3 year old Kate Weatherall and her daddy walked down the shady path towards the mill pond. It was a bright summer's day and Kate was giggling as only a three year old can.

"Daddy, daddy!" she laughed. "Look what I can do!"

Her daddy smiled. "Now, Katy-Cat, no showing off!" For Kate was now walking down the path on her hands.

"Aww, party pooper!" But Kate flipped back to her feet, grinning so enthusiastically that her mouth was likely to fall off her face.

The mill pond was a lovely place to be. Kate dived straight into the water, laughing with glee. Her daddy smiled, watching her splash around like an otter in the refreshing liquid. It was hard to believe that she was a girl, never mind a three year old one. She looked more like an otter, sliding around, and rolling on her back.

"Can't catch me!" she cried gaily, splashing away from her dad.

He smiled, diving into the water after his daughter.

After two hours of general fun, Kate's dad finally caught her. He lifted her in his strong arms, beaming with her.

On the way home, Kate asked her father, tweaking his nose as she did, "Daddy, may we go to the mill again?"

Smiling, her daddy replied: "Of course, Katie-Cat. Of course we can go to the mill again."