6 – Finally


"Charles? Is everything alright?" Ororo asked Professor X, who had been sitting outside of Jean Grey's open bedroom door. He had a small smile on his face as he watched his two young mutants sleeping soundly on Jean's bed.

"I was just curious…" Professor X told the white-haired weather witch, who was also smiling at the two mutant children.

Ororo leaned herself against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest as she watched the professor observe the children.


Professor X leaned one elbow on the arm of his wheelchair, as if he was thinking.

"Jean. Something's changed…" he said, looking at the redhead fondly.

Ororo raised an eyebrow questioningly. "I'm afraid I don't understand, Professor…" she said, trying to figure out what the telepath meant. "Jean's still Jean… Less suicidal, I admit but still…"

Professor X chuckled lightly. "It's not that Ororo… I can't enter her mind." He said finally, looking up at Ororo.

"What do you mean… You can't enter her mind?" she asked, both her eyebrows raised in surprise. "Did something happen to her powers?"

"More or less…" Professor X replied. "Her thoughts have been shielded. There's a mental barrier. A mental barrier that I did not create."

Ororo sucked in a quick breath. "That means…"

"She's done it…" Hank McCoy cut in, interrupting the two. He had overheard the conversation and decided to join in. "Jean has finally managed to gain some control."

"Not some, Hank…" the professor said. "Before her mind was shielded, I managed to take in a quick look. Her emotions are much more stable now… Her mind is completely calm and at ease. Most of her subconscious pain has been more or less removed. She has managed to take control of her abilities, both telepathically and telekinetically." When he said that, Charles couldn't help but grin widely, overjoyed at his student's accomplishment.

"Most?" Ororo and Hank both questioned at once.

The Professor nodded. "Young Jean has a lot more to learn. But she has not evolved yet… Soon, she will face much more adversaries concerning her powers. But for now, it is safe to say that Jean Grey has never been so at peace with herself and her powers…"

Hank smiled. "We have Scott to thank for that… The boy truly cares deeply for Jean despite their short meeting."

Ororo rolled her eyes slightly. "They're both misunderstood mutants, Hank… Any mutant could care for Jean or Scott the same way."

But Hank shook his head, waving a finger at the coffee-skinned mutant. "Oh no, I know this. Scott and Jean definitely have a special bond between them, don't you agree, Charles?"

Ororo then raised her eyebrow again at the professor, who had started to laugh lightly.

"Yes, Ororo, I might have to agree with Hank on this one… Scott has made it very clear that he truly and honestly cares for Jean." He explained, tapping his temple. "It's quite a bond they have given they've only known each other a couple of days. But I believe that they will be very good for each other. Not only at this present, but in the future as well."

Ororo rolled her eyes again, with a smirk on her face. "Alright, alright you two. Let the children have some peace…" she said as she closed Jean's room door. "All that matters now is that Jean is finally able to control her abilities. Let's go before they wake up from all this talking."

The Professor laughed and wheeled off, with Hank and Ororo following behind him. All the while, Charles Xavier couldn't stop thinking about his two young mutants, and how they've come from being alone and misunderstood, to having found each other and ended up with such peace. He began to feel as if they were his own children. And in a way, they were. As he left the dormitory corridor, Charles vowed to himself that he would protect his mutant children, no matter how many there are, and no matter where they choose to go.

But little did he know, that Jean Grey had heard the Professor outside her door. She knew that Scott cared for her. And she cared for him the same way. As the redhead closed her eyes to drift back to sleep, a soft whisper escaped her lips before returning to the most peaceful slumber she'd had in months, knowing that if she woke up, she would not be terrorized or invaded by voices and thoughts. As well as the pain she'd suffered.


Aw... it's already the end? Even I'm asking myself that question...

Quite short, but as you can see, quite fluffy as well. ;)

I absolutely enjoyed every second writing and editing this like a maniac. I bet that I'm gonna dream about this later. I hope you enjoyed this FF as much as I did!

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