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Title: The Kitten and the Coyote

Rating: M

Pairing: Sebastian/Kurt

Summary: What happens when Blaine attempts to go to far that night at Scandals? Sebastian is there to pick up the pieces, and it all escalates from there.

Warnings: Slash: M/M, some fem-slash Brittana, Language, Sexual Content, Drama, Adult Content, and a few spoilers here and there. Not entirely canon-compliant. Slight OOC, Attempted non-con. Blaine-unfriendly!

Note: This is not a story for Klaine fans. I will only say it one time.

Beta: My good friend Bittersweet Alias insists that she takes no credit in editing my story because she is as bad as me when it comes to grammar, but that's far from true. She helped me a lot with idea bouncing, and even wrote a few lines for me that kept coming out funny. So, hah! Thank you, Bittersweet – you are the best.

Weep for yourself, my man,

You'll never be what is in your heart

Weep Little Lion Man,

You're not as brave as you were at the start

Rate yourself and rake yourself,

Take all the courage you have left

Wasted on fixing all the problems

That you made in your own head

Chapter One:

If there was one thing that Kurt Hummel hated more than the homophobia it was alcohol. There were so many experiences with the evil liquid of doom that Kurt could count them not only on one hand, but two, and some of them didn't even involve him. However, the ones that did – Kurt cursed the son of Katy Perry that created the stuff.

Bad things always happened.

For one homophobia was predictable, but alcohol had about a thousand different responses for one single human being inebriated with the poison.

Hustling, one short former Warbler out of the only gay bar in Lima, Kurt grumbled under his breath. He cursed Sebastian Smythe, but in reality, he was cursing Blaine Anderson. Whenever alcohol was involved, Blaine was one of the first to jump it like Kurt would if Taylor Lautner was standing in front of him naked, and offering himself completely.

The parking lot of Scandals was still full of cars, but empty of all people. This was good, no need for their humiliation, and the apparent fact that he and Blaine were too young to drink. He did well holding Blaine up to keep him from falling to the damp pavement and ruining his awful clothes.

"I'd rather you not vomit in my car, but if it has to be, the backseat will do." Kurt warned trying to keep Blaine upright. "However, you're cleaning it up."

"You're pretty." Blaine's hand started to rub against Kurt's soft cheek. "Very soft, Kurt."

Kurt's eyes rolled to the sky. Every other day of the week, Blaine never noticed, but when he's drunk everything becomes pretty, including the dirt on his heeled boot.

Blaine cheered out loud. "This is the best night of my life. I wanna live here. I wanna live here, and I just wanna make art and help people." He threw his hands up excitedly, and tried to do a twirl, but Kurt caught him before he could meet the pavement face first.

"Whoa there, at least you'll be able to help people with that fire breath of yours." Kurt wrinkled his nose at the distinct scent of alcohol.

"Hey, come on! I only had one beer. Kiss me." His lips puckered sloppily, and Kurt had to literally swallow the gag reflex.

That was when Blaine slid his arm around Kurt's waist, and drew him close. Kurt scowled, and pushed against Blaine's chest. "Oh no, no, no, no!" And he did not believe that Blaine had one beer. He saw the boy sneaking more as if Kurt wasn't the sober one. He hated it when people thought he was stupid. It was one of his many pet peeves.

"Kiss me! Come on!"

"Uh uh." He tried very hard to push Blaine down in the backseat, but then the whole world seem to flip with all of Blaine's weight, and Kurt gasped when he found himself on his back, and Blaine on top of him. "Blaine!" His eyes widened, and his heart began to speed up as hands began to pull on his clothes. "Blaine, no! What the hell?"

"Hey, Kurt, let's just do it. I want you." Blaine was grinning, and his eyes sparkled with lust.

Kurt shook his head, and tried to remove Blaine's fingers from his shirt. "Oh no, no way!" he protested while trying not to panic.

Blaine tried to pout, and for all it was worth, it did nothing. "Please? I really want you." His hands flew downward, and Kurt was quick to snatch them.

"Hell no, Blaine! You're drunk, and I so will not give myself to you in the backseat of a car!" He was horrified, didn't Blaine know him?

Blaine leaned down, and his nose buried into Kurt's neck, and he proceeded to bite causing Kurt to yelp in fright. "Blaine! No!" His feet flailed underneath him.

"Come on, Kurt. Don't be such a prude. I know you want it to be special, but this is good enough!"

His hands were going into the danger zone, and Kurt was now the one wanting to vomit in the backseat of his car.

Kurt's face turned into stone, "Get. Off," he hissed dangerously.



"Mmm... no. I want you. You should give in and stop being so fickle." His hand slid across Kurt's side, and rested on his hip.

Kurt didn't want to get angry, and he didn't want to get forceful, but Blaine was leaving him no choice. He pushed firmly against Blaine's chest. "Get off me this instant! I don't want you!"

At first, he thought he had gotten through to Blaine because he paused, but then dark eyes flashed angrily. "Oh, so you'd rather be fucking Sam then?"

Kurt barely had time to shout in surprise, when Blaine snatched his wrists, and forced Kurt to the backseat. For the first time in Kurt's life, he felt undeniable fear. "What the hell? Where did Sam come from?"

"Don't tell me you didn't know."

"Sam's gone, Blaine. I never liked Sam!"

"Bull shit! I heard all the rumors. You think you're all perfect and prissy, and too good for me? Is that it Kurt?"

"What? What are you- no! Blaine, I don't want to be with you when you're drunk!" Kurt exclaimed. "Let go of me."

"No, I don't think I will. I think I want you. I think I deserve it for the shit I put up with." When Blaine lowered his head to possibly force a kiss out of Kurt, the taller teen leaned his head back preparing for the inevitable, and then slammed his forehead into Blaine's causing the boy to let go of him, and fall back with a yelp.

"Ow," Kurt winced as he rubbed his forehead, and then his wrists.

"What the hell?" Blaine growled. "What the fuck is your problem?"

"You're my problem!" Kurt snapped. "Getting all drunk, and forcing yourself on me? I don't think so, Blaine!"

"It seems the only way I can get close to you. You never let me touch you."

"You don't deserve it after this!" Kurt scowled sliding out of the backseat. "And what are you talking about I never let you touch me? You're the one who has us on a schedule! I have to schedule time with you."

Kurt's shirt was ripped, and he knew there would be a bruise forming on his head where he headbutted Blaine to get off him. "You can just walk home. I don't want you in my car. You stay away from me while you're drunk."

Blaine's eyes narrowed. "You're not getting away from me."

"Go home, Blaine!" Kurt snapped. "Go home before you do something that's irreparable."

Before Kurt could get into his car, Blaine grabbed him from behind. "BLAINE!" He was thrown to the ground, and a heavy weight was on top of him. "Get off! Blaine!" He gave a painful scream when Blaine held his arms behind his back. "OFF! Blaine that hurts!"

"Shut up. You have to be such a prissy bitch all the time? You think this is a perfect world? It's not, Kurt!"

Kurt's stomach swam, and his ears began to roar and ring. He closed his eyes tight fighting the fear, and the tears that were forming. What was going on? He tensed when Blaine's fingers curled around his chin, and he was yanked back, and a disgusting kiss was forced onto his mouth. He kept his mouth as closed as possible. Why was Blaine doing this?

"Come on, Kurt! Live once in a while! Be spontaneous! I only want to be with you. I love you, Kurt"

Kurt could feel his whole body shaking, and the tremors becoming worse. "Not. Like. This." He breathed fearfully. "Please. Stop." His arms were killing him now, and the tears pricked at the corners of his eyes, burning hotly in the cool night air.

"Get the fuck off him!"

Kurt didn't recognize the voice, but he gasped when Blaine's weight disappeared and his bent arms fell to the pavement.

"What the fuck is your problem?"

Kurt shook as he forced himself into a sitting position, and looked over to see of all people standing there was Sebastian Smythe who had Blaine shoved against a rusted jeep.

"Sebastian!" Blaine was so intoxicated that he didn't realize when he was being yelled at. "Just having a little fun." He reached out to Sebastian, and much to Kurt's shock Sebastian shoved him away with a loot of revulsion on his face.

Sebastian sneered. "You think attempted rape and assault is fun? You're disgusting, Anderson. I would never have believed this from you."

"What? I was being spontaneous!"

"You were being an asshole. Get out of here before I hurt you."

Blaine tried to pout, but Sebastian practically tossed him away. "Come on! You know you want me. You said so yourself."

"I want nothing to do with a rapist," Sebastian growled. "Get out of here before I call the police."

"Fine! Whatever, I don't need this shit." Blaine threw his hands into the air, and staggered away cursing and muttering under his breath.

Kurt rolled his shoulders with a wince. He flinched visibly when arms wrapped around him, and he was pulled into a standing position.

Sebastian scowled inwardly at the fearful expression on Kurt's face. That wasn't supposed to happen. The boy was supposed to be a snarky, sarcastic little brat. But now, Kurt was not only horrified, but he was traumatized. He never would have thought Blaine was capable of that. He thought the boy was innocent, and naïve. Boy, how fucking wrong he'd been. "Hey it's alright. I'm not going to hurt you."

Kurt closed his eyes, and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I hate alcohol!"

Sebastian snorted. "Not everyone acts like that."

"No, but it's so fucking stupid! The Great Bambi Incident weaned me from it."

Sebastian blinked. "Bambi Incident?"

"I threw up on my school counselor's shoes," Kurt remarked dryly as he sniffed, and got a hold of himself. He began to pat down his clothing, aware of the rips and tears.

Sebastian barked in laughter. "You?"

"Yes me," Kurt muttered at all the dirt and gravel on his clothes. "Ulgh, I feel like I'm back in the dumpsters at McKinley," he grumbled pulling away from Sebastian and shakily going over to his Navigator. "I know I have clothes in here. I always have to carry spares."


"I know there in here somewhere, I just can't find them-"

"Kurt," Sebastian crossed his arms over his chest, aware that Kurt was suddenly pretending that nothing had happened. He'd seen it before.

"Oh damn, Tina took my last outfit when they gave her a rainbow slushie earlier and Artie had to borrow a t-shirt. Dammit!"

"Kurt Hummel!" Sebastian shouted causing Kurt's head to snap around, and he blinked owlishly at Sebastian as if only seeing him for the first time that night. "Calm down."

"I am calm. Clothes make me calm. I need my clothes. I can't go home like this."

"You're not. Come on, I won't hurt you."

Kurt closed his eyes, and rubbed his throbbing forehead. He was wired up, and he was still undeniably shaky. His brain was refusing to take in the nights events. He said nothing as Sebastian gently took him by the hand. "Did he hurt you?"

"My pride and my $300 Gucci shirt," Kurt muttered darkly as he plucked at the ripped and filthy fabric.

"You have a bruise on your forehead."

"I headbutted him when he tried that in the backseat."

That explained it.

Sebastian stopped at a beautiful cherry red Chevrolet Corvette. After hitting the alarm, he popped the small trunk, and pulled out a duffel bag.

Kurt stood there trying with all his might not to start shaking again. He was holding onto himself, and his eyes were wide as if he couldn't quite believe what had happened. Sebastian took Kurt gently by the arm, and led him back toward Scandals.

The gruff bear at the door was shocked to see the 'obviously' underage newcomer coming back with the resident prowler, and looking as though he'd been through the ringer.

"Just clothes, Ralph." Sebastian nodded to Kurt in explanation.

Ralph said nothing, but the grim look on his face told Sebastian he understood all too well, and let the two into the club instantly.

A few people looked at them, and expressions of shock hit them as they remembered the adorable non-drinking boy from earlier.

Kurt instinctively shuffled closer to Sebastian who took that as a signal to wrap his arm around the nearly paralyzed pretty boy.

They passed the bar, and Dave Karofsky's head whipped around. "Kurt!"

Kurt flinched violently, and Sebastian whirled around. "Not now, Dave."

Dave's eyes widened when he saw the state of Kurt's clothes, and instantly put two and two together. "I'm going to kill him," he growled.

Sebastian quirked an eyebrow. He knew the pretty boy?

"He's not worth it, David," Kurt said calmly.

Dave's eyes narrowed as Sebastian motioned for the bear cub to do whatever he wanted as he continued his way to the back where the restrooms were.

Instead of going in the men's bathroom where there were likely to be sex and blowjobs, they headed into the women's.

"Don't mind?" Sebastian asked ignoring the tall dark-headed woman who eyed them with scrutiny.

"I live in the girl's bathroom at school," Kurt said by way of answer.

The woman saw his ripped clothes, and her eyes flashed in understanding. "Excuse me," she said kindly leaving.

Sebastian locked the door, and placed his bag on the counter. "I didn't know Blaine was like that," he confessed as he fished around.

Kurt snorted and leaned against the sink. He so did not want to look at himself right now. "Neither did I. I know he's impulsive when he drinks, and he often makes out with other girls in front of me..."

Sebastian froze at that, and the look of disgust was back on his face. "No means no."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "He didn't rape me."

Snorting, Sebastian handed Kurt some clothes. "Get changed, Pretty boy."

"Asshole," Kurt muttered lightly as he took the clothes. His pale eyes fluttered at Sebastian as he brushed his hand along the fabric. "Thank you," he whispered placing them on the counter in front of the mirror, and proceeded to kick off his shoes.

He fumbled with his belt, but it was like Kurt's fingers had swollen, and he practically ripped it off as one of his jean loops tore. He cursed in annoyance as he threw it to the ground carelessly.

Sebastian watched the entire time as Kurt attempted to pull his clothes off. He admired the slim, but very well taken care of body underneath all the flashy fabric. Perhaps, he had been chasing the wrong boy, the perverted part of his mind quipped for him. He only chased Blaine after all the stuff he'd heard about him when he went to Dalton.

They all talked about Blaine as if he were some Egyptian God, and that had sparked Sebastian's interest, and he'd been insulted when Kurt walked into the picture. All prissy and stuck up – or at least he thought that until he saw Kurt now. He had his head down, and his pretty eyes were filled with shame.

When Kurt turned his back on Sebastian, the Dalton Warbler took in a breath when he saw a bruise forming on the boy's otherwise perfect skin. He knew that Blaine had his knee against Kurt's back, and that he must have put way too much pressure on it.

Kurt was trying and failing to take off his jeans because they were so tight, and instead, he went for the light green t-shirt lying on the counter, and put it on first. He'd turned around to keep from being embarrassed. Usually, he would not dress in front of anyone, but the idea of being in a claustrophobic and contaminated stall was making his stomach spin.

He cursed again under his breath. He was showing so much weakness right now. His instincts were clawing at him, and demanding that he take charge now or face the consequences later.

Kurt took in a sharp breath when Sebastian's warm chest pressed to his back.

"Come here, you silly child," Sebastian taunted, and before Kurt could realize what was happening, Sebastian's arms looped around him, and unbuttoned his jeans.

Hot breaths brushed along his neck and ear, and unlike Blaine who had alcohol on his breath, and made Kurt cringe, Sebastian had not a single scent of the stuff.

"You didn't drink?"

Sebastian chuckled roughly. "No way. When I'm on the prowl, I want to know who I'm getting. You'll never notice because I'm not a drunkard." He clucked his tongue playfully against Kurt's slightly Elvin shaped ear. "I'm actually one of those nice drunks."

"Nice? You?"

"It's the alcohol." He slid his hands along Kurt's hips, and thumbed the pocket as he pulled them down. They slid only slightly. "Did you glue these on?"

"Maybe," Kurt threw back trying to hold in a breath. He'd only been assaulted, and so now why was he reacting to something that should disgust him greatly? Maybe it was because Sebastian had no intent – or maybe if he did, he was so experienced that he didn't have to make forced plays on another. He could fuck anything he wanted, whenever he wanted. He had nothing to prove unlike Blaine.

Finally the jeans fell, and Kurt stepped out of them.

"Oi!" Kurt batted Sebastian's hands away when he slid the t-shirt up.

Sebastian smirked and took a step back. "Just wanted to see what Pretty Boy wore underneath. My curiosity got the better of me."

Least he wasn't drunk when he said that. Kurt slid on the jeans, and tried not to twitch at how much room he had.

Kurt wasn't going to argue with the clothing. He was grateful to Sebastian for his help. He picked up his own clothes, and threw them in the trash by the door. He slipped on his messenger bag, and finally he turned, and peered in the mirror.

He was horrified by the puffiness of his red eyes, and the coloring on his forehead. "Blessed Gaga! My dad will take a shotgun to Blaine's ass."

Sebastian snorted. "Really?"

Kurt looked over his shoulder. "Imagine the biggest of all rednecks and his only daughter."

He almost laughed when Sebastian froze, and then shuddered violently. "He – supports you right?'

Kurt smirked as he took out a compact. "More than most parents could even if their child was straight. Dad's great. He's running for Congress."

Sebastian's eyes widened at that. "Hummel – shit! I know who you're talking about now. Burt Hummel. You're his son? He's very spoken for the LGBT community, and everyone, even conservatives love him."

Kurt preened. "That's my dad." He applied makeup to his forehead, and made sure it was even as he adjusted his hair. It wasn't perfect, but no one could see the bruise on his head, and he no longer looked like something the cat dragged in. He handed Sebastian's bag back.

"Took you long enough, Princess."

Kurt flipped him off. "I'm still not satisfied, but at least now I can go home."

"Stay for a bit, and calm down."

"I am calm."

"You're not," Sebastian assured. "I'll take care of you for the night."

"I don't need taken care of!"

"Right, and I'm not Sebastian."

"That's why you're so nice, I figured. You're a clone," Kurt quipped.

"Maybe I am."

Loud music played over them, but Kurt was still in a bit of a daze. He was trying to process everything that had happened that night, and he was still drawing blanks.

"Come on, kitten." They stopped at the bar, and Sebastian took Kurt's messenger bag.

Kurt scowled. "Very well, asshole."

Sebastian smirked. "That's my nickname? How very creative of you."

"So, I'm a little off my game tonight, bite me."

Grinning, Sebastian tugged Kurt's hand, and spun him closer. "Is that an invite?"

Kurt glared, but it was very weak because he was trying really hard not to laugh. "You'd bite a kitten?"

"That does sound rather barbaric," Sebastian admitted. "Dance with me. I won't hit on you – okay – well I might hit on you, but I won't try anything."

Kurt shook his head in amusement. "Very well. I admit going home right now does not sound like my cup of tea."

A Cher song began to play, and tons of people piled onto the dance floor. "I never expected Sebastian Smythe to dance to Cher."

He took Kurt's hands, and he began to swing him around, and pull him close with a smirk. "Neither did Sebastian Smythe."

Kurt's voice picked up on the tune, and he began to sing as Sebastian twirled him on the dance floor.

"-And I can't break through, there's no talking to you... so sad that you're leaving. It takes time to believe this. But after all that's said and done, you're gonna be the only one. Do you believe in life after love?"

Sebastian had never heard Kurt sing, but it was like he'd been abducted by an angel. How fucking cheesy! He thought as he twirled Kurt around, and moved easily in sync with the boy. Earlier, he had been appalled by Kurt's dancing, but then he realized that the boy seemed to have been downplaying it for some reason because the slim boy could very well move.

Kurt's hands clamped down onto his upper arms, and their feet moved. They were exactly the same height, and Sebastian's hands were naturally planted on his hips, and Kurt's voice was astounding. A few of the others dancing around had stopped to listen, and a few were grinning in delight.

They danced together to a few more songs, and the earlier nights events had been wiped from his mind as the music began to wind down.

Breathing heavily, Kurt snagged Sebastian's wrist, and stared upside down at the Rolex. "Shit! It's three o' clock. I need to get home."

"You're eighteen," Sebastian pointed out. He pressed his forehead to Kurt's and smirked. "You can stay out as long as you like."

"I'm eighteen, but I'm also a student."

Sebastian scoffed. "Very well, I'll take you to your car."

"Why – Sebastian Smythe being a gentleman? How shocking," Kurt mock gasped as he pulled away from the boy.

Sebastian fixed his collar, and flashed Kurt the most charming smile in his arsenal. "I can be charming when I want to be."

"Right..." Kurt drawled leaning over to get his messenger bag from the bar. The bartender was a nice guy, and he nodded at Kurt who beamed. "Thank you."

"Welcome sweetheart."

Kurt's cheeks flushed as he strapped it on, Sebastian was standing close by.

"Night Ralph," Sebastian said at the door.

Ralph looked at Kurt closely with concern before nodding. "Good night boys."

"Night!" Kurt waggled his fingers sweetly. Aside from earlier, and the whole Blaine incident everyone at Scandals were very nice. Perhaps he'd come by more often if only to spend time with people who understood him.

"Show off."

Kurt smiled smugly before losing it, and sighing. "This is going to be so awkward tomorrow."

"You mean today?"

"Whatever," Kurt waved his hand as he pulled his keys out. "That was horrible."

"I was horrible?" Kurt elbowed Sebastian in the ribs. "Ow! I was kidding. I know it was, and I had no idea he was like that, Kurt. I never would have given him the time of day."

Kurt shrugged. "I know, Sebastian. I had fun afterwards though. Thank you." He leaned in and pressed a fluttery kiss to Sebastian's lips.

Shocked beyond belief, Sebastian instantly reacted back while holding onto Kurt's small waist. Kurt's lips were the softest he'd ever felt in his life, and he resisted the shiver when Kurt's fingers brushed along his jawline.

As lovely as the kiss was, Sebastian didn't have time to take over because Kurt pulled back, and smiled. "Good night, Coyote." He turned away, and slipped into his car.

Sebastian was stunned for a moment before recovering and flashing a cocky smirk. "Coyote?"