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Author's Notes: A/U fanfic about the Kenshin-gumi traveling through time after accidentally getting trapped in a time machine while attending a high school Science Fair. Will they ever find their way back to the present? Lost in Time Comedy Fanfiction by Gypsy-chan Enjoy! (created 3/02, posted 5/30/02)

Part One

Early one morning, two young high school girls happily chatted away with one another as they headed toward school. Unbeknownst to them, two shadowy figures were secretly watching the girls. As they walked past a dark alley, a tall young man suddenly jumped out behind the girls.

"Hold it right there you two," growled one of the attackers in a husky voice.

The two young high school girls stood frozen in place.

"You got the pencil and paper ready," whispered the attacker to his partner. The young man's partner nodded.

"Okay, name the three hot babes that guy named Odysseus saw on a rock?"

The other young man whispered, "psst…. they were Sirens…"

"Yeah, that's right," replied the first would be attacker, "What's the name of the three sexy Sirens that Odysseus saw on a rock?"

"Honestly Sanosuke Sagara, do we have to go through this every morning," asked a rather annoyed Megumi Takani as she flipped her long black hair over her shoulders. "Why don't you just do your homework like the rest of us?"

"Listen fox, I don't need a lecture right now, just give me the answer to the question."

"I've got your answer," replied Kaoru Kamiya as she balled up her fist and shook it at him. "Come over here, I'll give it to you."

"I don't have time to play with you today jou-chan," smirked Sano. "I've got to get the answers for my homework so I don't get stuck in detention while everyone else goes to the Science Fair.'"

"You deserve to get detention," scolded Kaoru. "You should have done your homework."

Sano shoved his best friend, Kenshin Himura, over to Kaoru saying, "Get over there Kenshin and keep her quiet while I get the answers from the fox."

Kenshin went flying past Kaoru, after being shoved hard by Sano, making an "Oro" sound in the process. He crashed into a garbage can spilling garbage all over himself. Kaoru shook her head at the swirly-eyed teenaged boy.

"Kenshin you idiot! Why do you insist on hanging around a big dumb jerk like Sanosuke? I always thought you were way too intelligent for him."

Kenshin was so happy to hear that the girl of his dreams considered him to be intelligent. He promptly rose to his feet only to trip on a banana peel.


Kaoru shook her head again as she watched the cute, clumsy teenager, trip repeatedly on the same banana peel while trying to stand.

"I take that back. You and Sano are both idiots. Come on Megumi, let's go before we're late for school." They both giggled and hurried toward school.

Sano frowned at his best friend, who was still tripping on the same banana peel. With one fail swoop he lifted Kenshin up by the collar.

"Kenshin you idiot!! What's the matter with you," he asked gruffly. "Couldn't you keep that tomboy girlfriend of yours busy long enough for me to get answers out of Megumi?"

As his feet dangled off the ground Kenshin replied, "Kaoru-dono is not sessha's girlfriend, though sessha really wishes Kaoru-dono was, and Kaoru-dono is not a tomboy, de gozaru. Er... that is... Kaoru-dono is a tomboy only when she's beating everyone else up. Not when she beats sessha up. Sessha likes when Kaoru-dono beats sessha up, that he does."

Sano arched his brow at Kenshin as he dangled Kenshin's small frame in front of him.

"What's with all the "sessha" and "dono" and "de gozaru"? Have you been watching Samurai Jack again?"


Sano just shook his head and slung Kenshin over his shoulders saying, "We've got to fly like the wind, if we don't want to be late."

With that, Sano took off with amazing speed heading toward school with the sounds of oroing trailing behind them.



MORNING classes were now over and the hallway was filled with students scurrying toward the Science fair held in the auditorium.

"Hey Kaoru-chan! Over here," waved a pint-sized young girl. She kept jumping up and down trying to get Kaoru's attention.

Kaoru turned and smiled at her friend Misao Makimachi. "I'm coming Misao, wait right there!"

Megumi and Kaoru made their way through the thick of the crowd trying to reach Misao.

"Whew! I thought we would never get through," sighed Kaoru. "So, how was class this morning?"

Before she could answer, she saw steam rising from Megumi's head.

"Just look at him," she said while pointing toward the end of the hallway. "That big roosterhead is practically drooling all over Sayo Amakusa."

Kaoru and Misao looked over to where Sano was. Kaoru saw some papers in his hand.

"Don't worry Megumi, Sayo is probably giving Sano the answers for his Science report," replied Kaoru. "They're in the same class you know."

Megumi didn't hear a word Kaoru said. She was fuming over the fact that Sano was sweet talking another girl into helping him with his report. Misao and Kaoru giggled at Megumi.

"What's the matter Megumi, are you jealous of Sayo," teased Kaoru.

"I don't care who that big chicken head talks to," she huffed as she continue to glaring daggers at Sano and Sayo down the hallway.

Kaoru smiled inwardly. "It serves her right. Now she knows how I feel when she flirts with Kenshin. Note to self: Invite Sayo over the next time I have a party."

Sano glanced down the hallway and saw how jealous Megumi looked.

"Hmm... so the fox is jealous huh... heh, heh. It serves her right. She should have helped me with my homework and my Science report. I think I'll have a little fun."

Sano inched closer to Sayo. Sayo blushed.

Megumi couldn't take it any longer. "Argh!! That shameless hussy! How dare she try and steal my boyfriend!"

Fox ears popped out of her head. She grinned wickedly while glancing over to Kenshin.

"Hmmm..... I think it's time to teach that big roosterhead a lesson."

"Hold my books Kaoru-chan," she abruptly said while plopping her books into Kaoru's arms, "I've got something important to do."

Kaoru and Misao watched as Megumi sprayed perfume on herself and then slowly sauntered down the hallway ducking behind a door.

"This is going to be good," smiled Misao. "Come on Kaoru, let's watch."

"Okay, but we better not get too close," she whispered as they inched their way down the hallway. They quickly hid behind some lockers and quitely awaited the explosion.

"Thanks Sayo for helping me with my Science report," smiled Sano as he leaned his shoulder against the wall closing the gap between them. "The teacher would never let me in the fair without it."

He turned to Kenshin and whispered, "Did you get everything down?" Kenshin nodded his head yes.

"I'm happy to help you," blushed Sayo. "My parents are Christians. They've taught me from infancy that god helps the fools, morons and idiots. So that's why I don't mind helping you Sanosuke."

Sano scratched his head and faked a grin. "Uhm.... Er... thank you??"

"I've got to hurry to my music class before I am marked late," said Sayo as she eased her way past him.

Sano saw Megumi peeking out of a classroom door. He grinned widely as he pretended to enjoy watching Sayo's hips swaying back and forth down the hallway. Megumi became furious after see Sano grin so widely at Sayo.

As Sayo approached Megumi, she suddenly walked out of a classroom and "accidentally" bumped into Sayo causing all her books to fall on the floor.

"Opps! How clumsy of me," Megumi innocently replied while covering her mouth and smirking inwardling.

"I'm sure it was an accident," Sayo said while scrambling around the floor collecting her papers and books.

"Yes it was," Megumi responded while silently mouthing, "Oh Yeaahhh!!!"

Shouzo, who was a good friend of Shougo and Sayo's, saw Sayo scrambling on the floor trying to collect all her things.

"I'll help you pick those things up Sayo," he smiled while gathering up her things.

"Thank you Shouzo," she blushed.

Megumi looked at the two. "Hmm... that turned out better than I planned. I forgot that Shouzo has a secret crush on Sayo. I guess I'll leave those two alone and go after the roosterhead."

Megumi flipped her long black hair over her shoulders and proceeded down the hallway. As she approached Sano, he suddenly caught a whiff of her perfume. He inhaled deeply the richness of his girlfriend's perfume, becoming intoxicated in the process. He found himself subconciously reaching out to her, but was shocked when she walked past him and over to where Kenshin was.

"Oh Ken-san, my brave and handsome knight, would you like to eat lunch with me after the Science fair," she sweetly asked while rolling her eyes at Sano. Megumi then slipped her arm into Kenshin's and continued, "I packed extra food in my bento box and I would hate for all that food to be wasted."

Kenshin was now beet red sporting a goofy grin. "I... I... Megumi-dono." Sano frowned at Kenshin.

Kaoru was on the opposite side of the hallway fuming.

"How dare that slimy girl use Kenshin, my boyfriend, well almost boyfriend, to make her boyfriend jealous!"

Misao cocked her head sideways and looked at Kaoru. "What difference does it make what Megumi does with Kenshin. At the last sleepover, you told Megumi and I that you didn't like him. Has something changed since then? Are you and Kenshin secretly dating?"

"No," she quickly exclaimed while blushing feverishly. "We're just fellow classmates, that's all."

Misao smirked at her saying, "Uh huh, sure, whatever you say Kaoru." "She likes him."

Kaoru became agitated. "Misao, you're missing the point here. Megumi doesn't have the right to use Kenshin in whatever wicked scheme she has to get back at Sano."

Misao scratched her head and replied, "I guess you're right."

Kaoru turned back and found Megumi hugging on Kenshin's shoulder. Kaoru exploded.


Kenshin jumped upon hearing his name being yelled out. He turned and saw a steaming Kaoru, who resembled a steaming locomotive, fastly approaching him.


As Kaoru stormed towards them, fox ears popped up on Megumi's head. "So... the tanuki-chan has the hots for Ken-san. She told Misao and I that she didn't like him. But I just knew it! I think I'll have a little fun. Heh! Heh! Heh!"

Kaoru immediately yanked Kenshin's left arm away from Megumi yelling, "Megumi!! Let go of Kenshin!"


Megumi yanked Kenshin's right arm back and retorted, "And why should I!"


"Because he's not your boyfriend," she scowled while yanking his arm back toward her again.


"So is he your boyfriend," she asked while yanking his left arm towards her.

With all the tugging back and forth, Kenshin zoned out, until he heard Megumi's question.

"Earth to Kenshin, earth to Kenshin. Did I just hear someone ask if sessha is Kaoru-dono's boyfriend? Please, please say yes."

"No," she exclaimed while still yanking him closer. "He's not my boyfriend!"

"Oroooo!" Kenshin's eyes swirled after hearing that loud resounding "No!" from his precious Kaoru, girl of his dreams. He zoned back out after Megumi started yanking him again. "They might as well pull be apart, my heart is broken.... Kaoru-dono...."

"If he's not your boyfriend, then that means I can have him," smirked Megumi as she yanked Kenshin's arm back toward her.

Sano, who was thoroughly enjoying the little tug of war between the girls, had suddenly become upset after hearing Megumi state that she wanted Kenshin as her boyfriend. He got into the action by grabbing hold of Kenshin by the collar.

"Hey Kenshin! What'd you trying to do?? Steal my girlfriend," he gruffly asked while rougly pulling Kenshin towards him.


"Let go of him you big roosterhead," yelled Megumi as she yanked Kenshin back towards her again. "I'm not your girlfriend anymore, you have Sayo."


"Keep your paws off of him Megumi," said Misao as she knocked Kaoru to the side and yanked Kenshin's arm toward her. "Himura belongs to Kaoru-chan!"


"Stay out of this weasel girl," growled Sano as he yanked Kenshin again. "This is between me, the fox and Kenshin."

At this point, everyone was yanking poor Kenshin around. Kaoru suddenly exploded.

"EVERYBODY!!! QUIT.... PULLING.... ON..... KENSHIN," she shouted while pulling Kenshin with so much force that he toppled over and fell on top of her.


Sano, Megumi and Misao blinked as they saw Kaoru lying on the floor and Kenshin sprawled on top of her.

An evil grin grew upon Sano's face. "Oi Kenshin, didn't know you had it in you, heh, heh!"

He looked at Kaoru and whistled saying, "Way to go jou-chan!"

"Sure you know what to do with him Tanuki... Ohhohohoho!" chuckled Megumi.

As Yahiko Myojin rushed toward the auditorium with his Science project, he glanced down at Kenshin and Kaoru and yelled, "Geez! Get a room!"

Kaoru and Kenshin's faces were now flaming red. Kaoru was waiting for Kenshin to move. "Kenshin.... Kenshin...."

But Kenshin was lost in thought. "Hey this feels good. She's sooo soft and smells really good. I could lie on top of her like this forever."

Kaoru suddenly yelled, "KENSHIN YOU PERVERT!! GET OFF ME!!"

She balled her fist and punched him so hard that he went flying down the hallway.


Kenshin crash landed against the wall next to the principal's office. Principal Hajime Saitoh was standing under the Do Not Smoke sign, smoking his cigarette. He glared down at the swirly eyed teenager and calmly stated, "You know the rules Himura, flying is not permitted in school. Report to room 101 for detention after school."

Saitoh then flicked the cigarette down on the floor and grinded it out with his shoe. After taking out another cigarette and lighting it he grumbled, "Darn teenagers! They're so rebellious. Always breaking the rules."

He walked past the Do Not Smoke sign exhaling a puff of smoke before heading back to his office.

Kenshin coughed from Saitoh's smoke before letting an "Orooo!" escape his lips. The last bell rung out.

"Misao, do you think I should go check on Kenshin? I think I hit him a little too hard," she worriedly asked while looking down the hallway at the lump sprawled out on the floor.

Misao grabbed Kaoru's arm, "Himura will be all right. We've got to go before we're late to the Science fair."

They both rushed toward the auditorium. The hallway was now empty. Not a sound could be heard.

Sano rushed over to the lump of teenager on the floor and yanked him up. "Quit fooling around Kenshin, we'll be late for the Science fair." He slung Kenshin over his shoulder and rushed to the auditorium.

Author's Notes: Konnichiwa minna san! Okay, I know I have other things going, but I had all these great ideas for stories and just had to get them out. I promise one or two will be finished soon. But this was just way too much fun to pass up. This chapter was just a little introduction of the characters. They're all friends in high school. Yahiko is a freshman (a brat that's a little genius) Aoshi and other characters will show up in the next chapter. Also in the next chapter, Kenshin-gumi will be travelling through time. It's going to be fun.^_^

Okay, I know that Kenshin seem pretty dorky and may say one too many "oro's" here, but that's my plan. As he travel through time, he'll learn things that will give him the confidence he needs to stop letting Sano get him into trouble and the courage he needs to ask a pretty little blue-eyed, pony tail girl out on a date. And yeah, he will meet the Battousai and the Rurouni, but much later. I have some other people I want him to meet first.

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