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So Emotional

By: xSlythStratasfaction

Warning: Slight spoilers for Dance With Somebody aka 3x17. Just a handful of drabbles based on the episode.

Drabble #1: Excuses

"I'm sorry. I just can't tonight. I've got lots of homework."

The further along the month went, the more excuses Blaine had for not being able to spend time with his boyfriend. Day after day, Kurt would find himself walking to his car alone after glee club; long ago, this time would have been spent with his boyfriend, perhaps leaving glee with their hands entwined as they made their way to Kurt's car or the two of them would stay back after the rest of the club left for some quality, much needed make-out time in the choir room.

"My dad said to be home right after school because he needs my help building that new bookshelf he bought… and you know how he gets when I don't abide by his rules."

However, Blaine had things to do these days. He was just so much busier now than he had been before Regionals. Things were popping up left and right: chores from his parents, more homework (which was odd to Kurt considering Blaine had once said the school work at McKinley was laughable compared to the workload at Dalton), and other odd excuses began popping up in Blaine's life.

"Mom needs me to wait at the house after school for the cable guy otherwise I'd come over. Maybe next time?"

Many a night saw Kurt sitting by his phone, just waiting for his boyfriend to call him and ask him to come over or ask him out to coffee or dinner. Instead, the phone would stay silent until right before Blaine went to bed; he'd call and talk to Kurt for a little bit, promise to see him at his locker in the morning, and that was that. There were no mushy calls, no random bouts of phone sex, absolutely nothing.

The lack of communication was grating and Kurt just wasn't sure how much longer he could deal with Blaine's excuses before he exploded and said (or did) something he'd later regret.

A/N: There will be more chapters and some will be longer than this and other won't. All are based on episode 3x17 and based around Klaine and the angst that went down.