Three months had passed since Itachi's parents had died and, during this time, he had come to the conclusion that his brother was not worthy of his love. All those years of trying to take care of Sasuke, give him what he needed, and all he had ever gotten in return was hate and pain. Not anymore. He didn't want to do it anymore – not know that he had Deidara.

It had come as a surprise to them both to find themselves suddenly in more than just friendship, one lonely night after therapy. Deidara had been busy moulding clay into a small bird, the raven sitting on the couch beside him, reading quietly. Neither of them were quite sure how it had happened, but Itachi had leant over, his soft lips brushing the blond's.

While Itachi was finding his life improving, new friends and a boyfriend to love, Sasuke found himself wallowing deep in depression.

The younger Uchiha, while having become close with Sasori, was struggling to come to terms with the fact that his brother truly did love him, that he had been in the wrong for all these years. However, Sasuke was about to hurt more than he could ever remember hurting.

Sasori was walking through the hospital corridors with Sasuke, no particular destination in mind but needing to get out of their tiny room if only for a few minutes. They were silent, no talk required, so when loud, hurried footsteps approached them from behind, they turned just in time for Sasuke to be knocked over by a blond boy.

With a growl, Sasuke shouted out. "Watch where you're going!"

The blond turned around, a stranger to Sasuke, but unless he was wrong the boy was acquainted with Sasori.

"Sasori." The blond's eyes narrowed at the redhead.

Sasori didn't reply, his brown eyes gazing past the blond as if he didn't care to acknowledge him.

"Who is that?" Sasuke asked, anger boiling up inside of him; he certainly didn't appreciate well-meaning physical contact, let alone a rough shove.

"I'm surprised you're friends with this freak." The blond boy sneered at Sasuke. "I would have expected better from you, Sasori. Associating yourself with someone like Sasuke."

Again, Sasori remained silent, looking down at the small puppet he had been carrying. He played absentmindedly with its strings, giving Sasuke the impression he didn't care one bit for the newcomer. When he spoke, it was with an emotionless voice, only furthering the raven's theory.

"This is Deidara," Akasuna said, shrugging slightly. "Ignore him; he is not worth the air he breathes."

Sasuke nodded, deciding he really didn't like that blond. If he could, he would love to beat the shit out of the smaller male.

The blond – Deidara – only sneered more before he turned around, leaving the two alone without another word. Sasuke wanted to ask how they knew each other but, if there was one thing he had learnt about Sasori, it was that the redhead was best left alone with his privacy.

Following along behind the now-departing Sasori, they came across one of the meeting rooms where the therapy sessions were held. They weren't supposed to go in there while sessions were being held, but neither of them were paying any attention to this fact.

Neither Sasori nor Sasuke cared about what they could possibly be intruding upon and opened the door, walking into the room. Voices stopped talking as heads turned to look at them.


Sasuke's eyes widened at a familiar voice. His dark orbs scanned the room, searching for who he had immediately identified as his brother. When at last he saw the older male, he felt as if his entire world had stopped. He knew he wanted to go and apologise for everything he had done, so why wouldn't his feet move? Why couldn't he speak? Why could he only look dumbly on at his brother?

Itachi, however, stood up from the circle of patients he had been sitting with, his eyes filled with hatred. "Do not ever talk to me, Sasuke. Leave me alone. I don't want to know you any longer. I tried so hard to love you and take care of you – and what did you do? You almost killed me. You do not deserve love from me, Sasuke."

Tears welled up in Sasuke's eyes at these words, unable to understand why they cut him so deeply. "...I...Itachi..."

The door behind Sasori and Sasuke swung open again and the blond male from before made another appearance. He glared at the aforementioned males before he moved over to Itachi and – surprising Sasuke greatly – wrapped his arms around the raven's shoulders.

Deidara's baby blue eyes narrowed as he glared daggers at the young Uchiha. "Don't be upset over this, Itachi."

Sasuke couldn't help but let the tears stream down his cheeks as he realised what was going on – Itachi had finally had enough and was no longer allowing his brother in his life, replacing that void instead with a boyfriend.

"You..." Sasuke's voice was strangled, trying to convey his acknowledgements. "...You really..."

"Itachi doesn't need someone like you in his life just to bring him pain," Deidara hissed. "He deserves to be loved and treated with the respect he gives everyone else, yeah. Did you ever stop to think that maybe your brother was killing himself trying to put up with the things you did? No, hmm. You don't deserve such a selfless brother. Go die in a hole, Sasuke."

Itachi – so unlike the Itachi Sasuke knew – did not stop the blond's words; in fact, he did not speak at all, instead twisting in the other's hold to bury his face in Deidara's shoulder.

Pein and Konan, who had been standing on the other side of the room, intervened, leading Sasori and Sasuke back into the hallway. They closed the door carefully behind them, their stern gazes piercing their patients' own.

"You both should know better," Pein said. "Not only did you intrude upon a private session, you caused distress to the members."

"B-but...!" Sasuke reached up, gripping at his hair. He shook his head wildly, too much for him to take in. "This is... So..."

"Drop it," Sasori instructed coldly as he turned to leave. "Come, Sasuke."

Konan didn't speak, letting her boyfriend do the job. She instead watched the two retreat, wanting so badly to reprimand them for what they had done but instead choosing to go in and check on the patients still in the meeting room.

Itachi and Deidara were off in the corner, the raven crying as his boyfriend held him. The others were watching with mild interest, but nothing else was said until Pein returned to the room and got the session back under control.

Konan couldn't help but notice that Itachi was as silent as ever, his black eyes looking distant for the rest of the hour. She felt so feel sorry for him.