Well my story of John Cena's Daughter is all about imagination and just dreams lol. It includes the WHOLE Wwe universe,superstars,divas,and even legends. It also has like a lot famous people included and well the main characters are John Cena and his daughter whos name is Shayleen Cody Reylene Cena Stratigia,that's her whole name, but since its too long she likes people to call her Reylene. And well her parents are John and Trish. Ok to make this like shorter is that I like John Cena a lot big fan and I just made up trish to be his wife and they had a wonderful daughter and the story is about that John Cena living the life as a father and theres more to it bt youll have to read the whole story to know the surprises or the things that are coming up and that's all I can say about this story youll just have to read it. I had this story in my mind all this years that I could never write it cause I change things up a lot and well I finally can share it hope u enjoy it! :D :D