This chapter talks about Reylene's recovery from her fight with Umaga but I'm gonna skip some things and I'm going to write about the movie Marine!

Chap. 18 The Marine Movie!

It's been 3 weeks since Reylene had to stay in the hospital after her first ever match and she was already home and she couldn't go with her father to work for a few days but one day John comes back from work and he rushes to Reylene's room because he had good news to tell her "sweetie I have some news" said John "what is it daddy" she asked "well I was asked to make a movie and with you too it's going to be a marine movie and we start next week" answered John Reylene was so excited her first movie ever to make and it made it more special because she was making it with her dad. Finally next week came Reylene was feeling better and so they went to the studio and the director was John Bonito and he explain the whole script to them John is going to play a marine who got fired and now he has to be at home, Reylene is going to be the daughter of the marine and she was mad him for never been there for her and then the bad guys are some thieves of jewels and they take Reylene away and John has to rescue and he kept on explaining more and their characters names are John and Kate. It took them it took them 2 years to make the movie, and the movie came out in 2006 and they all went to see it. (Now it's going to be the movie story).

It starts where a village is having a little war and then some marines were been attack by terrorist and they were asking for some things or they were going to kill them and the only one there was John Triton and he wanted to help them so bad but the commander told him to wait for back up but he didn't listen and he went for it and he shot all the terrorists and he saved them and now they need a way out of the village and again they attack. The next morning John was already in the USA in the gym doing some exercise until a sir comes in and gives his a yellow note and he went outside with the colonel "Triton I'm afraid I have some bad news you are been honorably discharged from the marines" said the colonel "but sir I'm a marine" said John "and one of the good ones I ever had I will always be grateful" said the colonel and he saluted John and left and John had a big disappointed face. Back to his house Kate was watching Tv and then his grandmother came "darling I have some great news your father is finally coming hope" said her grandmother "eh" said Kate "aren't u happy?"said grandmother, "why should I? He is just gonna leave again and leave us alone so whatever" said Kate, her grandmother just had a sad look on her face and after a few hours a taxi came by and John finally came and his mother went outside to greet "oh my son im so happy your back and safe" said grandmother "thanks mom wheres Kate?"asked John "shes in her room" said grandmother "lets go inside" said John and they went inside and grandmother called Kate and she came down the stairs looking all serious looking at them "hey baby" said John and he held his arms but Kate just looked at him mad "bye" she said and she turn around and went back to her mom and john got a sad look again and he went to the kitchen to talk to his mom "why is she like this?" he asked "shes just hurt that your never here and you always have to go and she doesn't when your coming back just like I do, but finally your back and I know it going to be hard but you will be up again" said his mother, John smiled and he hugged his mom "so are you going to start the work tomorrow" asked his mom he made a sign "yes I have to now to take of Kate and u" said John "don't worry you can do it" said his mother. The next morning John started his work already as a security and his partner was his friend from high school and he was very bored and his friend could tell he was so down, then they get a call for syco boyfriend and they go up and they see this guy arguing with girlfriend "sir please come with me" said John "stay out of this" said the guy but John still took him by the force down the elevator and he told him nicely not to come back again but the guy had bodyguards and kept telling John bad things and the bodyguards tried to hit john but his friend stopped "he just try to hit me man" "I know and he shouldn't, you shouldn't, but he miss and your fine and we want to leave things like this calmly" said his friends "well tell your girlfriend to get out away from us" said on of the bodyguards and that got the friend mad and then the fight started even though john did the whole fight and then he threw the cyco boyfriend out of the window and he just cursed him. Then john and the friend go for some drinks "a cheers for your first and last day on the job" said his friend and john just laughed but then john started saying that been a marine was everything for him and now he doesn't know what to do, but his friend tells him that part of his life and he can do other things "you know what I think I'm going home and spent time with my daughter" said John "yea she's a weird kid" said his friend and John looks at him with a mad face. John comes home and he sees his mom and daughter watching TV together and he said hi but once he came inside Kate ran to her room and he sat next to her mother "how was work son?" she asked "fine" said john "what's going on" she asked "nothing just stuff" said John then the news John came out when he threw the guy from the window "stuff like throwing a man from window" said his mom "yeah" said John "I thought my days of worrying were over what happen" she asked "it's just not me mom" said John I just don't want to be here been a marine was everything" said John "that it's over and now u have one and one thing only to worry and that's Kate you need to get her love back and I know a way you guys should go out together" said his mom "where" asked John "anywhere its fine the point is that you guys go together" she said "don't worry ill make sure she goes, come on say yes, john say yes, boy say yes" said his mother "Okay" said John and he smiled. The next morning John and Kate are already in the car on the road and inside the car John wearing blue jeans, gray t-shirt, and with a yellow shirt with golden boots and next to him Kate listing to music with her feet out of the window and she was wearing short jeans with a white shirt and blue jacket and she was also wearing golden boots. "Kate can you please take those off, do you want to go to the beach?" john asked "I don't care" said Kate "okay well I guess will go to the mountains where I use to go when I was kid" said John but Kate was ignoring him "baby please lets try to make this trip meaningful and catch up" said John "whatever like u didn't have the time before" said Kate, they stopped for some gasoline "do you want anything" asked John "do you know what I like?" she asked "a coke" he said "hmm you got lucky father" said Kate and then he starts walking into the store and then Kate notice the other car and I guy looked at her and smile and she was uncomfortable and inside the store there was a guy looking at magazines and a women shopping and outside a guy putting gasoline on the car and then the police came and he made conversation with the man until in the back another guy comes and shots the police guy and Kate got scared and john ran to see but the guy who was looking at the magazines hit him with the fire extinguisher and knocked him out and then the girl shot the guy in the store and they both walk outside and then the bad guy who was the leader named Rome he saw that their car had a flat tired and he order to get the truck and Kate tried to close everything but then Morgan the one who shot the cop got her and she screamed and from behind her the guy who smiled at her name Vescera grabbed her and pull her out of the car and she was fighting to get away " dad, dad, dad" she screamed "where the hell did she come from" asked Rome "do we kill her" asked Vescera "no we might need a hostage" said Rome and back inside the store john still on the floor he open his eyes a little still seeing a little blury and he his daughter " dad, dad get up, daddy" yelled Kate and they put her inside the car and john tried to get up and then Morgan shot and shot until he scored on the gasoline and he went inside the car and they left and when john finally got up the whole thing explode the store everything but luckly he was okay and he saw the thieves were getting away and he saw the police car and he ran to it and helped the cop inside and then he took the car and drove fast. Back in the car with Kate the women named Angela was searching thru their stuff and she found an ID of her dad "John Triton Sergeant John Triton this little girl is the daughter of a marine" said Angela and she looked back Kate "why did you mom marry him, for the safety" said Angela Rome smiled and Kate got mad and she tried to attack her but they hold her and John still rushing " 4 men and 1 women getting away in a black truck they have a hostage it's my daughter" said John and he almost reached them "ugh the police" said Vescera "Its not the policy" said another guy named Bennett and Kate looked back and she smiled with joy "I hate the police and candy" said Morgan and they began to shot and shot John and no luck and it was a whole big race but john got no apportunity for a shot and then Kate got the chance and she covered Rome's eyes and that led them inside the forest and then they stop because of the cliff and they still kept shooting John until the car flip and it went down and they still kept shooting until it got on fire and fell to the river down kate tried to run but they got her "no, you murders" said Kate hitting Morgan and then Angela pointed a gun at her but rome stopped her " tigh her up quickly" said Rome and they went back and angela grabed a rope and tied her hands together and Kate was in pain, then in the fron Vescera and Morgan were fighting and then rome said they have to walked in the woods "and what do we do with our little hostage" said Angela and kate looked at her mad "oh go to hell" said Kate and that got Angela mad that she punched her and Kate fainted and Morgan had to carry her and they made their way in the woods, back to John he survive the crash.

(as you can tell I don't tell the whole movie of how it is on the movie but I still hope u guys like it and chapter 2 of the movie is tomorrow) :D