Title: Superman
Author: Sage SK
Date Started: 4/30
Date Finished: 4/30

Comments: Animeverse. Inspired by Bon Jovi's "Superman Tonight", which has done a great job in getting me to tear up every time I hear it. -

He was the worst. Of that he was sure. Shiro could've killed for a drink right about now, but he swore that off a few years ago. Just swore it off right then and there, cold turkey, when he saw those innocent faces in the cave.

He had even ignored the snickers emitting from Mephisto when he announced he'd be taking care of Yuri's children. Disregarded the nagging voice in the back of his head that he was breaking every possible rule he swore he'd uphold when he became Paladin. The Vatican was going to have a collective heart-attack when they heard what he had done.

He knew it wouldn't be easy. He was a priest. When he took his vow of celibacy it was clear he couldn't have a family, so he had absolutely no experience when it came to raising children. Much less the sons of Satan, who were anything but the devil incarnate. They had, thankfully, inherited Yuri's innocence.

Rubbing away at his eyes, Shiro now eyed the pouting six-year-old sitting in front of him. Rin had gotten into yet another fight at school. He had been protecting his twin brother from bullies, an act that Shiro personally applauded, but it didn't help Rin's school record any.

"They started it," Rin mumbled. "They took away Yukio's glasses and were calling him names."

"And, that's where you two should have just walked away," Shiro said gently.

"Yukio can't see without his glasses!" Rin returned indignantly. "He's my brother! I'm supposed to protect him!" The elder twin looked up at Shiro. "Just like you protect us. I want to be like you. I want to be Superman."

Shiro made sure he heard right. "Superman."

"Superman," Rin repeated.

"But... I'm not Superman."

"Yes, you are. That's just how cool you are."

Shiro could have passed it off as the overactive imagination of a six-year-old, but the memory of the night he found the twins came flooding back.

No. He wasn't Superman, but he wanted to be. At least, if only to keep his boys safe. Wordlessly, he pulled Rin into his arms and hugged him tightly.