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Chapter 1

"Hey, I heard you officially took the mantle for Vongola Decimo..."said Decimo looked behind him and smiled at the person he saw.


"Aww... come now Tsuna-chan we're friends aren't we? None of that..." Tsuna smiled at this, he enjoyed the other's company especially when the brunet was buried deep in paper work.

"Of course Longchamp-kun" Tsuna smiled amiably towards the other, he looked around, not seeing the Tomaso Don's constant company.

"Where is Mangusta...? I know he normally accompanies you in your outings."The other Don remained silent at his question; however Tsuna paid no heed to this as he calmly took in the scenery around them. It was a beautiful day, the eighteen year old brunet thought as he looked around the park he was currently at.

"How cruel... have you forgotten already Tsunayoshi?" The voice was different now; deeper, older and bitter with anger, this made the Decimo pause.

'What...?' Tsuna thought as he looked back towards his friend. He gasped in surprise instead. He was not expecting the formerly eighteen year old Naito Longchamp age right in front of him. Instead of the happy go lucky if somewhat useless teen, there now stood an older man, Tsuna estimated he aged a decade or so. He also did not miss the pure anger and hatred in the man's eyes.

"What...?" Tsuna repeated this time out loud for the other to hear.

The other Don chuckled bitterly, eyes turning into slates of ice. "I have no Famiglia anymore" he spat bitterly, poison lacing his words. "Don't you remember how that bomber of yours condemned them...no, us to die?" Naito now strolled towards the brunet. The Tomaso head reached for something inside his coat; no doubt a gun, yet the brunet could do nothing but stare. Memories flashing inside his mind like a violent cyclone and guilt churning his stomach into mush...

It was inevitable; they couldn't do anything to stop the outcome. It was either them or Vongola... They couldn't afford a hit because Vongola had far too much to lose in the bargain... too much to protect 'the needs of many far outweigh the few.' Tsuna repeated this like a mantra.

He had no choice but to choose the lesser evil. Tomaso had to disappear.

The figure in front of him took out the gun Tsuna knew was there. Naito Longchamp opened his mouth and said.


Tsuna woke up to the sound of chirping, he had dozed off while he was taking a break from the mountains of paperwork on his table. He grumbled at that thought; paperwork, in all forms was the bane of his existence. Yet he cannot ignore them due to his being the boss and also due to the small fear that remained in his very being towards The Devil Spawn, or as his colleagues refer to him... Reborn.

"Tsunayoshi~?" a small voice chirped from his left shoulder. The brunet smiled as he lightly petted the chickadee, the bird with ridiculous body proportions was a gift from his cloud guardian. Unlike Hibird, the chickadee was a soft orange colour it was due to this fact that Kyouya gave it to him as a gift.

"Hello Shiyo." Tsuna smiled as the bird flew around his head and settled on top of his still unruly mane.

"Trouble~" the bird replies, causing Tsuna's right eyebrow to rise, this prompted the chick to fly towards the patio that had a clear view of the gardens. Tsuna sighed and prepared to follow the bird, however he was stopped by the firm knocks on his office doors.

"Yes...?" the Don asked, in response the door opened to show the face of his head butler. The brunet smiled politely as the butler bowed to him.

"Decimo, there was a... package addressed to you." The butler stated as he walked inside, a trolley of tea and biscuits was being pulled inside with him.

"Ah... one of those packages?" Tsuna asked as his butler prepared his treats on his table. The butler hummed and shook his head in negative.

"It was not; I personally checked the package and found nothing dangerous about it." The butler then paused as he contemplated on how he would continue.

"Rico, what is it?"

"The... package in itself is suspicious... it was addressed to you specifically and not your title."

Tsuna's hand, which was in the middle of reaching for a scone paused. "Oh...? How odd, the only ones who refer to me with my name these days are my guardians and the allied bosses... and they would normally barge into the manor and give me things personally." Tsuna contemplated. Rico nodded in agreement, he looked like he wanted to say something more.

"Decimo..." he started to say when his beloved boss took the package and removed the tape that closed it, whatever he wanted to say was interrupted by the loud chirping of the Don's chickadee and the explosion that followed.

"code green~ code green~!" Shiyo chirped as she made summersaults in the air. Tsuna promptly rose to his feet, package in hand and jumped outside through his office balcony.

"Wait! Boss... that package!" Rico shouted after him but was ignored. The butler sighed and started to walk outside grumbling about "damn guardians" and "Young master Bovino". Upon touching the doorknob he paused, his posture slackened and his eyes glazed before gaining a cool grey sheen. The butler then smiled serenely and mumbled in a slight lilting voice.

"So it begins..." The cool grey sheen in his eyes disappeared, and the man blinked before staring at his hands in confusion. "I must have spaced out, how odd" he then shook his head in amusement and left the door. The whole ordeal forgotten and unseen by anyone, except the beady eyes of one chickadee.


Tsunayoshi landed on the ground with unconscious catlike grace, he walked towards the growing sounds of bickering and had to hold in a frustrated groan. He could already feel a headache coming up. 'Of course it would be those three' he thought as he hurried and practically glided towards the three youngest of his family.

"Lambo, I-pin, Fuuta... what is going in here?" he asked before he could stop himself. He regretted it immediately as he watched the three pause for a whole of a second before his ears were bombarded by their jumbled explanations... or in some cases accusations.

"Tsuna-nii I was merely –"

"I didn't do anything wrong!"

"I told him not to do anything stup –"

"Stupid?! Your face is stupid!"

"maa... Lambo that's rude."

"Remember last week?! Tsuna-gege turned into a WOMAN."

"S-Shut up... we don't talk about that!"

Tsuna twitched; he closed his eyes before pinching the bridge of his nose to control the incoming migraine. He should have stayed in his office, damn.


"Yes, Tsuna-nii...?"

"Please explain what's going on, you are the most level headed when the two become like this." The ranking prince grumbled at this, but started to explain nonetheless

"Gianini-san asked Lambo if he could upgrade the ten-year bazooka and Lambo-kun agreed in exchange for a year's supply of grape candy and Godiva chocolate."

"Traitor...!" Lambo stuttered as I-pin pulled on his ear, the normally calm girl was pursing her lips in disappointment and annoyance at the lightning guardian. Tsuna massaged his temples 'some things never change, do they' he thought, he could not help but smile with fond affection though, this was his family.

"How long ago was this?" he asked instead and looked at I-pin.

"4 hours, they wouldn't let me inside the lab" she almost pouted at this. Tsuna hummed in reply and motioned for them to follow, knowing that the trio would even without permission. They soon reached the lab and the Vongola Don put in the commands to override the locks that were placed on the door. The 27 year old brunet looked around, eyes sweeping through the various tech managers before pausing at the sight of three of his friends.

"Shoichi, Spanner and Giannini..." Tsuna started as he walked to the three's current haunt inside the cluttered lab. "...having fun?"

The three looked up with sheepish expressions; none of them deigned to speak up. The Don raised an eyebrow at this, his piercing stare singling out the most vulnerable one.

"...We're sorry Juudaime. It's just that we think we've uncovered some hidden capabilities of the bazooka and it would be helpful to the Family." Giannini said, breaking under his gaze.

"The idea is that the bazooka would be able to go further than its usual 10 year limit, and maybe even allow the user to visit a parallel world, like Byakuran-san's ability!" Shoichi said, as he clutched his stomach.

"It sounded fun." Spanner deadpanned. The blonds' focus was more to the orange puffball that suddenly appeared on top of Tsuna's head.

"You guys, I trust in your abilities because you are my best scientists in your fields" Tsuna said and smiled at the pride he could see in their eyes, "but you have to understand, the bazooka has its limitations for a reason, we can't have a repeat of what happened before. I don't want anyone to get stuck in some unknown time and or world."

As he started to explain his worries to the three, he failed to notice that Lambo and I-pin were arguing once more, their little spat becoming physically violent by the second, finally the two became loud enough that Tsuna turned around to address them, only to be pushed by Lambo – who was in turn punched by I-pin. Time sort of slowed down as he saw Fuuta hold his arm out to him, he tried to balance himself only to trip on the leg of the table that was holding the purple bazooka. He grabbed uselessly with one of his hands – as the other one was still holding the parcel he received – and accidentally held on to the string of the bazooka. His eyes widened as he was engulfed in pink smoke, the last thing he saw was the surprised and horrified faces of his Family.

The silence that followed his disappearance was so suffocating that they did not notice the soft glow of Lamb's modified Vongola Gear.

Tsuna woke to the faint smell of week old rubbish and the constant pecking on his earlobe. He opened his eyes and realized he was inside an alley, a filthy one but an alley nonetheless.

"Tsunayoshi~" the chirping insisted, the brunet groaned and sat up. The chickadee then sat atop his head.

"Where are we?" he mumbled as he examined his surroundings, noting the dilapidated walls of the buildings around him and the age old lamp posts – they still contained candlesticks inside. He raised an eyebrow at this; his intuition was flaring the more he took in the environment. This was not good; he stood up and dusted of the dirt from his clothes. He stopped mid pat when he saw a box, it was the one he received this morning. With nothing better to do he crouched down and opened the parcel, upon seeing what was inside he froze, there was a note on top of what looked like a leather rucksack. His intuition blazed at this, he immediately grabbed the note and read the message.

For your troubles

The note was short and, alarmingly, it was written in Japanese. The brunet crumpled the note and burnt it as a precaution. He then took the rucksack and opened it; inside was a pouch filled with gold florins, a pocket watch that wouldn't open some spare clothes and a map. He closed the rucksack and burnt the box that held it and walked out of the alley.

"I might as well play along, ne Shiyo?" Tsuna said as he glanced around, no real destination in mind. As much as he disliked the situation he was in, he had no other option but to go along with whatever was happening, a few minutes of walking and he broke into a smile, finally finding humour in his situation.

"At least now I don't have to worry about paper work." He mumbled as he chuckled, his companion chirping happily as she flew around her master. Glad that they were spending time together. "Maybe I'll finally have that vacation –" he was cut off midsentence when a sudden explosion broke through the silence; it came from a corner not far from him. He ran towards it on impulse, already thinking about the civilian casualties, as he neared the location a small figure bumped into him – the smaller one falling on the ground. It was a blond child.

"Are you alright?" The brunet asked as he slightly bent down and extended a hand towards the child. Upon hearing his voice the child looked up, Tsuna gasped as large blue eyes clashed with his sharp brown ones. The older paled as he took in the younger's features, he knew that face, saw it stare back at him every time he looked at a mirror when he was younger. Suddenly the thought of a possible vacation flew from his mind, this was far more serious.

The young blond merely looked at him in confusion, his brows crinkled in worry, the child opened his mouth but was interrupted by gruff voices.

"Come back here you brats!" one of them shouted, it sounded slightly out of breath. Tsuna looked away from the blond child and looked towards the voices; there were five men that were chasing another child. Tsuna was sweating in unease when he took in the red hair, however this went unnoticed when the blond child stood up and tried to run towards the five unknown men. This broke Tsuna out of his internal panic.

"No!" he shouted as he stopped the boy.

"Let go of me!" the boy shouted back. Their shouting prompted the red haired child – who was then too focused on the ones tailing him to notice them – to look at the pair. His eyes widened in surprised worry.

Tsuna meanwhile, felt like the world was conspiring against him as his mind processed what the redheaded child shouted.

"Giotto, you idiot... run!"

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