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Chapter 1

Percy POV:

"Rachel, I cant believe you!" I shouted at my girlfriend.

She pulled away from the guy whose tongue was down her throat just seconds before.

"Percy, I swear, its not what it looks-" I cut her off,

"You've always been like this! You do something stupid, and it's never your fault! You may think that I'm blind, and stupid, and that I wont leave you, but you're so wrong! I've had enough…"

I turned to walk away from my now ex-girlfriend, but she reached out to grab my wrist and pull me back.

"Percy, please…"

"I'm sorry, Rachel. I cant do this.''

With that I turned and walked away, holding back the tears that were threatening to spill over. And to think that today I was going to tell her that I loved her.

I didn't understand. Sure Rachel had always been a flirt, almost every guy at school had either been with her, if only for a week, or they wanted nothing more than to get into her pants. Not me. Rachel had been my friend for two years before we started dating. I was honestly surprised that we lasted for two months without any drama or cheating, which is almost what Rachel was famous for. I had to admit that I was shocked that she cheated, though I also had to agree with the smart part of my brain that said it wasn't completely unexpected.

I left the theatre and got into my car, started the engine and drove off home. As I drove, the tears started falling.

Of course none of my friends ever liked Rachel, not one bit. They always knew that she was trouble and that she would hurt me in the end. But I was so blinded by 'love' that I didn't bother paying attention. It hurt to know that they were right, and I was wrong. About my own girlfriend.

Thalia Grace, my cousin, could read people very well. I was sorry I didn't pay better attention when she tried to warn me about Rachel. Her boyfriend, Nico di Angelo, of course agreed with her. At the time, I found excuses, like, he was scared to disagree with Thalia (which can be fatal), he was jealous that every guy at school wanted my girlfriend and not his or that he just didn't like Rachel for no real reason.

Of course now I can see that they were trying to protect me from heartbreak.

I should have listened.

When I arrived home, I headed straight to my room, not even bothering to greet my mom like I always do.

"Hi, Percy," she smiled "Hold on! What happened?" she asked staring at my tearstained face and red puffy eyes. She walked away from the kitchen counter and over to me, pulling me into one of her amazing hugs. I could smell that she had been baking blue chocolate chip cookies.

See, my mom was once married to this guy, Gabe Ugliano, because she was desperate to look after me and Gabe had money. Anyway, he was convinced that you didn't get blue food. So it became a joke between Mom and I, and since then all my favourite foods get dyed blue. Gabe is long gone, and now Mom is married to a nice guy called Paul. He is actually my English teacher.

I tried to avoid her gaze, I didn't want to talk about it just yet.

"Percy?" she asked again.

I sighed, "I caught Rachel cheating…" I managed to get out before the tears started again.

Yes, I was crying and hugging my mom. I am a momma's boy. For years we only had each other to count on. And now I needed her to support me again.

She sighed as well, "Percy… I don't know what to tell you, but it will stop hurting, and one day, you will meet a girl who will have nothing on Rachel. And believe me, then you will be glad that Rachel is out of the picture."

"Thanks, Mom," I whispered.

"Now, who wants some blue cookies?"

I followed her into the kitchen and helped myself to a plate of hot and fresh blue chocolate chip cookies.

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