Triumph over Evil

100 Theme Challenge: Number Five: Triumph.


Optimus Prime had just barely dived out of the way of an attack from the leader of the Decepticons.

Quickly running to the left, he whipped his Magnus Hammer towards the Warlord. "Megatron!" He shouted and jumped up onto the building and watched as Megatron lept out of the way but he couldn't get away before Optimus brought his clenched fist into Megatron's face plate.

"Curse you, Optimus Prime!" Megatron spat nastily as he transformed back into his chopper mode and flew above Optimus and fired his laser cannon at the new Magnus, eager to defeat him after escaping the prison he was kept in.

Optimus groaned as the laser pierced his armor on his left arm. He ran towards five taller buildings and jumped in-between them and ran in a sort of maze-like thing to distract Megatron.

Luckily, it worked.

The Warlord cursed as he tried to find his foe in the mess of the buildings hastily.

Optimus, hiding behind a smaller building, jumped in the way of Megatron, startling the large Decepticon.

Swinging his Hammer upwards, lightning bolts crashed down and danced around the Hammer. Optimus swung the Magnus Hammer full force and watched the dancing bolts charge towards Megatron dangerously.

Megatron, still slightly dazed, he had barely managed to dodge all of the wild bolts but slowly got away from them.

As Megatron transformed, he flew towards Optimus and knocked the smaller mech down and transformed back and landed on Optimus.

Megatron's pede's were pinning Optimus' arms down by standing on them and he slowly charged his cannon and aimed it at the new Magnus' helm.

"Goodbye, Prime." Megatron whispered coldly with a sick grin on his face plate. Optimus stared up at Megatron and offlined his blue optics.

Megatron's grin widened, realizing the Magnus had gave up. Oh, he was going to enjoy crushing his longest enemy's spark.

After all that the previous Autobot leader had done to him, he swore on his Offline body he would kill Optimus Prime. And after all those years in the Autobot Brig, Megatron only got more focused on his plans to diminish the spark of Optimus. Finally, he will finally get his deserved revenge.

"Prepare to di-" Megatron's blood red optics widened and stopped his words. He screamed when he felt a bunch of electric bolts surround him and shock his systems like crazy.

Optimus cringed as he felt some of the bolts hit him, but he didn't mind. Since most of them were hitting Megatron.

Optimus painfully pushed the Warlord off of him and took out his other weapon, his old axe.

Slowly, he raised it up and stared into the burning red optics of Megatron. He pulled the axe down quickly but froze his movements just before he could cut the Warlord in half.

Megatron's optics widened again in realization. Flashing to fear and anger, he cursed loudly at Optimus and shot at him.

Optimus deflected each of Megatron's shots easily and ripped out some stasis cuffs and placed them on Megatron's servos.
"You're coming back to the brig." Optimus smirked when Megatron harshly glared up at him.


Shortest thing I've ever written, I think...

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