Chapter 2


It began, a long time ago. Far before what many could have expected. Far before Dream Zanarkand, far before Spira, far before the heroes who saved the realm from Sin. Even before, Yuna and Tidus' predecessors. No... It began... Before then.


The strong man's gesture was solid, his gaze hazy and stern. Shirina, Tristan, and Rahesh were silently in awe at the man who appeared before them from a light, with a deadly weapon, and a garment not quite like their time. Simran was still frozen, the others not quite sure what to do, or what to expect.

Shaking his head as if awakening from a deep slumber, Tristan remembered about their caravan. He whipped around to check on it, only to find that it, along with their horseman, was gone. Completely gone from whatever supernatural occurrence had come upon them. Shirina's face tilted a bit towards him. Reading the expression on her eyes, Tristan could tell that she was most definitely not comfortable in the presence of the mysterious man, who's name was apparently Auron, according to Simran.

The glow which surrounded Mahesh went away, subsiding to his natural skin tone. Breathing deeply, the mage began to recover from his exertion. Magic was definitely an enormous amount of work, and somehow, despite the mystery which surrounded the man, Auron, he felt a bit at ease around him. He could tell that he wasn't a man of evil. But what was even more pertinent was the astonishing sense of guardianship which surrounded him.


Auron's head remained straight, not looking down at all. He quickly glanced over at each of the younger people, then back to Simran. Auron nodded.

Simran's ears had been tingling the entire time, ever since the moment Mahesh had mentioned the extinguished sun in the desert sky. The sounds which he was hearing were extremely beautiful... Melodic, melancholy, harmonious, and full of mystery. He had never heard them before. Shaking his head ever so slightly, he began to recover from his reverie.

"I have come to warn you all."

Their eyes immediately darted to Auron's face. His voice was exactly like his appearance; stern, mysterious, and of few words.

"Warn us, have you?" Shirina forcefully approached the man, both in fear and anger, in which Tristan tightly held onto her arm. She jolted her head towards him, grinding her teeth and fuming.

Fuck him. Little bastard was always stronger than me. Heh.

Shirina pushed his arm away and stood back. Auron's facial expression remained unmoved, his eyes the only source of emotion. They made their way across Shirina's eyes, as if amused.

"Auron. Why are you here? Why have you come here, in a flash of light?"

Simran's face darted up at him, his robust physique tightening up and seeming stronger than it already was. The rest of the group stood there, with a thousand questions regarding the two's connections. Mahesh, calm and composed, raised his voice for the first time.

"Most importantly, sir... Auron. Where do you come from?" His purple eyes moved to Simran's green ones. "And Simran, if you could please, let us know the connection between you two. I don't think that you have anything to hide from your comrades regarding this issue. So please, tell us. Any of you."

Simran remained dead silent, until he spoke up in a quiet voice.

"It's... A long, long, long story. More than you might think."

"Okay... WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Why are we stuck in the middle of the desert? All I clearly remember is us following your stupid little ass, Simran, and making our way from my comfortable castle with my dearest noble friends, to search for something like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Impossible! And now you, Auron, are expecting me to believe that you're not out to do harm, and simply warn us for the better of our lives as protection? What are you, a baby's guardian angel? You don't look like one." Shirina's spiteful tongue seethed.

"I never said that. All I said is that I have come to warn you all of the dangers to come. Orders from a higher court. And I don't expect you to listen to me. But I suggest that if you would much rather hear about how you can be saved from death, to follow me this instant and listen to what I have to say before the creature running towards us kills you all."

The four quickly turned their heads around to see a gigantic, armadillo-like creature furiously rolling towards them, quicker than they could ever go on a caravan with three horses.


Shirina was the first one to go, Auron right after her, with the rest of the men taking follow, running to save themselves from early death.

Running on low energy for nearly fifteen minutes, the creature was quickly gaining on them. Panting, the group mustered up all that they could possibly fathom, already exhausted.

"Quick, in here."

Auron dashed inside an opening of a sand dune. Simran without hesitation followed inside, jumping, with Tristan taking the next lead, and Rahesh as well. Shirina was left outside.

"Oh great. Fat, giant armadillo look-a-like, or into a cave of death which I have no idea is safe or not?"

The creature was just about to snatch her with it's teeth before she quickly jumped inside to follow suit.


Shirina landed on her backside as sand followed suit, ending with a loud THUD. Rubbing it, she shakily stood up and tried to make sense of her surroundings. She was a bit taken aback, but she was not the only one who felt that way.

Inside, it was to the group's great astonishment, that it was completely furnished, including a fireplace and a kitchen. Still panting, their eyes began to scan the entire interior. It was brightly lit, with wooden floors, a red sofa, and rooms that continued further onwards, separated by columns and walls. There was even a fan above their heads, with a white ceiling. The only aspect which could allow them to fathom and believe that they had just been chased by an armadillo look-a-like creature was a now blocked entryway near the far top left edge of the lodge-like area.

Auron made his way onwards to the next room, which was more dimly lit, and a bit more spacious. There, he took off his large armor encasings and set aside his samurai sword.

Rahesh sat down on the sofa, flopping over. "I'm exhausted. This day has given me the largest headache in years."

"We're not even half-way done with the day... We still have to figure out where the hell we are," Tristan said. The blonde, with his arms crossed unfolded them, going over to the sofa and loosely letting his arms rest.

"And figure out you all shall," The group turned to look over at Auron, who now snaked his way across over to them. He was wearing a different robe of some sort, still blood-red, and with engravings on the edges of his sleeves. Simran squinted his eyes to take a more detailed look. Once he found out what it said, though, his face immediately began to lose it's color.

Why... Why is all of this happening all of a sudden? How come the past is being figured out... So quickly?

Auron glanced over at the young man, peering into his eyes for a second and then turning away. The only one who seemed to not be of much interest at this point was in fact, Shirina.

"Okay pops. You run the shots, we get it. But don't you think that we are deserving of some food and sustenance by now?

"Quiet, maiden. Your spiteful words will one day harm the likes of many if you are not careful. As your older individual who is not more than ten years your senior, I believe that you are to respect myself."

Simran's face was beginning to regain it's color furthermore as the embarrassment began to cross his mind. Shirina was definitely something... A powerful warrior indeed, but quite possibly the most under-disciplined adult he ever knew.

"Well, good sir, I'm much obliged. However, you do know that my sense of respect is quite... Different than yours," The female walked right up to Auron, head looking up, "I expect you to consider my own options."

Auron's face was left unchanged as Rahesh stood up, holding onto Shirina's arms, attempting with slight magic to calm her untouched fury. Much to her dislike, Shirina shoved Rahesh's arms away and made her own way back to the couch. She muttered something indescribable under her breath.

"Please, everyone, sit down. Make yourselves at home. I apologize in advance for the lack of light and lack of comfort, but this was the best that I could find nearby." Auron motioned Simran, the only one not positioned and situated towards the sofa with his right arm. Simran glanced over at the empty seat next to Tristan, and went and sat down. No harm in doing so. Auron glanced downwards, then straight at each of their faces. "This isn't going to take that long, so just bear with me."

Something about his presence, about his rough voice, all combined together in a form of authority and reverence. Everyone couldn't help but simply listen to what the man had to say. The scruff on his jaw continued the whole look. He was simply not a man to mess around with. And, where else could the group have possibly gone to? All they had were themselves, without food and water.

Auron made his way in front of them after a couple strong paces. The blood inside them began to pulse from the wait. They had no idea what was going to happen next, but they were ready.

"It began, a long time ago. Far before what many could have expected. Far before the collapse of heroes, of legends, of dreams. Even before that. We are often told the story of creation in our fairy tales, in our children's tales, books, and bedtime lullabies. One day, out of nothing, the universe just immediately began to expand and within the universe, were planets, and stars. Galaxies, dimensions, and all the like. Planets formed, and the very one in which we are in today was given it's placement along our solar system. The harmony of the universe was in perfect condition and in such pristine beauty that nothing could furthermore affect it. But something happened, as fate would have it. In one of the neighboring galaxies, a planet was forming it's own history, far beyond what was to be expected of the universes and ways of the energy which made up all of the organisms, melodies, and rhythms which came from creation. A catastrophic event occurred in which an epidemic broke out and the beings which resided on the planet perished, never to live again. From the hatred and genocide of all peoples which had occurred, a deadly enemy arose. This, was known as Aemulatio.

Aemulatio destroyed the balance of the negative and positives of the rhythm of the universe and began to fluctuate drastic levels of negative particles to enter within our planets, one of which just so happened to be our very own. It was known that any planet with Aemulatio directly touched would be cursed to have it's citizens fall under global punishment and crisis. Through millennia stretched out through the sands of time, the banishment of yes, in fact, Earth, was destroyed, turning into the remains of the deadly Aemulatio rays.

One by one, each of the planets were extinguished, until every planet was gone... Except for one, small, slight planet which had been nearly forgotten about. This planet was known as Cruxius. Within Cruxius was a powerful Angelic being that had the knowledge and capacity to cease any form of destruction which would cross its path. As Aemulatio began it's extermination, a white light emerged from Cruxius, exploding and releasing a giant supernova power that consumed all of Aemulatio. Something had happened that moment, for all the planets which had been exterminated were released and reformed through the rays of Cruxius, become more revolutionized, more enthralled, and with citizens which seemed almost superhuman, as if belonging to the Gods and Goddesses of our lives.

This point in history was known as the Creation of All Worlds, for the true Creation was formed then at that moment, without any malignant sources of any kind... Or so it seemed.

Centuries passed and more and more development would occur within the planets, especially Earth the planet in which we live on to this day, in such rapid intensity that glimpses of the past destruction of the Universe would be found. Such a revolutionary discovery this was, that many field researchers would then realize that us civilians here residing on his planet does not guarantee the superiority complex of all of us being the only individuals who are capable of intelligent life. But such a haunting discovery was found one day through research, that our resonation was perfectly in tune with another world. We were receiving their vibes simultaneously and signals."

"What planet was that?" All of the four younger adults were standing there with their mouths fully open. They had never heard this alternative of the story of creation. Simran had stood there, wondering the whole time. He couldn't help but truly wonder what it could possibly be, if it still exists or not.

"The planet..." Auron paused, "Is Spira, my home country."

Alright everyone, thank you for reading chapter 2! A sneak preview of chapter 3: Our heroes escape the arid desert at last, now joined by Auron. A mystic journey will begin along with the history of Simran. It will be at least twice as long as this chapter, if not more... So, stay tuned!