Sorrry for taking sooo long to write another chapter but im back and well the last chapter is about when John and Reylene make their first movie and it's the Marine hope you guys enjoy it.

Chap. 19 The Marine Movie Part 2

John survived the crash but once he got back up they were gone but the police officer Van Buren pointed a gun to him and then he decided to help John so he let him go. Back with the guys they are still walking around the swap and when they step on the swap Kate still on Morgan's shoulders but she finally woke up and she saw where she was and then she began to hit Morgan and he put her down and then she grabbed him and kick his face with her knee and hit Angela and she tried to run but Bennett gets her and then Angela slaps her and then Morgan got mad and then he got in a fight with one of them and was about to shot him but Rome stops him " hey,hey no one dies here unless I give the green light" says Rome and then he shoot the guy and Morgan was surprise "What the hell was that" he asked "green light" responded Bennett and they start walking and then Morgan and Bennet here noises and they turn around and then some gators come and they start eating the corpse "I thought you said there was no crocodiles" asked Morgan "those are alligators" said Bennet and they keep walking. Then John starts running by the swap and then he finds a knife and when he looks at the tree he sees blood and he got scared that it might be his daughter's so he kept running. Again the group still walking and the guys where getting scared with animals and still walking and then "are we there yet" asked Kate "No" said Bennet "where are we going" "are we there yet" Kate kept asking questions and the group was getting tired of her so they cover her mouth and it was good because a helicopter pass by but Kate couldn't scream. John still running but then he fell in a tramp but he cut it and then he was punched by this guy and John was winning but then something hit him from behind and he fainted. Then he woke up tied into a chair and in a creepy room and then the two tough guys saw him awake and one approach to him and gave him a punch "why are you here cop" he asked then John tried to explain but they kept hitting him and he finally he went along that he is a cop "they are tracking my gps right now" said John "gps I thought I told u to search him" he said to his partner "I did" he said and then he was going to search john but john hit him and he broke the chair and got loose and hit the guys and beat them up and he finally got away from them and he kept running. The group made it to this old abandoned cabin and they went inside and john finally saw them getting in and they went inside they sat Kate in a chair and then Rome orders Morgan to go fix the lights and he did but john attacked and killed him and inside Kate was starring at Angela and then Angela got closer "why so sad" asked Angela "you don't like your new friends" said Angela , Kate smiled "just leave me alone I know my father will come and then you will see" said Kate. Then Rome send Bennet to find Morgan and then again John attacks him and kills him too and then he sees a gun pointing at him and again Van "how many are there" asked Van "there's 2 more" answered John "okay stay here" said Van getting up but then John grabs him "no its only in matter time before they realize this 2 are not going back, I got to do something and I need to do it now" said John. Then inside they hear some noise and all this time Kate was trying to get loose from her hands tight and she finally did so she took the chance to run and Angela went after her and Kate was running but she trip and Angela got her and then Kate hit her and tried to run but Angela hit her back but then Kate remember some moves her dad tough her and she did on her and she was winning but Angela got her gun out and pointed at her. Back inside John finally went inside and Rome pointed a gun to him "now that's a real son of bitch" said Rome "where is she" asked John and then Van went inside and pointed the gun to Rome and Rome put his down and then John tried to get close "wait hold it he needs to give me something" said van "I don't care what you do with him, I want my daughter" order John "oh he won't harm, not knowing what happen to the diamonds, why don't you turn around to understand more" said Rome and when john turn van was pointing his gun at john "where are they Rome?"asked Van " where are what" asked Rome "give me the freaking diamonds" yelled Van " hey calm down here I'll make you a deal you see I been trying to kill this 3 times now and he won't die, I don't know if I have bad luck, but if you kill him now I'll give you the diamonds" said Rome but then Rome got his gun and began to shoot but john gets van and in front of him and Rome kept shooting and walking away and john jumps behind the table and hides. Then Rome goes outside and sees Angele grabbing Kate back inside but then he grabs Kate other arm "what's going on" asked Angela "her marine showed up" said Rome and Kate got surprised "DAD, DAD" she began to yell "he's still alive" asked Angela then Rome turn around and he began to shoot the gasoline under the cabin and then the place explodes but John made out in time into the river and while the explosion Rome and the girls fell and then Kate turns to see the cabin " DADDY" Yelled Kate and she began to cry and then they grabbed her and they went behind the car "no I'm not going in there" said Kate and then Rome hit her and she fainted and they put her trunk and they went inside the car and drove away. John got out of the water and he saw them getting away and a police boat came and ordered John to get out and officer was going to arrest him and then john tried to explain he was the one who made the call and the officer order him to get down and when he was going to put the handcuffs at him john tricked him and reserve it and he took off in the boat. Back with Rome since they were in a police car they had to get rid of it so they had an idea, Angela tries to get a ride and big truck stops and then she shoots the trucker and they take off. Then inside the truck Rome handcuff Kate in the back in a pole and they drove where the trucks go to find a car a friend was gonna give him and John got there but he didn't know where to look and then Kate sees him and she tried to distract Rome and that made Rome move the truck like crazy and that made John notice it was them and then he stop the boat and run to the truck and he jumped on it but he hit hard and that made Rome and Angela wonder what was that and then Kate was smiling and then a bus was coming and John went to the 2 door where Angela is and he opened it and grabbed Angela and he threw her and she hit the bus and she died and she had the diamonds. Then John was trying to get in and but Rome drove around where houses or things were so that way John could get hurt and fall and Kate was screaming look out and more until finally John fell but since Rome didn't see where was going he drove by gasoline stuff and the front of truck got on fire and then Rome got scared and he ditched Kate and jumped off the truck and Kate started screaming and then she notice she was going inside a cabin and she tried to drive with one hand but she saw the wall and she screamed and the truck fell in the swamp and John tried to run to save her but Rome attacked him with a sledge hammer and Kate was trying to get loose from the handcuffs because the truck was getting filled with water . Back the guys Rome still attacking John and john was winning but when he tried to run to Kate the ceiling fell on him and he still tried to crawl and he was seeing the water bubbles then Rome got a chainsaw and he tried to attack John with it "say hello to your daughter for me" he said and that made John mad he finally took the chainsaw and he began to attack Rome until he finally he won and he ran to the swap and he jumped in and he swim to the truck and he sees inside Kate fainted and John opened the door he went inside and he tried to take the pole off to lose her handcuffs off and he did and then finally he came out with Kate on his arms still unconscious and he put her on the ground and then he started doing CPR on her but nothing and then on the 3 time he hugged her tightly and then again another time and "come on Kate wake up wake up" he said and finally Kate began to cough water and she finally open her eyes and sees her daddy "hi daddy" she said smiling and john smiled back and he hugged her tight and Kate hugged back and then something grabbed John from the neck and it was a rome all burned up choking john with the chain but then john hit him and he fill him and killed him, then john went back to Kate and he got to his knees " we should of gone to the beach" said John and Kate started laughing and then she hugs her dad and in the back the police and ambulance come and then John carried Kate and he starts walking to them, and there the movie was over.