Title: Thunder and Lightning

Author: Snitch Me

Pairings: James/Sirius, Severus/Lucius, Fabian/Regulus, Gideon/Arthur, Draco/Harry, Blaise/Ron, Hermione/Terry, Ginny/?/?, Molly/?

Rating: M+ (just to be safe)

Genre: Angst, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Summary: Sixth year was supposed to be normal for Harry Potter. But his birthday this year brings on a whole new string of problems he never knew he would have! Secrets are revealed, troubles are unleashed and he finds out he still has living family! Oh, and there's that little problem involving his school Rival, too.


A was reading the story Cortigiana Onesta TheDarkSister3 today April 29 2012and got this amazing idea for a Harry/Draco story. But before I begin, here's some stuff you need to know…

Prologue Introduction: Meet the Cast! Plus information!

Hello readers…

This story takes place in 1996, the sixth year for Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter-Black.

Draco's parents are Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Lucius is the Dom!partner, meaning Severus is the sub!partner and Draco's bearer (He basically gave birth to Draco). Narcissa Malfoy nee Black only raised Draco when Severus was unable to be around. He is half-Veela/half-Dracken (A bird-like dragonic-human).

Harry's parents are James Potter and Sirius Black. Sirius gave birth to Harry, and gave the baby up when the prophecy was made. Dumbledore was fooled into thinking the couple the prophecy was made about was Lily and James Potter; It actually meant James and Sirius. Like Narcissa, Lily only raised Harry as a baby when Sirius (Padfoot in this story) was unable to be around when the married couple went into hiding. Harry is a full-blooded Draken. One half blood Dracken + full blood draken = full-blood draken + an unknown creature inheritance. James Potter took after his Draken side more, and so never learned what his other inheritance was. On Harry's sixteenth birthday, he had an added inheritance, but doesn't know what it is. It's never been documented before; Before Harry, nobody in the Potter line has had the inheritance except the original creature.

James and Lily Potter – They did die October 31, 1981 when Voldemort attempted to kill Harry. Unfortunately, I'm screwing with the original plot a bit; James was gone at work while Lily stepped out of the way. Harry was still shielded from the curse because of how pure Lily's love was for Harry, even if she hadn't given birth to him; Also, Sirius' love for his son was much more pure, being the child's 'mommy' parent, which gave Harry more protection than Lily ever could. James came home to find Lily and Voldemort duelling and jumped in. He was hit with a stray curse, which distracted Lily and Voldemort got the upper hand.

Frank and Alice Longbottom – They won't be in St Mungos, nor will they be crazy. They will have gone into hiding as well, with Filius Flitwick as their Secret Keeper. Neville will not be raised by Madam Augusta Longbottom.

Luna Lovegood – I've read a lot of stories where she's related to Draco, through her father being Draco's brother, but instead, I'm going to do some more mix-up. Severus fell unconscious during the birth of his twins, Draconis Lucius and Nyxx Samhein Malfoy. Nyxx was twenty minutes younger than her twin, but was stolen by the Light-Affiliated nursemaid to give to Lucius' younger brother Xenophelius Lovegood, formerly Xavier James Malfoy. Luna was led into believing she was a year younger than Draco.

Marcus Evans – Marcus is Harry's believed-to-be-dead-older-step-brother through Lily Evans-Potter. Lily had just graduated from Hogwarts when she met a pureblood and they had a secret relationship. She got pregnant not long before she married James and gave birth to her oldest son. James told her she could keep the child, but sent him off to his father. Marcus' father soon sent him off to a Brothel in Bulgaria where he met Viktor Krum when he was around 15. Marcus was born in 1977. His fifteenth birthday was in 1993, when his brother was 13.

Regulus Black – He's Harry's uncle, Sirius' brother. He disappeared and was thought to be dead, not long after Harry was born. He returns, but his story will be told soon.

Gideon and Fabian Prewett – The older twin brothers of Molly Weasley, uncles to Fred and George Weasley, they serve as the first and second god-fathers to Harry. As such, Harry already knows Fred and George.

Sirius Black – As explained above, Sirius and James are Harry's parents; Sirius gave birth to Harry, James and Lily raised him. Halt! Skip forward a bit; Sirius Black never went after Pettigrew, because he didn't exist! He was never sent to Azkaban, so he was never a prisoner to escape. Instead, before Dumbledore got there to the Potter house, Sirius and Remus beat him and took Harry first. They raised him as Pa'foo and Mooey (Padfoot and Moony). His papa and uncle.

Remus Lupin – He is a third godparent to Harry, an honorary Godfather. Being a werewolf would normally keep him from children, but he is convinced by Sirius to run away with the Animagus to raise Harry.

Rogue – a lovely King Cobra who managed to find Harry one day in the garden of Black Manor, his rightful home. He is completely black with golden and silver markins. His eyes are the exact shade of Harry's.

Kit – a pure white kneazle Sirius gifted Harry with when he 9 years old. Kit is a female who has the ability to change into any animal form she wants, without changing her colouring. Besides Feline speak, she can speak Parsel and Avian.

Pureblood traditions – Like any rich people, Purebloods HAVE traditions. They will be made up and such, some will be borrowed from other fanfics, I'll use some traditions from historical occurances; But! They will be here. Just sayin'.

Creatures – Like any good fanfic, you need odd creatures and stuffs! Like above, they will be made up, borrowed and thought out! But they will be included. I hope you accept this, because I will only apologise if an Author asks why I 'borrowed' their creature from a fic. How do you think Drakens got around? One person made them up, a couple more people borrowed the idea and twisted it a bit.

Male pregnancies – Obviously it's happening. Otherwise Harry, Draco and some other characters in this story wouldn't be born.

Languages – French, Italian, Latin, Bulgarian, Russian, English.

Creature speech – Each creature will be different in how they communicate.

Draken – A humanoid-dragon like creature. Anyone with this creature in their family tree may or may not be skipped. They have two feet, two arms, two wings. The Outer-winger is covered in their coloured feathers; the inner wings are covered in the same coloured scales. Their wing span varies from 9 to 14 feet long (submissives) or 13 to 29 foot long (Dominants). These creatures are mostly male, with an odd female submissive/dominant born every 60-70 years. Despite being a Wizard, who live to 150 years, Active-Drakens live to be near 300 years old and can have children right until they die. Also, they never need more than one mate, as all submissives will be magically matched to their Dominant. Draken are, for lack of a better term, subconsciously chosen; meaning, when a Draken comes into their inheritance at age 16, they will be pulled subconsciously to wherever their mate is. There won't be an active reason for it, however. They'll just need to be close.

Veela – A bird-like creature. These creatures are the Seductors/Seductress' of a century. There are three categories of Veela: Dark, Light and Neutral. Dark Veela have dark hair, dark eyes and a dark complexion, with a dark aura. They are more drawn to the Dark side (Voldemort). Light Veela normally have light hair, light eyes and a gentle, pale complexion and a blinding light Aura., while Neutral Veela have dark hair with light skin/eyes or light skin with dark/hair eyes. Very rarely will a Neutral Veela have dark skin/eyes/hair or light skin/eyes/hair. Neutral Veela rarely pick a side in Wars.

Parsel – Takes after Parseltongue; A Parsel is a Snake-shifter. One primary snake-form, but then the Parsel can change to another snake in seconds. Each Parsel is rare, and for the last four centuries, there have only been maybe fifty born. Salazar Slytherin was the first Parsel born to the world, gifted by the Gods when they learned he could speak with snakes. Voldemort is another. Nagini, believe it or not, is a Parsel who got stuck in her form after a former lover found her being raped by another man. She was hit by a stray spell. Harry Potter is also a Parsel, but it is unknown because he has not shown the ability yet. Their shadow-animal is the Shadow-Parsel; Like the Shadow- Panther and Wolf, they can use the shadows for a form of travel, to mask themselves and to blind their enemies/opponents.

Shadow-Panther – A panther-like animal who can use the shadows to slip in and out of any area. They can use the shadows to mask their presence and can shadow-walk from one room to another, or from one city to another. The longest distance recorded was from Mexico, America to Moscow, Russia. It took the Shadow-Panther less than three hours to manage without stopping, but it knocked him out for four days into a shadow-coma. They also have a counter-part. Identical versions of themselves who are their complete opposite. Say Draco was a light Shadow-panther; His counterpart would be a black Shadow-panther version of himself, but extremely happy and outgoing, where he is light, but cold and withdrawn into himself.

Shadow-wolf – like the panther, the Shadow-wolf can shadow-walk and move through the shadows. Unlike the panthers, they can be merged with a Dark-affiliated creature or Wizard. They do not have counterparts, despite being pack animals. Once in a pack, they have the Alpha, the Beta, the Pack, the Pups, and the Omega, like any other true wolf pack.

Jonki – a sloth-like creature who enjoys books and knowledge. They dislike cages and when enraged, can take out a mated Draken pair without breaking a sweat. They are natural born killers when their mate and pack are threatened.


I hope you guys love the first chapter! I really, really do! It'll the first time I do something like this, and I'm scared to mess it up :(

Snitch Me

p.s: If you're wondering about my pen-name, remember this:

Harry: What do I do with it? *holding a golden snitch*

Oliver: You catch it.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

1997 or 1998, England