A/N So I just realised that even though I have ALWAYS loved Itachi and Sasuke the most ever since I first met them, I have neglected to give them many stories of their own – so here is one that I thought up at six o'clock in the morning when I was too stressed to sleep!

Sasuke Uchiha wasn't aware of the pain – not even of the blood that was dribbling down his arms in rivers. All he knew was that he needed to escape from his reality once again. He grunted as the blade dug deeper, but he didn't care – he was used to the searing pain by now.

Red, sticky liquid stained the black bed sheets, but Sasuke knew that neither of his parents would care – if anything, his father was one of the main causes for his behaviour. Perhaps his brother would care, but that would be about it.

With those thoughts in mind, the sixteen-year-old couldn't help but let out a growl. He knew that his brother loved him, but that was the entire point – Sasuke hated his brother, just like he hated everyone else.

After pulling the blade away and shoving it back into his pocket, Sasuke stared at the new scars engraved into pale skin, and stained red with blood. He wasn't quite sure how things had gotten so bad. What he did know was that there were just too many factors in his miserable life to single out the one thing to have caused the entire situation.

The constant abuse by his father, the stress of school... If Sasuke could go back and pin-point the events that had led to this chain-of-reactions, he would put a stop to it. It wasn't that he enjoyed living like this – no, it was quite the opposite – but it had become the only way that he knew to escape from his pain.


Dinner was silent as always. Sasuke had barely touched his food – which was quickly turning into a daily occurrence. For the past three weeks, Sasuke had barely eaten half of what was on his dinner plate and, because of this, had lost quite a lot of weight.

Sasuke's father, Fugaku, was too busy glaring at his oldest son, Itachi, to pay much attention to Sasuke for once. Sasuke didn't care, if his father's attention wasn't on him then it meant less stress and more thinking time for the black-haired boy.

Sasuke poked at his peas for what felt like five minutes for the young Uchiha while Itachi timidly raised his head and looked his mother in the eyes.

"Mother…" Itachi said in a timid, shaking voice as his eyes darted over to his father – as if he was terrified of being yelled at and, knowing Fugaku, he probably was.

"Yes, son…?" Mikoto was just as timid as Itachi, keeping her eyes focused on the dinner plate while she played with her hands.

"…I got my results back from the university…" Itachi tried to smile but it only came out as a frown. "…Top of my class again…"

Mikoto's eyes welled with tears and she nodded. "G-good for you, Itachi…"

Fugaku was silent, his hard eyes seemingly penetrating Itachi and staring right through the long-haired male. Without warning, he stood up and immediately left the table without a word, leaving his empty plate for someone else to clean up.

Sasuke was quick to leave the second that Fugaku had left the table. His brother soon followed, leaving Mikoto to do the dishes alone. Itachi usually did the dishes with his mother, but tonight he had disappeared off to his room.


Such a slut… That Uchiha boy…

Yes… Look at all of the scars on his wrists… Emo…


The only thing that Sasuke could focus on were the things that his school peers would always say about him. As hard as he tried, he just couldn't block the voices out. They just swam around his head, back and forth, tormenting the boy. He could hear Itachi in the next room, crying, but he didn't care – Itachi was a grown man and could take care of himself, and Sasuke had his own problems to worry about instead of shouldering someone else's.

"I wish he would just die…" Sasuke growled to himself as he banged hard against the wall behind him. It was enough to distract him from his own torment. He knew – even though he rarely set foot into his brother's room – that their beds were pushed against the same part of the wall, so Itachi would definitely hear his banging. "Shut up, Itachi!"

Itachi's sobs instantly quietened, a small, muffled apology making its way through the thin walls. "I-I'm sorry, otouto…"

"Don't apologise – just shut up! I don't want to hear you!"

The older Uchiha spoke no more words. Sasuke could tell that Itachi had buried his face into his pillow, because Itachi's cries were muffled and very faint.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted, staring at nothing in particular. "Might as well finish my homework before that bastard storms in…"

With that said, Sasuke got off of his bed and moved to his desk. He pulled his homework out of his school bag, sitting down and getting himself prepared. It was nothing hard – just some biology work on meiosis and mitosis.

Sasuke – as he usually did – finished his homework within a half-hour. Just as he was placing the sheets of paper back in his bag for tomorrow, his door was opened and a drunken Fugaku stumbled in.

"What the fuck are ya doing?" Fugaku snarled, making his way over to the desk and backhanding Sasuke across the face. "Show me what the fuck you were doing."

Without a word, Sasuke silently reached down into his bag and pulled the plastic pocket back out, handing it to his father.

"The fuck…?" Fugaku's eyes scanned the sheets of paper as he read about the different stages of meiosis. "The hell is this, boy?"

Sasuke didn't answer. He didn't have to – his father didn't deserve to hear his voice.

Another slap rang out across the room as Fugaku's palm connected with Sasuke's cheek again. "You gonna answer me, boy?"


Fugaku was quick to grab Sasuke by the collar of his shirt and pull him off the desk chair. He shoved the younger male into the desk, causing the piece of furniture to shake dangerously, and threatening to tumble the cup of coke that was sitting on the end.

"You don't ever ignore me when I'm speakin' to ya, boy!" Fugaku shouted as he punched Sasuke repeatedly in the stomach. "Or else you'll wind up like that piece of shit in the other room! You'll have no friends and no emotions – no interest in anything! Just a piece of emotionless, waste-of-air shit!"

Sasuke – as usual – didn't say a word; he just lay there and took the beating. He knew that his father was trying to rile him up by talking shit about Itachi, but let's be honest, here – Sasuke did not give a flying fuck what was said about his brother.

Minutes passed by, and Fugaku soon grew bored of beating his youngest son. He hardly got a reaction out of Sasuke anymore – but Itachi more than made up for that.

"You'd better stay in your room, you little slut," Fugaku growled, "or else I'll come back and hurt you some more. You understand that, you bitch?"

Sasuke just spat after his father. He didn't even flinch when he was punched in the chest, but he did smirk once his father had left and Itachi's weak begs to be left alone sounded. At least Itachi was getting what he deserved.

"I hate him." Sasuke couldn't help but let out a little laugh as he thought about what was happening to his brother at that very moment. "I hope that Father kills him this time. He annoys me."

Sasuke rubbed at his aching cheek, aware that blood was dribbling from his mouth and nose. He only smirked and left the trail of blood as it was, sitting back down onto his bed. He fell into the day-dreams that he was so often consumed in.

Sasuke imagined that his father had killed Itachi. Sometimes, the murder was brutal and the method reserved for only the most disturbed of minds, or other times, Fugaku had killed both Itachi and his wife, before taking his own life.

Sasuke smirked as he imagined Itachi's screams of horror – the way the older brother thrashed in agony, pleading for his life.

No one would understand why Sasuke hated his brother so much when all Itachi had ever done was love and protect his brother, putting his own problems second to Sasuke's wellbeing. But – as most people could see – Sasuke's state of mind was dwindling. Fast.