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Chapter 4; Waking Up.

Normal P.O.V.

Elixia shifted on her bed as light invaded her room, sneaking through the curtains to alert the girl she had to get up. No matter what she did, she couldn't escape it. Sighing, she sat up, rubbing her head as she looked around the room, surveying for things she may have forgotten to pack the night before. When her search came up empty, she got up, stretched, and pulled apart her curtains, welcoming the morning breeze. She quickly made her way through her morning duties, showering, drying her hair, picking out the earrings she wanted to wear for the day, and choosing what to wear, even though it always ended up the same thing she wore everyday. When she finished, she heard the sounds of her family waking up and moving about, so she picked up her guitar and started creating a tune to a song she came up with when she couldn't sleep.

In a neighboring house, Jojo was already sitting in his room, awake, showered and ready to go. Living with 96 sisters, he made sure he got to the bathroom bright and early. No way was he going in after a bunch of girls left their things everywhere. Thank goodness for his mom who cleaned it everyday when they left to their respective schools. Flipping through a book on mechanics, his ears picked up the noise of a guitar, chords being played irregularly, as if someone was just starting to put something together. He got up and moved to his window where he saw Elixia walking around her room, guitar in arm, playing proudly. Figuring she was making some new songs, he went back to his reading, enjoying the sounds coming from the window across from his own.

His moment of peace came to an abrupt halt when his sisters woke up, crashing, banging and yelling over each other as they got their things together, fought for the bathroom and mixed up hairbrushes..again.

Jojo sighed and got up to put his book back.
'No point in reading now, when I can't even hear Elixia.'

Jojo glanced to the window as he slid the book back in place, and jumped to see Elixia leaning on her window sill smiling over to him.

Noticing his jump, Elixia laughed and waved over to him, He gave a small wave back, even smiling as he wandered to the window.
"Hey Jojo! Didn't know you're room was across the lawn from mine! We can totally swap notes and stuff much easier now!"
Jojo chuckled and picked up a notebook on his desk, scribbling back a reply, and showing it to the window to let her read over. Their houses we pretty close so Elixia didn't have to do more than lean just a bit closer to read the words.

Yeah I didn't realize until I heard you playing earlier. And what do you mean swap notes, you already thinking of slacking, eh?

"Hey! I like to think of it as easing into school, with the help of my first and best pal here in Whoville! You wouldn't leave your dear friend Elixia here to hang, would 'ya? And oh you heard that? I didn't wake you up did I?"
Oh is that what we're calling it now, easing into it. And you never know, guess you'll have to wait and see. And no, I always get up early to get the bathroom first.

"Ahh you're so difficult!" She laughed as she stuck her tongue out at him, "Ohh don't want to be in the midst of the terror of female morning ritual, times 96?"

So I've been told. And how did you ever guess.

They laughed and talked for a while longer until Elixia heard a knock at the door, and her dad walked into the room.
"Oh you are up. I was calling you for breakfast, thought you were asleep since you didn't answer."

Elixia glanced at the clock and pushed off the windowsill, realizing she now only had 20 minutes to eat her breakfast.
"Oh shoot! Sorry I was talking to Jojo, must've missed it!"
Maximus looked around Elixia to see Jojo leaning against the window across from hers, and smiled.
"Hey there Jojo, didn't see you there! Hey, that's cool, Elixia. Your first friend here lives right across from you, literally!"

Jojo waved and looked over at Elixia, who was rolling her eyes at her dads little joke, giving him a look of 'see what I have to live with?'

"Well, better get to stepping, don't want to miss your famous French toast with poached eggs! See you outside in a bit Jojo!"

With another wave, Maximus and Elixia left to eat, and Jojo sighed.

I guess I probably have to go to breakfast too. And I'm late, Dad won't be to impressed.

Half an hour later, the Whohearts were standing outside their house, the girl biding their father good bye and wish on his first day of work.
"Be good girls. Sam, make sure you're watching where you're going and to ask all your teachers about the homework regime they have, write it down and give it to me.


"Melody, can you remember to-Melody take your nose out of that book."
Elixia elbowed her youngest sister in the side, causing her to jump and look around in confusion before settling on her dad, who's pointed stare made it obvious she missed something.
"Sorry what I'm here"
"I was saying, can you remember to ask your teachers if there's something I should do about the drama program? I'm not sure how to sign you up, and I don't have time to make a visit this week."

"Oh, no duh! Dad, it's drama. I'm not going to not remember it." She answered quickly before turning back to her book. Maximus looked at his daughters for a second before turning to Elixia.

"Yeah Dad, I got it covered. I'll check on them at lunch and be sure they've asked their teachers and get the information and put it in my book."

Maximus gave her a relieved look, gave them a last hug and headed to the car. Elixia waved her dad off when she heard the door next door open, causing loud voices to spew out of the house. She turned and saw Jojo walking out, his back pack slumped over one shoulder, notebook under his arm, headphones stuck over his ears. She smiled and started to creep over to his lawn, since he hadn't noticed them outside yet. She was just coming up to pull off the ear phones when he whipped around with his hands up, giving her a funny expression, causing her to jump and run in the opposite direction.
"JOJO! THAT WAS NOT COOL! If you saw me why didn't you wave or something."

He smiled giving her a look saying 'I could say the same thing to you Miss Pull-Off-My-Headphones'

Crossing her arms defiantly she just stuck her tongue at him again and walked back over, calling Sam and Melody over.
"Okay, how do we get to school from here?"

Scribbling onto his notebook he held it out for the sisters to read.

It's about a half hour walk, but lucky for you I know an awesome shortcut. We'll be there in ten minutes.

Sam read over the note and jumping excitedly, "A shortcut!? I love those, they're like smaller versions of how to get somewhere!"

Jojo gave Sam an odd look and looked over at Elixia who just shrugged and mouthed 'just go with it.'

Yeah, they're exactly that. Awesome.

Sam smiled, and with a nod from Jojo, Elixia pulled Melody's sleeve, who put her book into her bag to follow the path, and started walking down the road to a path to the right of their houses. The girls started talking to Jojo, wondering what their school was like, what each grade was like and if he knew the teachers. Soon all of them couldn't wait to get to Whoville Secondary, some ready to start the next part of their journey, and some to get a break from the chatty sisters.

Within ten minutes, they came to the end of the pathway, going around a house to come right up to a large yellow building. It was wide, having 4 stories at most, in the tower in the middle. It went down to a 3 story build, ending with one story rooms to either side. A Whoville city flag sat proudly at the top of the looming 4th story tower, which cast a shadow across the spacious lawn in front off the building, a pathway leading from the road to the front doors. Teenagers and teachers alike were all around, walking to the door, sitting on the grass and getting out of cars at the parking lot to the side. The Whoheart sisters stared in awe at school as Jojo jotted down one last note.

Welcome to Whoville Secondary.