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Severus and Lucius are bonded, completely, and you'll find out how that goes.

Narcissa has some siren blood in her, from her mother's side of the family. That's how she was able to lure Lucius to her and away from Severus.

Chapter Three: Ready To Go Home Part .II.(Draco's POV)

[Part .I.]

The blonde groaned softly into his pillow, shifting to get comfortable. A few noises broke through his sleep lethargy, but he was still slow rising from sleep to go tell whoever it was to kindly shut up.

He didn't expect a large male Dominant Draken to be hovering over him and sniffing his nape and hair. Nor, did he expect to be in his Draken form. Surprisingly, it didn't bother him as much as he thought it should. Then he remembered who had been in his room the night before, and he flew into full panic-mode.

Unable to use words, he whined and bucked his hips against the bigger male's, gesturing to Potter to get off him. A deep growl was his answer, along with a sharp, warning nip to his shoulder-blade. It stung for a moment, but the sting was eased as a moist appendage licked along the mark.

This Dominant wanted to claim him! He whined in a softer tone, hoping the submission would get the other Draken off him. Instead the Dominant ground his hips down against Draco's arse.

The blonde shuddered in both lust and confusion. His father had told him about the tug a Dominant will feel towards their submissive; The sub will never feel it, but it helps the Dominant find their mate. When they get closer to each other, the bond intensifies until they complete the mating, and then it only acts up when the submissive is either in trouble or their emotions are haywire and they need their Dominant to calm them down.

This revelation didn't bother him, although he believed his would once Potter was done with his exploration. He sorely hoped it was soon because then-

Draco's eyes grew wide as he felt two hands gently parting his arse cheeks, a whimper escaped as a tongue licked tentatively at his puckered hole. Oh, that felt good. He gasped as the tip of said tongue prodded at his hole, waiting for the muscles to relax enough for it to slip past the first ring.

He whined softly, lust clouding over his rational, human mind and allowing his Draken mind-set to take over.

As the Dominant's tongue focused on getting him nice and loose, the submissive began to rock his hips against the bed, soft whines and whimpers coming from his throat. God that felt so good!

The tongue slipped from him, forcing him to bite back a moan of protest just as there was a large, blunt object being presses against the slight-tightly-puckered entrance. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he should fight, but damnit this was his Dominant! His mate! His Draken recognized the male above him, slowly sliding into the blonde lithe body. Both sets of wings were free, twitching at the cool air of the dungeons.

Draco whined at the slow pace, bucked his hips up toward the male, the eight foot tall male who covered his six foot eleven inch frame. The male gave deep warning growl, freezing Draco. The submissive was cowed, frightened of upsetting his Dominant. Again, his rational mind knew this was wrong, to bow down to this male, but the Draken side was arguing that this male could provide for him; he could keep Draco and any chicks they might have together safe from harm.

Finally, the male was seated deeply in Draco. He groaned loudly, the sound going straight to Draco's already hard prick. Potter's large wings curled to hide the bed, seeing as they couldn't hide them pair themselves. Draco whimpered softly, silently begging his mate to move, to do anything but just sit there. A gentle hand cupping his hip, sharp claws not digging into his skin, instead just resting there, was his answer as the other obeyed Draco's soft begging noises.

Quickly, each thrust was aimed to slam roughly against Draco's prostrate, causing the smaller boy to whine and writhe underneath the other. The fire built up inside Draco, coiling in his belly until it was coiled too tight and with an inhuman screech, he rode through his, and the Dominant's, orgasm, clutching at the bedspread beneathe him.

His mate growled deeply in his ear, his hands already returning to normal and safe to thrust themselves into Draco's white locks to grip them tightly. He roughly turned Draco's head, baring his teeth when Draco dared to gaze at his eyes. As soon as Draco lowered his silver-molten gaze, the Draken above him pressed a possessive kiss to his mouth.

He responded lightly, unsure of how to gauge this Dominant's reaction, but was pleased when his mate gently carded a now-human hand through his locks and gentled the kiss to a sweet chaste peck.

The raven haired boy's wings were the last to hide themselves, snapping and cracking as though they were breaking, his back a bloody mess on Draco's bed.

Draco sighed, not really believing what had happened as he moved to cuddle up to the taller boy. Subconsciously, Potter's arms moved to cage the blonde to his chest, pulling Draco atop him so he could nuzzle his lips against Draco's collarbone.

Draco smiled lightly, dizzily, before falling asleep on his mate.

[Part .II.]

When the blonde next woke up, he was in bed alone. He couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed, as he swung his feet off the side and stood.

Was he really that displeasing, that Potter had to leave before he woke up? Without warning after that thought, he felt the tell-tale sign of tears welling up in his eyes. Against his permission, he let out a high half-shriek, half-keening noise, his wings ripping from his back to curl around him loosely. He could feel his heart being smashed to pieces.

He wanted his Dominant, and he wanted him now!

He stood there for all of three minutes, letting his tears of disappointment and sadness fall to his alabaster cheeks. He had just turned away from the door when the door was ripped open and a fully-matured male Dominant Draken stood in the doorway, his emerald eyes glowing and his skin a deep black with dark red markings.

Draco instantly stopped his distress call, uncurled his wings and held his arms out for his mate. Potter reacted instantly, striding in to take the upset submissive into his arms. Draco wound his arms around Potter's neck, and his legs around the raven's lean waist, clinging to him.

Now that he was with his Dominant, everything melted away and he nuzzled his head against Harry's neck, silently asking his mate to comfort him. All the while, he listened to Harry growling weakly, and felt him clinging to Draco just as tight as Draco clung to him.

Once they were both calmed down and looking semi-human again, Harry huffed and pressed a soft kiss to Draco's temple before turning and walking back down to the common room. Draco hid his face against Harry's shoulder in mortification, only to be greeted with soft 'awww's' and cooing sounds from the girls. Almost instantly, Harry's wings snapped out to the full length of 29 feet and he roared loudly, forcing a shocked silence in the room. Draco could distantly hear the loud hisses of Thomas and the whines/whimpers of distress from Finnegan, but didn't care as he tightened his hold on Harry. He lifted his head and licked behind the raven's ear gently, tentatively, trying to calm his riled up mate.

And just when he thought his morning couldn't get any worse, the common room entrance opened and his fathers walked in.

[Part .III.]

"Potter, Draco? Really." Lucius snarked, clearly agitated. Not because he'd been claimed, or because he was the submissive, but because of Har-Potter. Ever since he'd woken alone in bed, he'd had the strangest urge to call Potter Harry.

They'd been separated by their parents, which caused his papa Sev a lot of pain and blood-loss from a broken jaw. He might be older, but stronger than Potter he was not. Really, the dark haired man should have known with the new bond, it would be hard to force the newly mated pair apart from each other.

"Dad, I don't understand-"

"We won't have an heir, Draco!" Lucius snapped. He was pushed onto the loveseat where his mate had previously occupied.

"We will, dad." He sighed. "Potter is more than capable of giving me an heir, and I know that he'll understand giving the first born the Malfoy name."

"That's not the idea! The idea is the my son is mated to a blood-traitor!" the older blond hissed out, jerking from Severus' grip.

"Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, you will cease this moment!" Severus growled, jerking the man down again. "You know damn well Dragon cannot help his mate! Or would you like me to remind you of the fit your father had when he learned about me!"

The older Malfoy snorted. "He didn't have a fit, he went into fucking cardiac arrest!"

"Exactly!" Severus shouted, bolting up. "You can't choose your mate, and neither can our son! Granted, the mating wasn't at a good time, but at least he has been claimed by his mate!"

"Do not yell at me, Severus!" Lucius yelled back. "I am not a child to control through raising your voice!"

"Then listen to me!" Draco's papa roared, raising a hand to either slap Lucius or give him a good shove. Draco chose now to intervene, knowing he could possibly get hurt in the scuffle.

"Daddy, papa, stop!" he tried, squeazing his way in between them. He was just a few inches shorter than Lucius, so while Lucius' jaw would have taken the hit, Draco got it full on the side of his face, the hit leaving behind an angry red mark as Draco was left sprawled on the floor. This time, as tears welled up and he let out the distress call, he was doing so without knowing, and therefore missed the shock and then fright of his dads. He missed Harry entering and damn near killing Severus whilst knocking Lucius unconscious within five minutes each. He missed his mate kneeling on the floor and crawling towards him, sadness and worry for the smaller mate in his dark green eyes.

He didn't miss his mate asking with a soft hum if he could hold the blonde close, or if he could kiss the blonde. Each time, Draco answered with a shy nod, finally taking a hand from his stinging cheek. It was a mistake. Upon seeing the already bruising mark, Harry tensed up and his wings snapped out to full length; his fangs lengthened and he crouched with Draco held bridal style in his arms. Harry was in full protect-mate-kill-threat mode. At a moments notice, Draco realized, Harry would be ready to fight his way through a sea of inferi to get him to safety, and the only threat this moment was his own dad and papa.

Purring the smaller mate curled against his Dominant, who growled threateningly as the other Dominant and submissive began to come out of their unconscious haze. Draco noticed Harry's eyes flicker to his cheek for a second, before he growled at Severus. The older Dominant nodded and bowed down, baring his neck as Harry stalked past, carrying Draco out. Severus, Draco saw as he stretched to look back, had waited till Harry was out the room before he stood up and rushed to Lucius.

In the common room, Blaise, Dean and Sirius all waited in their own Draken forms; in his hyperactive mode, Harry perceived all of them as threats to his mate, and curled his wings around the pair, shielding Draco until his back hit the wall and he edged his way to the door. There were a few low voices, but Draco didn't understand.

"..wonder what….there…threats…can't do…Draco…" was all he heard, and it sounded so much like Blaise, he was almost worried. But with his mate holding him, he knew he would be protected and kept safe. His Draken had receded a bit, allowing his human to show through. He hadn't realized his mate had carried him so far; it almost looked like the Forbidden forest, near the Unicorn herd.

Sure enough, they walked straight into the middle of the herd's pasture where they were currently grazing; the stallion lifted his head, a challenge to Harry to disturb him, his mares and his foals. In answer, Harry furled his wings against his back, but kept them out just in case, and showed Draco off to the male horse. The white stallion snorted, and swung his head to the Stallion's resting bed.

Draco was set down gently, with a gentle, lingering kiss to his forehead. He whined softly as his dominant left him, but seeing that he wasn't returning, Draco decided to crawl from the resting bed, only to be stopped by the stallion. He was nudged back to the stallion's bed, and kept there.

Almost an hour or so passed when Harry returned, dragging a thestral carcass from his jaws. Draco blanched as he took in the sight, and saw Harry had ripped off the wings and gauged out the herd leader's eyes. No unicorn had lifted it's head as Harry returned, none of them bothering as they knew Harry had gone hunting for Draco.

This in itself pleased Draco to no end, knowing his mate was strong enough to protect and provide for him. Harry prodded the carcass over to him, curling around Draco then like a protective barrier against the world. Draco leaned down and allowed his fangs to sink into the still-warm flesh, the hot blood rolling down his chin. Behind him, Harry hummed and caressed his hair, his wings, his back, his hips, his thighs, his shoulders, his arms. Merlin, Harry touched him everywhere, and it soothed Draco to the core. While Harry was still tense, Draco simply basked in his mate's attentions.

Eventually, he finished his meal and curled up against his mate's chest, mewling softly to calm his mate down. He nuzzled against Harry's bare chest, falling into an easy sleep. He felt safe, knowing Harry would be there to keep him safe.

[Part .IV.]

For five days, the pair stayed away. In that time, the entire castle had gone insane trying to locate them. It seemed, when they got back and were questioned by a harsh-looking Dumbledore, that they'd looked everywhere and had employed Aurors to look for them.

At the end of the five hour questioning session, a very Irate Harry picked up an extremely distressed Draco with a deep, possessive hiss as he held his mate tight to him. Draco couldn't even glance at his fathers, both who looked distraught and had tears running down their cheeks. Tears welled up again in his eyes, and Harry took him to a corner, where he crouched down in front of the room and cocooned them both with his wings. Draco heard Severus explaining to a couple of Aurors that Harry felt Draco was threatened by the number of people involved, and as the Dominant, it was his job to protect Draco at all costs.

It didn't help that a Draken's wings and natural form are resilient spells, hexes and curses.

An Auror made the mistake of not listening and firmly tapped Harry's wing. The man died like a coward, screaming for someone to stop the raven from ripping off his arms and crushing his head. Nobody even tried. The minister was there, and was shocked. But he was on good terms with the Elder clan of Drakens, and knew if a Dominant felt his submissive was threatened, they would attack first and ask about it later.

Severus inputted he'd only had that problem once in the beginning with Lucius.

After that admission, Draco kinda lost attention because of the gentle affections Harry was lavishing upon him. The bigger male was licking, nuzzling and presses sweet little kisses to Draco's cheek (the unbruised one), his shoulders, forehead… He was also sniffing and rubbing his cheek against Draco's chest, as though trying to re-affirm his place in the blonde's life.

Once Harry was sure there was no other scent on Draco, he loosened his hold on his small mate and relaxed. Draco knew he was still on high-alert. Neither had heard a person leaving the room, nor had they heard anyone enter.

For a moment, Draco heard hushed voice, and then a soft, "Bambi?" Harry growled in response, once more pulling Draco to him. The blonde obediently wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and buried his face in Harry's chest when the brunette stood up and let his wings expand to the full length. He felt Harry bare his teeth and heard him hiss, then felt as his mate turned and, despite the voices calling him back, stalked out of the room.

A sudden voice in his head made him yelp.

'Must protect mate. Keep mate safe. Protect mate.' It sounded like Harry's normal voice, but was more gruff, inhuman almost. Luckily the pair didn't run into anyone on the way to the dungeons. Draco didn't think he could take anymore and he was weary.

They entered the common room, that was void of everyone but Blaise and Dean. They looked up when they entered the room, and watched shocked as Harry carried him up the stairs to his room.

Harry, in his Draken form, didn't bother with undressing him. He simply tore at Draco's clothes and then his own. He pushed Draco onto the bed, and Draco wondered for a second if Harry would take him again that night, only to have that thought squashed when the male became human again and crawled in over him.

Harry pulled the other back against his chest, spooing him tightly with an arm tight around his waist. Draco could feel his erection, and whined softly, bumping his arse against that delicious hardness. He got a grunt in reply, followed by a soft snort. He settled down, his own arousal dying off as he cuddled to his mate. He knew, however, that Harry would be up in a snap at the first sign of danger.

So he settled down to sleep. And he dreamed.


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