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Chapter One; Moving in

The rain pelted the roof of a small two story house, a perfect representation of the mood inside. A young girl sat on her bed, scowling at her closed door, waiting for something she knew was coming. Around her were boxes full of her things, clothes, CD's, posters, 'every piece of my life' she thought sorrowfully. Her name was Elixia Whoheart, 17 years old, and she was moving. From what she gathered to small town named Whoville, and she was none too happy. Squeals and a males voice talking sternly resonated through her door, getting louder, as its source approached. The doorknob shook and the door swung open to reveal a tall man with short and spiky blue tinted hair, purple t-shirt and dark purple jeans, standing in the hall. Her father, Maxmimus Whoheart, was a person one wouldn't assume to be a dad. He sighed and looked at his daughter on the bed, whose eyebrow twitched, daring him to say something.

"Elixia, you will have to get up eventually, much to your obvious dismay."

Elixia looked up at her dad, her scowl softening to a small frown. "Why are we moving again?"

Maximus sighed again, more softly this time, and moved to his daughter, sitting next to her on the naked bed. "I told you, I got a job at the council there, it's a great opportunity for us. You and your sisters get all the room you need. I know it's not exactly how you wanted it, but it's just the best thing for us now."

Elixia looked at her father's face, one that used to be dark with exhaustion and sleep from working all hours, looked lighter, more at ease. Ever since he was the only one to keep the house going, he had to go through great lengths to keep them leveled. This new job payed better, was something he was trained in, and didn't require long hours. It really was the best thing for their family, and Elixia just had to accept it.

She smiled warmly to her father, who was taken slightly aback at the sudden 180. "I know, It's just hard, you know? People just got used to me."

She looked down at her ensemble, consisting of a bright green and black striped sweater dress with long sleeves. In the middle of her chest, cut out of the fabric, was a heart, with pink lace woven across it. Matching her sweater were stockings of the same patter, and bright green boots. Her hair was long, reaching to her lower back, the top of it a natural brown, but underneath a bright pink, matching the heart, with choppy front bangs. Her ears were pierced with a number or earrings, her left ear endowed with an industrial bar and three lobe piercings, her right with an average placed cartridge, a tragus, and 3 mirrored lobe piercings; completing her rebel look. Even her eyes resisted normalcy, changing between a light blue, a bright green and prominent hazel. At the moment, they were blue, seeming to reflect the girls inner emotions.

Her father chuckled and poked her forehead, causing her to look up at him smiling "And people will just have to get used to you there. You're a Whoheart! Be proud of what you look like, I know we all are." And with that, he got up, picked up a couple of boxes and walked out the door. Elixia looked after her father, smiling. 'He's right! I'm a Whoheart! I can't be thinking down like this. If mom was proud to be whoever she wanted, then so am I!' Powered by a newfound purpose, she hopped off her bed and scooped up a bag and some boxes and followed her father. 'Whoville, get ready. A new kind of girl is coming to town!'

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