shaking, and sweat was starting to bead on his forehead. He looked pale and Roy could see some bruises were starting to show around his face and neck.

"Dick? Dick, what happened?"

"Roy?" Dick whispered, his voice broken, making the thirteen year old sound younger then he really was. Dick's eyes focused on the archer. "He-He has them… Uncle Rick... He has them…"

"Dick, just take a deep breath. I'm going to get you out of here."

"What? No!" Dick begged. "I'm not leaving Wally and the Team with him."

"You're not. I'm going to take you home, then I'll come back for them."

"No. I'm not going home until I know there safe. Roy, please." Dick turned his head and looked back the way he just came. "I dragged them into this, I won't leave them."

Roy gently placed his right to the side of Dick's face and gently turned the boy's back him and lowered his voice. "Look I get that, but Bruce wants you home safe. Then I need to help locate and defusing a bomb that's been hidden in the city."

"They've planted a bomb in Gotham too?" Dick's eyes widened.

"Batman seems to think they would have needed a decoy in case he didn't leave Gotham tonight." Roy lowered his hand from Dick's face, as Dick looked to the ground his eyes and face clearly showing he was thinking hard.

"The plaza." Dick whispered, then he looked up at Roy. It was clear to Dick that Roy, even under the mask, was eyeing Dick off careful, like he was a china doll ready to break any moment. Dick just ignored him. "There's a concert in the Plaza tonight. The Joker had planned on crashing the event as an April fool's joke, but Batman was able to put a stop to his plans early. He wanted to come with me to see my-" Dick cut himself off. He couldn't say anymore, he knew it would bring himself to tears and he didn't want to cry in front of Roy.

Roy slightly tightened his hands on Dick's shoulders seeing the pained look cross his face. "Dick," he whispered softly, it wasn't often he comfort someone, so Roy tried his best to sound sincere. "We're going to fix this. We're going to get Wally, Kaldur and the rest of the Team out. We're going to stop this bomb too… but if you're going to come with me I need to know you can face your Uncle as Robin."

Dick nodded. "I can do that."

"Good. Your suit is in that duffel bag just next to that tree." Roy said nodding to the tree behind him, letting go of Dick's shoulders. "I dropped when I heard you coming."

"Thanks, Roy." Dick smiled and hurried past Roy, who stood with his back to Dick and waited for him to change.

"How did you know I was going need this?" Dick asked from behind Roy.

"I know you," A smirk then formed on Roy's face. "…besides, Batman told me to keep Dick Grayson safe and who better to look after Dick Grayson then Robin."

"You know this isn't what Batman meant."

"Oh, I know." Roy shrugged, "But that's how I heard it."

There a few moments silence and Roy was thinking deeply about whether not this was the right thing to do, but he sighed, he knew he was making the right choice. Only Dick could stop his uncle make the man see what this O'Neil was really planning. Roy just hoped that it wouldn't have consequences later. Batman would really kill him then. "

"I'm ready."

Roy slightly flinched at the voice. Years of working with the Boy Wonder and Roy still wasn't used to the sudden ninja style appearance. Roy turned about and looked at the boy who was now dressed as Robin. Roy kneeled down in front of Dick again.


"No, Dick." Roy sighed. "Just listen to me. I want to make a couple of things perfectly clear first." Roy pulled his mask off and reached up and pulled Robin's off and looked into Dick blue eyes. "You're going to follow my lead. No going after O'Neil or your uncle without Wally or myself with you. Got it?"

"Roy, this isn't-"

"Dick, if anything happens to you tonight Batman is going to kill me. I'm already testing my ties with him and rest of Justice League. Please, Dick... for my own piece of mind promise you won't go after either of them alone."

Dick didn't need to look at the eyes of his friend to see the concern that was in them, because it was the fear in this voice that told Dick everything he needed to know about what Roy was feeling. One of his closest friends was fearful for his wellbeing. This was something on rare occasions and in small amounts that he would sense from Bruce Wayne too and even Batman.

"I won't, I promise." Dick said softly. He didn't want Batman to come down harder on Roy for putting him at risk by letting him go back with him, and against Batman's orders. So making this promise to Roy for his piece of mind was the least he could do. After all it was for the man who was a brother to him. In every way but blood.

Roy nodded a thank you and handed Dick back his mas. Slowly the archer stood and placed his own mask back on his face.

"Why don't we go and recuse Kid Flash before he gets everyone in more trouble with that mouth of his?" Red Arrow smirked as he adjusting his quiver, showing Robin he was feeling confident hoping the boy could sense it to help him feel a little better about going back and facing his

Now with Robin's mask back on his face, a promise to keep and filled with a new sense of faith that he knew he could not afford to let go of, Robin smiled. It was a small but it was hundred percent real.

"Let's do this."

The End of Chapter 15: Blood Brothers

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